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  1. I also have some flavors that are years old, I keep the flavors that are years old in the freezer. The flavors I use the most often I keep in a refrigerator. Last month I mixed up some cherry cheesecake, I haven't used the cheesecake flavor for several years, and it seemed to be fine. And it tastes pretty good. There is a bottle of vanilla extract in the kitchen cabinet (not for vaping) that has no expiration date on it that we use and I know we have had for years. I looked at the bottles of flavor I have for vaping, and can't find a expiration date.
  2. I'm the exact opposite of you, I have about a dozen different flavors mixed and switch flavors often. A lot of people here use a program called ejuicemeup to mix their flavors and the program comes with a lot of recipes it can be found here http://www.ejuice.breaktru.com/ also the site has many recipes on it. If you would list the flavor that you currently vape someone here might have a recipe that they would share with you.
  3. Reminds me of the fact that some southern states still have dry counties, I very much doubt it stops anybody from drinking. The goofy Oregon governor imposed a temporary 6 month flavor ban in Oregon, it only took the Oregon court of appeals a few days to put a stay on the law.
  4. I did a flavor inventory yesterday, I have about 4,000 ml of flavoring. I use about 20% flavor in my DIY juices so I seem to have enough flavoring to make 20,000 ml of juice. Assuming I go through 10 ml of juice per day (I don't think I go through that much) I have enough flavoring to last about 5 1/2 years. The unintended consequences of a flavor ban would be some people might use grocery store flavoring to flavor their juice, grocery store flavoring is not meant for vaping, and could have ingredients that could be harmful if inhaled.
  5. I just ordered a bunch of flavoring all in 16 oz bottles instead of the 4 oz bottles I usually order. I figure since I have a few years supply now they won't ban flavors.
  6. Banning flavors won't stop people from putting stuff in their juice that doesn't belong in it, and makes it unsafe.
  7. I have noticed that people in other countries aren't having the same problems, unless it just isn't being reported.
  8. I mix my own juices, for a few years now I have been using 10% distilled water when mixing my 70%VG 20%flavor(PG), and 10% distilled water. I don't mix the water with the VG, I add the water to the final mixture. I find that by adding water it seems to wick better, and also the coils last a little longer.
  9. I find it strange that only the generation that sometimes eat tide pods are the ones that are suffering from lung disease. I have been vaping for a long time, and my doctor said my lungs have improved. I think the question should be what are they vaping? The news media never tell the whole story, only the parts that they want to.
  10. I don't use anything but 18650 myself, and use a nitecore D2 charger, after doing some research I figure if I had 20/21700 batteries I would get the nitecore Q2 which is a 2 bay charger, and sells for about $20.00, the Q4 is a 4 bay, and the Q6 is a 6 bay. In my opinion nitecore makes the best chargers.
  11. That's what I do, haven't bought a coil in years.
  12. The best I have found for cleaning coils, and tanks is a sonic cleaner.
  13. A .2 coil with a fully charged battery will pull about 21A, so you probably won't blow yourself up.
  14. your battery fully charged will put out 4.2V at 30A you can have a 0.14 coil. 3.7 is the nominal voltage the less the charge the lower the volts, the more it is charged the more the volts. You should build to the highest volts. http://www.steam-engine.org/ohm.html
  15. I use a couple of PT2s on subvod batteries as part of my daily rotation, good flavor and less vapor to cloud everything up. (1.8 coils)
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