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  1. I use an 80% VG in my ego one and my coils last about a week of heavy vaping. I don't generally have any wicking issues....
  2. My friend purchased new box mod "Vaporfi VOX II Mod (Sub Ohm) – 50 Watts ", quality mod from an excellent brand. This is also the item on the list that has the most complex design, with a blend of rounded edges and corners to combine geometry with fluidity.
  3. i have vaping anywhere, specially at my home ...
  4. Ni 200 is designed for use only with devices equipped with circuit boards capable of controlling coil temperature.
  5. Vaping is an alternative to smoking. It’s like smoking minus several of the adverse effects of the latter: no bad smell and bad breath, no cigarette burns, no more dirty ashtrays, less likelihood of getting cancer and other smoking-affiliated illnesses – you get the drift.
  6. Ecigs / Vaping is intended for current adult smokers , that wish to continue enjoying their nicotine habit at a reduced risk.
  7. Vaping is a much safer and healthier alternative to traditional smoking, in our opinion.
  8. Thanks for Welcome! Thanks Jasonculp! I have used Mig vapor and I love dessert flavored.
  9. Hi Friends, My name is Barry Hoffman, I am new to here. I am very happy to come here. This is really nice for to discussion about e juice and other .
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