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    rickyharake reacted to FXRich in battery sizing   
    I don't build any coils below .5 ohms, most of my coils are .7 - .8, unless I use dual coils I never get below .5
    Smok coils are usually dual coil or even more, I believe they make a 8 coil setup. A .15 setup with 8 coils would be 1.2 ohms per coil, takes a lot of power to fire 8 coils.
    As far as the LG HG2 batteries go they are all I use, so I had to mention that they are 20A.
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    rickyharake reacted to Earthling789 in battery sizing   
    Rich, you are correct... I was talking about the LG HG2, and my brain was focused on the Samsung 30Q, which are also 3000mAh batteries, but only rated for 15A continuous discharge.  The LG are rated for 20A continuous (and tested to prove it).
    I've used both the Samsung, and LG batteries (25R, 30Q, HE2, and HG2), and I love the Samsung 25R (blue and green versions)... they retain near full capacity even after 1000 recharge cycles.  I'm not a huge fan of the 30Q, anymore, because they don't hold but 50-60% capacity after about 350 cycles, but they are great for that first year.  The LG is the opposite... the HE2 tend to lose about 20-30% capacity ability after ~400 cycles, but so far, the HG2 are still hitting near 3000mAh even after 400+ cycles. 
    I'm about to purchase a new block of batteries to replace our aging stock of  30+ 18650's.  My wife currently goes through two (sometimes three) batteries a day, and I go through three singles (or two to three pairs in the dual-battery-mods).  So, I'll be picking up six fresh Samsung 25R-5 (green) for our single-battery mods, and probably four pairs of LG HG2 for the dual-battery mods.  The old ones will be headed to recycling!
    Low Ohm is subjective, but most of us would agree that 0.15 Ohms is "low".  Personally, I define "low" as anything below 0.5 Ohms.  Sub-ohm is anything less than 1.0 Ohm.
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    rickyharake reacted to FXRich in battery sizing   
    I hate to disagree with a fellow poster, but mooch rates the LG HG2 as a 20A battery, here is a link 
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    rickyharake reacted to Earthling789 in battery sizing   
    I mentioned those above... yes I recommend them. Be aware they are 15A continuous discharge, but higher capacity (3000mAh), compared to LG HE2. They will last a little longer between recharges, but won't handle high wattage / low resistance builds very well. Use a vaping calculator to determine how many Amps your builds need... then get a battery that will exceed those requirements, not just "meet them".
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    rickyharake reacted to Earthling789 in battery sizing   
    You will want a battery that provides continuous 20A discharge rate... there are several that have these specs, but these are the ones I recall off the top of my head... Samsung 25R (green wrapper), LG HE2 (red wrapper), and Sony VTC6 (green wrapper).   All of these can sustain 20A discharge, but will support burst discharge of 30A or 35A.  If you are vaping in the 80-100W range, even at that low of a resistance, you should be safe with even a 15A battery (Samsung 30Q or LG HG2).  The higher the mAh capacity, the lower the continuous discharge ratings.  The 15A batteries I've listed are larger capacity 3000mAh, compared the first ones I listed, which are 2500mAh (with exception of the Sony VTC6, which is rated at 3000mAh, and quite expensive compared to the Samsung or LG batteries).
    Always pair your batteries, and never break the set, for best results... also rotate them between the two slots... If labeling them A and B, put A in the left side this time... then after re-charge, put B in the left side next time it is used....
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