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  1. @VapeMama Ive been looking for a Carmel Apple Recipe, can you share yours or possibly the link where you got it? Ive tried my own but none of the 4 or 5 recipes Ive tried to create myself have been worth a S___!!! Lol. T.I.A. -Happy Vapin, VapinPeacechic Keep Vapin My Friend, peace. vapor girl
  2. I jumped from my original level of 3mg to 1.5mg rather quickly but when I ran outta nic and mixed a couple batches @ 0 I craved cigs badly so im going to stick to 1.5mg for a while. But hey beats old stinkies any day and i really enjoy vaping so Im ok with that. Keep Vapin My Friend, peace. vapor girl
  3. Strawberry custards of all kinds are my favorite ADV. yummy.
  4. Thanks Tam for the info. Only after I posted this did I realize I was not in the right place for this Question but it is my first time to ever post or really to explore the forum so I am truly sorry and will pay more attention moving forward. I'll for sho check out the Vapor Talk online store asa its up and running, thanks again. Keep on Vapin Yall~ Peace
  5. Hi. I'm new to the forum but quit cigs with the help of vaping Dec 2, 2016 so I absolutely love vaping. I am currently in search of some new accessories and was just curious if anyone has an suggestions on where I should do so from online? I hate to take the business from The B & M but when I see items @ 1/3rd of the cost I just can't help myself. So I'm just open for suggestions/oppinons and thanks in advance. Keep'on Vapin Y'all!! Peace~ VapinPeacechic
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