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  1. I have an old Grizzly Grinder that refuses to die. LOL It's the equivalent to a Dremel tool. I just put a buffing wheel on it and use some polishing clay on the pad. You can get just about as good of results if you finish sand it with some really fine sandpaper and then get soon Neverdull to polish it.
  2. Take it apart, sand all the paint off, and polish the hell out of it. [emoji41] Both of these were painted.
  3. That's funny, @Walt and I were having this discussion about RDTAs. I have 2 Medusa Reborns that came with squonk pins and we were thinking the same thing about defeating the purpose. After reading your post I decided to give it a try and it works great! The squonk pin is above the juice well so it fills the tank instead of sucking it back down in the bottle. The Medusa has a 3.5ml juice well, add the 10ml bottle from the Wraith and you pretty much have an all day vape.
  4. Works pretty darn good with a Goon sitting on it as well.
  5. I'm ready to squonk!

    @walt, I'm probably going to sell one of my 166s, I want that DNA 75 BF!
  6. I'm ready to squonk!

    It is a silly word but I must say, I got mine used about a week ago and I haven't been able to put it down. The build deck appears to be set up for dual coils but I like single for flavor so that's how I built it. The air flow is set up so it will work the same with either single or dual. I'm running a 5/4 wrap SS Juggernaut coil at 0.3 ohms. TC mode 40watts at 370° and the flavor is off the chart! When the flavor starts getting weak, I squeeze the bottle and hold it for approximately 10 seconds to saturate the coil (before and after photos below). When you release the bottle all the excess juice gets sucked right back down into the bottle. This thing is virtually leak proof.
  7. Kanger Cupti Coil flooding

    @mgreg Thanks for the info, I gave mine to one of my neighbors. I will get hold of him and take a look at it and see if it has the o-ring.
  8. Animal lovers

    Ok, I wasn't going to share this but it's too funny not to! This happened a few years ago. The squirrels were causing so much damage I had taken all I could take so I went and bought a couple of live traps. My theory was that I would relocate them to an area that has tons of trees and we would be good. Every day for about 2 weeks I would catch at least one and put it in the back of my truck, drive over to the park and set it loose. After the tally reached in the low 30s a friend said they were probably just coming back. The next one I caught I spray painted the tip of his tail white, relocated him, done deal. The next evening when I got home from work I noticed another squirrel in a trap. Sure enough, he had a white tipped tail!
  9. Naked Tugboat

    Stripped, sanded, and polished.
  10. Animal lovers

    @tam Yes, ours will climb the screen, it makes noise so it gets your attention real quick. @earthling789 Yes, they can be very destructive as well. They have chewed up all of the drip tubes in my landscaping.
  11. This little guy greets me every morning. He has his own dish on the deck and when it's out of peanuts he comes to the door like this. [emoji41]
  12. Good Morning!

    It's very possible that it is the RTAs that I've have, I only have one of the ones you listed (the SMM Serpent).
  13. Good Morning!

    I was on the fence with squonkers as well. I wanted to try one and when this deal I stumbled across came along I went for it. So far I'm liking it, very convenient and pretty easy to use. For me it's the flavor that an RDA produces. I get good flavor from an RTA but not as intense as an RDA. I can load the same juice in an RTA and an RDA and get good flavor out of both but it's a different flavor, the taste is different in each tank. I use Kanthal on all of my mech mods with RDAs. Anything that has TC I use SS, I haven't tried Nichrome or Titanium. For my DNA boxes I really like the Medusa, it's sold as an RDTA but there is a big argument about whether it's an RDA or an RTA. My opinion is it's an RDTA without the glass but it just works for me. I get the same flavor as an RDA but with a reasonable juice capacity.
  14. Good Morning!

    I've switched over to single coil builds on a lot of my RDAs, I only have a couple of RTAs that will accept single coils. I picked up a couple of used Squonkers, a Council of Vapor Wraith 80w Squonker Box Mod and a Coppervape. The Wraith has TC and it is awesome with a single build!

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