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  1. It is a great little stealth vape for sure, but for someone like me who likes to chain vape. The battery tends to go quickly, but I also run it on it's highest settings (40 watts in Power mode) other than that it is a decent little box. They do however have a newer more powerful box called the Mega-Volt which does 80w, TC and has a bigger battery. It really depends on what you are looking for.
  2. Got this in the mail last week, Council of Vapor Mini-Volt kit with tank. And of course the flava monsta Royal Hunter Mini rda. Got it all for under $30.
  3. shen_long86

    Max puff?

    Maybe this will help.
  4. shen_long86


    That is actually normal life for those tank coils. But you also have to factor in the juice you use, such as how sweet it is, if it is a heavy citrus...etc. There are alot of juices like this that are known as "coil killers" there is also the issue of "factory defect" coils that won't last 2 days but hey it happens. As far as TCR on your mod it really doesn't make a difference on your vaping experience. But as squid said TC or "temperature control" is stictly for SS,NI200,Ti coils or wire, and of course if you want to run those you do need to do your research on it. There are a plethora of tutorial videos on youtube, also you can always ask us here and somebody is bound to help you out.
  5. shen_long86

    Pre-Made Coils

    I can understand that Bebop, and that is always a good thing to have some on hand. I highly reccomend these coils 100%
  6. shen_long86

    Amazing cotton

    Hey Bebop, there is nothing wrong with that at all. Everybody has their own preferences, this just happens to be mine. Yeah I heard the premium was good stuff, I haven't used it personally. I don't always try new things, but every once in a while I find something good...lol
  7. shen_long86

    Amazing cotton

    You are quite welcone Cany, glad I could help.
  8. shen_long86

    Amazing cotton

    Ok so I have been vaping for a while now and I mainly prefer rda's over anything else. I have tried all different kinds of cotton and each one has there own pros & cons. I have tried cotton bacon which is really good minus the mild funky taste on fesh cotton, and minus the minor break in period. Japanese koh gen do is a good cotton as well. I just got fed up with trying to measure the right size strips of cotton for my needs, it also has a slight break in period and a slight funky taste to it. I have also tried cotton candy cotton, now this cotton is alot better than the others I mentioned. It does not have a funky taste to it at all and it only has a very very short break in period. For this just rewick your build, juice it up and fire it a couple of times. Only until the cotton almost goes dry, then just rejuice and you are good to go. Also this cotton doesn't have nowhere as bad a taste on a dry hit, as compared to others. But by far the best cotton I used over the years is Cotn Threads, this stuff is relatively cheap @$6 for a bag of 20 pieces. It baisically looks like little short shoe strings, with orange plastic tips on each end of each piece of cotton. But let me tell you this stuff is awesome! Just grab what you need, feed them through the coils, trim, tuck, juice and you are good. Zero break in time and zero funky taste to it at all. (Disclaimer, this stuff is designed for 3mm diameter coils!) I order mine from https://wudbx.com/products/cotn-threads I usually order 4 bags at a time and it usually lasts me about 2 months or a little less, depending on how much I am vaping. 4 bags will run you $23.96 and you get free shipping on orders over ten dollars. There are some other brands of cotton I have tried over the years, but I can not for the life of me remember the names....lol
  9. shen_long86

    Pre-Made Coils

    Hey hey guys and gals. For all of my fellow vapers out there who prefer to run rda's but don't like the hassle of building coils, I have found an amazing builder who sells pre made coils. www.feenzofficial.com sells some phenominal pre made coils, I bought 2 sets of the Alien Framed Staples back in April. 1 of those pairs I ended up trashing when dry burning to clean them, the other set I have been using constantly since I bought them. Even though I have ran through 800 ml+ worth of juice on this set of coils, they still perform like when I got them on day one. Now granted the Aliens are pricey @$15 a set, I feel it is worth it because the perform phenominally. Also I can't build anything other than parallels or twisted, so for me it is worth the money in the long run.
  10. I love it, zero issues so far. Aside from the tank, i got only a day out of the installed coil. I have yet to replace it with the spare that came with the kit, but then again I am not into tanks anymore.
  11. Got a package yesterday, an Rx Gen3 dual kit. The tank is the Gnome King tank, the mod runs dual 18650 and does temp control and 230 watts.
  12. Very nice milliohm reader walt
  13. Woot Woot! Got Vape Mail today! Got this bad boy from California to my door in 2 days! And I only paid $38 for it, score!

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