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  1. **Business Owners ONLY** . Please join us for this educational and inspirational event, complete with music, great food catered by Smoky Mutts Barbeque, and drinks from the bar. . There will be no booths. This is mainly a social gathering for business owners to mingle, share and introduce their products with each other. Various shops, distributors and wholesalers will be in attendance as well as manufacturers. Inviting your own guests who are a part of the industry is greatly encouraged. . Schell Hammel, a very influential and proactive advocate, SFATA board member, and business owner in the industry will be speaking. She will be sharing her story, and giving insight and guidance on how we can all work together to keep this industry thriving. **21 and Over Only** . Tickets are available for purchase on TicketMaster. Admission price is $105 per person.
  2. This is trippy on many levels. Our organization's name came to us in a dream. We had the mission, passion, and idea for a bit, but really never had a name, as we didn't think our idea would evlove into a company. World Vapers Alliance was born, and we immediately started a California chapter, as that is the state in which we are based. As I came home from work one night, I sketched out a picture. Once I was finished sketching, it was obvious. I had created our logo, which if you look clear enough, and are familiar with the symbol, you can see the meaning immediately. It wasn't until after, that I started to see similarities in others' logos. The hands in particular. Sorry for the spiel, just found your picture intriguing, and felt the need to divulge.
  3. Sorry I haven't checked in for a bit. Things have been hectic and extremely busy. Our first event will kick off on June 6. As you know, consumer conventions will be a thing of the past very soon. With the no more samples rule in effect, liquid manufacturers will have a tough time getting their products in the hands of the masses for testing. We will be focusing on B2B events, with advocacy being a huge focus. These events will need to be "invite-only". We are flying out some key speakers in vape advocacy. Our movement has never been stronger, and grows more so each day. The laws and regulations that are soon to be set have brought more and more Vapers, manufactures, shop owners, distributors, and all corners of the industry closer together. Our Alliance is strong. Support eachother.
  4. It has been a while since I have been active on this site. During my absence, I have formed a corporation with my brother and a select few close friends. The name of our corporation; California Vapers Alliance. While managing a storefront, and also running a juice company, we have seen such animosity between owners of various shops as well as rival juice manufacturers. This has to be squashed. To summarize our vision. . . . . "California Vapers Alliance, founded 2016. Our mission is simple; to unite every vaper, and reach all corners of the industry. Advocacy is our primary focal point. A few voices are not enough to be heard by our opposition though. If every vaper stands beside one another, our voice will thunder and move mountains." "By holding events, we can join all the corners of this industry to promote advocacy, and donate to our cause. We must rise up together, and proclaim to our opposition; We are the people of vape, we are the movement of vape. Allies over enemies. Support the cause. World Vapers Unite " We have made connections with many major players, as well as influences, advocates, etc, in the industry. We have an extremely strong backing, and our ultimate goal is too make a gigantic impact, and unite all vapers. We can all rise to the occasion, and protect our right to vape. Like us on FB. Follow on IG. Most importantly, stand beside us. #worldvapersunite
  5. Thanks guys. Good to be back.
  6. Haven't been on for quote some time. Good to see the thread still going. I'm managing a vape bar now, and have plenty of time to build and see all the new crazy builds. Here is a pic of a recent build. A monster 20g core Clapton'd with 26g Kanthal, parallel with 20g. This was a b*tch to fit in almost any RDA, but ended up finding a home in a DOT with glass top cap. Crazy flavor.
  7. Haven't been on here in a quite a while... Put in an order for 2 Samsung 25r 18650 batteries, 125ml Apple Pie Ala Mode, and 60ml Berry Crunch w/ Sweet Cream. The batteries from BeVapeHappy, and the juice from Dr Crimmy.
  8. Ordered some Sheseido cotton and 60ml of Dr Crimmy's Blueberry Overdose.
  9. Well, not "simple", as they take a while to master. Great builds you guys got going!
  10. Some good center post builds you guys are doing. A real "sleeper" coil has space between the wraps, and also one less wrap on one side if I remember correctly. RiP Trippers had a huge brain fart on that one, much like his pronunciation of UD as "yowd". LMAO. In actuality, these are just simple CP builds, with a single wire, making two coils. :P
  11. 125ml of Strawberry Overdose (formerly SFVC) from Dr Crimmy's. I friggin love this juice! !!
  12. Kraken cloud production with the max VG 20/80 blend.
  13. I received my order on Saturday, and have had a few days to test it out. I am utterly blown away by this juice. The flavor is incredible, and the vapor production of the max VG is ridiculous. SFVC - During the first couple days, I was getting two seperate flavor profiles with this juice. Each draw I took was different, with one being a strawberry cream, and the next being french vanilla ice cream. It has finally settled in, and I am now getting a full on strawberry french vanilla custard milkshake. Southern Peach - Had a very prominent peach taste in the inhale, and a creamy finish on the exhale when I first tried it. Now it also has melded together and is a straight up peaches and sweet cream. Kitty Milk - This one had me disgusted when I initially tasted it. I was getting more of a cat pee and burnt sort of taste and smell. I put it away immediately, but wasn't going to give it any sort of review until it was properly steeped, which it is still in the process of doing. I went ahead and gave it another taste today, and am getting a cheesecake taste here, and an SFVC taste there. It still needs more time to come together, but isn't nearly as horrid as it was the other day. The SFVC and Southern Peach are going to be my ADV for as long as I can keep ordering them. I'm not sure on the Kitty Milk, but I have also never had luck with any cheesecake flavors suiting my tastes.
  14. My first go at the Volcano coil build. Dual 26g, 10/11 wrap, @ .4ohm. I used a toothpick to build with. Far from perfect, but it shoots the vapor up. Pretty neat.
  15. 3Rutez

    dry burning

    Once it gets too gunky for your liking. What type of coil are you using? When you dry burn, you should take out the wick and re-wick after burning.
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