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  1. Hey Everyone, Just a quick reminder we will temporarily close 9/21/2017 – 9/23/2017. Order cut off time is 9/20/2017 @ 4pm PST. Support will also be unavailable during this time. We will return to normal business operation September 24th, 2017. We appreciate your patience during our brief closure The Vapor Talk Team
  2. Spool shopping

    Just an FYI we have a huge Firesale in the VT store. Our wire spools are up at just a few cents above cost, good time to try different variations on the cheap
  3. Hey Folks, We've had a ton of questions about our Firesale, why we're doing it and what's going on Reset assured, we're not going anywhere. I wrote a blog post better explaining what's going on behind the scenes. You can read it here.
  4. Vape shop owners are fired up over a new plan by Gov. Dannel P. Malloy to levy a 75 percent excise tax on products purchased from wholesalers. The tax proposal, contained in the Democratic governor’s revised budget released Friday, threatens the future of the industry, the owners said. They predict it would lead most of the state’s approximately 90 vape shops to close as consumers turn to online sellers in search of lower priced e-cigarettes and supplies. “Just do the math,’’ said Christine Mazzotta, who owns three vape shops in Connecticut and leads the state chapter of the Smoke-Free Alternatives Trades Association, an industry group. “A tax that high is simply going to push business out of Connecticut. It’s going to close stores.” The tax proposal is contained deep within the governor’s revised budget plan. If approved by the legislature, the state would begin collecting the excise tax on Jan. 1. It would generate $4.3 million in fiscal 2018 and $8.5 million the following year. Read More: Here
  5. It's gotten better over the years IMO. But there are still issues.
  6. The primary reason why we ship to the US (other than following customs rules) is that, when we open shipping to a country that has customs regulations in place and that order is seized, we usually get some pretty angry complaints in our ticket system that their order went "missing." Even after agreeing to the terms during checkout and knowing full well in many cases, you're not supposed to import vape supplies. We're then given a couple of choices, reship out our loss (and risk it being sized again) or the customer threatens to file a chargeback. (At which point it becomes time consuming to fight. And we always fight chargebacks). Way back when we did ship to Mexico, we had quite a few issues with fraudulent transactions. Which is a real shame. Ultimately, we decided to remove Mexico from our shipping options. We're actually smaller (in the US anyway) than I think some people realize so those losses can really hurt the bottom line over time. I wish we could ship all over the world without hesitation but a few bad apples ruin it for everyone. :(
  7. sure once I get back to the office on Tuesday (Holiday weekend here) I'm happy to add Australia to the list
  8. I haven't checked the import laws for Australia recently but we could look into it. I'd imagine the shipping would be quite high. But mostly, I'd want to ensure importing wasn't an issue (we don't cover seizures).
  9. Crackling Coils

    Most of my coils pop or crackle to be honest, it's not that unusual. If it gurgles, generally the tank is flooded, if it goes quiet it may not have enough (or too much), usually a gentle crackle, is pretty typical IMO.
  10. New "new" forum layout

    For the moment, but I'll make some new CSS sheets that'll resolve it. Added to a never ending do to list. :D
  11. New "new" forum layout

    I'll pick yah up tomorrow 8
  12. New "new" forum layout

    Hey Guys, Sorry for the delay on this. Colors are specifically chosen using Vapor Talk's internal brand guide. Besides, I think Purple looks cute on your Walt I see what's going on here, it's the mobile version of the website. I should have this fixed roughly within the next 10-15 mins. Thanks for bring it up!
  13. New "new" forum layout

    That doesn't sound right. Can you send me a screenshot so I can? Sounds like something needs to be adjusted.
  14. A solid well written review. Sent using the Vapor Talk App • May we meet upon the level & part upon the square.

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