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  1. I have read a few reviews on that tank, and the the only complaint seems to be the price of the coils, and the fact that they don't last very long. You could switch to a different tank that uses cheaper coils that last longer, everybody here seems to have a different choice as far as tanks go. Personally I prefer the Subtank mini, but others prefer other tanks. The Subtank mini only holds 4.5 ml compared to what you have that holds 8ml, but that may mean you won't ruin as much juice when you burn a coil. I mostly use a RBA but have used factory coils that cost about $3 each depending on where you buy them (I have bought them as cheap as .85 each when buying them in bulk), and I have had them last a week or more. You will probably not get as much vapor as you get with the Smok tank, but that also is a matter of choice to most people.
  2. I don't know if it would interest you or not, but there is a RBA available for that tank. I use RBAs and have not purchased a coil for several years. A coil in a RBA can be replaced for pennies, but they can be a PITA to replace.
  3. Vanilla Flavoring Syrup For Vaping?

    The sugar will likely crystallize when heated, Tam is right you could just use vanilla extract, or any other flavor extract for baking and you will probably would be fine. Some of the flavoring you can get at the grocery store contains a PG base, and probably isn't much different than flavors designed for vaping, but most of it has a alcohol/ water base, but use at your own risk. You could just go online to wizard labs or heartland vapes, and for under $50.00 get enough supplies to last you a year or more, depending on how much you vape.
  4. Who's using a Pod system?

    Another setup that I use sometimes, but not very often is a KPT2 with a 1.5 coil on a subvod battery. I don't get as much vapor as a subtank mini, but get enough and using a 1.5 coil I get decent battery life. I seem to be going backwards instead of trying new things.
  5. Who's using a Pod system?

    For the past year or so I have been using the nano RBAs from fasttech, they are the same design as the original subtank mini RBA, I had to modify them a little bit by making the juice slots a little bigger. If you don't use more than 60% VG they work pretty good, I use them with a Subvod battery, and battery life isn't very long, but I can't expect a 1300 mah battery to last as long as a 3000 mah LG battery. I still mostly use the larger mods with a subtank mini, but like using the smaller setup when I'm not gone for very long or I take 2 of them with me. (the car has a USB port in the dash) and I ordered extra subvod batteries so I can charge one while using the other one.
  6. Dry, sore, swollen mouth

    You didn't mention what you vape, if you use a refillable tank your supplier may have changed the juice that you use, you may have a allergy to some chemicals that are used for flavoring. You could try a different supplier or maybe just a different flavor. Or it may have nothing to do with vaping.
  7. Help

    Can't help if we don't know the problem.
  8. Wife got sick from njoy vape

    Did she get the disposable, or the kind with the rechargeable battery? I normally don't put much faith in what I read on the net, but you might want to take a look at this https://ecig-reviews.net/reviews/njoy/ If she wants to quit smoking she should spend a little more money and get a good refillable setup then she will have more flavor options. Just my opinion.
  9. Vaping tongue pain

    PG is a synthetic compound, anyone that says their PG is organic is not being truthful.
  10. I read the specs on your setup, and it uses a 510 connection between the tank and battery (doesn't look like it in pic) Its possible you may have to use a toothpick or something to raise the center pin on the battery. To me it sounds like a connection problem.
  11. Did you charge the battery? New batteries sometimes don't come with a full charge. If the battery is charged you got a bad mod.
  12. Question!

    I mix a juice for a friend, he likes a butterscotch menthol mix, we finally settled on 3% menthol, which he thinks is perfect for him. Some people use mint instead of menthol, everyone is different and like different things.
  13. Mechanical mod

    I'll put my opinion in too, looks to me your coils may be too large, and may cause a short.
  14. good mods

    A little while ago I had a bottle for my dripbox go bad, I guess they only can be squeezed so many times before they crack, luckily the mod comes with 2 bottles. A few months ago I ordered some wire from Slow tech, and decided to add a 5 pack of Kanger squonk bottles for $3 or something like that, glad I did that. If you buy anything from Slow tech maybe you should do the same.
  15. good mods

    I use a single .7 SS316l coil, run it between 360f - 380f, was using dual coils that came in at .35 but found that a single coil worked better for me.

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