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  1. Christopher


    e Liquid does not contain THC. I'm not sure how it showed up "not as THC but as Cannabis." When you test for something, you generally need some kind of marker. In the case of Cannabis, they use THC, unless things have drastically changed over the years. In any case, your employer is primarily looking to ensure you are not high on the job and able to perform your duties safely. The only exception to this may be if you are using CBD liquid rather than normal e liquid (this is speculation as it's not something we use or sell). This link will give you a bit more background on CBD products: https://www.thegrowthop.com/cannabis-culture/cbd-consumption-cause-me-to-fail-a-drug-test If you are failing your drug test, you're going to need to look into what else is in your diet or perhaps even your surroundings. False positives, while they do happen are unlikely. If you have a good employer and this job is important to you, sit down with your boss. Explain the situation and your concerns. Request that a hair test is done over a urine test. If you really are drug free, as stated, this will allow you to be re-tested while putting the concerns of longevity to rest with your employer as hair tests can go back 6 months or more. You may even wish to bring your e liquid depending on your career. If they're a good company, I'd imagine it's much cheaper for them to investigate and properly asses the situation rather than end up slapped with a wrongful termination lawsuit.
  2. You'll probably get more answers with a new thread (This one is quite old and probably forgotten about)
  3. The vision spinner was one of my favorite batteries, it was my go to device for a long time.
  4. Vapor Talkers, It appears there was some trouble with the Vapor Talk App (Mostly affecting the Android version). I've pushed some updates to the app which should resolve the "fail" issue. If you continue to have problems logging in, simply remove the app and reinstall from the Google Play Market. A new version of our app should push out to both iPhone and Android in the next 24 hours or so. Thanks
  5. Christopher


    Hi Jay, Your posting rights are restricted due to vendor status.
  6. Christopher


    Hi Mona, You're in luck, we have a shipment arriving Monday morning. We'll need a couple hours to inventory but they should be available Monday evening.
  7. Over the next few days we will perform a number of updates on the forum's core software as well as the Vapor Talk App which appears to be experiencing some network connectivity issues. Additionally the Vapor Talk Online Store will receive a few updates but should not result in any downtime. Scheduled maintence will take place Today through Saturday. We suggest backing up your posts after 8 PM PST in the event the forum is temporarily taken offline. Thanks!
  8. Christopher

    Amethyst Back in Stock (And Pods)

    @Tam *Sigh* @Tam, alas I do not. I'm waiting for them too! (What I use personally now). We've got a huge run coming in, it should be by next week. I'll crack the whip
  9. Christopher

    Typo on VT store

    If I had a dollar...
  10. Christopher

    Typo on VT store

    Thanks! Will get that fixed up
  11. hmm could you shoot me a screenshot when you get a moment? Might help me narrow down the issue.
  12. Christopher

    Amethyst Back in Stock (And Pods)

    Got one coming to you, the kit has 4 pods inside. Enjoy!
  13. Hi Folks, The Amethyst is back in stock as well as Mango and Fruit Fusion Pods Thanks! https://www.vaportalk.com/us/product-category/starter-kits/the-amethyst/

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