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Found 8 results

  1. Hi. I'm new to the forum but quit cigs with the help of vaping Dec 2, 2016 so I absolutely love vaping. I am currently in search of some new accessories and was just curious if anyone has an suggestions on where I should do so from online? I hate to take the business from The B & M but when I see items @ 1/3rd of the cost I just can't help myself. So I'm just open for suggestions/oppinons and thanks in advance. Keep'on Vapin Y'all!! Peace~ VapinPeacechic
  2. I'm hoping someone can help, I am a returning vaper, I used a Snow Wolf 200w mod to quit smoking from 3 packs a day then picked them up again after 2 years. Fast forward 4 years and I bought a Geek Vape Aegis Zeus X with the sub ohm tank 70-80w coils and I'm 2 weeks smoke free. I have tried twice to change the coil and both times on my first hit it tastes burnt. I prime the coil to the point it won't absorb through the ports anymore, I install it and then fill the tank and let it sit about 20 minutes. I even pulled on it while it was off and started at 30w moving up every 3 or 4 hits but it still burnt..... WHAT AM I DOING WRONG???? I am using air factory 6mg juice if that helps. I would be forever grateful for any help because I don't want to grab a cigarette for nicotine.
  3. what can i use to make coils with around the house? im out of coils and im using a pharoah rdta on a kaos spectrum mod
  4. I purchased a kangertech box mini a while back... it was working great for me until I broke the tank. The store I bought it from didn't have the mini tank so I bought a full size ktech tank which also worked great.... I went back today to get some atomizers for it and they gave me a box that says SSOCC coils 1.5 .. I cannot seem to get a good amount of vapor from these I feel like I'm pulling and pulling with not enough payoff... what am I doing wrong? I am not very smart when it comes to these things. I am running it at 20.0W
  5. Hi all you brilliant folks! I need your help (again) I'm using my eleaf pico and the coil starts giving out so I reach in my back up box and the one I try to replace it with says "no atomizer" so I grab another and the same thing happens. I grab a different tank and the mod is working fine. SO I figure it's the coils. Since that was the last of my coils I go to the local B&M and they're out of my eleaf coils and they give me Aspire Atlantis coils in 0.3ohm saying they would work. I wick it up and put it in my melo 3 tank and I'm getting nothing (no vapor) so I look on the box and it says that they're for 70-80W. I don't vape that high and I tried upping the wattage my normal 30W and to 60 and it spit hot lava down my throat.... a few 4 letter impolite words later.....I'm at a loss due to not knowing much about these things... So, I'm back with a problem for you all to help with.... should I return the rest of the coils and get something different? The Aspire box says the .5ohm or the 1.0ohm coils are more in my normal vaping level. I'm learning not to trust my local B&M at all I seem to have a lot of problems with their advice. I'm having a heck of a time. HELP.... Thanks all!
  6. Hey everyone! I'm new here because I recently just bought my first box mod and I'm having some trouble with it. So I got the Smok R80 TC just the other day (the bundle kit) from my local vendor and I FREAKIN' LOVE IT!!! There's a problem though that's really bumming me out... the damn coils!! I used the first coil that was pre-installed into my vape. It was a Micro CLP2 0.3 ohm coil. By my mistake, and out of my ignorance for box vapes, (not to mention my overwhelming excitement) I loaded the atomizer up with juice and starting firing away. IT WAS AWESOME AS CRAP!! I started off around 40 watts, switched around to 50, 60, and back down to 30. The coil lasted a little less than a day before I started tasting this nasty burnt taste. (I put that coil back into my vape this morning, and I was only able to take about 2 or 3 good hits before the burnt taste came back, so I'm assuming I ruined it beyond repair.) So after I figured I'd burnt out the coil somehow, I switched to the backup coil they gave me, a Micro STC2 0.25 ohm. I was nervous about it burning out...and within an hour, my worries had come true...it did! And even quicker than the last coil! I usually start off on 40 watts...which is on the low side for these kinds of coils, or at least that's what they say. I don't "choo-choo train hit it", just straight inhales, so I don't think the way I'm hitting it is the problem. I do tend to chain vape sometimes, so maybe I just used it too much? I find that hard to believe because the drags I take aren't very long and I usually take 5-10 hits max in a row before setting it down. I know I'm a newbie when it comes to these kinds of vapes, as I've been smoking the eGo One vape pen for a while and I figured I needed a serious upgrade. Can somebody please tell me what I'm doing wrong? The wattage range for the 0.3 and 0.25 coils say 30-60, and now when I try to vape with them I can only use about 17 watts and I STILL get the burnt taste...I guess I'll have to pitch them.... I do vape with high VG a good bit of the time, but my eGo One was able to withstand all of it...it makes me sad to think that's what I'll have to resort back to! :/ I also heard letting them "pre-juice" before I start vaping? Can somebody explain that process to me? Or as a matter of fact, can someone explain ANY other kinds of procedures I can do to prevent my coils from burning out so quickly? I will be really bummed if I just wasted a good chunk of my money on this...and I'll also be super bummed if I'm forced to vape on less than 30 wattage...I'll get better clouds and flavor on my eGo One. So yeah, don't laugh, I know I'm new to this stuff. I don't know if it's me doing something wrong, faulty coils, the atomizer, or the tank itself...but I'm going to take a wild guess that it was me. If someone can give me some advice for the next time I'm able to purchase some new coils, that would be fantastic. Thank you guys for your help!
  7. I have an iLeaf 50w and use an Aspire Atlantis tank. It has been very hard to find local shops that have eliquids that don't give me such a harsh throat hit. A local shop suggested I try the Pinup Vapors. 75% VG and the 2 flavors that I have tried are Betty (6 mg nicotine)and Marilyn (3 mg nicotine). If I use a 50/50 juice, my coils can last up to 2 weeks. But as soon as I try the pinup vapors, I'm lucky if I get 2 days use out of it. I usually vape no higher than 15-20W when I'm using my high vg liquid. But that super harsh, choking, burnt flavor hits me so bad after a day or so. I've read other forums where people can get a couple weeks out of their coils using 100 VG. Could it be the fact that my juices are so sweet that's causing the coils to be burnt so soon?
  8. I am not new to vaping, this is just a question i have. I have the Atlantis sub ohm tank with the 2000 mah sub ohm battery at 4.2V which I adore by the way because I'm not into building my own coils just yet. My question is how often do i replace the coil heads? I read that you should do it every month or so but I went 3 solid months with no bitterness or changing taste and no change in vapor production. I finally replaced it just for kicks and there was no real difference. What's the deal here?
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