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  1. Steam engine question

    Bingo! Pure water will not conduct electricity. It is the salts, minerals, and impurities IN the water that conduct electricity through the water.
  2. Newbie to DIY e juice

    If you want to mix 10mg strength pure VG juice (no flavor), then you should add 10ml of your 100mg VG-base Nicotine to 90ml of VG. If you want to add 10% water... then your juice will be 10ml Nicotine base, 10ml water, and 80ml VG... which will actually give you 90% VG (because you added 10%water to thin it), but the result will still be 10mg Nicotine strength. @FXRich is correct... Darker or sweeter juices kill coils faster than VG content, but pure VG is very thick, and you should make sure your coil / tank can handle juices that thick... most cannot wick juices with 70% or higher VG content.
  3. Yeah, I had an IPV mini that I stripped to bare metal and then put a coat of Turtle-wax on it... it actually didn't look bad, lol... I'd show a picture of it, but it is one of the ones I paid-forward to a new vaper
  4. I'm with @FXRich... I've only bought unpainted Aluminum, Stainless Steel, or chromed mods in the past couple of years. I have three mods that are painted that haven't chipped, peeled, or faded their coating... One is a Kanger 50W (white) and the other two are Cloupor mini-plus (orange and royal blue). The Cloupor are powder coated, so that is why they hold up so well. These mods get almost daily use for the past two years, so it's not like they sit on the shelf and look pretty. Most of the painted mods these days are Aluminum or an alloy with a lot of Zinc in them. Some are painted Brass... Zinc and Brass don't adhere paint well. One thing you can do is take the mod apart, sand the crap out of it, use a good "etching primer" to get something to stick to it, and then paint it well with an automotive-grade or marine-grade paint. (Sand between coats!) Your basic, household Rustoleum or dollar-store paint won't hold up at all. You can even top-coat it with clear-coat, but that will eventually yellow and peel from the acids in your sweat. Prime, paint, car-wax... clean and wax often... that will work, but it is also a LOT OF WORK :(
  5. Yep, if you ordered on the 5th, they started processing on the 6th... 10 business days from there is the 20th, so that would be about right on schedule Shipping from Hong Kong will take 3 weeks minimum, and if it gets hung in customs, it could take an extra 2-3 weeks on top of that. BUT, at least you know it is on the way!
  6. 5-10 days is the time it takes them to pick the order and put it into a bag for shipping. Expect 4 weeks minimum for delivery after ordering... the usual is 6-8 weeks, and don't be surprised if it shows up after Christmas :(
  7. Does this seem right?

    Cany... Here's a quickie way to spot check... Base-strength * Base-volume / Total volume = Final strength For what you have... 24 * 12.5 / 50 = 6.0mg which is what you are looking to get, so your calculation is correct
  8. Aspire k3 help

    Yeah, the K3 is like a large eGo... 1200mAh battery and 1.8 Ohm coil (with 2ml tank).... I suspect it vapes like a Nautilus with 1.8 Ohm coil (MTL only) Since you don't have any real adjustments, and I don't think coils of any other resistance are available... the only thing you can control is the juice. @VapeMama suggested moving to a thinner juice, and that will be my suggestion as well. Most of MTL all-in-one devices prefer juices that are of a specific thickness... The Templar AIO likes 50/50 (PG/VG) juices, but can handle 30/70 if you don't chain vape it. I'm willing to guess the K3 is more like the vape of a Nautilus (the coils even look like the Nautilus BVC), which works best with thinner juices... 70/30 (PG/VG) to 50/50 max. Some "clear" juices can be a bit thicker, but 60% VG is about all they can handle (most likely what your problem is being caused by). Try a thinner juice, or add a few drops of PG to your existing juice (a few drops of distilled water in the tank also will thin a thick liquid), and see how that works out for you?
  9. Adulting....

    Congrats! Yes, living alone is very expensive, but also can be very enjoyable. Don't be lured by the cost of fast-food... eating out for one can be cheaper than cooking for one, but cooking is healthier (and fun), and leftovers are a good thing Congrats on getting engaged, too! Once June rolls around you'll find you'll be moving into the best time of your life Just don't stress over wedding plans or over-extend your budget... you can be married for free or $100K wedding... but the end result is the same... you're still married... so put that into perspective and save some $ for the two of you AFTER the wedding, rather than a big show for family and guests.
  10. Kanger Cupti Coil flooding

    My gal really likes the Juppi, too... It does have a leakage problem if the Juppi coil is not wicked perfectly, but the best part is the fact the mod works perfectly with the subtank mini or nano. The mini fills the "seat" fully, and the nano is the right height to be even with the top of the mod. My only complaint on it is the placement of the fire-button... not fond of it being on the side, but then again, it's hers now, so it's not something I have to deal with anymore
  11. When are politicians going to realize that taxing something to death is just putting it to death and driving consumers to alternative sources... online, out of state purchases, etc.?? Those proposed estimates on revenue are pure assumptions, based on continued sales at the same level, and growth (which will never happen) as more move from smoking to vaping. Just ask NYC how well it worked to tax soda and limit sizes of drinks from fast-food.... But, you hit the nail on the head... "Democrat Governor"... that says all I need to hear :(
  12. Animal lovers

    Ahh, yes, we have several where we live in the woods... and they are quite the little thieves too, lol... I just put out new solar sidewalk / driveway lights and noticed the "heads" started going missing. The other day I watched one climb down from the tree, run over to the driveway, pull the head from the stake, and run back into the tree with it! Now there are several of my solar lights about 40' up in the big Hickory tree at the bottom of my yard They also clean out my bird-feeders regularly, and are quite vocal when it's empty... I've not put anything in the feeders since mid-summer, so I think stealing my lights is their way of retaliation?
  13. Do I need to add nic right away?

    The smallest batch I make for personal use (my favorites) is 300ml, and the usual is 600ml up to a full liter at a time. When I mix... I MIX I don't like having to get all my supplies and glassware out (and have to clean everything) more often than necessary, so I usually mix several flavors at the same time, in large batches. I have two magnetic stirrers and plenty of glassware (beakers, flasks, and graduated cylinders) for measuring and mixing, so mixing many flavors at once is an afternoon/evening of fun. I will needle-mix in a small bottle if I'm making a specialty flavor or trying a new recipe, but if it turns out something I really like, the next batch will be a big one, lol... Also, for needle mixing specialty flavors or things I vape on rare-occasion (like Chocolate-Mint or Peanut-Butter-Fudge-Brownie)... I keep a few 60ml bottles with 30ml or 36ml of VG and Nicotine pre-mixed (1.8ml 100mg VG based Nicotine and the balance pure VG) ... so all I have to do is add in flavoring and PG to reach 60ml, and I get a 3mg, 50-50 or 40-60 mix... with far less mess, because I only needed one needle to extract the flavors and PG
  14. Needle mixers

    So, if you spin it too fast, it just slams against the outer wall and doesn't actually mix... how slow do you have to go to actually reach a rolling/mixing action in the bottle (like in the clothes dryer)?
  15. Needle mixers

    I'm with @Tam... I can't wait to see what you come up with... Coming from a Chemistry background, I've always found a magnetic stirrer to be more than adequate for mixing and even aerating... I've got a couple of them now, and suggested a really good one for @Walt, which he apparently is getting good use out of it, lol... The paint shaker idea is a really good one for large batches (like a quart or gallon)... The vape store I use to go to years ago use to mix custom bottles for people, and they had a miniature shaker version which had clamps to hold different sized bottles... it shook a bottle up and down about 12-15" in rapid motion (like a sewing-machine-needle-arm) for about 2 minutes, and did an amazing job at mixing. I think it was the same apparatus used by pharmacies to rapid-mix liquid meds that require water added... like Amoxicillin?

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