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  1. I only have 1 painted mod with all the paint left on it, with the exception of the bottom. It's a old Kbox 50w non TC. I used a sonic cleaner to clean 1 of my black top tank minis, and most of the paint came off, and they are solid SS under the paint. Wasn't very hard to remove the rest of the paint. I cleaned a old black subtank mini with a sonic cleaner, and none of the paint came off, tells me the old paint jobs are much better than the new paint jobs.
  2. I don't think I will be ordering anything soon. I just looked at my stash, and I have 1 Kanger 160w box mod, 2 75w toptank mini kits (1 black, 1 platinum) 3 toptank mini tanks, and 2 nano tanks, all in unopened boxes. That's not counting the 7 box mods and 4 subvods that I'm currently using. I think I may have over bought in the past. As long as 18650 batteries are available I'm set for life. When I use TC I always use a RBA with a SS coil, but for the subvods I use occ coils, I also use occ coils in the minis when I vape coil killing juices, seems like Kanthal in watt mode works best for coil killing juice. The only time I toss a occ coil is when the plating comes off and exposes the brass. Most brass except medical grade brass contains lead, and I don't think the Chinese use medical grade brass to make coils. (I have to protect the 1 brain cell that I have left)
  3. Welcome back. I can understand the keeping your hands busy habit, I use a 2mg mix with about half of my flavors the other flavors I use 0 nic. Know how it feels to have a bike fall over on you, happened to me this summer. But my leg wasn't under it when it fell over, only had to replace 1 mirror, and tweak the forward control rear brake a little. I have been rebuilding the kanger occ coils I use in my subtanks, and nano tanks, I still have a lot of unopened occ coils left.
  4. I read the story, and found it to be very confusing. He died at John Peter Smith Hospital two days after crawling from the car. The medical examiner ruled William Brown’s cause of death as penetrating trauma from an exploding vaporizer pen. His left carotid artery was severed, the report says. Alice Brown said doctors at JPS told her that William suffered a stroke inside the car and eventually had bleeding in his brain.
  5. FXRich

    Introducing myself

    Personally I use a sonic cleaner for my vaping stuff, I haven't tried using it for factory coils but I use it to clean the RBA coils that I use. It works very well for cleaning coils.
  6. FXRich

    Kanger Subtank Mini

    I always use spaced wraps, I make the coil using tight wraps, then stick a needle between the wraps to get them spaced evenly after it is installed in the RBA, works for me.
  7. FXRich

    Kanger Subtank Mini

    5 wraps with a 3mm id should give you about .3 ohms 4 wraps should be about .25. I find that my best coils are between 5 and 7 wraps. I assume you are using the RBA that came with your subtank mini, so you should be able to get 7 wraps to fit. Experiment a little, and see whats best for you.
  8. The protank (full size) works great on a subvod battery, but it is non adjustable unlike the twist was. The battery alone can be bought at heavens gifts for about $12.00. Hope that helps.
  9. FXRich

    Kanger Subtank Mini

    4/5 wraps of 22g 316 will give you about .15 ohms. I use 6 wraps of 28g 316 and get .7 ohms. Nice thing about ss316 is you can use it in TC or watts. I have found watts is better for coil killing juice, but that's just my opinion.
  10. FXRich

    Emergency coil construction

    I believe the .9 measurement was probably wrong. To get .9 ohms using 22g 304 you would need to do 30 wraps using a 3mm id even using a 5mm id you would need 20 wraps. (that is according to steam) If you checked the resistance using a multimeter you would have to subtract the resistance of the leads, which can vary depending on the quality, and the length of the leads. If nothing else use the wire out of a twisty tie, just strip the plastic off of it.(seen that in another post)
  11. FXRich

    What Are You Vaping Today?

    I use vanilla custard mixed with blood orange with a little pineapple, and bavarian creme mixed in.
  12. FXRich

    What Are You Vaping Today?

    I have been using French Vanilla in my mixes, I figure using the Madagascar vanilla would be much better.
  13. FXRich

    What Are You Vaping Today?

    Mad scientist concoctions are the best. I make a cherry cheesecake, pretty good stuff. A few weeks ago I got some new flavors that I haven't tried yet, I have been using TFA caramel, but read a lot of good things on the net about salted caramel by FW, also got some Madagascar vanilla, and some sweetener. Going to have to try them soon.
  14. FXRich

    Vape pen issues

    The ones I had did have air holes in the very bottom, but I guess different brands have different designs. I tried cleaning the ones I had with rubbing alcohol, and it did help for awhile, but went bad again. About the only thing you can do is get a different setup that uses a fire button instead of depending on air flow to fire it. Don't know about the one you have, but mine had a hole through the middle of the contact pin for the air to flow, that's how juice got into the electronics.

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