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  1. Amethyst Back in Stock (And Pods)

    @Tam *Sigh* @Tam, alas I do not. I'm waiting for them too! (What I use personally now). We've got a huge run coming in, it should be by next week. I'll crack the whip
  2. Typo on VT store

    If I had a dollar...
  3. Typo on VT store

    Thanks! Will get that fixed up
  4. hmm could you shoot me a screenshot when you get a moment? Might help me narrow down the issue.
  5. Amethyst Back in Stock (And Pods)

    Got one coming to you, the kit has 4 pods inside. Enjoy!
  6. Hi Folks, The Amethyst is back in stock as well as Mango and Fruit Fusion Pods Thanks! https://www.vaportalk.com/us/product-category/starter-kits/the-amethyst/
  7. Server Maintenance

    Evening! Server maintence will take place this evening between 6:30 PST and 8:30 PST. They are may be slight intermittent so be sure to backup your posts. This updates help keep the forum running smoothly. Thanks
  8. Hi Folks, It would seem over the past week or two that a number of forum users have not been able to correctly browse, view new content or reply to new posts. This has primarily affected desktop and laptop users (The Vapor Talk Mobile app was fine). The problem seems to have happened after an automatic server update went wrong and unfortunately, we didn't catch it right away (cough me). Special thanks to @cany for bringing the issue to my attention. After making some repairs, everything should be functioning as normal again. My apologies that this took longer than usual to fix. Anytime you run into an issue, even if you think it might be temporary, please drop us a line: support@vaportalk.com and we'll look into the issue usually within an hour Thanks!
  9. New Vendor Rules - Updated! 10/23/2016

    This has been placed on hold for the moment and has not be launched.
  10. Why can't i post ?

    As Mark mentioned you are a vendor. Please take a moment to read the forums welcome and announcement area.
  11. What's with the Firesale?

    Actually their internet, especially the mobile internet is amazing. It's ridiculously fast. However, the government uses what's called the "Great Firewall of China." It's against the law to access many western based websites. Though they usually won't go after foreigners, things like Google, Hotmail, Yahoo, Skype, Maps you name it is all blocked. Many Chinese aren't even aware of what Youtube is. You have to use a VPN to route out of the country and that's the "flakey" part. (Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't). When I want to upload to Instagram or FB for example, I have to encrypt my connection and upload at certain times of the day. Pretty ridiculous. If you are using Chinese based services however, they are far ahead of us in terms of mobile technology (I don't even use cash there, just my phone. Even in the boondocks when dealing with rural farmers. It's funny to see some old guy on the street, in the middle of nowhere, selling fruit and paying for it using China's mobile pay/WeChat)
  12. What's with the Firesale?

    Hey Edna! Sorry for the delay, I just returned from China and their internet is a bit flakey. Were you able to place your order? If not shoot me a PM so we can try to figure out what the error is/was.
  13. Hi Folks, It appears the Vapor Talk App was unable to connect to the forums API. Additionally TapaTalk has been offline as well. This was just recently brought to my attention and as of this evening, the apps are live are working again. My apologies for the disconnect. In the event one of the apps go down, you are always welcome to PM me directly or open a support ticket Happy Posting.
  14. I agree, I'll change that now

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