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  1. cant you pull the second o ring off of it and put it on the drip tip you want to use?
  2. I wouldn't buy from ebay personally .they are either going to be fake low quality knock offs or if its not youre going to pay more than would would from a legitimate vendor,like discount vapors .
  3. Welcome!!! Love having the Floridians on the board!!!! I used to live in Tittusville, Im right outside Orlando now But I have Family still in Mims! Were Practically neighbors though So welcome!
  4. meh- its cool , but not run right out and get it now cool. unless im not seeing some unbeatable feature ?
  5. We just had a poster LAST week come on here asking for advise about the very same thing he spilled 30 ml of juice and wasnt sure if or how much his one year old ingested . freaked me out I just told him to get her to the ER right away! cant be too careful IMO.
  6. As you know , I have had a bit of trouble getting my husband into the vaping scene and now hes vaping daily and not smoking (yay!) But has commented that he is still having a hard time with it and "wants" a ciggarete. Wel that just isnt an option now but I want him to be comfortable and satisfied So he comes home today and tells me about his friends GIANT ecig and camel juice and said that would be perfect for him . Im thinking his friend has some kind of mod by the description my husband gave and I want to get him one . He said the mouth piece" bends " Oh and he nic level his friend has is "30 something" (OMFG!) I think Ill take him with me to pick out some juice .well start with 18 and see if thats ok SO if your wife /girlfriend went out and surprised you with a mod-would you like it to be a COMPLETE surprise or would you want to be in on it so you can have some input ?
  7. -Remember when I posted that I tightened it down and squished the o ring ? sound like you did too. lol I broke the glass and when I replaced it I just put 2 grooming bands (for dog bows ) where the o ring would go - piece o cake !
  8. Maybe the post inside the battery got pushed down too far, can you pry it up a little bit with the tip of a steak knife one side at a time ,( EASY DOES IT ) then try it .Sometimes they get pushed in and wont make a good connection with the atomizer .
  9. Welcome to vaportalk ! and its good to have a few Floridians around , where are you from?
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