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  1. Stacked fully charged 18350 batteries would be 8.4 volts, with a .5 coil it would draw 141 watts, and about 17 amps. Too hot in my opinion. Stacked 18350 batteries would measure 70 mm long mech mods are designed for a single 18650 battery which is 65 mm long, so stacked 18350 batteries may not fit. But if you want to try it go for it.
  2. I have retired most of my Subtank minis, I mostly use Vapefly Brunhilde tanks now, they are a little smaller than the Subtank mini and hold more juice. No coil to replace and only take about 5 minutes to rebuild.
  3. Some studies have shown that propylene glycol kills viruses .https://www.vapes.com/blogs/news/research-shows-propylene-glycol-vapor-kills-airborne-influenza-virus Don't know if its true or not.
  4. My bike has a brake pedal, and a shift pedal. The vape mail ban isn't working very well, I received a vapefly Siegfried kit last week, also received a vapefly Brunhilde the week before. I received 2 orders from China, and 1 from Europe.
  5. I don't think it has been put off again. But I think it will be hard to enforce for the foreign vendors. A lot of the US online vape suppliers have already shut their doors.
  6. I received some extra bottles for my squonk mod last week, and am expecting a couple of rdta tanks tomorrow. Both are being delivered by USPS, (vape mail ban isn't working very well). I did notice that Flavor West no longer sells e-juice flavorings but switched to selling food flavorings. (we all know what is happening there).
  7. I usually check in every day, just to see whats going on. I don't know why all the advertising, with the new vape mail ban it seems like a waste of time. I did a couple of orders from vendors in China, got one of them, and the other hasn't shipped yet. I did one order coming from a vendor in Europe it has shipped but not got here yet. It seems like the vape mail ban will only put US vendors out of business, and not bother the Chinese vendors much. I didn't need to order anything, just wanted to see if I could still get stuff.
  8. The bottles for the Kanger dripbox (both 60w and 160w) have a limited lifespan, they seem to eventually split at the seam. A few weeks ago one split on me again. I still have a couple of spares still in the box, but have noticed they are getting hard to come by. I figured out how to fix the bottles after they split, use a 18650 battery cover, cut in half and you will have enough for two bottles, slip the shrinkable cover over the bottle (its a little tight) then use a blow dryer to heat and shrink the cover. I have been using the fixed bottle for about a week now and it hasn't leaked yet. I hope this fix helps someone.
  9. I don't have a mask. We drove past the hospital today, they have a tent set up for drive thru testing. The only people there were the ones doing the testing, they looked bored. I don't know why the low rate of infection in Central Oregon. Two counties next to us are Crook county (which is a 10 minute drive from where I live) with 1 infection and Harney county with 0 infections. I was looking at a map found here https://usafacts.org/visualizations/coronavirus-covid-19-spread-map/ and noticed there are 7 counties in Colorado with 0 infections. From what I have figured out places with a low population density have fewer cases if any at all.
  10. I figured I would do a update on my trip to town today. After dropping the dog off we had to kill some time. So we went to Bi- Mart, to the gas station, to the Chick-fil-A drive thru, the Dollar Store, and to the liquor store to pick up some internal disinfectant, then we picked the dog up and went home. We noticed that maybe 10% of the people had masks on, some cashiers had masks on some didn't. For those that are curious, the town I'm referring to is Bend Oregon with a population of about 80,000 people, not a small town.
  11. I think its a matter of where you live more than anything else. I was talking to the neighbor a few days ago, she works at the hospital in town. She said they only have 2 people in the hospital that have the virus. The total for the county is 66 infections, and no deaths yet, she said most people in the area that have tested positive are just staying at home and riding it out. Tomorrow we have to take the dog to the doggie beauty parlor (which is open) for a bath and haircut. I guess we will see how much of the town is shut down.
  12. 20w-30w should be good for a .5 ohm coil. I build my coils in the .7-.8 range and use 16-20 watts. The juice you use also affects the wattage, some juices need a lower wattage and some need a higher wattage. The wattage printed on the coil should be largely ignored, coil manufacturers make money by selling coils, and the more coils that are burned because of high watts, the more coils they sell.
  13. I haven't been to town in a week and a half, place could be overrun with zombies for all I know. Out where I live people tend to stock up on stuff, normally we have 2 or 3 months worth of food in the freezer or on the shelf. We have no reason to go anywhere so are just staying home.
  14. I also have some flavors that are years old, I keep the flavors that are years old in the freezer. The flavors I use the most often I keep in a refrigerator. Last month I mixed up some cherry cheesecake, I haven't used the cheesecake flavor for several years, and it seemed to be fine. And it tastes pretty good. There is a bottle of vanilla extract in the kitchen cabinet (not for vaping) that has no expiration date on it that we use and I know we have had for years. I looked at the bottles of flavor I have for vaping, and can't find a expiration date.
  15. I'm the exact opposite of you, I have about a dozen different flavors mixed and switch flavors often. A lot of people here use a program called ejuicemeup to mix their flavors and the program comes with a lot of recipes it can be found here http://www.ejuice.breaktru.com/ also the site has many recipes on it. If you would list the flavor that you currently vape someone here might have a recipe that they would share with you.
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