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  1. What's the pros and cons of using a smaller diameter micro coil?
  2. I saw that I can get a smoke tech magneto mod for 40 bucks. Is it a good mod for a sub ohm beginner? What other mech mods are reasonably priced and good? Also what's a good bottom coil rba for it? Help me please.
  3. Will a 1.3ohm coil use more or less liquid than a 2.0 or 2.5ohm coil. I'm trying to save liquid. Any recommended help is appreciated! ..
  4. I'm using a vamo v5 and just bought some real Panasonic 18650 batteries and just noticed that its heating up when I vape on it a few times. Is this normal? What should I do?
  5. jsr27

    kayfun clone

    Is it really worth it to get a cheaper clone of the Kay fun. I'm looking to buy one but don't want to waste my time and money on a clone when I can get the real thing and be set. Thanks
  6. Any body have a good recipe to taste close to dekang Salem? I'm gonna attempt to make my own liquid. This is the first time I've ever done this and if anyone can help me with how to do this and what to buy I would appreciate it. Is it cheaper to make my own or just buy it at my vapor store? It cost 12.99 at my vapor store. Thanks
  7. What's the best 18650 battery to use with a camp. I need to have last along time and give great performance. I use the stacked 18350 batteries and they don't last long at all and lose performance. Will the 18650 have better performance? What mah should I go with?
  8. I'm using 32ga. Twisted kanthal on my pro tank and need to know how many wraps to reach 2.0 ohms. I know how to make micro coils and I'm tired of wasting kanthal just guessing. Thanks
  9. I'm on the market for the best rba out there. I don't have a clue which is best. I don't want to go half way. I want the best so if y'all could name some of the best and name the best I would really appreciate it. I want to have the best experience possible with the vamo v5. Also if you could tell me how many wraps I would need to reach 2.0ohms to 2.5ohms range. Also if I build it dual coil how does the ohms work? Is it less wraps or more wraps on dual coils? Thanks for the help.
  10. jsr27


    Which genuine Kayfun is the best? Which one has the adjustable air flow control and which one is easiest to rebuild? I also need to know who has the cheapest prices. Thanks
  11. I'm getting a kayfun lite plus and am wondering if ribbon works better than wire. If so I want to vape around 2.0 ohms. Is that possible? Which size should I use?
  12. If I'm using a Kay fun lite plus with cotton micro coils. Whats the best wire to use kanthal or nichcrome? What's the difference?thanks!
  13. jsr27

    kayfun lite question

    Will I be able to get 2 ohms with twisted 28 or 30 gauge kanthal?
  14. jsr27

    kayfun lite question

    I'm gonna get a Kay fun lite. Am I going to be able to reach 2.0 ohms? I'm using a vamo v5 and is this a good rba to use with the vamo? If not what rba do you recommend that's rebuildable. Thanks
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