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  1. I just ordered a bunch of flavoring all in 16 oz bottles instead of the 4 oz bottles I usually order. I figure since I have a few years supply now they won't ban flavors.
  2. Banning flavors won't stop people from putting stuff in their juice that doesn't belong in it, and makes it unsafe.
  3. I have noticed that people in other countries aren't having the same problems, unless it just isn't being reported.
  4. I mix my own juices, for a few years now I have been using 10% distilled water when mixing my 70%VG 20%flavor(PG), and 10% distilled water. I don't mix the water with the VG, I add the water to the final mixture. I find that by adding water it seems to wick better, and also the coils last a little longer.
  5. I find it strange that only the generation that sometimes eat tide pods are the ones that are suffering from lung disease. I have been vaping for a long time, and my doctor said my lungs have improved. I think the question should be what are they vaping? The news media never tell the whole story, only the parts that they want to.
  6. I don't use anything but 18650 myself, and use a nitecore D2 charger, after doing some research I figure if I had 20/21700 batteries I would get the nitecore Q2 which is a 2 bay charger, and sells for about $20.00, the Q4 is a 4 bay, and the Q6 is a 6 bay. In my opinion nitecore makes the best chargers.
  7. That's what I do, haven't bought a coil in years.
  8. The best I have found for cleaning coils, and tanks is a sonic cleaner.
  9. A .2 coil with a fully charged battery will pull about 21A, so you probably won't blow yourself up.
  10. your battery fully charged will put out 4.2V at 30A you can have a 0.14 coil. 3.7 is the nominal voltage the less the charge the lower the volts, the more it is charged the more the volts. You should build to the highest volts. http://www.steam-engine.org/ohm.html
  11. I use a couple of PT2s on subvod batteries as part of my daily rotation, good flavor and less vapor to cloud everything up. (1.8 coils)
  12. FXRich


    A good way to determine what the wattage should be to get a certain voltage is to use this website http://www.steam-engine.org/ohm.html Just put your coil resistance in, put in your voltage, and the wattage will be displayed. A example would be a .14 coil at 3.7 volts would give you about 98 watts. I hope this is helpful.
  13. I don't build any coils below .5 ohms, most of my coils are .7 - .8, unless I use dual coils I never get below .5 Smok coils are usually dual coil or even more, I believe they make a 8 coil setup. A .15 setup with 8 coils would be 1.2 ohms per coil, takes a lot of power to fire 8 coils. As far as the LG HG2 batteries go they are all I use, so I had to mention that they are 20A.
  14. I hate to disagree with a fellow poster, but mooch rates the LG HG2 as a 20A battery, here is a link https://www.reddit.com/r/electronic_cigarette/comments/7p5pm9/bench_retest_results_lg_hg2_20a_3000mah_18650a/
  15. You don't say what kind of tank and mod you have. The most common solution to your problem is probably the center pin on the mod isn't high enough, if you use a pin or toothpick to pry it up a little bit it will probably help. If you use a metal pin or needle to pry it up keep your fingers away from the fire button, or remove the batteries if possible. I guess you did say what kind of mod you have in the title.
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