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  1. If I'm reading it right the child proof cap is on your Templar tank, that is the reason I don't buy tanks with a child proof fill, I'm too apt to grab a hammer. You could try to soak it in some very hot water, getting it hot might loosen it enough, other than that don't know what to tell you.
  2. Firefox Quantum

    I don't like the favorites menu, have to open it twice to get to my favorites, once to get to bookmarks then again to get to the favorites. Other than that it works at the same speed as far as I can determine. I also have to consider living out in the sticks I can only get a 7 Mbps rate, and that's on a good day.
  3. VG/PG Mixtures

    Don't know about other people, but I use distilled water in place of PG to thin juice. Water seems to be better than VG as a flavor carrier, don't know how it compares to PG.
  4. Decisions, decisions!

    NC also works for Kanthal, but the temp setting has to be very low or it will be too hot. Not something I do regularly, but have tried it.
  5. Decisions, decisions!

    NC is for Ni chrome, I have that setting on my Kanger mods, and it does work. I prefer SS but have tried NC using Ni chrome coils.
  6. Cold

    I keep my excess juice supplies in the freezer, none of it has froze yet. If the temp outside gets cold enough to freeze vape juice, I'm not going outside for longer than a minute or two. PG is used as a deicer for airplanes, that's where the idea that e-juice contains anti freeze comes from.
  7. Help

    510 connectors on tanks can vary in length, if it is too long it can cause a short, too short and it may just barely touch the center pin, and cause a high ohm reading. I have no experience with Smok tanks, maybe someone that has one can let us know about the 510 length.
  8. Need help choosing an atty.

    I have the adjustable airflow on the KPT2 tanks that I have, even have a couple extra for the tanks that are still in the box that I have stashed away.
  9. Need help choosing an atty.

    I currently use 32g kanthal to rebuild KPT coils, only get 4 wraps for a 1.8 coil, they heat up real fast.
  10. Need help choosing an atty.

    I have and still use KPT2 tanks when I don't want to fog the room up, but the airflow doesn't come close to the airflow of the subtank mini. The thing about the Subtank mini or the Toptank mini is it comes with a RBA, if you use 30g kanthal its easy to make a 1.5 or above coil.
  11. Vape no Vapor

    Just curious about the juice you are using, if vaping is illegal in your country, what are you using for juice? PG/VG ratio would be nice to know. Seems like if you can get a mod and a tank, juice wouldn't be hard to come by.
  12. Mixing E-juice

    You would end up with 0.3mg, which is pretty much no nic juice.
  13. First Look on Smok Stick M17

    Looks to me it's like a Subvod, but a little smaller.
  14. Decisions, decisions!

    I have 3 dual battery mods, the most reliable one so far has been a Kanger 120w, I rarely go over 30w, but I have had it since they came out. (2-3 years) I mostly only use dual battery mods at home because of the long battery life.
  15. Tanks with high airflow

    You may have trouble finding a Subtank mini, I think they might be discontinued, you probably should be looking for a Toptank mini which is the same tank but fills from the top instead of the bottom.

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