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  1. No, I am using Cotton Bacon Prime currently. I will have to get some of that cotton, I did get replacement Wotofo mesh for it though. There is this other mesh from a place called OFRF (pronounced "off") that is supposed to be better than the wotofo. I've tried both and the difference isn't that great. I watched a bunch of videos about wicking this RDA and came to the conclusion that I needed a lot more cotton than was being suggested. The wotofo cotton pulls through super tight, and I leave a lot of the excess, well past the side of the build deck. I find it allows me to get close to 15 drags before needing to drip/squank. When I followed the directions on youtube and cut the excess cotton to the shape of the build deck, and pushed the ends into the wells, it was taking away from the cotton mass centered under the mesh coil. That resulted in some nasty dry hits. I think with this RDA there's no such thing as too much cotton (within reason).
  2. That is awesome Jerry, I just wish I could figure out how to wick mine properly using the mesh. Did you get any of the cotton that WOTOFO sells specifically for this RDA? I've been using it and it works perfectly.
  3. I agree concerning the Profile. I just got mine a little over a week ago and I'm impressed. I got into building coils for a while and went back to tanks for the convenience. These decks are super easy to build. I wouldn't even call it building. All you have to do is tighten two screws. So easy a caveman can do it. I've been vaping on the same cotton/coil for ten days and no signs of it burning out. I heard someone say they got over a month on theirs. And I can change flavors whenever I want....this RDA is awesome.
  4. I was trying to order one of those the other day in wood but all they had was the 160W version. It was only $10 more so I got it though I doubt I'll ever need 160W. They say I can fire my .2 ohm coil from 30w - 100w. I find I can't fire it much above 40w without it being uncomfortably hot.
  5. That's a horizon arctic tank with a .2 ohm coil (btdc) on a tesla 160w wooden box mod. I've vaped the old kanger sub tank and the two new kanger sub tanks(both with stock coils and the rtda) a geni tank with a. 8 ohm coil and three of my own homemade coils (.5 .2 and a .18 ohm ) and that arctic tank is by far the best. Vapor production and flavor are off the charts. Now the only question is how long the coils will last.
  6. I've searched all over and can't seem to find an answer to this question. When batteries are run in a series circuit like in my new tesla 160w box mod what value is used for voltage in the equitation I was taught for calculating discharge rate? I was taught discharge rate = battery voltage / resistance of coil (ohms). The batteries I'm using are Sony vtc4s. Their max discharge rate is labeled as 30A. If I'm calculating for the highest draw I'm likely to put on those batteries I'd divide by .18 . But I'm assuming I'm dividing 4.2v, the high end of a fully charged 18650 Sony vtc4. Doing that gives me a discharge rate of 23.33A which is well within the limits of the battery. But these are run in series in the tesla 160w box mod so that creates 8.4v at max charge. Using that voltage in the above equation gives me a discharge rate of 46.66A......well above the rating of the battery. I know this is a regulated mod and won't fire in dangerous conditions but I was more concerned about my math and the values used to calculate discharge rate in mods with batteries run in series circuits.
  7. http://www.batteriesnorthwest.com/batteryschool.cfm?TID=17#ANC17
  8. For the sake of getting info correct I felt I needed to say something. 2 batteries in series double the voltage. 2 batteries in parallel increase amp hours or "lifespan ". Not trying to be a jerk but I was searching an answer about something else and stumbled across this old post.
  9. Ah there it goes. Sorry about the mixup. It's been a while since I last posted. Things have changed a bit.
  10. made some movie theater fish and some mango to go along with the pina colada and the bubble gum. mango is growing on me. might be good mixed with some pina colada or just straight pineapple.
  11. Just mixed up batch (Blender?) of pina colada. Extra sweet. Yeah baby.
  12. Well I've done it. I'm officially an e-liquid maker. I've crafted my first bottle. I was shooting for a 50/50 (pg/vg) bubble gum with a lot of flavor and sweet. well I certainly got the flavor and sweet (maybe a little bit too much) but not nearly enough vapor. so I cut it with some 20/80 (pg/vg) and got it where I wanted it. I couldn't tell you where I'm at as far as pg/vg ratio. between un-scientifically mixing my 50/50 and 20/80 as well as the fact that the flavoring contains it's own pg, your guess is as good as mine. What I do know is it came out better than I expected and with almost no learning curve.
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