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  1. hey guys thanx for your input I got two lg hg2 batteries and the smok species v2 mod , however I replaced the tank for now with baby beast v8 and a mesh coil v8 0.15 ohm and the batteries are working great... I using it on the 55 W but some how it used to run smoother on the stick any one familiar with the issue?
  2. well mooch's tests seems legit thanx junkie
  3. what about the LG hG2 do you recommend those?
  4. hi i need to ask you guys about batteries i am using the species smok v2 230 w with the following coils" v12 m4" and "v12 x6" and "v8 mesh coils" so what is the best dual batteries to use, that would operate them (specially the x6 since its 0.15 ohm and best used between 80 -100 watts ?
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