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  1. So back to this discussion. One of my other friends chain vapes like a mad man and his V12 coils still last a week at least. I normally vape 80/20 which I heard is best for a V12?
  2. Sorry, I have only been doing this a few months. You're talking about an O ring? I'm a bit lost.
  3. Hmmm, ok. Yeah I went to my local Shop and they don't even carry that mini tank. I may check the regular one I go to near my old house.
  4. Smok Alien. No matter how much I mess with the settings I get a very light hit, almost no cloud, and essentially no flavor at all, with temp at least.
  5. Yeah, that's what I would think. Cause it's such a small tank. Since the Subtank is only a single coil, do you have to run it at lower wattage? Or Temp? Or its the same as any other tank?
  6. Tried that. Still not much. Super light hit, like no cloud and no taste.
  7. I've tried low and high, maybe its cause its a larger tank?
  8. Hmmm. Yeah I just tried mine, and I have it at 600 and it takes like three seconds and I don't get like any hit from it compared to on Watt.
  9. I have had it on max and there is such a long delay on it.
  10. I may pick one up today. I like that it has the capabilities of being a hybrid and have premade coils. I tried messing with TC mode but never really worked good for me. Seems like it takes so much time to get it up to temp.
  11. So I am currently running the V12, and I love the airflow, however I hate how expensive my coils are, as well as how fast I burn through them. I am not fond of tanks that require you to inhale hard, I like very free flowing ones (Like my v12). Does anyone have any recommendations for any smaller, cheaper ones that have similar airflow?
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