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  1. Yes it is, "A Sherman Tank" LOL
  2. Wow, I had that exact same set up!
  3. Smok V8 Stick

    I agree with [mention=15721]Tam[/mention] but if you want to stay with the same form factor, Google "ijust S battery" They are basically the same size. The iJust battery is 3000mAh and they are a decent battery in my opinion.
  4. It's here! With my covers The covers it came with.
  5. It's getting close! [emoji41] With any luck there will be a device behind those covers tomorrow.
  6. If it's an Android phone, download QuickPic. Great program, you can resize, crop, rotate, and tons more.
  7. Teaser... It's on its way! I ordered it Saturday, I got an email that offered an a MAD DOG GTA for .99 if you spend 50. No Brainer. [emoji41] I also ordered another set of covers so I can do one with the Ostrich leg. [emoji41] Photoshop mock up, I'll post pics of the real thing when it gets here.
  8. eBay [emoji41] I have an extensive Ronson Lighter collection, most of my lighters are 40s - 50s but have some as early as the 1900s. I have refurbished several of them so I have a box of leather scraps to pull from. This is a small portion of my collection.
  9. Traded for another Squonker! Hcigar VT Inbox DNA 75 chip Pretty generic looking and I hated the battery covers it came with... No problem, I'll just recover them! Original Now
  10. I have an old Grizzly Grinder that refuses to die. LOL It's the equivalent to a Dremel tool. I just put a buffing wheel on it and use some polishing clay on the pad. You can get just about as good of results if you finish sand it with some really fine sandpaper and then get soon Neverdull to polish it.
  11. Take it apart, sand all the paint off, and polish the hell out of it. [emoji41] Both of these were painted.
  12. That's funny, @Walt and I were having this discussion about RDTAs. I have 2 Medusa Reborns that came with squonk pins and we were thinking the same thing about defeating the purpose. After reading your post I decided to give it a try and it works great! The squonk pin is above the juice well so it fills the tank instead of sucking it back down in the bottle. The Medusa has a 3.5ml juice well, add the 10ml bottle from the Wraith and you pretty much have an all day vape.
  13. Works pretty darn good with a Goon sitting on it as well.

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