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  1. Hello fellas. Long time no see. I think this sudden war on vaping is nonsense. There’s a cause that they haven’t discovered yet or haven’t announced, as things stand they have a case to to finally act. This idiocy will benefit the big tobacco folks who are still in everyone’s pockets, or so I’m sure they believe that. I’ve never been more happy that I mix my own juice though. Might be a profitable skill down the road lol
  2. Well of course it comes down to the primary mixing mostly, but my premix with nic is VG, more or less the only thing that has PG in it all is the flavors I choose to mix in. So most of my mixes are 80/20 at lowest.
  3. I presume you're talking about premixed Nicotine? I don't like throat hit in my mix or as little as possible, so I always do VG base. If you like a stronger throat hit, then PG is the way to go I'd suppose.
  4. I hope it's a big improvement over the original crown tank. Oh I liked it well enough, but there were so many O rings that half the time when I was cleaning it I would somehow misplace one or something similarly stupid. It just got to the point that it was too much work to maintain, for me anyway.
  5. Yeah I was looking over wizard lab, thanks for pointing it out. The prices at Bull City are a bit cheaper and the shipping was free. Not sure if there was a minimum on it, but ecigxpress won't ship 500ml bottles for free, where Bull City will. And I was trying to get a big bottle of Dx TFA Banana Cream as it's a primary flavor in my usual ADV. I make max VG liquids so I'm only buying VG, (I don't like throat hit anymore) any PG comes from the flavors themselves. Also, I didn't want to store straight Nicotine due to the youngins in the house (yes the stuff is away in a safe place, a
  6. Congrats you two! Putting down those nasty cigarettes is a giant accomplishment. I'm 19 months cigarette free and won't ever go back.
  7. Oh and my half gallon of VG/Nic premix should be on my doorstep tomorrow. XD. Should have enough to get through the next 8 months minimum.
  8. Trying to increase my available options for flavors by a couple every month. I added marshmallow and blue raspberry to the fold this week. I ran into free shipping issues on ecigexpress and decided to purchase from Bull City vapors instead, as it was cheaper and on the east coast. REALLY glad I did! I ordered on Friday at like 2:30 PM, the package was in my mailbox by 1 PM on Monday. And I even had a little handwritten thank you for your order with my name. Small things can make a big difference. I'll definitely be ordering flavors from them again. Likely they'll be my go to place movi
  9. What tank/coils are you using? The baby beast that came with the alien? If so, smok doesn't make coils for it that are capable of temp control. They're all kanthal wattage mode only coils.
  10. Don't give it up completely. Just do it occasionally to blow off steam! xD The parrots need a good stern verbal beat down on occasion.
  11. Yeah I feel it every time I'm at baseball Practice with my son. I'm an assistant coach so I'm out there doing my own running around a few times a week. If I was still smoking, I'd be out there panting halfway through every practice. Now, it's much better xD. But if you heard NPR tell it, it's worse for me than cigarettes. Haha
  12. Walts right, I started with a pint of VG. The half gallon I ordered to keep mixing should be on my door step tomorrow.
  13. Welcome to VT! Congrats on putting down those nasty cigarettes!
  14. Yeah you should have seen the absurd comments when they posted that feces log of an article on Facebook. I was feeling especially grumpy that day already, so I was on there calling people stupid, idiots, "dumbutts", sheeple who believe what they're told without actually bothering to researching the truth. It was actually rather cathartic. xD
  15. I read the article, I agree to the point that regulations should be in place. Reasonable ones, not this nonsense described in this article. No bottles larger than 10 ML? Thats an exceedingly enormous amount of bunk...
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