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    VapinPeacechic got a reaction from Walt in Almost at 0mg   
    I jumped from my original level of 3mg to 1.5mg rather quickly but when I ran outta nic and mixed a couple batches @ 0 I craved cigs badly so im going to stick to 1.5mg for a while. But hey beats old stinkies any day and i really enjoy vaping so Im ok with that.

    Keep Vapin My Friend, peace. vapor girl

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    VapinPeacechic reacted to Earthling789 in Should i start?   
    Well said, Tam!
    Vaping for "competition" or "fun" is one of the main reasons vaping is under-fire from the FDA and the court-of-public-opinion... Vaping is an excellent way to get away from smoking cigarettes (or cigars, pipe, etc.), but if you never actively smoked, you should not even consider vaping.  Vaping is not a "cure" for damaged lung tissue, it is merely a (very) effective alternative smoking cessation device to the inferior offerings by the pharmaceutical companies (patches, gums, inhalers, etc.).
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    VapinPeacechic reacted to Tam in Best site to order vape accessories   
    Your post is just fine where it is, no need to worry about it. If it's not in the right place... well, that's why we're here to help and move things where they need to be. 
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    VapinPeacechic reacted to FXRich in Best site to order vape accessories   
    You could check out the Vapor Talk store, they may not have the lowest prices on the net, but they have great customer service.
    An added bonus to buying stuff from the V/T store is if something is not right you can complain to Chris, and he'll make it right.
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    VapinPeacechic reacted to kitsune in What's your favorite Online Vape Shop?   
    Vapor talk store....summer melon, macchiatio.

    Veteran vaper .....all my hardware needs

    ecig express....all my DIY needs
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