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  1. check out Mile High Vapers Fest on Facebook, Late June in Denver..
  2. Hope you can join us for a great event.....even if you don’t compete, you’ll have the chance to walk away with some swag, or juice. We will be introducing three new juice lines...Ragna-Rok,.Nevermore Vapor, and just it time for the holiday Nitemare Creations ...RBA build kits, T-Shirts, Bags, Juice, Toys are all up for grabs and all you need to do is fill out a raffle ticket...a couple lucky vapers are going to grab a 110ml bottle of THOR from Ragna-Rok. Pizza and drinks...Happy Leaf will be serving their famous Kombucha Tea till 6, and there is a little hole in the wall bar two doors down for those that want...So come on downtown and join us...its going to be a fun time!!!
  3. Not for a good micro torch, but some are junk. 12 dollar home depot model works fine...
  4. Really impressed with a fruity flavor from Jason's Juice Joint -Beaus Affliction..
  5. I had time to spend with my favorite vapor today...and after a really bad day had a fender bender on the way home, but visiting my buddy made everything else MEH.. Luv u Tam!!!
  6. Careful Jar, you might get wet!! And that reading thing is working for ya!
  7. What information do you need? There all about the same...
  8. Vapor Talk store has them on sale....support our home eh??
  9. So we just got these in stock, they look cool, very different coil tho...Has anyone had a chance to use one yet? Thoughts? Thanks...
  10. Castle long..vapes faster than any other.....damit...
  11. Gilligan...the Skipper too. Enjoy....
  12. Just take a small flat screwdriver and at an angle push the correct direction on the adjustment ring itself. It will move and no scuffs..3-4 times a week, works everytime..

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