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  1. Earthling789

    Gonna Be a Papaw REAL soon!

    We just got back from visiting them over the holidays... she's getting so big and is starting to want to play and trying to crawl!
  2. Earthling789

    Ego AIO HELP

    Sometimes a new coil is a tiny bit shorter than the others... try unscrewing the coil from the cap about a 1/4 of a turn, rather than having it snug/tight. Another issue is some of the AIO bases get crudded up, and require a good cleaning so the coil makes good contact with the base. If all else fails, try another new coil... the one you are using may have a fault/short, and will never work?
  3. Earthling789

    I've done the unthinkable

    Yeah, the Magneto is a great mech mod... of all the ones I own or have owned, those with magnetic buttons are my favorites... I really should get one out of mothballs someday and fire it back up? I really liked my Copper Penny, but it had a spring-fire-button... so I ordered the magnet conversion for it, lol... the magnets are the only parts of it that aren't pure copper now, but the button is 50x better... and it wasn't horrible with a spring to begin with!
  4. Earthling789

    Too harsh

    @Tam and @Walt are correct... Increasing the volume of creamy flavors (Vanilla, Malted Milk, Cream, Ice Cream, etc.) will reduce the "bite" of the fruit flavors. Like Walt, I've found that certain brands of fruit flavors are much harsher than others, and some of the "candy" flavors are very citrus-acidic and artificial tasting (just like Tam said). I also prefer Capella and TFA (The Flavor Apprentice) fruit flavors over others.... CAP are some of the best IMO... I would also suggest lowering the candy flavor (or eliminating it all together) and play with the ratio of Blueberry and malted-milk/ice-cream flavorings until you find the right balance. Mix in 5ml - 10ml batches until you find the ratio you like best... then you can make gallons if it if you wish
  5. Earthling789

    I have a suspicion

    Schools do test for Nicotine, but not always. If your son is an athlete, then, YES, they will test for Nicotine. If they do a urine test, it is not always conclusive or accurate results for Nicotine, but if they do a hair or blood test, it will be more accurate, and hair tests can show Nicotine (or drug use) from many months ago. Our school does not require annual drug screening of students (state law forbids it), but if you are a student-athlete, your parents must sign consent for random testing. Thanks to our "betters" in Legislature, Nicotine is considered as bad as Heroine, so they do test for it (as well as steroids and a host of other drugs), and will suspend/expel any student who tests positive (unless of course they are the star quarterback and/or child of a school admin... grrrr). The only way to get them back into school is to PAY for independent lab test to disprove the school's test... TWICE over the course of 2-weeks. Even if you prove your child is not using any drugs or performance enhancers, they're branded with the label, still not allowed to participate in sports, and their record will still show the suspension/expulsion... without any apology...
  6. Earthling789

    Tanks with high airflow

    For temp control, yes Sent using The Vapor Talk mobile app
  7. Earthling789

    Tanks with high airflow

    Here is an image of a Kanger SSOCC Ni200 coil... notice the blue o-ring at the bottom? Notice the Red o-ring at the bottom of this one... it is a 0.5 Ohm NiChrome coil: Clapton coils have a black o-ring, and 316L SS coils have a pink o-ring
  8. Earthling789

    Tanks with high airflow

    If you want to use TC with the Subtank mini (or the newer version, Toptank mini), you'll need coils compatible with TC (and make sure your mod is in the correct mode for coil-type used): Ni200 (blue o-ring) 316L SS (Pink o-ring) NiChrome coils (red o-ring) can be used for TC with some mods, which are capable of TCR with NiChrome, but results are spotty or you constantly have to play with it...
  9. Earthling789

    Tanks with high airflow

    I had looked up the same info directly from Smok... SS body, but no mention of anything other than Kanthal being used as coil material. This would explain why TC is not working when using the V12.
  10. Earthling789

    Tanks with high airflow

    Are you 100% positive the coils are SS? Many coils are mistaken as SS because the housing is SS and stamped as such, but the actual coil material may be Kanthal, NiChrome, Nickel, SS, or perhaps a blended/woven coil like a Clapton or some of the twisted versions? Even the Kanger coils that I know are Ni200 (blue o-rings) are stamped SS on the body of the coil housing, because that is what it is made of... yet the coils are Nickel.
  11. The "glass" tank is normally Pyrex, which is a tempered glass which perfectly fine to boil... think of your glass baking dishes or a laboratory beaker... they are made of Pyrex glass... BUT, you should boil the water, then set it aside to cool... THEN place the parts in the hot water (after the heat is removed)... allow them to cool with the water so they will not warp or crack due to extreme temperature changes. Putting metal or Pyrex in hot water should not break them, but taking them out of HOT water, into cooler air will cause warping, cracking, or breakage in extreme cases.
  12. Once you burn a coil, the taste permeates the entire tank. The best way to clean it is to take it apart, clean with dish-soap and hot water (tap-hot)... use a brush or small sponge to get into all the crevices and don't forget the drip-tip, too. Rinse well!! Now, take a pan of water and boil it... once it boils, set if off to cool and put the tank parts into the VERY hot water... leave them there to cool with the water. Once cool, you can air-dry them overnight and the tank should be good to go. You can also rinse with rubbing alcohol after you've cleaned and used the boiling water soak, but be aware that you MUST air-dry it for a day to ensure all the alcohol is gone... or you can soak in alcohol for a few hours... then air-dry overnight, then let the parts soak in boiled water again to flush out any alcohol residue. Many of us will soak our tanks in drinking alcohol (Vodka, moonshine, Everclear, etc.) which would be safe to vape any residual that may be left, but being 17-18 years old, I would not advise it for you...
  13. Earthling789

    Tanks with high airflow

    Good point Walt! I have a subtank/coil combo that runs great at 330F and 45W (0.5 Ohm Coil) on my kbox 75W mod, but switch the same tank to another mod and I have to crank it to 60W and 450F to get the same vape. I have one mod that claims TC but it only works "okay" on Ni setting with Ni200 coils... SS, Ti, or TCR settings (using the appropriate SS/Ti/NiCr coils) do nothing but apply max wattage and fry my coils before TC kicks in :(
  14. The subvod blinks 3x to indicate a short or that the atomizer (coil and/or tank base) is not seating properly or making contact with the battery. Remove the tank and take it apart... clean the base where the coil attaches (if it has juice residue, hot water works well... q-tips are great for removing residue/juice/water... let the base dry. Re-seat the coil nice and tight, then look at the base of the tank... there is a center pin which can be pulled out a tiny bit... pull it out with your fingernail or a small screwdriver/knife/etc. Fill and re-assemble the tank. Now look at the battery... clean the center contact and threads (where the tank goes) with a q-tip, then repeat with a q-tip with a little rubbing alcohol on it... let it dry! Put it all back together and it should work. If not, then try a different coil, being careful to seat it fully (and prime it with juice).
  15. Earthling789

    Tanks with high airflow

    I use Subtank minis (and the top-fill versions too)... almost exclusively since they came out with them about two years ago. I've tried others and keep coming back to the subtanks... I have a Baby Beast, which has great airflow, but I'm not fond of the coils... and it is a huge juice-hog without giving flavor on-par with the volume it churns. I use the Subtanks with 316L SS coils in TC mode most often, but also use plenty of the 0.5 and 1.2 Ohm coils in Wattage-mode, too... as well as build my own coils for the RBA insert. They have great airflow (for me), and the flavor is darn good too. The secondary reason I keep coming back to the Subtank Mini (and the smaller version, Subtank Nano) and recommend them so often is the price (and availability)... the tanks are cheap compared to many others, they last for years, parts are easy to get (bases, o-rings, Pyrex tubes), and the coils are available just about anywhere vape-gear is sold (and they have tons of style and resistance options).

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