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  1. My itaste 134 doesn't work.

    Did you charge the battery? New batteries sometimes don't come with a full charge. If the battery is charged you got a bad mod.
  2. Question!

    I mix a juice for a friend, he likes a butterscotch menthol mix, we finally settled on 3% menthol, which he thinks is perfect for him. Some people use mint instead of menthol, everyone is different and like different things.
  3. Mechanical mod

    I'll put my opinion in too, looks to me your coils may be too large, and may cause a short.
  4. good mods

    A little while ago I had a bottle for my dripbox go bad, I guess they only can be squeezed so many times before they crack, luckily the mod comes with 2 bottles. A few months ago I ordered some wire from Slow tech, and decided to add a 5 pack of Kanger squonk bottles for $3 or something like that, glad I did that. If you buy anything from Slow tech maybe you should do the same.
  5. good mods

    I use a single .7 SS316l coil, run it between 360f - 380f, was using dual coils that came in at .35 but found that a single coil worked better for me.
  6. good mods

    Its A 2000 Harley FXDX I picked up awhile back, and I took the picture at a local reservoir not far from where I live. Its nice to not have a lot of chrome to polish. I mix my own juice and call that flavor Peanut Butter Cup. When I first started vaping I thought I'd never have a dripper, I didn't like the idea of pulling the top off and re dripping every few minutes, but after getting a Squonk box I changed my mind about dripping. I pretty much only drip when I watch TV or when on the computer, but have dripped and drove, which is easy to do when you squonk.
  7. good mods

    I prefer a regulated mod, but that's a personal choice for me, and we all have to make our own choice. As far as juice goes, if you use a dripper you should go with a mix that is at least 70% VG if not higher (just personal opinion again). I also use a peanut butter flavor, but mix it with Chocolate, and a little French Vanilla, its a 2mg mix. I use a Kanger 160w dripbox, which is a regulated mod, that I use in TC mode, and am happy with that.
  8. Bad Coils

    10 watts do t heat the coil hardly at all. And 30w heats it enough to get vape. After reading a few reviews on your tank I found the reviews to say that you will get a cooler vape and less vapor if you use the 1.2 coil compared to the .5 or .25 coils, I don't know what gauge wire your coils have in them so I can only guess what they are capable of. Another problem might be the juice is too thick and not wicking right, or the cotton is packed too tight. If the juice is too thick you could try adding a few drops of distilled water to your tank to thin the juice, if the cotton is too tight you could try sticking a pin through the cotton, and that sometimes works. Other than that maybe you got some bad coils.
  9. Bad Coils

    Einstein's theory comes to mind, the more mass you have the more energy you need to heat it.
  10. Bad Coils

    I got 11 watts, but you have to consider its only about 42 mm of wire compared to 200 mm of wire for a 1.2 coil made of the same wire. Takes more power to heat 200 mm of wire than what it takes to heat 42 mm. You would be better off using 24g 316L for a .25 coil.
  11. Bad Coils

    I used http://www.steam-engine.org/coil.html? Using a 4mm ID, and using 26g 316L wire you would need 13 wraps to use 50w with a 1.2 coil, the same coil using 28g 316L would only need 8 wraps and 25w, unless the coil is a Clapton coil or some other multiple core wire. The only way I see that you could use 100w as listed on the coil is if you were using TC and used 100w as a initial wattage, and even that would be too high in my opinion, but just my opinion and not to be taken as fact.
  12. Bad Coils

    All the 1.2 coils I have seen recommend 12 - 25 watts, I sometimes run 1.2 coils in a Subtank mini, and never go over 15 watts. A 1.2 coil is a 1.2 coil and doesn't matter who makes it they can only handle so much power. You will need 7.8 volts to run a 1.2 coil at 50 watts. Vaporfi is full of crap if they recommend 30 - 100 watts for a 1.2 coil, I had to look it up, and that's what they do recommend. You also should know they make more money selling coils than they do selling tanks, so the more coils you burn up the more money they make.
  13. Carmel Sunday with pretzels

    I make a Cherry Cheesecake flavor that tastes good to me, after it steeps for a couple of weeks. 5% Natural Cherry (FW) 10% Cheesecake (FW) FW Natural Cherry is a coil killer, I also have some FW Black Cherry, but haven't tried it yet. Seems like most of the Natural flavors are coil killers, so going to quit using them when I run out.
  14. Find something to plug the hole in the pin, a small piece of O-ring worked for me.
  15. TCR settings are used for temperature control, Baby Beast tanks use Kanthal coils, very few mods can use TC for Kanthal coils. Use watt mode.

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