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  1. Ive reached out to support in both the forum and with a ticket and haven't received a response, this profile keeps showing up when people google my business and I'm trying to fix that. Thanks.
  2. yeah it seems to be a connection issue, but when I pry it up using a paper clip, it doesnt fix it completely. I still need to start the battery button, THEN screw it on untill I hear it burn, and then only can i use it. but now the EVOD is kinda loose and its just completley stupid. I have to use my vapor pen with the top of it jiggling around. After learning about vapors this past week, I feel so cheated from what I purchased. I payed 50$ for a chapstick sized battery that came with those ****ty whicked top, a case, and a charger! It wasnt until after that my wife bought one out of jealousy, that we started to learn more and more. I wish I would have bough a "normal" brand instead of this buck naked pice of crap. Its no wonder why they where so adamant on their 6 month warrantee.
  3. This is weird, I made an account just for the same reason. The same exact issue is happening with me. My battery works just fine with no top, AND with the original plastic wicked top, but nothing with the EVOD. It seems you are using a bigger device than I am, I only have a small common sized battery from buck naked. I just made a topic about it.
  4. Hello, I recently switched to an evod tank and I am very pleased with the performance of it. Today I realized my battery was not making a connection with the evod atomizer… When I press down, the battery will light up, but blink a few times after 3 seconds, there is no vapor. If I unscrew the whole unit from the battery, and try to vape with the tank barley on top of the battery, IT WORKS!?! very weird. Is there any explanation for this? I am using a Buck Naked E Express battery, (the smaller common size) with a kangertech top. (Evod) The atomizers are the 1.8ohm resistance Coil units from kangertech. The battery works with my first top, the plastic whics. I have been using the kangertech evod for 3 days now, and I just switched the atomizer yesterday and it worked. I charged my battery before I went to bed, woke up and set it up as usual and the problem started. Im not sure what the problem could be because I used the EVOD with the new atomizer all last night…
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