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  1. Each 100mL bottle I buy lasts about a week to a week and a half. I filled my tank right up about an hour ago, vaped about half a mL, then topped it up again. The flavor (juicy fruit ) was delicious for about 2 pulls then died out. There is generally a slight taste, so I'm pretty sure it really is just the mix I have. Next time I plan on getting 50/50 or something like that Also @Tam, not sure if you remember but you also helped me last year when I was clueless about buying a mod lol Still using this iPower but the battery is a bit weak these days so I'm sure you'll be seeing another thread from me looking for mod suggestions!
  2. I know most people will just say it's "vaper's tongue", but I noticed that the flavor is strong when I first fill my tank, after giving the juice bottle a good long shake. While the juice in the tank still has that foggy look with tiny bubbles after shaking it, the flavor is very present. I'm using a max VG mix right now, so that could be a large reason for it, so really I'm just looking for input from other people. After the juice settles in your tank, does your flavor die down at all? Is it a coil issue? Do I need more PG in the mix? Thank you
  3. Wooo!!! My iPower arrived today! Only three puffs on this thing and I love it! Also the order paper said there were no red drip tips left, and you gave me 3 other random colors, so thanks for those too lol Thanks for your help everyone
  4. Arghh... I googled the number, called it, and the robot lady on the other end told me to go online for my problem. So i went online to the website on the support page, which gave me another number to call for a list of certain reasons; one of them being trackable packages that haven't arrived. So I called that number, which actually just brought me to the same robot lady telling me the exact same thing. So I went online to where I can submit a support ticket, buuut the problem there was that to submit the ticket I needed to put in my postal code, the tracking number, anddddd the senders postal code... and it only accepts XXX XXX format, any other way won't allow me to send the ticket, meaning I can't put in the store's zip code. I don't know a whole lot about this type of stuff, so now I'm kind of stuck as what to do next D:
  5. Okay I don't wanna be annoying but this is what I've been seeing since I first checked Canada Post 10 days ago, and I assume it was at this point longer than that Is it normal for things to be held this long? I assume it's being held otherwise it wouldn't have that little warning on there.
  6. Thanks again for being so awesome, this will definitely always be my go-to vape shop.
  7. It does say delivery is expected in 3-7 business days on Canada post, and I'm pretty sure that time frame updates if there are changes and delays the package. So I guess we just wait and watch that, and I'll let you know if there's any more problems.
  8. Welp, it looks like it's not going to be arriving today. I'm not sure if there's anyway you guys are able to find out if it's lost somewhere, or when it would be expected to arrive, but if you could let me know what can be done that will be awesome
  9. The last update on the tracking number was August 29th, "cleared through customs" and "processed through facility." I tried the tracking number on USPS (instead of stamps.com) and on there it had a little more detail, basically saying it was in Montreal on the 29th and was on the way to me. It does seem like a long time to get from there to here (PEI) but I'll let you know if it's not here by 7pm on Friday since that's the latest that things are delivered. It could still be here today, as I usually don't receive online orders until the afternoon. I was worried if it didn't come at all it basically meant I was out of luck and $80, so thanks for setting my mind at ease :P
  10. I think I jinxed myself when I said I don't care if it takes 2 weeks lol Really hoping it comes in the next day or two
  11. I'm pretty new too, but I can say you've come to the right place! Enjoy yourself and have fun vaping
  12. Well almighty father Chris, this is an awesome website, it only took one day for my order to ship, there's an excellent selection of juices which I will be looking through again soon, and whether it comes within these next 4-6 days or even 2 weeks, this is a 5/5 service. I was just looking for help, and honestly I didn't realize this website was a store as well :P but the community wasted no time in being welcoming and very helpful. It's nice to see what may have started as a simple nicotine alternative has grown into such an active friendly community! I mean, I've never heard of any website for people to nerd out over their different brands of cigarettes...
  13. Would this be something to worry about or is it just Microsoft being overprotective?
  14. Alright, this is what I've decided on. Thanks again for your help! I learned a lot more about vaping and mods today than I have in the last few months that I have been vaping. Just thought I'd throw in a little juice and drip tip while i was at it :P
  15. I am mostly able to keep my vape plugged in, and the 5000 mAh should hold me over long enough from when it's unplugged until I plug it in again. So I think I may go with the iPower, just watching some reviews of it now. I will post here again when I decide on a final purchase
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