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  1. Rixter

    How Long Should I Vape?

    ...still vaping.
  2. Rixter

    Spending money...

    I'm not sure about the others you listed, but the original Goon beats all other RDAs that I've tried for flavor and build ease. I've heard that other versions of the Goon (v1.5, LP) have issues, but the Goon v1 performs flawlessly for me. Since 528 Custom Vapes doesn't offer a BF (squonk) pin for the original Goon, you can pick one up here.
  3. Rixter

    Mechanical mod and ohms

    Absolutely. There's a ton of battery bogus-ness (re-wraps, outright lies on specs, etc.) going on these days in the name of the almighty dollar. It's a lot to stay on top of.
  4. Rixter

    Mechanical mod and ohms

    Walt, did we go to the same mech mod class? lol
  5. Rixter

    Mechanical mod and ohms

    Fully charged LI-ION batteries are 4.2 volts. Nominal voltage is usually listed on various batteries at 3.6-3.7v, but when it comes off the charger, it's 4.2v. It drops with use, and you should stop using it before it drains below it's safe-discharge limit. Each battery has it's own set of specs, so you can google how low your particular battery can go before charging. I usually recharge mine when they get to about 3.2v. You'll experience a cooler vape as the voltage drops, so with some experience, you'll learn when to change out batteries based on the vape you're getting. Until then, change out early.
  6. Rixter

    Mixing batteries in rx200

    Do a little Googling and you'll find that nobody recommends using anything other than mated sets of batteries in a multi-battery mod...all bought at the same time and charged together as a set...every time.
  7. Rixter

    Mechanical mod and ohms

    We'll need to know a little more about your setup to give you an accurate answer, but In a mech mod, the lowest resistance load you can safely go with on a fully charged battery (4.2v) and stay under your battery's 20 amp limit is .21Ω, which will yield 84 watts. Voltage / Resistance = Current (amps)..........Voltage² / Resistance = Power (watts) Remember, your resistance can/will change do to a variety of reasons, so it's imperative that you keep a close eye on your coil's resistance fluctuations, especially if you are setting it up to run at your battery's safety threshold.
  8. Rixter

    Vaporizer Explodes During Vape Session

    Man. Why did I just watch that video? I will never un-see that. Man.
  9. Rixter


    I know I'm about a year late on replying to the original post, but I just bought a Goon RDA about a month ago. and It's the easiest to build and best performing dripper I've ever used. Most RDAs that I've seen lately have bottom airflow of some sort, which might be okay for some vapers, but there's always the possibility of leaking. With the Goon's old-school design approach of side airflow (adjustable for single or multiple coils) and a fairly deep juice well, there's almost no chance of leaking unless you lay your mod on its side. Solid design, a large build deck, huge adjustable airflow, and precise machining make the Goon by 528 Custom Vapes a superior choice for cloud/flavor chasers.
  10. Please ask them if I can start pronouncing them as "smoke" and not as "smock". Thanks, Chris.
  11. Good question. If you drop in two of your .4Ω coils, you can double the power from 27w to 54w and retain roughly the same temperature vape but with (again, roughly) twice the quantity of visible vapor, and hopefully twice the flavor, too. Now pop on a 12-coil setup (yep...they have 'em) and you can take things upwards of 300w easily. same rough temp with about 12 times the vapor (...and flavor ).
  12. Rixter

    *Share Your Coil Builds*

    Nothing fancy...just a single ribbon-core Clapton metering .43Ω in my Goon RDA.
  13. Okay...I'm starting to get the feeling that this post is a ploy to get a rise out of some folks in the know about such things as DEADLY POISONOUS LEVELS OF NICOTINE!!! I don't even know the proper procedure for disposal of something so deadly, but you need to find out, and then you need to do it. IMO, anyone asking questions like you did obviously doesn't know the math necessary to DIY safely, and owes it to anyone who might enter a room in your house where you've broken the seal on pure nicotine to get rid of it promptly and properly before somebody dies.
  14. Rixter

    American-made Sub-Ω Tanks?

    Can anyone recommend a good sub-Ω tank that's made here in the U.S.? I've run across some pretty nice homegrown mods (with some foreign components), but I can't seem to find any American sub-Ω tanks.
  15. Yeah, based on some of the internet chatter I've come across, it's most likely Kanthal...but I've still not found anything official on it. I use my TFV8 on a HΩ Wrecker G2, which does TC Kanthal well, but I'd like to be able to TC it on some of my other mods, too.

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