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  1. Steam engine question

    From what I have read on the subject distilled water is a very poor conductor of electricity, some sources even say distilled water won't conduct electricity. Supposedly its the minerals dissolved in water that conduct electricity.
  2. Steam engine question

    I notice sometimes vape temp can be a result of the juice that is being vaped. Some flavors like it hotter than others, and I opt to use water instead of extra PG which I think lowers the temp needed to vape. As an example my 70/30 juice consists of 70% VG 20% PG (flavor), and 10% distilled water. I did notice on my dripbox that if the connection isn't good between the tank and pin juice causes the resistance to change, not very much but enough. Usually I go through 2 7ml bottles before I charge the batteries.
  3. Steam engine question

    So how do the two squonk boxes compare, I only have the 160 dripbox, and run the SS TC at 360 - 370 and get the vape that I want. I noticed that all my kanger TC mods run the best at that temp.
  4. Newbie to DIY e juice

    I find that the darker juices kill coils faster than the lighter juices, in my opinion VG/PG ratio has little to do with how long a coil lasts, but the addition of water seems to make the coils last longer. If you ever decide to flavor your juice, I know someone who has a reaction to PG so she mixes her own using extracts from the grocery store, some extracts contain PG so she has to read the labels really good, but it seems to work for her.
  5. Steam engine question

    Got to keep trying different coils until you find the best one for you. The only kanthal I tried using the subtank mini RBA was 26 g I think I tried 5 wraps around 3mm, can't remember what the ohms was, but it wasn't that great so I went to 28g SS 316, and got what I wanted. The only thing I use kanthal for now is rebuilding OCC coils, and it works well for that. Another difference is I haven't used cotton for over a year now, I use rayon (cellucotton), other people will probably disagree with me, but I think it has a cleaner taste, wicks better, and doesn't taste as nasty if you burn it.
  6. Newbie to DIY e juice

    If you want a 10mg final result you will need to add 10 ml of 100mg base, there are non PG flavorings available that use a water/alcohol base. I use 10% distilled water in my recipes, we have a well, and I'm not sure whats in it so I don't use it. Most city tap water has chemicals in it that probably are not good to vape. Distilled water only costs about $1 per gallon, and has nothing in it but pure water.
  7. Vk red and white

    The most common juice sold is around a 50/50 mix, which doesn't give as much vapor as a higher VG juice. From what I hear a baby beast can handle a 80% VG or better mix.
  8. Steam engine question

    Some stoves use SS heating elements, and it doesn't bother them when they turn black, they work for years that way. I have replaced the pipes on my bike with SS pipes, and they haven't turned black, but they are probably a different SS alloy, and they don't get as hot as a heating coil.
  9. Vk red and white

    High VG content will usually give more vapor, but that depends on the tank you have, and what coils you use. Some coils have a problem wicking high VG juice, I use a 70VG 30PG mix and get thick enough clouds for me, some people use 80-85% VG.
  10. Steam engine question

    There is one thing I don't like about using SS 316, after it gets hot it turns black, but it still works the same as when its bright and shiny. I guess its just me liking it to stay new looking. Even after running it through the sonic cleaner it still stays black.
  11. Steam engine question

    When I rebuild a Subtank mini RBA I use 6 wraps of 28g SS 316, and get about .7 ohm coils, so far that has worked the best for me using TC.
  12. Steam engine question

    You will probably get about 1 ohm, the legs are shorter on the RBA deck.
  13. Steam engine question

    I use 4 wraps of 28g kanthal around 3mm when I build replacement coils for my kanger OCC coils, and get about1.2 ohms, but the legs are pretty long, depends on leg length. That's with a spaced coil.
  14. I also have a 50w Kanger that hasn't lost any paint except on the bottom (it is black) the newer kanger 75w and 120w have both lost paint, the rest are SS or polished metal of some kind, and still look like I just took them out of the box.
  15. That is the main reason I have only bought unpainted mods in the last few years. In my opinion about the only paint that would hold up to the use that a mod gets is to get it powder coated, and that would require complete disassembly, powder coating is an expensive process, may be cheaper to buy a new mod. I learned to live with the mods I have that the paint came off.

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