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  1. VaporTron

    A total noob in vaping.

    So basically your battery is what depends on your coil. At a full charge your battery is 4.2v which would fire a 0.5 ohm coil with 8.4amps and 35.28 watts. So you need a battery that is rated over 9 amps. As you use your device the volts will go down. At 3.7v you will be firing 7.4amps and 27.38 watts. With a 1.2 ohm coil at 4.2v you are only firing at 3.5 amps and 14.7 watts. So you definatly want to make sure your battery can handle the amps. Here is a great list of batts. https://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/forum/attachments/image-jpg.526293/ Never stop asking questions! Here is a great ohm calculator for double checking your safety. http://www.steam-engine.org/ohm.asp
  2. VaporTron

    Nicotine levels?

    For example on my regulated box mod/sub ohm tanks+drippers i like to use 6mg but with cartomizer on an itaste i like 12-18mg I smoked a pack a day
  3. VaporTron

    hi there, new member

    Hey there, Welcome to the group! I haven't tried a custard but do love the sweet ones. I also like fruity ones and recently tried a coffee type. What device are you using?
  4. VaporTron


    Hello, Hellooo, Helloooooo- Hello!
  5. VaporTron

    rx 200 3.0

    I havent figured out the special tcr code yet bc my dna works way better! Im not going to be using it anytime soon
  6. VaporTron

    rx 200 3.0

    Got this from the wismec fb page for the rx 200
  7. VaporTron

    Quad 18650 mod

    Thanks comp. I'll have to wait til it is assembled and take measurements then
  8. VaporTron

    Quad 18650 mod

    Has anyone made one or know of a case that would fit? Looking to build a quad 18650 mod and want to know if there is a case that would fit if anyone has one or knows. Thanks vapers.
  9. VaporTron

    Bump Everytime You Buy Something New

    Just bought an indulgence mutank (v2) from a b&m over here for 42.99
  10. VaporTron

    Reuleaux rx200

    I believe the rx200 tcr for ss is set to ss 304
  11. VaporTron

    Vaping Sisters

    Gummy Bear- really good gummy bear maybe best ive had The juice- very fruity quite delicious almost no throat hit Invincible- also very fruity and deliciious Light throat hit All 6mg Definitely will buy more as they are right down the street but only when im running too low because they have high prices 3x30ml for 60$ so about 20$ for 1 30ml glass bottle Gummy bear wasn't glass bottle tho (fsr)
  12. VaporTron

    Winter Driptips

    Works great i love it thanks a bunch!
  13. VaporTron

    Happy 2016 Everyone!

    Happy New Year
  14. VaporTron

    adjustable air flow tank

    I like my tfv4 mini. Rebuildable or premade coils. Top fill. Super adjustable air flow. Check out a video.
  15. VaporTron


    Hi. What kind of mod do you have? What kind of juice do you like?

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