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  1. @Cany that is awesome to hear. I couldn't do that at all, I am too adjusted to direct lung inhale....lol Once upon a time I used Nautilus tanks and really enjoyed them. Either way that is cool that you can go back to those and enjoy them.
  2. You are quite welcome... I do the same thing as well with 2 mods. When one flavor gets old I switch to the other.
  3. Well I will have to try your method then, because I was following the youtube method and getting dry hits left and right. I do love mesh and have a Vandy Vape Mesh rda that I love. (Used it so much I melted the indsulators...lol) Currently I am using my Profile on my Gloomtem mod with a single staged coil and it works great. I will go later today and throw another mesh coil in and give your wicking method a try. Thanks again for the help.
  4. No, I am using Cotton Bacon Prime currently. I will have to get some of that cotton, I did get replacement Wotofo mesh for it though.
  5. That is awesome Jerry, I just wish I could figure out how to wick mine properly using the mesh.
  6. Yeah it is indeed a pheonominal rda, and I heard about the OFRF mesh and plan to buy some when I get the money.
  7. Got this in the mail recently. Wotofo Profile Rda and a Limelight Gloomtem Squonk mod. Not a bad deal either the mod itself costs $400 and I snagged it in a waffle for $20, Score!!!
  8. It is a great little stealth vape for sure, but for someone like me who likes to chain vape. The battery tends to go quickly, but I also run it on it's highest settings (40 watts in Power mode) other than that it is a decent little box. They do however have a newer more powerful box called the Mega-Volt which does 80w, TC and has a bigger battery. It really depends on what you are looking for.
  9. Got this in the mail last week, Council of Vapor Mini-Volt kit with tank. And of course the flava monsta Royal Hunter Mini rda. Got it all for under $30.
  10. That is actually normal life for those tank coils. But you also have to factor in the juice you use, such as how sweet it is, if it is a heavy citrus...etc. There are alot of juices like this that are known as "coil killers" there is also the issue of "factory defect" coils that won't last 2 days but hey it happens. As far as TCR on your mod it really doesn't make a difference on your vaping experience. But as squid said TC or "temperature control" is stictly for SS,NI200,Ti coils or wire, and of course if you want to run those you do need to do your research on it. There are a plethora of tutorial videos on youtube, also you can always ask us here and somebody is bound to help you out.
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