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  1. Thank you for your time! Hope that we may become part of the community asap. Wish you a good day!
  2. Hello, friend I've just read the "New Member Posting / Feature Limitations". And knew it from the text that we can only post in "General Suppliers Forum" until we makes 3 posts in any of 4 particular sub forums. Though i could only post here, in the "Help&feature Requests"Sub forum... In the "Introduce Yourself", i couldn't find any options to make a post. Thanks for your help in advance. Eager to be part of Vape Talk. Geekvape Team
  3. Hello, friend This is my first day in Vapor Talk. There are so much information on the forum, kind of overwhelmed by all of this. Seems that any posts before profile complete will result in an immediate ban. If i happen to violate this rule, please don't ban this account...
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