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  1. Mechanical mod

    So i need to use 24 gauge kanthal wire, right? Or it doesnt matter kanthat or stainless steel?
  2. Mechanical mod

    But it heats very slowly, i will attach a video here tomorow
  3. Mechanical mod

    Yeah, i studied all about ohms law. I have samsung 25R and sony vtc5, both doing poor in this situation
  4. Mechanical mod

    Hello i bought a tsunami mech kit, and i get very tiny clouds l, the device heats up to long, i am running on 0.2 ohms. And i wan to get better cloud production, who can help me ?( My coils are very ugly, sorry for that
  5. Bad after-taste

    What is sub ohm?
  6. Bad after-taste

    So all rdta have this problem?
  7. Bad after-taste

    Ok. Thanks you man
  8. Bad after-taste

    I am using cotton bacon, maybe this cotton is bad and gives that bad taste ? But it costs 5€ so its not a cheap cotton
  9. Mixing batteries in rx200

    Oh, i unedrstand now
  10. Bad after-taste

    Everything is alright with the cotton, cotton is white, not black or brown, so i dont even know what the hell is wrong there
  11. Bad after-taste

    I am taking a hit after 20-30 seconds, taking long hits directly into my lungs
  12. Bad after-taste

    What is the PG/VG ratio of the juice you're using? 50/50 Do you prime the wick or let it sit for several minutes to the wick can absorb the eliquid? I let them sit for ~2 min What resistance is your coil? 0.3 If using wattage as your power source, how many watts are you using? 69-80 Is your airflow open? Half closed Are you chain vaping? What means chain? It feels like i dont wash my teeths for a week
  13. Mixing batteries in rx200

    Why you cant just put them in different slots? I dont understand
  14. Bad after-taste

    I have limitless rdta plus coils are new, cotton is new too, but after 10-20 hits i get a bad afer-taste, what can cause this problem and how to solve it ?(
  15. Mixing batteries in rx200

    Lol And why u marking them?

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