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  1. I've never used a SMOK vape pen but it sounds like something I'd definitely not right. Check out this article, it may give you an answer. https://www.smoktech.com/faq/423
  2. @Walt, I just seen this, I have been using it on my Therion DNA 75 BF. I works great!
  3. It's not for everyone but I really like it, I've just about completely switched over to squonking. You get the flavor of dripping but without the hassle.
  4. What better accessory for the Double Barrel than a Revolver RDA [emoji41]
  5. Here is what I actual ordered the Boreus V2 for... This thing is awesome! Squid Industries Double Barrel
  6. Isn't this the cutest little thing you ever seen. [emoji4] Boreas V2 RTA It's a dual coil, the deck is a little strange to build on. It's not hard to build on, just strange. You unscrew the bottom of the tank and the deck pulls out from the bottom similar to a drop in coil. I ordered it for a Squid Industries Double Barrel that was supposed to arrive today but didn't. [emoji20] This is with the 2.5ml glass, it comes with an extension tube and a 5.0ml glass installed. Sitting on a SMOK Alien for size comparison.
  7. I realize this is an old post but for anyone else having the same issue (and in sure there are) A good share of these mods are zinc alloy and if you remove the paint, do a little sanding if necessary, and polish it up it's like getting a new mod. As an example, here it's a pic of my SMOK Alien.
  8. Got this on a trade... It was really rough paint wise! All of you that own an Alien with bad paint, this is what it looks like with a little work. [emoji41]
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