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  1. Been vaping for 2 years, have multiple mods plus a just started squonking. I do diy juice, build my own coils or try too . Just wanted to say hi and hope I can share my mistakes and get some good advice in exchange.
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    I bought a vaporesso cascade tank which use the nrg coils, which are interchangeable with the smok baby beast tank coils. Vaporesso has a mesh nrg coil an I have been using the same coil for 8 weeks with no burnt taste, the flavor is great for a subohm tank and you can buy a pack of 3 for $13.00 on eBay. Now I vape at 55 to 60 watts and don’t use real sweet juice which helps the life span but I found the smok coils burn out twice as fast as vaporesso in the same tank. Try the nrg tank out they are not expensive around $25.
  3. The single has a totally different build deck than the velocity style of the dual crius that is why the flavor of the single coil is better but thanks
  4. I can only find it in rainbow which I hate lol
  5. that Is for the dual coil rta I’m looking for the single coil Crius 2 but thanks.
  6. Oooyah forgot to put in the USA for the online store
  7. I am trying to find a online vape store that has OBS Crius 2 Single Coil RTA for sale in silver or black anyone have a suggestion? Tryed getting one on eBay and got the run around from the seller for a month of course that’s what yah get dealing with China sometimes but I really want this rta thanks.
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