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  1. Hi Vapor Talk members, In this review i take a look at the iStick Rim C 80W TC Mod from Eleaf. The Eleaf iStick Rim C 80W TC Mod was supplied for the purpose of this review by Pearl from Cigabuy. Introduction The iStick Rim C is the latest iStick device from Eleaf and the upgraded version of the iStick Rim. The Rim C accommodates an 18650 battery unlike it's predecessor which had an in-built battery but has the same 80W top Wattage. Another upgrade to the Mod is the Rim C has a full TC suit as the Rim was a power mode only device. The Rim also has a TYPE-C interface and supported by QC3.0/PD3.0 charging protocol. The Rim C maintains the same form factor and in-moulding label technology but more toned down designs which will appeal to most, let's give it a look! ___________________________________________________________________ In The Box Contents: 1 x iStick Rim C 1 x QC3.0 USB Cable 1 x User Manual 1 x Warranty Card 1 x Battery Safety Card ___________________________________________________________________ Aesthetics and Ergonomics The iStick Rim C came in the usual Eleaf style of cardboard packaging, i received the White design, the colour/design options are Matte Black, Obsidian Blue, Gradient Red, Rainbow, Gradient Blue and White. The finish is achieved using IML technology, the material is rubber followed by a printed pattern then a protective clear film coating giving a glossy and very durable finish. The device is almost round shaped making it very ergonomic with a rubber panel on the spine for grip. The face has a Chrome panel which houses a large pill shaped fire button top followed by the screen, then below the screen we have the two round navigational buttons lined up vertically, finally underneath the navigational buttons is the Type C USB port. Up top we have the 510 platform with Gold plated, spring loaded 510. The device is very nicely made, very ergonomic and in my opinion most of the colour/design options are very aesthetically pleasing. With it only weighing 79g without a battery even once a battery is fitted it's very light making it ideal for when you are out and about! ___________________________________________________________________ iStick Rim C Specs and Features: Size: 35 x 29.5 x 82mm Weight: 79g Battery type: 1 x 18650 battery (not included) Output wattage: 1-80W Resistance range: 0.05-3.0ohm Input Voltage: DC 5V Charging port: Type-C Lightweight with amazing hand feel Type-C charging port with 2A fast charge Distinctive in Moulding Label(IML) Technology Thread: 510 Colour/Designs: Matte Black, Obsidian Blue, Gradient Red, Rainbow, Gradient Blue, White ___________________________________________________________________ Fitting The Battery The iStick Rim C accommodates a single 18650 battery which is fitted by removing the side panel. The panel which is removable has a little slot notch at the base to get your fingernail into and off she comes. The panel is secured by one large vertical magnet to the side and one horizontally positioned magnet at the top, the panel snaps shut secure and we have absolutely no play whatsoever, cracking job! We also have a ribbon for easy battery removal but yet again orientation is labelled Black on black, this needs to be White or at least have more contrast so it's more visible! ___________________________________________________________________ The Display The Display is old school and in keeping with other iStick devices displaying just the basic information. To the left we have the horizontal battery status bar, next to this is the resistance top and the selected subpara bottom. The subpara options are puff counter, time of vape or volts, the right side of the screen displays the wattage in large font. The display is very bright and sharp allowing even the small font to be read without difficulty. ___________________________________________________________________ Navigating The iStick Rim C I have always found the iStick devices very easy to navigate and the Rim C has the usual old school Eleaf menu system. To turn the device on and off is 5 clicks of the fire button and when turning on it goes to the main display instantly with no boot up time. Pressing up and down together locks and unlocks the navigational buttons but the device will still fire. To change modes is 3 clicks of the fire button which displays the current mode then we can scroll through the options which are Wattage, Bypass, Temperature Ni, Temperature Ti, Temperature SS followed by 3 temperature memory slots. To enter the menu you need to press up and fire simultaneously which brings up the usual row of icons you can scroll through (they round robin). The first icon is exit which takes you back to the main screen then the next icon is the subpara where you can choose whether you want puffs, time vaped or volts displayed on the screen. The next icon is for turning stealth mode on or off then we have where we can select pre-hest and set the wattage and duration. Next is timeout options followed by hardware and firmware information, finally the last icon when selected shows the voltage on the battery. When adjusting wattage it alters in 0.1W increments up to 20W (for fine tuning MTL vaping) and then switches to 1W increments up to 80W. When in TC you enter the menu the same way but now we get another couple of extra icons which are for TC specific settings. That's it, so simple. ___________________________________________________________________ Protections: The iStick Rim C has all the usual safety protections which include the following: Reverse Polarity Protection Over-Time Protection Short Circuit Protection Over-Current Protection Over-Charge Protection Over-Discharge Protection ___________________________________________________________________ My Experience Using The iStick Rim C The iStick rim C i really enjoyed using as an out and about device, it slips in the pocket and gets swallowed up in the hand when using, but must state i only used it in power mode so wouldn't know how the device fairs using TC. The fire button is easy to feel and very clicky and fires without noticeable delay, like every iStick device i have used it just behaved very reliably. The upgrade of now accommodating an 18650 battery will interest those that liked the look of the original Rim but were put off by the in-built battery, the simple menu system makes the device quite efficient giving full value for the fitted 18650. Eleaf i believe were the first main manufacturer that switched to a TYPE-C USB interface that is supported by QC3.0/PD3.0 charging protocol allowing the battery to be charged very quickly although i still recommend charging in an external charger. The iStick Rim accommodates up to a 26mm atty without overhang so pretty much any atty i can think of that suits an 80W device will fit no problem, it's also firmware upgradeable. ___________________________________________________________________ Likes Very well made device Aesthetically appealing (my opinion) 6 Colour/Design options Durable finish (IM labelling) Very ergonomic Pocket friendly Light User friendly simple device Old school display Display sharp and bright Battery panel very secure Battery ribbon fitted TYPE-C interface and supported by QC3.0/PD3.0 charging protocol Full TC Suit (not tested) 26mm atty's without overhang Efficient Nice easy to feel clicky fire button (fires without delay) Worked very reliably Cons Not for high wattage users Single battery (half the capacity of dual battery device) No Custom curves feature (only a con if you like this feature) Black on Black labelled orientation I would once again like to thank Pearl from Cigabuy for supplying the Eleaf iStick Rim C 80W TC Mod for the purpose of this review. ___________________________________________________________________
  2. Hi Vapor Talk members, In this review i take a look at the Double Barrel V3 from Squid Industries. The Squid Industries Double Barrel V3 was supplied for the purpose of this review by Chelly from Newvaping. Introduction Squid Industries flagship device the Double Barrel has been constantly updated after listening to users and here we have just about a perfected mod with V3. Improvements include an upgraded 510, larger diameter allowing for up to 25mm atty's without overhang, hinged battery door, flush sitting screen, more flexible contacts, sealed top section to protect from leaking atty's and finally more colour options including some hydro drip designs. V3 maintains the same loved ergonomic double barrel form factor along with the multi function dial fire button. The 150W dual 18650 Double Barrel V3 with it's high end build quality is more than worthy of a good look! ___________________________________________________________________ In The Box Contents: 1 Double Barrel V3 mod 2 Mod guards 1 user manual 1 Warranty Card ___________________________________________________________________ Aesthetics and Ergonomics The Double Barrel V3 comes in simple but sturdy cardboard box packaging and on opening i was met by a very aesthetically pleasing device with both finish and form factor catching my eye. I received the Inferno version that in my opinion looks stunning, at the risk of showing a feminine side i also really like the Flower of Life version but there are plenty of both plain and Hydro drip (?) designs to suit most! The device just looks and feels quality and is small for a dual battery device basically being 2 tubes joined together when it comes to form factor. The device is heavy for it's size but reassuringly so and the powder coated paint finish is quite immaculate, hopefully it will stand the test of time. As far as describing the device i feel this is an occasion to let the pictures do the talking! ___________________________________________________________________ Double Barrel V3 Specs and Features: Size: 43 x 25 x 92mm Variable Wattage: 5-150W Battery Type: 2 x 18650 battery (not included) Display: 0.47 inch OLED display Mode: VW Material: Alloy A New Version of Double Barrel Box MOD High-end MOD with Simple Design and Easy Operation Flat Top OLED Display & Multi-functional Fire Button Perfect Combination of Visual and Hand Feeling Dual 18650 Batteries with 150W Max Output Connected Battery Door Multiple Protections Compatible with 25mm Atomizer Strong alloy constructed and powder-coated for a durable finish Spring-loaded 510 thread Colour/Design: Samurai, Flower of Life, Inferno, Chieftain, Champagne Grey, Army Green, Navy Blue, Arctic Camo, Black Obsidian ___________________________________________________________________ The Display The V3 has a bigger display than the previous version and is sharp but behind a tinted cover, i have had no issues reading the display but then it's January so no chance of seeing how it fairs in "bright" daylight. The screen also sits flush and is watertight sealed so no potential leaking e-liquid will get underneath the screen cover. Top left we have a vertical battery status bar and then to the right the wattage. Bottom left displays the resistance and then finally bottom right we have the voltage. When the fire button is pressed the display is at it's brightest before dimming 3 seconds after releasing the fire button, 20 seconds later the device goes into stealth mode. Firing from stealth mode brings no delay whatsoever and the display immediately comes back on bright. ___________________________________________________________________ Fitting the Batteries The Double Barrel accommodates dual 18650 batteries now via a hinged door that uses just a protruding metal section as a fixed latch. For these type of doors to work we need movement when no batteries are installed to allow the door to be slid in and out of the locked position so if there was no play the door simply wouldn't work so the loose floppy nature of the door without batteries isn't a con but just a need. We now have spring loaded contacts at the bottom of the tubes (yet another improvement) and the door uses the pressure of the tight fit of the batteries on the latch to secure in place and absolutely no issues, very secure and no movement whatsoever. I have seen colour versions where orientation is labelled in White (good job!) but i can only review what i receive and the orientation on my Inferno version is both small and Black on Black, please can we have it White on all versions? Also the door fits flush which is great but then we have vertical grooves to help slide the door open before lifting up and securing shut that protrude so it's these grooves the device actually sit on making it a bit wobbly! ___________________________________________________________________ Multipurpose Fire Button The Fire button is also a dial for wattage adjustment and this is where a quality made device like the Double Barrel could of fallen down but the button feels as good quality as the rest of the device. The button has a very stiff click which again i both like and feels of quality, it also gives me confidence it isn't going to fire in my pocket and although we have a lock feature for the dial again it moves with a really nice tolerance and although i never lock it i haven't had the wattage move of it's own accord. ___________________________________________________________________ No USB Port As the Double Barrel V3 is a very simple adjustable wattage only device without any other features then there will be no need for upgrades and as the normal recommendation is not to charge batteries in a device unless it's your only option it makes perfect sense to not have a USB port. However it does mean the device is not suitable for those that don't charge their batteries externally or maybe it's a good reason to finally get a charger! ___________________________________________________________________ Navigating The Device The Double Barrel V3 is a very simple wattage only device which just has a couple of features. The device is the usual 5 clicks of the fire button to turn on and off, the device both boots up and shut's down with incredible speed. Once on 3 clicks of the fire button flips the screen and another 3 clicks flips it back. Four clicks of the fire button locks the dial but the device will still fire a further 4 clicks unlocks the dial, and that's it! You use the dial to adjust the wattage up and down which adjusts in 1W increments between 5W and 150W top wattage, it doesn't round robin. ___________________________________________________________________ My Experience And Thoughts! Just a damn good power only device that fires as quick as is needed, wattage's and resistance readings seem accurate and has an achievable top wattage, non of this 200+ wattage "BS"! Although i do like my dual battery devices for the extra capacity i find myself using single battery mods most of the time for their portability but the beauty of the Double Barrel is it's almost single battery size and so ergonomic firing with either hand and with either finger of thumb that despite it's weight i found it great for using out and about. I love the quality feel of the device and the combo fire button dial for wattage adjustment. Of course if you are a TC user or prefer devices with all the bells and whistles features this isn't going to be for you but if you are after a simple high performing power only device with high build quality then this could be just what you have been looking for! Not supporting on-board charging i understand but there are those that only charge in the device and really for such a simple device not being firmware upgradeable is a non-issue. V3 now supports up to 25mm atty's without overhang which is another upgrade and finally it's worth mentioning how efficient i have been finding the device with battery life being better than average. What most impresses me with this device is that Squid Industries listened to feedback and improved cons that were brought up with the previous version, cracking job! ___________________________________________________________________ Likes High build quality Solid device Plenty of plain and design options Hydro dip designs Double barrel cylindrical form factor Ergonomic Portable High quality combo fire button dial Dual battery device Realistic 150W top wattage Simple device Sealed flush sitting screen Efficient, good battery life Boots on and off very quickly Fires instantly from stealth Wattage's and resistant readings seem accurate Batteries fit very securely Wattage adjustment using dial (1W increments) Fits up to 25mm atty's without overhang Cons Heavy for size Black on Black battery marked orientation with my Inferno version Tinted screen cover, may be difficult to see display in bright daylight (can't check in January) A little wobbly, due to protruding grooves on battery door No TC or/and bells and whistles features (for those that like a simple device) No on-board charging (only an issue if you only charge in the device) I would once again like to thank Chelly from Newvaping for supplying the Squid Industries Double Barrel V3 for the purpose of this review. ___________________________________________________________________
  3. Hi Vapor Talk members, In this review i take a look at the Bantam Box Revision Kit from SXK and Pro-Vapes. The SXK Bantam Box Revision was supplied for the purpose of this review by Linky from Sacowin, SXK's marketing company. Introduction SXK possibly best known for their one to one clones have teamed up with a UK company Pro-Vapes to bring us not a clone but a mini Billet Box influenced device called the Bantam Box. The Bantam Box was released a few months ago but here we have a revised edition which includes as well as a Billet Style Boro tank a pre-installed pod style tank with quick fill method especially designed to work with the included Nautilus coil adaptor. The Revision version also comes with an included 18350 battery and with everything that's included concentrates on stock coil use rather than rebuildables as it also including an Kangertech EUC adaptor, let's give it a look! ___________________________________________________________________ In The Box Contents: 1x Bantam Box Device 1x 18350 Battery 1x Refillable Pod Unit 1x Refillable Tank Unit 1x Quick Release Connector 1x Flush Fit Connector 1x 1.8ohm Aspire Nautilus Coil 1x 1.5ohm Ceramic MTL Coil 1x EUC Coil Adaptor ___________________________________________________________________ Aesthetics and Ergonomics The Bantam Box Revision came in cardboard box packaging with everything included having it's own compartment within the box. Both side panels on all versions are Black G10 and the device comes in 7 chassis colour options, i received the Green. The colour options are Silver, Purple, Brown, Red, Black, Orange and Green, the chassis material is Aluminium. The device is Billet Box Styled but a small square mini version making it very convenient as a carry about device and very comfortable to use. Up top we have both a mini screen and 510 drip tip housed in the drip tip adaptor which is also to secure the internal tank. Towards the bottom on one edge we have cutout sections to allow air to the tank and on one side we have a round fire button. The panels have slight play but we have no button rattle and overall build quality is very good. ___________________________________________________________________ Bantam Box Specs and Features: Anodised Aluminium Construction, G10 5.5ml, 2ml Capacity Tank Unit (EU) Dimensions: 55 x 55 x 24.5mm Output Power: 5W - 30W Output Voltage: 1V - 8.0V Resistance Range: 0.4Ω - 3.0Ω Input Voltage: 3.3V - 4.2V Display: 0.49” OLED Quiescent Current: <50uA On-board USB Charging Colours: Silver, Purple, Brown, Red, Black, Orange, Green ___________________________________________________________________ What You Get And What's Available Pre-installed we have a pod style tank with a 5.5ml capacity especially designed for the included nautilus adaptor which will also fit the Billet box. We also received a Boro style tank with pre-installed EUC adaptor and an 18350 battery so the device is ready to go as soon as you receive it. Of course the Boro style A tank will is also compatible with all the available Billet Box bridges including the Vapeshell, Exocet, Xeta, Insider and Crossbow. If i have any con for what's included with the Bantam Box Revision edition it's the fact no rebuildable bridge is included. ___________________________________________________________________ Pod Boro Tank Pre-installed we have a pod influenced Boro style tank with pre-installed Nautilus adaptor and 1.8ohm nautilus coil. The tank has a quick fill port with bung on the front so the glass doesn't need sliding down and we also have a large arch open at the bottom allowing good access to the base of the adaptor to adjust the airflow, yes this nautilus adaptor has adjustable airflow that works very well and knurling on the ring makes adjusting very easy with the tank still installed. ___________________________________________________________________ Drip Tip Adaptors We get two drip tip adaptors one which sits flush and one which gives an higher profile, these adaptors also screw to the top of the Boro tank to secure in place. The fitting is 510 so you can fit your own 510's if you prefer. ___________________________________________________________________ Inside The Device Both panels have notches towards the bottom to help with removal and underneath the panel that houses the fire button is where we can find the USB port if you wish to charge the battery in the device. Removing the other panel gives access to the Boro Tank, navigational buttons and battery. The device accommodates an 18350 battery and a battery ribbon is fitted. ___________________________________________________________________ The Display The small display which is found on top of the device has all the information required and is bright and sharp. Top we have the Wattage, underneath we have to the left the resistance and to the right the pre-heat. At the bottom of the display to the left we have the voltage and finally to the right we have the battery status bar. ___________________________________________________________________ Navigating The Device The device is very simple to operate and is the usual 5 clicks of the fire button to turn on and 5 clicks to turn off. 3 clicks of the fire button flips the display and 3 clicks again flips it back, also pressing both navigational buttons together locks the navigational buttons but the device will still fire. I really don't understand the lock feature as the panel in place will prevent any adjustments so surely if any lock feature locking the fire button would of made more sense. Finally pressing the left navigational button with the fire button scroll through the pre-heats allowing the choice of Normal, Soft or Hard. The wattage adjusts in point one increments between 5W and 30W and round robins. The device will have all the usual safety protections but no information is given, i would imagine firmware upgrades will also be possible but again no information whether the device is upgradeable is given, finally on-board charging is supported. ___________________________________________________________________ My Experience And Thoughts When trying the usual Boro tank with supplied ceramic coil i really found the flavour very muted which surprised me as i normally find ceramic coils superior in flavour. The star of this device though is the Pod influenced Boro Tank with Nautilus adaptor. Filling this tank is so much quicker and a lot less messy than the usual Boro type tanks with sliding glass and with the supplied adaptor having adjustable airflow it's a real winner. The flavour from the Nautilus coil is as expected and possibly still the benchmark for MTL stock coils and readily available. The device has all the same pros and cons as other Billet Box type devices which really are possibly more subjective than with any other device as people like different things and whats a major drawback to some can be quite petty to others with worth while benefits. I must say the whole idea of just fitting different bridges to the same device giving multiple options is something that will appeal to many including me and with this mini type device it adds a stealth option. With the device only accommodation an 18350 battery of course battery life isn't great compared to larger versions but then 18350 batteries are tiny and personally i have no issues carrying a spare safely but then i guess some people just prefer not having to remember and having bigger capacity which is fair enough. Also the original Bantam box included a rebuildable bridge which i really would of preferred also including with the revised version. Not sure how the TPD version has it's capacity reduced (i would guess just a removable bung in the pod type tank with the spare Boro tank being full capacity). The capacity is really good, i have mainly been using the pod style tank with Nautilus coils and it lasts all day before needing to refill. A combination of the Bantam Box and the Nautilus coil is giving me a beautiful MTL vape with airflow halfway at 13W. The draw for me at halfway is semi-loose but the adjustable airflow allows for also a tight and loose draw, really good adjustability! ___________________________________________________________________ Likes Good build quality 7 colour options G10 panels Small and portable Pod style Boro tank (quick to fill) Adjustable airflow with Nautilus adaptor Top flavour Nautilus coil 2 drip tip adaptors included Can fit own 510 Spare Boro tank included EUC coil adaptor included Compatible with many available bridges Battery included Bright, sharp display Easy to navigate Cons No rebuildable bridge included 18350 battery (small capacity) Slight play with panels Included ceramic coil had muted flavour I would once again like to thank Linky from Sacowin for supplying the SXK Bantam Box Revision for the purpose of this review. ___________________________________________________________________
  4. Hi Vapor Talk, In this review i take a look at the SX Auto by YiHi SXmini. The SX Auto was supplied for the purpose of this review by David from YiHi SXmini. Introduction The SX Auto is the third portable device to be released incorporating the latest technology from Yihi, the ESS(Electronic Spray System) Driver integrated with the latest third generation temperature control technology. Don't shoot me if i'm wrong but as far as i can work out both iPV (Pioneer4You) who brought us the first portable device using the technology and VSticking are owned by Yihi SXmini so while SXmini concentrates on high end products we have iPV bringing us more affordable products while the aim of VSticking is to offer luxury but at an affordable price. I made no secret of the fact i love this new technology when i first reviewed the iPV version and was quite blown away when VSticking then brought us a version with a more functional TC DIY mode along with Rebuildable ADA's. The SX Auto was supposed to be released early August and i have been expecting my sample since the end of July but due to YiHi SXMini wanting the device to be as perfect as possible constant updates before release has caused a 5 month delay, in fact their was yet another firmware update since it was sent. The SX Auto offers 3 rather than 2 preset modes for each type of ADA in Auto mode and a more in depth menu system in both Auto Mode and especially in DIY mode than was offered previously, add to this the high end build quality that i can only describe as outstanding and the SX Mini SX Auto is definitely worth a look! ___________________________________________________________________ In The Box Contents: 1 SX Auto Device 1 0.2ohm SX-ADA Atomizer 1 0.8ohm SX-ADA Atomizer Silicone cover on each ADA 1 Micro-USB Cable Manual Warranty Card ___________________________________________________________________ What You Get And What's Available? Looking at the back of the boxes that the ADA's come in (2 per box) there are 3 different ADA's available a 0.2ohm Ni and a 0.8ohm SS316 both of which are included and also a 0.6ohm ADA which i assume will also be SS316 that needs to be purchased separately. You don't receive the rebuildable SX-RSA Esea which again is available separately. Extra 3.5ml e-liquid tanks can also be bought separately again with 2 in each box. ___________________________________________________________________ Aesthetics and Ergonomics The SX Auto came in the usual White cardboard packaging familiar with SXmini products and i was lucky enough to receive a number of different versions. The options are Antique Bronze, Antique Copper, Carbon Black, Carbon Gun Metal and Elegant Black, all versions look very classy. The Zinc Alloy constructed device has both a high end feel and look to it and even on close study is immaculate. For a small device it has some weight to it but is still very portable and ergonomic in fact it feels quite luxurious in the hand. It has a C type frame with a top cut corner and cylindrical spine. The large protruding fire button has a top cut corner to match the device and towards the bottom of the face of the device we have 2 diagonal pill shaped protruding navigational buttons. Between the fire and navigational buttons we have the screen, the buttons are also zinc alloy that give a stiff satisfying click and we have no rattle or movement whatsoever. Towards the bottom of the cylindrical spine we have the e-liquid tank that can be pulled downwards then moving to the base we can also see the bottom of the e-liquid tank, safety stamps and the USB port, which i wish was anywhere on the device other than the base. ___________________________________________________________________ SX Auto Specs and Features: Powered by the YiHi SX685J processor Battery capacity: 1400mAh Reservoir capacity: 3.5ML Reservoir material: PETG Temperature range: F' 356° - 446° C' 180° - 230° Max Charge: 5V/1A Quiescent Current <1 μA E-liquid pump speed: 15-80 Device size: 81.8*48*20.3mm Colours available: Antique Bronze, Antique Copper, Carbon Black, Carbon Gun Metal, Elegant Black ___________________________________________________________________ How The System Works The SX Auto is a temperature control and bottom feeder device. The YiHi chip also controls the supply of e-liquid to the atomizer by pumping just enough e-liquid as you vape so when you press the fire button it heats the coil while simultaneously spraying the atomizer's build with e-liquid via the electronic pumping system, the system is called ESS (Electronic Spray System) Driver. The idea is that the e-liquid is completely isolated from the heating core apart from when you actually vape so you are always vaporising fresh e-liquid, so giving improved flavour. Although it's a temperature control device it's a proprietary system although unlike the iPV V3-Mini it does have a DIY mode which offers much more TC functionality. In Auto mode the settings have been tailored to suit the available ADA's and is very user friendly so those that only normally vape using power mode will have no issues using the device as it's very simple to use. ___________________________________________________________________ The SX ADA's The SX ADA's look just like little 16mm RDA's and work the same way just are not rebuildable so once you are not getting satisfactory flavour you need to replace it with a new one. The all in one top-cap and mouth section can be turned to adjust airflow and of course it has a BF pin fitted but like with the ELF and SMA ADA's that came with the iPV V3-Mini and VKSma it's not standard 510 threading but proprietary. The threading is much shorter but wider than the usual 510 threading and the connector on top of the device is shallow and has a fixed BF pin, the real bummer here is despite being proprietary like with the iPV V3-Mini and VKSma they have managed to have it a slightly different size so the ADA's from each device are not compatible with each other. Also available is a rebuildable ADA which is called the SX-RSA Esea which is very similar to the rebuildable ADA that is available for the VKSma. Although for those not into rebuildables will find the iPV version a really good device having a rebuildable ADA and DIY mode takes both the VKSma and SX Auto to the next level. ___________________________________________________________________ The E-Liquid Tank The e-liquid tank holds 3.5ml of e-liquid and towards the top there is an indented section to get your finger into for grip, just pull down and it slides out of the device. Looking at the device their is a pipe that feeds all the way down to the bottom, when fitting the tank just feed the pipe into the main hole at the top of the tank and slide back into position, it fits perfectly. Looking at the top of the tank we have a hole which is used for both filling and feeding the pipe into as already described. We also have a second minute hole which allows air to escape or suck air in depending on the requirement, make sure you leave enough volume for the pipe when filling. I found filling and both removing and refitting the tank quick, easy and a 100% mess free experience. ___________________________________________________________________ The Display The display is very simple but sharp and very bright, all the pictures included does show the display to be blurred but it's simply the case that it's too bright for my camera. To the left we have the battery status bar then centre we have the temperature either in Celsius or Fahrenheit depending what unit you have set. Finally we have the wattage boost setting which will be either P1, P2 or P3 depending which you have selected. The display when in DIY mode is very similar but displays the settings you have made including Joules. ___________________________________________________________________ Navigating And Operating SX Auto The device is turned on by 5 clicks of the fire button but turning off needs to be done within the menu system, once on 3 clicks of the fire button locks the device, this locks the entire device and it will not fire, to unlock it's again 3 clicks of the fire button. The device is very easy to use once you have used it for a while but is a device that to get to grips with quickly needs the manual handy and i feel the device could with the addition of a select button be much easier to navigate from the off. With the device on clicking the fire button 5 times changes the display to have your preset highlighted along with the temperature and you can cycle between P1, P2 or P3, another press of the fire button allows the temperature to be set. A further press of the fire button highlights exit but a further press allows you to select the menu which first brings up temperature unit. When the temperature unit is displayed a further press of the fire button gives you the option of shutting the device down and finally it goes to Update for when you want to update the firmware. When on the normal operating screen single pressing up or down alters by one unit the speed of the electronic pump, 15 being the lowest and 80 being the highest. If you find the vape is cutting out due to their not being enough e-liquid being delivered just increase the pumps speed. you can also hold down the up button to pump e-liquid to the atomizer without vaping. If you find the pumps setting is too high causing the deck to flood or giving spit back you can initially hold the down button which will suck the access liquid back into the tank before lowering the speed of the pump to a suitable speed. That's it! Just vape and the e-liquid will automatically be pumped to the atomizer at the same time. The Presets Represent: Ni wire 0.2ohm ADA: P1 = 15-20W P2 = 25-30W P3 = 30-35W SS316 Wire 0.8ohm ADA: P1 = 10.5-12W P2 = 12.5-13.5W P3 = 14-16W The variations in wattage is because it's not a constant output device so the power will decrease (i barely noticed) as the voltage of the battery drops. ___________________________________________________________________ DIY Mode The SX Auto offers DIY mode to use with the rebuildable SX-RSA which to enter you need to press both navigational buttons together. When you first enter DIY mode it briefly shows the software version number before going to the working screen which displays the battery status bar to the left, joules central and wire type to the right. When in DIY mode Pressing the fire button 5 times changes the screen to have joules highlighted left and the temperature to the right. The joules can be altered or another press of the fire button highlights temperature. The menu works the same as when in Auto mode but added to the menu is choosing wire type or TCR, an option to go back to Auto Mode and setting resistance which needs to be done for a new RSA build to work. The DIY Mode really isn't ideal for beginners as it's a bit complicated and if you are not familiar with temp control my only advice would be not be afraid of it and although they are not the same treating Joules as Wattage will uncomplicate things and be a good starting point. ___________________________________________________________________ My Experience Using The SX Auto To start with a bit of background as when i first heard about the ESS Driver technology i read up about it and was immediately intrigued. Also this is the third device i have reviewed using the technology and i have enjoyed using all 3 devices. The SX Auto works exactly the same as the previous 2 devices although the pump is quieter than on the VKSma. The only alterations made to this device are all pro's which are an added preset for each ADA and much more extensive menu system especially using the DIY mode. Being usually an RTA user of course i loved using the device in DIY mode with the rebuildable SX-RSA but even both ADA's gave RDA quality flavour and the way the system works the longevity of the ADA's are different league compared to other disposable products like stock coils and disposable tanks. Although the Ni 0.2ohm is best for DL and the 0.8ohm SS ADA for MTL with the adjustable airflow either can be used with both styles although if using the SS ADA with airflow fully open it does become a cool vape. Although the e-liquid tank holds just 3.5ml of liquid i have been finding due to the way the system micro manages the e-liquid supply it's outlasting a 7ml bottle on a standard bottom feed device. Finally the battery life is very good, because i have used the device for a few hours per day for the past 3 weeks rather than whole days it's difficult to be exact about battery life but i would say most vapers will find it lasting all day with the 0.8ohm ADA although with the 0.2ohm ADA (which i preferred) it will probably need one charge during the day, with the RSA it will depend on the build. The only cons for me is the lack of compatibility between the ADA's for the three available ESS Driver portable devices, the fact the menu system does take some time to get to grips with and the USB port is not Type C. The device took 1 hour 45 minutes to charge and i would of liked that to be nearer 1 hour but it does support pass-through although the USB port is on the base which i also don't like, finally the device is firmware upgradeable. ___________________________________________________________________ Conclusion For me how good is a device is mostly down to how much you enjoy using it so it will be different for everyone. As i started testing the SX Auto late December i can quite honestly say it's the best device i used in 2019! Likes Outstanding build quality Aesthetically pleasing Many classy colour/design options Portable Innovation ESS (Electronic Spray System) Driver Integrated YiHi Chipset Easy to use temperature controlled device (Auto Mode) 3 Wattage presets E-liquid isolated from heating core until you vape Can manually pump e-liquid to atomizer or suck back into tank if needed MTL or Restricted DL Device lock Device can be turned off and on Clean leak resistant BF set-up 3.5ml tank of e-liquid goes a long way due to micro management system Removing, Filling and reinstalling tank very quick, easy and mess free Adjustable airflow RDA flavour ADA's give very good longevity Rebuildable RSA can be purchased separately RSA easy to build and performs well (restricted DL or loose MTL) DIY Mode Very good battery life (1400mAh) Supports pass-through Firmware upgradeable Cons Slight drop off in power towards end of battery life (barely noticeable) Takes 1 hour 45 minutes to charge (could be quicker) USB on base of device and not type C DIY mode not ideal for beginners (a bit complicated setting up) ADA's not compatible with other ESS Driver devices I would once again like to thank David from YiHi SXmini for supplying the SX Auto for the purpose of this review. ___________________________________________________________________
  5. Hi Vapor Talk members, In this review i take a look at the Preva DNA Kit from Wismec. The WISMEC PREVA DNA Kit was supplied for the purpose of this review by Ella from Sourcemore. Introduction The Wismec Preva DNA Kit is the premium version of the also released standard Preva kit which houses the DNA Go board making it a direct competitor to the Orion. On first looks the Preva DNA has plenty to trump the original Orion DNA Go but then seems a little outdated stacked up against the Orion Plus leaving me a little confused. The Preva DNA is a very good device but just leaves me feeling it needed updating before release to take on the Orion Plus rather than the original Orion which would make it more relevant, but let's take a look anyway! ___________________________________________________________________ In The Box Contents: 1 x PREVA DNA Battery 1 x PREVA SS316 Dual 0.25ohm Cartridge (Pre-installed) 1 x PREVA KTR 0.5ohm Cartridge 1 x USB Cable 1 x User Manual 1 x Warning Card ___________________________________________________________________ Aesthetics and Ergonomics The Preva DNA came in nice sturdy clear plastic packaging and even when packaged looks a classy premium product. For a pod/AIO device the Preva DNA is heavy but in a good way as it just feels and looks high quality. I will leave most of it's description down to the pictures but must say it has an Aegis look to me and i really do like it both aesthetically and ergonomically. ___________________________________________________________________ Preva DNA Specs and Features: Parameters: Size: 96mm * 43mm * 18.6mm Battery Type: Built-in 1050mAh Rechargeable Battery Cartridge Capacity: 2ml Maximum Wattage Output: 20W Coil Type: 0.25ohm DL Coil and 0.5ohm MTL Coil Three Power Outputs: Low (Yellow), Medium (Green), High (Blue) Multiple Protection: Timeout Protection, Low Voltage Protection, Short Circuit Protection Charging Port: MicroUSB Port-1A Max Current Features: • Proprietary Evolv DNA GO Board • Support advanced power adjustment with maximum support 20W wattage output • Highly durable metal construction with visually striking carbon-fiber designs • Responsive bottom adjustment button with corresponding LED lights • Intuitive LED Battery Life Indicator • 0.25ohm DL and 0.5ohm MTL coil option to meet your different demands for vaping. • Dynamic dual airflow control and Low/High resistance warning • Convenient Sliding Top-Fill Design • Multiple protection mechanisms ensuring vaping safety Colour: Carbon Fiber ___________________________________________________________________ The Pod/Cartridge Included is 2 different pods which are closed so the coil can't be replaced which for me is a big con as i would much sooner replace just the coil when required rather than the whole pod. The pods are tinted but the e-liquid level can be easily seen along with the large amount of cotton used for wicking. The pods have adjustable airflow and the drip tip is a standard 510 fit so you can use your own if you prefer, also the pods have a neat slide open top-fill method i will cover in the next section. The pods look identical but are clearly labelled on the base, the pre-installed pod hosts a 0.25ohm SS316L dual parallel coil for DL, the other hosts a Kanthal 0.50ohm coil for MTL. Looking at the base of the pod we can see the 2 indented contacts to one side and the entire base section is metallic. The pods hold 2ml of e-liquid but there are also 3ml pods available. ___________________________________________________________________ Adjustable Airflow and Filling Underneath where the 510 drip tip gets fitted we have an airflow control ring with dual cyclops which gives quite good adjustability, the ring is quite loose but doesn't move on it's own accord so i quite like it as adjustments can be made with little effort. The top of the pod also has a grooved section that can be slid open to reveal a fair sized fill port. The samples that were sent out had reviewers liking the fill method but not the membrane which meant needle tipped bottles were needed but Wismec listened and the retail version pods do not have a membrane making filling very quick and mess free, excellent job! ___________________________________________________________________ Fitting the pod Unlike the Orion pods that get fitted via a clip the pods on the Preva DNA just get secured via magnets but there is very little play while removing the pod is still very easy. looking inside the pod bay we can see towards one side the spring loaded contacts then a central large magnet and 2 smaller magnets in 2 of the corners. If there is one complaint it's only the very top of the pod that protrudes out of the device so to check your liquid level the pod needs removing from the device. ___________________________________________________________________ Navigating The Preva DNA The device is very user friendly and comes set-up with 3 power settings for each pod out the box plus Replay is also set-up for use with the 0.25 SS316L coil. Down one side of the device we have a large fire button top and then a column of chevrons. Most of the chevrons are grooves and purely there for aesthetics but the bottom chevron is a chevron shaped mode button and the chevron above is the LED indicator. The device is the usual 5 clicks of the fire button to turn on and 5 clicks to turn off and either action is confirmed by the LED flashing White 4 times. To alter settings you just need to use the mode button, click once which will light the LED in the current setting colour and then each further click cycles through the options. Once you have the setting you want just press the fire button to vape, while the fire button is pressed the LED indicates your current setting. The out the box settings are: 0.5ohm Kanthal Pod Yellow = 10W Green = 12W Blue = 14W 0.25ohm SS216L Pod Yellow = 14W Green = 16W Blue = 20W When using the SS316L pod then you can also go into Replay mode which is done by when you take a puff you feel was ideal then hold the mode button down until it lights up in the Replay indication colour and then each future puff will duplicate the puff you liked until Replay is turned off. To turn off Replay again just hold down the mode button until the LED lights in the colour of the setting you are were using before turning Replay on. The first thing those that use Escribe will probably want to do is change the indication colour of Replay as out the box Wismec in their wisdom have set Replay as Green which is also the same Colour used for the middle normal setting. The Indicator LED also shows battery status which can be checked by double clicking the fire button which causes the LED to light in the current status colour, the indications are: Red = 0 - 30% Yellow = 30 - 70% Green = 70 - 95% Aqua = 95 - 100% When charging the device indications are also shown, the Preva DNA charges at 1A which allows the 1050mAh battery to be charged in just over an hour which is very good! Finally the device has plenty of protections which are indicated by various flashes of the LED. ___________________________________________________________________ Protections: Over-charge Protection Short Circuit Protection Over 7s Protection Over-current Protection Low Voltage Protection Dry Burn Protection Temperature Protection ___________________________________________________________________ Replay Mode Replay is still quite a new feature which was introduced by Evolv when they released the DNA 75C chipset and has been met with great enthusiasm. Some say it's temp control, others say it's something quite different and to be honest all i know is temperature plays a big part in it's calculations and it includes anti dry hit technology. Replay is a flavour based feature which you choose to save a recorded puff when the vape and flavour is just how you like it, once a recorded puff is "Replayed" it gives the same recorded puff over and over so if certain recorded calculations can't be met will compensate in other areas of the calculation so the flavour and vape quality should remain the same. Once setup (which is simple) Replay is a pain free user friendly feature unlike full temp control while still giving the same anti dry hit technology. Like the Orion on the Preva DNA it doesn't even need setting up, that's already been done so it can be used straight out the box. I love the replay feature and rarely use any of my DNA devices other than in Replay mode. ___________________________________________________________________ Using With Escribe The great thing about having the DNA Go board is the device can be used with the Escribe DNA Go software allowing all the settings and many other things to be altered to tailor the device to perform how you want it. With the device being fairly new to me for now i have simply altered the Replay indicator colour to Magenta so it's a different colour to the middle power setting but i will probably up the wattage settings for the 0.5ohm Kanthal coil as i am finding the vape a bit on the cool side. ___________________________________________________________________ How it Vapes? And Thoughts! Mixed really, comparing the device to the original Orion this is better without a doubt, just better executed but then i feel it's also a missed opportunity. The device was no doubt designed to go head to head with the Orion and better it and i feel that has been achieved but if while a device is being designed the competition release a better version (Orion Plus) surely you should also aim higher and delay release while improvements are made, that wasn't done which has resulted in a really good device but falls short of the 5 settings and replaceable coils the Orion Plus offers. Just judging the Preva DNA on it's own merits it's possibly the best device i have used from Wismec and build quality is high end. I love it's ease of use and both pods give cracking flavour and good longevity. As long as you don't chain vape any e-liquid can be used but with all that cotton i found if chain vaping is how you vape i wouldn't go higher than 60% VG. The 0.5ohm Kanthal pod really gives a cool vape which could be improved by altering the settings within Escribe but of course you have no Replay option with this pod and as all draws can be achieved (medium MTL, loose MTL and restricted direct lung) with both pods i personally would only be buying the 0.25ohm SS pods in future which give a cracking vape and allow me to use the Replay feature. I love the fill method and that i could use my own 510 if i wanted but for the Preva DNA to go from being a very good device to possibly the best Pod/AIO system Wismec would need to bring out pods that accommodate replaceable coils and a firmware update would be needed to give more settings options and slightly higher top wattage. I found the battery needed charging once during the day but then i vape a lot and comparable to similar devices battery life is very good also charging in just over an hour is more than acceptable. ___________________________________________________________________ Likes High end build quality DNA Go board Alter settings using Escribe Replay feature Replay set-up out the box Aesthetically pleasing and Portable 3 Settings per pod 2 Different pod options Medium MTL, loose MTL or Restricted direct lung (both pods) Adjustable airflow Excellent slide open top-fill method Standard 510 drip-tip fitting (can use own) Supplied drip-tip very comfortable 3ml pods available 1A charging (charges in just over an hour) Good battery life Settings indications Battery Status indication Multiple protections No leaking whatsoever Pods fit securely Cons Coils can't be replaced in Pods 0.5ohm Pod can't be used with Replay 0.5ohm coil gives cool vape 3 settings per pod compared to 5 settings with Orion Plus (comparison) Out the box Replay indication colour the same as medium setting Need to remove pod to see juice level I would once again like to thank Ella from Sourcemore for supplying the WISMEC PREVA DNA Kit for the purpose of this review. ___________________________________________________________________
  6. Hi Vapor Talk members, In this review i take a look at the Diesel RTA from Timesvape. The Diesel RTA was supplied for the purpose of this review by Pearl from Cigabuy. Introduction The Diesel is yet another collaboration AmbitionZVaper is involved with, this time with Timesvape. The Disesel is a top airflow dual coil RTA which seems a mish mash of previous RTA's that i'm sure people will spot and shows no innovation whatsoever. After saying that it doesn't mean the end result will be poor and on first look the Diesel may shape up to be quite a good dual coil RTA, let's find out. ___________________________________________________________________ In the Box Contents: 1 Diesel RTA 1 Spare 5ml Glass 1 User Manual 1 Spare Parts ___________________________________________________________________ Upgraded When the Diesel was first released i seem to remember both the pre-installed straight tube and included 5ml bubble tube where polycarbonate, there was only 2 colour options and the deck was a in your face Gold coloured/plated affair! The Diesel now comes with both a 2ml and 5ml glass tube, comes in 6 colour options and at least the Gunmetal option i received has a Stainless Steel build deck. ___________________________________________________________________ Aesthetics The Diesel was packaged in a cardboard box with viewing window positioned to see just the RTA without opening. I received the Gunmetal version, the other options are Stainless Steel, Matte Black, Gold, Blue and Rainbow, the RTA comes pre-installed with a 2ml straight glass and smoked very low profile 810 drip tip. The RTA although 25ml at the base immediately tapers out to be a 27mm RTA and with the bubble glass installed has it's diameter increased further. A lot of metal is on show up top where we have the airflow control section and top-cap and the RTA is much heavier than average. We have dual cyclops slots with also some vertical grooves for grip, above is the top-cap which has aggressive fine knurling that gives really good grip. The base see's the same aggressive knurling for grip before it tapers as mentioned to the base. Looking at the base we have printed safety marks and branding, the Gold plated 510 protrudes. Finally looking through the glass section "DIESEL" is printed on the outer chamber which is domed at the top. ___________________________________________________________________ Diesel RTA Specs and Features: 25mm Diameter 27mm Widest Point 2ml Standard Glass Capacity 5ml Capacity Bubble tube Pyrex Glass Reinforcement Superior Stainless Steel Construction Threaded Top Refill System - Dual Fill Ports Dual Slotted Top Airflow Control Ring - Leak-Proof Elevated Postless Build Deck - Terminals on Floor of Build Deck Side Secured via Flathead Screws Dual Coil Configuration PEEK Insulator 48 Hole Build Deck Airflow - Half Pipe Shaped Domed Flavor Cap 810 Widebore Drip Tip 510 Connection Available in: Stainless Steel, Matte Black, Gold, Blue, Gunmetal, Rainbow ___________________________________________________________________ The Diesel's Various Parts The Diesel comprises of a very low profile 810 which just isn't practical and no alternative is provided, i can see most people instantly fitting one of their own. We then have the top-cap that has quite short threading but screws deep down below the airflow control section which means filling is a breeze because if any liquid is spilt it will still find it's way down into the fill slots. The top-cap also has the chimney attached which is just press fitted into the inner chamber, likewise the inner chamber is just press fitted into the main chamber so comes out very easily, but once the tank is together everything is fine. Next we have the airflow control section which is just the control ring as most of how the top airflow works is included in the top-cap section. This is followed by the chamber with attached juice port plate which has dual kidney ports, as mentioned we then have an inner chamber that just press fits into place. The glass tube gets secured and sealed top and bottom with o-rings and as well as the pre-installed 2ml glass a 5ml bubble glass is also included. Finally we have the base section with postless raised deck with impressive if not original honeycomb halfpipe walls. Finally in the bag of spares we have a useless little blue screwdriver, spare flathead (rubbish) grub screws and plenty of o-rings and finally a couple of spare insulators. No coils or cotton is included which is a big con for me as any rebuildable atty should come with everything needed to do at least one build! ___________________________________________________________________ Filling Filling the Diesel is the very common method of unscrewing the top-cap to reveal two good sized kidney shaped fill ports. The threading isn't long so only about 3 turns before it's off and the ports are recessed into the top section so any spilt liquid will still find it's way through the ports. When the top-cap is unscrewed the chimney is actually attached to the top-cap which is a first for me and the only issue i had was as in the second picture sometimes the airflow control ring stays attached to the fill plate when removing the top-cap but that's nothing major. ___________________________________________________________________ The Airflow The Diesel allows air into the RTA via the top dual cyclops airflow control ring which moves with a nice tolerance but has no stopper and as mentioned sometimes stays attached to the tank when removing the top-cap. As mentioned when the top-cap is removed the central chimney section is attached and looking around the surround of the chimney we have two kidney shaped (similar to the fill ports) openings which allow the air that has entered through the control ring to travel over the top of the inner chamber but within the outer. The inner chamber just gets press fitted into the outer chimney and sometimes when unscrewing the base the inner chamber also comes with it but again not really an issue and having the inner chamber this way does help with cleaning. Because the inner chamber isn't fixed though does mean the two cutout sections either side of the inner chamber needs lining up with the already mentioned kidney shaped airflow inlets on the underneath of the top-cap. The deck has 2 halfpipe walls either side which are straight rather than curved to the contour of the outer chamber so when they are lined up with the cutouts of the inner chamber cavities are formed between the airflow walls and the outer chamber so now the airflow can go through the honeycomb outlets of the walls directed at the coils. The walls either side consist of 3 rows of 8 holes to hit the side of the coils before we then have a lower recessed section with a further 2 rows of 5 holes directed at the underside of the coils giving plenty of coverage. Finally the inner chamber is domed to encourage flavour and both the large airflow walls and having an inner chamber reduces the space again which in theory is another ingredient towards getting good flavour. ___________________________________________________________________ Deck and Build As already mentioned the deck has 2 large airflow walls which are split between negative and positive and then the terminals are on the floor of the deck giving us a postless design, the deck is also raised GTA style. With the leads just getting slotted into the terminals from above then screwed tight from the sides in theory it should be a very easy build but i actually found it a little awkward. To reach the screw heads the screwdriver needs to travel quite a way into the opening before reaching the head and when undoing it's very easy to over undo as the heads don't reach anything like flush with the openings before you run out of threading and the grub screw falls out. Twice i had a screw fall out and on one of those occasions the very small screw was never found so first build and already on a spare, it doesn't help either that they are flathead screws which i don't know anyone who likes them so why they keep appearing on decks is beyond me. Once you do get the leads tightened it's plain sailing as you can use a coiling rod or fit for purpose tool to get your coils in the best position using the halfpipe walls as a guide. I forgot to mention because it's postless in regards fixing your leads they will need to be pre-cut and i would suggest 5.5mm but 5mm or 6mm will also allow for good positioning. Wicking is straightforward being a floating deck as we have a nice size void with containment rail to just poke your cotton ends through, very forgiving! The build i did was using a pair of coils labelled as Kanthal Aliens 3ID 0.45ohms and the final build came out to 0.20ohm. ___________________________________________________________________ How it Vaped and My Thoughts! To start with i love the look of the RTA with the pre-installed 2ml glass and low profile Smoked drip tip but the capacity really needed increasing and the drip tip might look great but is just too low profile to be comfortable, unfortunately i found the tank to look ugly with the bubble glass and more practical drip tip but that's the way it needed to be. Mainly due to the screws i found the build a bit more awkward than it should of been but lining your coils up is easy using the airflow halfpipes as a guide and also the terminals are a fair size so thick wire could be used. The inner chamber and the airflow control ring both occasionally come off with the deck and top-cap but once the tank is screwed together everything works fine and the airflow control ring moves smoothly with a nice tolerance. The airflow is restricted as would be expected from a top airflow honeycomb style but not as restricted as i thought it would be and fully open there was too much air for me so needed the airflow a third closed for the restriction i like. The Diesel gives a good balance between flavour and cloud but is a Jack of all trades and master of none as there are far better RTA's for flavour or cloud. where it does shine is the smoothness of the airflow being very smooth however you have it set, it's also a surprisingly quiet tank. Other things i like is the large capacity with the bubble glass and the airflow design makes it about as leakproof as a tank can get, the final disappointment is although the Diesel overall is quite unique as a package there is no innovation as it just previous executed ideas being combined and packaged as something new! ___________________________________________________________________ Likes Good machining Good top fill method Can fit own 810 drip tip 6 colour options Now with glass tubes rather than polycarbonate Leak resistant top airflow design Honeycomb halfpipe airflow giving side and bottom coverage Airflow control ring moves smoothly with nice resistance Coils can easily be positioned into good position Will allow use of thick wire Airflow very smooth Less restriction than expected Good balance between flavour and cloud 5ml Capacity (with bubble glass) Inner chamber being press fitted makes cleaning the tank very easy Quiet Cons Short Grub screws set well into side of deck (easily can undo too much and they fall out) Flathead screws Supplied Drip Tip looks nice but not comfortable and no alternative included Tank looks quite ugly with bubble glass (in my opinion) Airflow control ring sometimes stays attached to tank when top-cap removed Inner chamber sometimes comes away with deck No coils or cotton included Although decent flavour and cloud far from special No innovation I would once again like to thank Pearl from Cigabuy for supplying the Timesvape Diesel RTA for the purpose of this review. ___________________________________________________________________
  7. Hi Vapor Talk members, in this review i take a look at the Aegis X 200W TC Kit with Zeus Sub-ohm Tank from Geekvape. The Aegis X 200W TC Kit with Zeus Sub-ohm Tank was supplied for the purpose of this review by Clay from Geekvape. Introduction When the original Aegis was released their was a bit of a buzz about it, almost indestructible, firing time to rival the Drag and battery options that included a 26650. Then more recently we had the Legend a dual battery version followed by the Mini and Solo giving smaller options with either an inbuilt battery or single 18650. The Aegis range of devices just keep coming with 3 more released almost simultaneously, the Aegis Squonk adding a squonking option, Aegis Boost giving an Pod/AIO to the Aegis family and This the Aegis X which is a dual 18650 200W TC device with full face colour screen and a brand new menu system, Is the Aegis X the ultimate Aegis? I give my opinion! ___________________________________________________________________ In The Box Contents: 5ml Standard Edition 1 x Geekvape Aegis X MOD 1 x Zeus Sub-Ohm Tank (Pre-installed: Mesh Z2 Coil 0.2ohm, 70-80W, capacity 5ml) 1 x Mesh Z1 coil (0.4ohm, 60-70W) 1 x Spare Regular Glass Tube 3.5ml 1 x USB Cable 1 x Spare Parts Pack 1 x User Manual 2ml TPD Edition 1 x Geekvape Aegis X MOD 1 x Zeus Sub-Ohm Tank (Pre-installed: Mesh Z2 Coil 0.2ohm, 70-80W, capacity 2ml) 1 x Mesh Z1 coil (0.4ohm, 60-70W) 1 x Spare Regular Glass Tube 2ml 1 x USB Cable 1 x Spare Parts Pack 1 x User Manual ___________________________________________________________________ Aesthetics and Ergonomics The Aegis X Kit came in cardboard box with sleeve packaging and once opened i was met by the familiar Aegis Look apart from one side which has a full face colour screen. Like the other Aegis devices the X's aesthetics are very busy due to the use of many different durable materials making the device look as solid as it is in practice. The materials used include, LSR Silicone, Die-Cast Aluminium, Die-Cast Zinc Alloy, Leather and Stainless Steel. I received the Green & Black version which is actually all Black apart from the metallic Green Bracket, it came with a Black Sub-ohm Tank. The Aegis X colour options are Stealth Black, Gunmetal & Camo, Classic Silver, Gold & Black, Green & Black, Rainbow & Black, Red & Black and Signature Orange, all versions come with a Zeus Sub-ohm Tank to suit. Looking at the device from the side opposite the screen we have the familiar metallic bracket with leather covering the spine but ending short of sweeping around the entire spine as we have a full face screen one side. The face of the device has the familiar light switch fire button and further down very tactile navigational buttons. The base houses the sealed battery door with grooved sliding catch then moving up top we have a central Gold plated, spring loaded 510. To one side on the top of the device we have a large deep fitting silicone bung to one side that seals the micro USB port. The device has great ergonomics being equally as comfortable finger or thumb firing with either hand. The build quality is as good as it gets and the Aegis X is one sturdy, robust mod but i am finding it a bit too heavy personally for carrying around with me. ___________________________________________________________________ Zeus Sub-ohm Tank Specs and Features: Size: 26 x 42.5mm (Not including Drip tip) Materials: Stainless Steel, Silicone Glass Capacity: 5ml(Spare glass tube 3.5ml) /2ml TPD version Drip tip type: 810 Drip Tip Filling Method: Top Fill Airflow: Top to Bottom Mesh Z1 coil 0.4ohm (60-70W) Mesh Z2 coil 0.2ohm (70-80W)(pre-installed) Innovative quick change prebuilt coil system Z mesh coil, purer flavor & great clouds Direct Top Airflow & Top-to-Bottom Airflow with leak-proof function Quick slide coil design for easy operation Updated fill port design for liquid spillage resistance Thread: 510 Colours: Black, Gunmetal, Stainless Steel, Red, Blue, Gold, Rainbow ___________________________________________________________________ Zeus Sub-ohm Tank Various Parts Starting at the top we have a wide bore goon fit delrin 810 drip tip which can be swapped for one of your own if you prefer, no second option or 510 adaptor is provided unless it's included with the retail version but the pre-installed 810 i have no issues with. The top-cap screws off (the usual bayonet design so just a slight turn needed) as does the base section. The glass can be wiggled free as it's secured top and bottom with o-rings and can be replaced with the straight 3.5ml glass (the TPD version comes with 2ml glass only but you do get a spare). The airflow control ring can also be easily removed which leaves the juice port and airflow intake section with attached double walled chamber. The coils get press fitted into the chamber and the base section has a positive plate for the bottom of the coil to make contact with. We get all the usual spare o-rings and also a coil removal tool which is a nice touch but personally i didn't find any need for it. ___________________________________________________________________ The Airflow The Zeus Subohm Tank has a top to bottom airflow system with large dual airflow slots that are fully adjustable. You also have an double walled chamber so the air comes in through the slots, down the cavity between the two chamber walls and into the base section. Now we have the air in the base section just as you would if the tank had bottom airflow slots and this air enters the coil head from underneath in the usual manner giving bottom airflow, it's just taking the top to bottom airflow concept of the Zeus RTA's and implementing it in the least complicated way. I don't like to say leakproof but the system gives the Zeus Subohm tank the same leak resistance that we have seen with the Zeus RTA's. ___________________________________________________________________ The Coils and Fitting Them The Zeus Subohm tank has 2 available coils which are both kanthal mesh and included. Pre-installed we have the Z2 0.2ohm mesh coil head which is rated between 70-80W. The other included coil is the Z1 0.4ohm coil head which has a rating between 60-70W, the specs are etched onto the coil head shell. The mesh is more of a Notch style giving plenty of surface area with large gaps between so wicking will be no issue as was once the case with the first generation notch style designs, the coils also have 4 very large wicking holes. The coil head simply gets press fitted into the chamber and pulled out to remove, if you have any problems pulling the coil head out you do receive a tool to help but i have had no issues. Looking on the chamber we can see 2 large wicking ports to allow e-liquid to surround the coil head as the chambers main purpose was to deliver airflow from the top to the bottom and having plug in coils is cleverly taking advantage of having the chamber present. ___________________________________________________________________ Filling The Tank I need to be picky with the Zeus Subohm tank to find cons so here'e one, and that's the airflow control ring is slightly loose. It actually turns nicely with stoppers and i have no issues with it's operation but when removing the top-cap sometimes the control ring also jumps off the tank, it's nothing major and mine is a sample version. The top-cap is less than half a turn and it's off, it's the same bayonet design Geekvape have used on previously Zeus atty's. Once off the 2 kidney shaped fill ports are revealed which are quite narrow so large nozzles and glass droppers won't fit but most standard nozzles will be fine. Luckily there is quite a deep channel between the edge of the tank and air pipe section so it won't be messy if using larger nozzles, as any juice will gather in the channel and find it's way into the ports. Once filled just position the bayonet tabs in place push down and give it a slight turn. ___________________________________________________________________ Aegis X Specs and Features: Battery: 2x 18650 Cell (not included) Input Voltage: 6.2V-8.4V Output Voltage: 0.1-12V Output Wattage: 5-200W Resistance Range: 0.05Ω-3Ω Display: 2.4 inch OLED screen Charger: USB 5V 2A Output mode: Power/VPC/TC/TCR/Bypass Temperature range: 100℃~315℃ / 200℉~600℉ 200W max power by dual 18650 batteries Innovative AS 2.0 chipset for strong power support VW/TC/VPC modes, high speed & accurate operation Waterproof/Dustproof/Shockproof design for stable use Clear Colour OLED display for details tracking Thread: 510 Colours: Stealth Black, Gunmetal & Camo, Classic Silver, Gold & Black, Green & Black, Rainbow & Black, Red & Black, Signature Orange ___________________________________________________________________ Waterproof, Dustproof and Shockproof It's a great durable mod and although no-one including Geekvape will suggest going diving with it or throwing the device from a 9th floor window you would have to go some to break the device by accident. Made from many different durable materials (6 in total) including army grade silicone it will take some knocks. The device is IP67 waterproof which means it will withstand being immersed in water up to 1 meter in depth for up to 30 mins and there's some clever ways the Aegis X is a fully operating device yet waterproof. When looking at the device you might think well water will get in there, there and there etc but there is a way it is kept sealed everywhere. ___________________________________________________________________ Fitting The Batteries The Aegis X accommodates dual 18650 batteries that get fitted via the bottom battery hatch door. We have a strong grooved catch which needs pulling back to allow the door to open on it's spring. The catch is sturdy and needs quite a strong pull and also closing the door takes a bit of effort but for me not really a con because to keep this kind of design waterproof it has to be done this way and it does make it extremely secure so no chance of this door opening on it's own. Battery orientation is labelled at the bottom of the tubes but is just embossed small on the inside of the door so we have a Gold on Gold situation which isn't very visible and i would of liked this much clearer. ___________________________________________________________________ The Display The Aegis X has a high definition full face 2.4inch display which makes it very easy to read and the use of colour and excellent layout makes the display very aesthetically pleasing. Their is a choice of 3 themes but all present the same information in pretty much the same way so i will describe the layout with the default theme mine came with. At the top of the display to either side we have the battery status indication bars then all the rest of the information has a central orientation. Next we have the Memory slot being used then underneath this to the left is the mode then next to this the preheat if in Power mode or supplementary information in other modes. To complete the upper section of the display we then have wattage, temperature or voltage depending which mode you are in. The bottom half of the display has the coil resistance then underneath this the voltage which shows wattage instead in TC or Bypass modes. Next is the Amps followed finally by the puff count which changes to the time of your puff when vaping. ___________________________________________________________________ Navigating the Aegis X The Aegis X is the usual 5 clicks of the fire button to turn on and 5 clicks to turn off and once on there is some combination key press functions. Pressing both navigational buttons together locks the navigational keys but the device will still fire, also pressing both navigational buttons and fire together turns the screen off as this is stealth mode but again the device will still fire. The device uses memory slots as your working screens so you have to be using a memory slot but each one of the 4 slots can be set up as you wish and the one in use can be altered on the fly just like you would alter any other regulated device. To start altering your working screen or change memory slots is 3 clicks of the fire button which highlights the memory slot which now can be altered with the navigational buttons. Whether you wish to change the memory slot or not once ready another click of the fire button highlights the mode and you now can scroll through the different options which are Power, VPC (custom curve), Bypass, TC SS, TC Ni, TC Ti and TCR although you can alter TCR value on the different TC wire screens. Pressing fire again highlights the preheat (or TCR value) which can be changed between standard, powerful of soft and another press of the fire button highlights the coil resistance and allows you to lock it. Finally pressing the fire button again highlights puffs for resetting or setting a puff limit. So all the basic vaping settings are on this first level and is very user friendly but we do have more settings which takes a bit of getting use to accessing and feel the overall menu could flow better. To access the other settings we first need to press the fire button 3 times as before to be in the menu system and then hold down both navigational buttons for 3 seconds, we then get the other settings displayed in a list which are Auto, Theme, Colour, Version, ABB and Reset. Version and Reset are self explanatory so i will move to Auto which gives you the option if the device asks you if it's an old or new coil. ABB is for the device to use your batteries balanced and i guess this would need to be on for balanced charging. Theme allows you to choose between 3 different display themes and colour allows you to choose between 5 different display colours. I like what the device offers and the main settings are user friendly but wish the extra settings could be accessed in a much more user friendly way allowing the whole menu system to flow better. ___________________________________________________________________ My Experience Using The Aegis X Kit I must state i did not use the device in temp control and have no access to data so simply reviewed the device as i experienced it (best way in my opinion, humans vape, computers don't). The screen is massive and the display is so easy to read and being able to customise it is a big pro, after saying that their will be those who couldn't care less for a massive screen and would prefer the Legend. I did wonder about the ergonomics with having the screen one side but it feels great in the hand but found it too heavy for my liking to carry around with me. As mentioned accessing the extra settings is a bit disjointed but once you have the display how you want it going into these settings will rarely be needed as all the vaping settings, changing modes etc are all done on the first level from the working screen which is a very easy user friendly way of doing things. The device fires instantly and with impressive ramp up and all the various wattage's i vaped at seemed very accurate as did the resistance readings. The curves feature works great and just like it's build quality it's a solid performer. The Zeus Subohm Tank hasn't tarnished the Zeus name at all as this is right up there with the best subohm tanks available. Like the Zeus X the Subohm tank version gives bags of air and i have to agree with the the coils ratings with airflow fully open which gave decent flavour and copious vapor with both coils. Much preferring a more restrictive vape i needed the airflow only a third open for the restriction i like and found with more restriction came even more flavour (again with both coils) very similar to what i get from the Freemax Fireluke 2, with no experimental wicking material on show i can only put it down to the large surface area with the design of the Geekvape Z coils. Apart from finding the 0.4ohm Z1 better at lower wattage than the 0.2ohm Z2 i really found very little difference between the 2 coils. With the restriction i like the 0.2ohm Z2 coil i found best at 60W and the 0.4ohm Z1 coil at 45W both below the coils ratings but that suited me fine and much more efficient on battery life, i must say the airflow is noticeably smooth throughout. The 5ml capacity (standard version) is decent but just like the Zeus RTA's this tank ploughs through the juice but all that vapor is giving bags of flavour, the gap in flavour between subohm tanks (the best ones) and both RTA's and RDA's you can get a thin piece of paper between they have improved that much over the last 18 months, Cracking Subohm Tank! I also tested the Aegis X with various RTA's including the original single coil Zeus. Of course with how durable the device is and having an IP67 waterproof rating added to just how solidly the device performs the Aegis X is a cracking device but it doesn't seem to have the greatest battery life. It's possibly a bit unfair as i have just been reviewing a couple of Ultroner devices that have simple efficient boards but the battery life while not being shocking by any means i found to definitely be below average for a dual 18650 device. Back to pros and the Aegis X will accommodate up to a 28mm Atty without overhang and is fully firmware upgradeable. The device also supports 2A balanced charging although i really wouldn't recommend charging inside any device unless it's your only option, on top of that if the silicone plug that keeps the USB watertight is constantly being removed i would imagine over time that seal would become compromised. ___________________________________________________________________ Likes Top notch build quality IP67 rating (waterproof, dustproof, shockproof) 8 Colour options Feels great in either hand Light switch style fire button Secure battery door 2.4inch Colour screen 3 Display themes 5 Display colours Top tier of menu system user friendly Performed Solidly in power mode Curves feature worked great Bypass mode TC (not tested) AS 2.0 Chipset, Fires instantly with impressive ramp up 28mm Atty fits with no overhang Supports balanced charging at 2A (wouldn't recommend) Firmware upgradeable Included Zeus is excellent Sub-ohm tank Supplied coils very good flavour Decent longevity Quick top-fill method Top airflow, leakproof design 5ml Capacity Spare glass 2 coils included Cons Heavy device Battery life under par Would of preferred it paired with the Zeus or Alpha Tank Poorly marked battery orientation on battery door Full menu system could flow better Airflow control ring sometimes popped off when removing the top-cap Ploughs through juice (as flavour tanks tend to) I would once again like to thank Clay from Geekvape for supplying the Aegis X with Zeus Sub-ohm Kit for the purpose of this review. ___________________________________________________________________
  8. Hi Vapor Talk members, In this review i take a look at the Charon Baby Pod Kit 750mAh from Smoant. The Charon Baby Pod Kit was supplied for the purpose of this review by Jessi from Smoant. Introduction Smoant are one of the most popular vaping manufacturers especially when it comes to mods and have released some of the most popular devices over the last few years. Here we have their latest pod/AIO offering which is an area they have been more inconsistent until the Pasito. Smoant have two main ranges they are best known for which are the Battlestar and Charon devices. So after the release of the Battlestar Baby Pod Kit which despite it's very simple nature impressed me it's no surprise we now have the Charon Baby Pod Kit which is identical in it's main specs and uses the same pods and coils, so let's see how the Charon Baby stacks up! ___________________________________________________________________ In The Box Contents: 1 x Charon Baby Mod 1 x Type-C USB cable ( lanyard ) 1 x 0.6ohm mesh coil ( pre-installed ) 1 x 1.2ohm Ni80 coil 1 x Cartridge 1 x User Manual 1 x Warranty Card 1 x Certificated Card ___________________________________________________________________ Aesthetics and Ergonomics I received what looks like the retail version which came in a sturdy cardboard box with outer cardboard sleeve but there was a sample sticker which is worth bearing in mind. On the front of the sleeve there is a picture of the device in the colour that matches the colour of the device which is in the box. I received the Blue version, it's also available in Black and Stainless Steel. The device is rectangular with curved edges and has a very metallic chassis which attracts fingerprints. Front and back we have some very nice designs on panels which have been achieved by using CPR Technology which gives very glossy bright colours with incredible detail but unlike the chassis doesn't attract fingerprints. Down one edge of the device we have an LED indicator light towards the bottom. The pods mouthpiece protrudes out of the top of the device but the tank section is hidden within the pod bay and we have no viewing window. On the opposite side to the protruding pod we have an opening and another opening on the side to feed through the included lanyard. Moving to the bottom we have a type C USB port which i'm happy about, i just wish it wasn't situated on the base. Like most small pod/AIO devices it's nice and portable and not sure what the metallic material is but it has more weight to it than expected. The panels have a couple of very nice vibrant designs and the paint finish on the chassis seems high quality and durable, also there is a plain Black option if you prefer solid colours. ___________________________________________________________________ Charon Baby Specs and Features: Size: 73x44x19mm Weight: 87g Battery Capacity: 750mAh Power output: 10/15 W Charging: 5V/0.8A Charging Port: Type-C Charging Time: 45-60 minute Powered by a 750mAh built-in battery with long-time endurance LED indicator: Red 5%-30%, Blue 30%-60%, White 60%-100% Over time protection (8 seconds) Short circuit protection Low power protection Compatible with 2 types of coil: 0.6ohm mesh coil and 1.2ohm Ni-80 coil Adopting airflow design and leakproof design to provide cloudy flavour The Ant Smart Chip that adjusts and delivers automatically the output Compact size for easy daily carry CPR technology for colourful and durable stunning finish Battlestar Baby Pod Specs: Capacity: 2.0ml Material: PCTG Coil: Mesh Coil (0.6ohm, 15W) / Ni80 Coil (1.2ohm, 10w) Colours: Black, Stainless Steel, Blue ___________________________________________________________________ The Pod/Cartridge The pod is one piece but is made up of a rectangular top mouth section and lower much larger rectangular tank section which has a capacity of 2ml. The Pod is tinted but with a good look the juice level can be seen, if a quick glance to see your juice level was to cause visibility issues it's a non issue as to see what juice is in the pod it needs removing from the device anyway. You only receive one pod but that's fine because the coils are replaceable and 2 coil heads are included. On one side of the pod we have a silicone strip with attached fill bung, the bottom edge of the strip acts as a flap that can be easily gripped to lift up to reveal the fill port. The fill port is a good size compared to most pods so as long as you take a bit of care filling can be mess free, the smaller the nozzle the easier and quicker filling is. Moving to the bottom of the pod we can see the circular positive with negative surround with peek between the two. The base has a metallic casing with some sought of coating, also on the base to one side we have the small opening that leads to the membrane switch. Moving back up top to the mouthpiece we have your inhale opening and then to one side a much smaller opening, studying the pod you can see this small opening feeds the opening for the membrane switch via a pipe that goes right down to the bottom of the pod. The pod has fixed airflow that can't be adjusted so any variant in the airflow can only be achieved by the bore of the installed coil, the Charon Baby pods house replaceable coils. ___________________________________________________________________ The Coils As mentioned the coils are replaceable and their are two different coils available both of which are included. We have the pre-installed 0.6ohm mesh coil head and also a Ni80 regular 1.2ohm vertical round wire coil head. The coil head and base section with positive and negative that comes into contact with the device are all in one so the coil doesn't get screwed into the base section as usual, instead a whole new base + coil is installed each time, the coil head with attached base easily pulls out of the bottom of the pod to remove and to install are simply press fitted. ___________________________________________________________________ Installing The Pod Looking inside the pods deep bay we can see the positive and negative Gold plated, spring loaded contacts to one side and to the other side the small opening to the membrane switch with metal surround. We have a magnet in each corner to secure the pod which should give a very secure fit but whether the coating i described on the metallic base of the pod is weakening the magnetic pull i'm not sure but the pod has plenty of play and can be removed with no effort at all. To be honest because the pod doesn't come out during vaping and the contacts stay connected giving a good vape how loose the pod is doesn't concern me as it constantly needs removing anyway to check your juice level, but the side to side play did bug me slightly at times. ___________________________________________________________________ The Lanyard/USB Charging You receive a rather nice Lanyard that doubles up as your charging cable but as i have never ever seen a single person using a lanyard with a vaping device (despite them being regularly included) i don't think this will convert people, but still it's a nice touch and well thought out. But wait, it's also a tape measure now this is quite neat! Taking the plastic end piece off which clips on and off reveals both ends to your type C USB cable which can then be used to charge the device. Charging took approximately an hour which is acceptable and it does support pass through although this will slightly alter the charge time as charging pauses when taking a draw. When charging the device shows charging indication by how the LED behaves, the indications are: Red Blinking 5% - 30% Blue Blinking 30% - 60% White Blinking 60% - 95% Solid White 95% - 100% ___________________________________________________________________ Using The Charon Baby The Charon Baby is a very simple draw activated device that has no settings or physical button so you simply take a draw to vape. The device auto detects which of the coils is installed and then delivers the appropriate constant wattage output for that coil. With the 0.6 mesh coil installed it gives 15W constant output and when the 1.2ohm coil is installed the constant output is 10W. The device does give battery status indication and when i first saw it had four levels i thought great! but then realised that was only for charging and it has the usual 3 levels we see on most of these types of devices, the indications are the following: Red 5% - 30% Blue 30% - 60% White 60% - 100% The LED also flashes when a safety protection kicks in, protections include: Over time protection (8 seconds) Short circuit protection Low power protection ___________________________________________________________________ My Experience Using The Charon Baby I wish the pods fitted more securely in the device and there was a viewing window to see your liquid as it is a pain needing to pull the pod out to check the juice level, if there was a viewing window then the pods being tinted would be another con but as this isn't the case it's a non issue because with the pod pulled out the liquid can be clearly seen inside the pod. For the size of the device i found the battery life very good with the 1.2ohm coil and also acceptable when using the 0.6ohm coil, also an hour to charge is par for a 750mAh battery so no issues there. Having the separate air pipe down to the membrane switch makes the device very responsive and the constant output gives a reliable vape. When it comes to the draw i wouldn't recommend this to either a DL vaper or to someone trying to quit cigarettes as it covers everything in-between which actually will suit many who like the loose MTL style. The 0.6 mesh coil does give a DL draw but it's very restrictive and i found it much better as a very loose MTL, the 1.2ohm coil is tighter due to the narrower bore in the coil head but doesn't quite give a tight enough draw for someone quitting the stinkies as it's more of a medium looseness. The LED indicator lights up when you take a draw to show battery status, i could easily see the light while vaping and it's both a good size and bright. When it comes to possibly the most important areas like the Battlestar Baby the Charon Baby is a winner (no surprise as the pods and coils are identical), the flavour i have been getting from both coil heads has been fantastic, which is giving the best flavour? it really is too close to call. Again when it comes to longevity i didn't know if i got lucky with the coils i received with the Battlestar version and lightning i doubt would strike twice so can confirm they last twice as long as i would consider acceptable. I tend to describe a device and say how i personally found it but fall short of saying whether i would recommend it as i believe vapers should seek out as many reviews as possible and also do their own research to come to a decision. Occasionally though i break this rule so if you like your looser MTL draw just based on the flavour and longevity of the coil heads alone i have to say i would spend my money on this. ___________________________________________________________________ Likes Very nice build quality Durable quality finish Colourful CPR Designs Portable Fair battery life Auto detect coil Constant wattage output (consistent vape) Switch responsive Very nice looser MTL draw Battery status indication nicely spaced out Simple device Decent size fill port with silicone bung Excellent flavour from both coils Excellent longevity both coils Replaceable coils Both 0.6ohm mesh coil and 1.2ohm Ni80 regular coil included Included Lanyard, also USB cable and tape measure Type C USB Charges in about 1 hour Supports pass through Cons Pod doesn't fit very securely (ok during use) Need to remove pod to see juice level No settings and can't switch device off Limited vape range mid MTL draw to Very restricted DL vape (not an ideal DL vape in my opinion) Fixed airflow USB port on base Chassis is fingerprint magnet I would once again like to thank Jessi for supplying the Charon Baby Pod Kit for the purpose of this review. ___________________________________________________________________
  9. Hi Vapor Talk members, In this review i take a look at the VINCI X 70W Pod Kit from Voopoo. The Voopoo VINCI X 70W Pod Kit was supplied for the purpose of this review by Terry from Vapor Shop Direct. Introduction Voopoo and Smok seem to be having a *** for tat battle at the moment when it comes to the latest fad, the pod mod. Both manufacturers are coming out with devices so similar and released so close together it's hard to tell which manufacturer as a double agent on it's payroll (probably both lol). This though is pushing both manufacturers to outdo each other which is to our benefit as in my opinion although not perfect the pod mod devices are pretty damn good! The Vinci X is a cuboid shaped pod mod with screen, fully adjustable wattage and a larger version of the Vinci. Unlike the Vinci we no longer have the draw activated option but the X version accommodates an external 18650 battery increasing both it's top wattage capabilities to 70W and increasing battery life considerably. Featuring the storing of the last 14 day puff data and smart wattage including only allowing adjusting within the coil heads recommended wattage parameters it's no wonder vapers have shown great interest. Coming in 7 colour/design options to suit most tastes, the Voopoo Vinci X is worth a good look! ___________________________________________________________________ In The Box Contents: Standard Edition 1 x VOOPOO VINCI X Device 1 x VINCI Pod(5.5ml) 1 x PnP 0.6ohm Coil 1 x PnP 0.3ohm Coil 1 x USB Cable 1 x Warranty Card 1 x User Manual 1 x GENE CHIP Card TPD Edition 1 x VOOPOO VINCI X Device 1 x VINCI Pod(2ml) 1 x PnP 0.6ohm Coil 1 x PnP 0.3ohm Coil 1 x USB Cable 1 x Warranty Card 1 x User Manual 1 x GENE CHIP Card ___________________________________________________________________ Aesthetics and Ergonomics The Vinci X comes in a cardboard box with outer cardboard sleeve and when opened we find the Vinci X with empty pod attached in the top layer. I received the Space Gray version, the colour/design options are Ink, Tealblue, Scarlet, Dazzling Green, Space Gray, Carbon Fiber and Aurora, depending which version 3 sides have either colourful designs or more plain classic finishes such as Carbon Fiber for example. like with the original Vinci and Smok RPM 40 the form factor reminds me of the Cube X from OBS but the Vinci X is also pretty much the same size as the Cube-X to allow the accommodation of a single 18650 battery. Apart from the bigger size the Vinci X as the same look as the Vinci apart from a slightly protruding face section. Up top we have the protruding pod with 360 degree view of your e-liquid and squared off mouthpiece. If the other versions have the same glossy mirrored finish as the Space Gray version i received then expect a fingerprint magnet but overall the finish seems durable and the build quality is very good. On the face we have a Black panel which houses a round protruding fire button at the top and vertical navigational rocker towards the bottom, between the fire button and navigational rocker we have a large coloured screen. Finally right at the bottom of the face we have the micro USB port, both sides are plain and on the rear we have some branding. Both sides towards the top we have 3 small slots cutout to allow air to the pod/cartridge and moving to the base we have an old school battery cap with central protruding section for turning. Despite being larger than most pod/AIO devices it's still an ergonomic, portable size and feels a nice weight in the hand although it's size might be an issue for some which part of the attraction of a pod/AIO device is the stealth aspect. ___________________________________________________________________ Vinci X Specs and Features: Size: 117 x 29.5 x 25.3mm Power Range: 5 - 70W Capacity: 5.5ml / 2ml (TPD) Resistance Range: 0.1 - 3.0Ω Output Voltage: 3.2 - 4.2V Battery: Single 18650 (not included) Material: Zinc Alloy + PCTG Coils: Suitable for PnP coils Dual airflow options Side-fill 70W power with single 18650 battery PUFF curve record 2-week Usage data E-liquid & nic-salt compatible and visible juice level Intelligently adjust power to match coils 0.96-inch TFT color screen Colours/Designs: Ink, Tealblue, Scarlet, Dazzling Green, Space Gray, Carbon Fiber, Aurora ___________________________________________________________________ The Pods/Cartridges The pods are clear and a cube shape with Black squared off mouthpiece, on one side of the pod/cartridge we have a large bung that can be pulled out via the outer edge leaving the bung still attached to the pod/cartridge. The fill port is a nice large size but you need to make sure the pod/cartridge is on it's side then you can fill quickly and absolutely mess free. Looking at the base of the pod/cartridge with installed coil you can see the large round central positive and negative surround spit in 2 parts (allowing the pod to be fitted 2 different ways). The pod/cartridge has no adjustable airflow but if you look at both sides of the device we have 3 slots cutout each side to allow plenty of air to get to the pod/cartridge which can also be turned 180 degrees to restrict the air but airflow will mostly be dictated by the bore of the coil head. Also on the base of the pod we have a magnet on each corner as the pod/cartridge is secured in the device via these. ___________________________________________________________________ The Coils The coils as the name PnP would suggest just get press fitted into place and to remove simply pull free, the lower o-ring on the coil head is for the seal to (hopefully) avoid any leaking. You get 2 coils included neither of which are pre-installed in the included pod/cartridge. You receive the PnP-VM1 0.3ohm coil head recommended between 32-40W and the PnP-WM4 0.6ohm coil head recommended between 20-28W. It does say in the marketing the PnP-VM1 is best suited for freebase and the PnP VM4 for nicotine salts but in my opinion there are better PnP coil options for nicotine salts and i personally would only be using freebase with both supplied coils. The Vinci X is compatible with all PnP Voopoo coils which includes a couple of MTL options although with the airflow mainly relying on the bore of the coil head for restriction i can't see a tight MTL will be possible with the Vinci X, there is also an RBA coil head available. With all the compatible coils not allowing the device to go up to it's full 70W capacity then i would imagine more coil options will be on the way! ___________________________________________________________________ Fitting The Pod/Cartridge Looking inside the pods bay we can see the positive and negative Gold plated, spring loaded contacts on a slightly raised central section, we can also see the airflow cutouts both sides on the bay walls. We have a magnet each corner to line up with the magnets on the base of the pod. The pod fits very securely with minimum play and one of the big pros for me is plenty of the pod protrudes giving 360 degree visibility so you can see your juice level at all times. ___________________________________________________________________ Fitting The Battery We have an old school battery cap that screws internally into the threading and once the thread is caught then i must say it is very smooth. On the inside of the battery cap negative is clearly marked, so good job there. Once the battery cap is screwed back in place you can turn the centre section of the cap to slacken or tighten on to the battery for the perfect fit, Good job all round! ___________________________________________________________________ The Display The colour display is very bright and impressively sharp and i do like how colour is used well to maintain quite a classy display. Top left we have "VOOPOO" then top right we have the battery status bar. Underneath we have the wattage and "W" unit, above the "W" we have a padlock which is in the unlock position during normal use and locked position when the device is locked. Underneath the already described we have your daily puff count followed by the duration of your last vape, both have a coloured surround. Bottom left we have "P" for power and then to the right of this we have the resistance followed by the voltage. ___________________________________________________________________ Navigating The Vinci X The Vinci X may have a pod/cartridge that fits to the device but the device operates just like any other variable wattage regulated device. The device is the usual 5 clicks to turn on and 5 clicks to turn off and once on the wattage can be adjusted in 1W increments from 5W to 70W (or the wattage will go up to the coils recommended wattage), it doesn't round robin. We do have a number of combination key press features which include pressing up and down together brings up your 14 day puff data. Other combination key press features are fire and down clears puffs (the puff counter resets automatically at the start of each day), fire and up locks the whole device including the fire button and finally fire, up and down allows you to set the time, as you would expect the device has the usual safety protections and if one kicks in a message is displayed on the screen. ___________________________________________________________________ Protections: 10s Overtime Protection Short Circuit Protection Overcharge Protection Max Power Protection Output Over-current Protection Over Discharge Protection Over-temperature Protection Battery Reverse Protection ___________________________________________________________________ Smart Wattage The Vinci X based on the resistance of the coil adjusts to a recommended wattage when a coil head is first installed, it also doesn't allow the wattage to be adjusted higher than the recommended wattage parameters for whichever coil is installed. I find this feature one of the biggest pros for the device as it prevents frying your coils but because the feature can't be switched off or overridden it can become one of it's biggest cons. For example i was fine with the 0.6ohm coil which allows the wattage to be adjusted up to 28W as i found this coil head perfect at 25W but when it came to using the 0.3ohm coil it only allowed up to 40W but at this wattage i really felt i needed an extra 5W for my preference which the device just doesn't allow. It's a weird situation because it's a 70W device yet out the box the device will only give 40W max and looking at the other coil options it seems only an appropriate build in the RBA head will allow any higher than 40W. ___________________________________________________________________ My Experience Using The Vinci X And Thoughts! The first thing to mention is i received the 2ml TPD version and i would recommend sourcing the 5.5ml pods to use as i did find i was needing to fill very often especially as one of the things i have found with the Vinci devices is when the juice starts getting quite low you can get some gurgling that only filling the pod solves. I have the standard version of the Vinci with the 5.5ml pods which gives plenty of capacity and at least 4ml of e-liquid before any gurgling but with the 2ml pods it's only giving about 1.5ml of liquid before it needs to be filled because of the issue. Not being able to turn the smart wattage off is another con for me and it makes it only a 40W device out the box although the smart wattage feature it'self is a very good if not new idea. A more petty con for the device is it's size as if one of the main reasons for someone using pod/AIO devices is the stealthy size then i have single battery normal mods smaller than this with the benefit of being able to fit whatever atty i like and not being tied to proprietary pods and coils. The final and biggest con for me is the pods do leak slightly both with the 5.5ml pod i already have and the 2ml pod. After saying that the pods bay does look well sealed so it's not a major problem and doesn't affect the devices performance but i personally hate any leaking of any kind so others might not see it as such an issue. So it's not perfect but the Voopoo Vinci X also has many pros and the device overall is a winner! The draw with the supplied coils is restricted direct lung with the choice of just slightly more restriction by rotating the pod 180 degrees, as expected the 0.6ohm coil head offers more restriction but is still not MTL. There are a couple of MTL coil heads available with narrower bores that should allow for MTL but don't expect a tight MTL, because it just isn't going to accommodate that and the mouthpiece really is not suited to a tight draw. Accommodating an 18650 battery allows the Vinci X to last most vapers if not all day certainly most of it and is a massive pro for the device. Other pros include having a clear pod with 360 degree visibility so you can see your juice level at all times and 5.5ml capacity with the standard pods. The display is another big win and i do like the 14 day puff data feature, again although i wish it had an option to turn the feature off i do think the smart wattage is a good feature. Despite the slight leaking i found filling the pod to be very quick and mess free, so another pro for that. The Vinci X PnP coils are very good i haven't used one yet that hasn't given top flavour with barely any break-in time and good longevity. The pick for me was the 0.6ohm coil which i found best at 25W, the 0.3ohm coil also gave cracking flavour but wish i could of bumped the wattage up to 45W which it doesn't allow due to the already mentioned smart wattage feature. Although i personally do not recommend charging the battery in the device unless it's your only option the Vinci X does support on-board charging but doesn't support pass-through, while charging the screen display's both a battery status bar and also gives the battery charge as a percentage. ___________________________________________________________________ Likes Good build quality Nice looking device 7 colour/design options Ergonomic and portable (even if large for pod/AIO device) 5.5ml capacity pod (standard version) 2 different mesh PnP coils included Barely any break-in period Excellent flavour both coils Good longevity Restrictive direct lung Dual airflow options Other coil options including MTL RBA coil head available Sharp, bright, colour screen Nice looking display 70W max wattage (needs appropriate build in RBA head or future coils) Adjusts in 1W increments Smart Wattage 14 day puff data Device can be locked 360 degree juice visibility Large fill port (fill mess free) Accommodates 18650 battery On-board charging Firmware upgradeable Cons Large for pod/AIO device Some leaking from pods (bay looks well sealed design) Need filling often with 2ml pod Smart wattage can't be turned off Non Adjustable airflow Only 40W device out the box (due to available coils in relation to smart wattage) Fingerprint magnet I would once again like to thank Terry from Vapor Shop Direct for supplying the VOOPOO VINCI X 70W Pod Kit for the purpose of this review. ___________________________________________________________________
  10. Hi Vapor Talk members, In this review i take a look at the Fetch Mini Pod Kit from Smok. The SMOK Fetch Mini Pod Kit was supplied for the purpose of this review by Ella from Sourcemore. Introduction Smok haven't been quite as prolific of late but have recently brought out a few devices including a couple of pod mod devices. the Fetch Mini is really just the RPM 40 Pod Mod but in a mini box mod form while also introducing a classy 2.5D arc edge glass finish. The pod mod with screen and fully adjustable wattage is the way i believe the market will go in regards pod/AIO devices in 2020 with the market reaching saturation point when it comes to the smaller, simple pod devices. The Fetch Mini has adjustable wattage which can be adjusted up to 40W, a display that can be customised and comes with 2 different pods/cartridges, one which accommodates replaceable RPM coils and the other accommodates Nord coils so the available coil options are multiple. With a 1200mAh in-built battery, an RPM RBA available and coming in 10 colour options, let's give it a look! ___________________________________________________________________ In The Box Contents: 1 x SMOK Fetch Device (1200mAh) pre-installed empty 3.7ml RPM Pod (2ml TPD) 1 x Nord Empty 3.7ml pod (2ml TPD) 1 x SMOK RPM Mesh 0.4Ω Coil 1 x SMOK Nord Regular 0.6Ω Coil 1 x USB Cable 1 x User Manual ___________________________________________________________________ Aesthetics and Ergonomics The Fetch Mini comes in cardboard box packaging and on opening i was met by a classy looking mini pod mod. I received the Dark Brown glass version device but it's available in various plain and Acrylic versions with 2.5D arc edge glass panels both sides and the colour/design beneath uses combined AG Process and AF optical coating so the overall effect is different texture and shades showing through the glass as the light catches from different angles. The device is very box shaped with one top corner being completed by the protruding section of the pod. The face of the device has a protruding large clicky square fire button towards the top and towards the bottom navigational buttons which combined form an horizontal pill shape. Between the fire and navigational buttons we have a large colour TFT Screen, and at the very bottom of the face a micro USB port. The device is a nice weight for it's size and has a quality feel about it, plenty of branding is on show which will not appeal to everyone and it needs mentioning it's one hell of a fingerprint magnet. The Fetch Mini gets swallowed by the hand and is very comfortable to carry about. ___________________________________________________________________ Fetch Mini Specs and Features: Size: 76mm x 42.8mm x 18.4mm E-juice Capacity: 3.7ml (2ml TPD) Battery Capacity: 1200mAh Output Voltage: 0.5V - 4.1V Output Wattage: 5W - 40W Charging: 1.2A Max Supports RPM and Nord coil heads Resistance Range: 0.3-2.5ohm Firing Time: 0.001s Screen: 0.96" TFT Screen Charging Port: Micro USB Charging 2.5D arc edge glass on both panels Variable wattage support up to 40W With dustproof and waterproof functions 0.96" TFT Screen display to show you specific vape data Easy bottom filling design Colours: Black, Green, Orange, Blue, Dark Brown, Acrylic Fluid Purple, Acrylic Fluid Green, Acrylic Fluid Blue, Acrylic Fluid Gold, Acrylic Fluid Red ___________________________________________________________________ 2 Different Pods/Cartridges You receive 2 different cartridges and while they both appear to have the same dimensions each house a different family of coils which itself must change the pod/cartridge capacity. Both Pods/Cartridges are 2ml with the TPD version although i don't see how they can have exactly the same capacity as the RPM coils are bigger than the Nord which surely reduces capacity. With the standard version the Pod/Cartridge that accommodates the RPM family of coils has a capacity of 3.7ml (really slightly less due to size of coil) and can be identified by being a tinted pod/cartridge with a Red fill bung which says "RPM" on it. The pod/cartridge that houses the Nord coils also have a 3.7ml capacity and can be identified by having a frosted but much more transparent finish and a Black fill bung which says "NORD" on it. Although the RPM pod/cartridge has a tinted appearance there is no issues with seeing the e-liquid inside, with both pods/cartridges the coils get press fitted with attached base section into the pod/cartridge. ___________________________________________________________________ The Pods/Cartridges The pods are a rectangular shape with fixed plastic top section that includes a cylindrical mouthpiece and i have already explained the differences between the 2 pods/cartridges you receive. On the base of the pod/cartridge we have a large horizontal T shaped bung that can be pulled out via the top of the T leaving the bung still attached to the pod/cartridge. The fill port like on the RPM is one of the biggest i have seen on a pod/cartridge and you can fill it very quickly and absolutely mess free, my only issue is with the bung itself which does seal very well but is not the easiest to pull out or fix back in place. Looking at the base of the pod/cartridge with installed coil you can see the round central positive and negative surround. The pods/cartridges have no adjustable airflow but if you look at the pod and device air enters the pod both at the top on the opposite side to the mouthpiece (this gets directed internally eventually feeding the bottom of the coil) and at the bottom on the opposite side so plenty of air gets to the coils so airflow will be solely dictated by the bore of the coil head. Also either side of the fill bung we have large magnets which are used for securing the pod in the device, these magnets though contribute to the awkwardness of removing and securing the bung in place, i really wish the pod/cartridge had a top-fill method. ___________________________________________________________________ The Coils You get 2 coils included neither of which are pre-installed in the included pods/cartridges. We get the RPM 0.4ohm Mesh coil with a recommended wattage of 25W and the Nord regular 0.6ohm dual coil recommended at 20W. Being able to use both RPM and Nord coils gives plenty of available options: ___________________________________________________________________ RBA Available If you spotted it bottom left on the picture of the available coil heads you would of noticed there is an RPM RBA head available which will spark an interest i'm sure. The RBA comes with wire and cotton to do a 0.6ohm build and when doing other builds you need to make sure the minimum resistance is 0.25ohm, it's a real shame this isn't included in the kit. ___________________________________________________________________ Fitting The Pod/Cartridge Looking inside the pods bay we can see the positive and negative Gold plated, spring loaded contacts in the lower section and a QR code in the upper. We can also see how everything is well sealed and indeed it is both a waterproof and dustproof bay which is a big pro just in case there is a build up of liquid. The inside of the bay like the rest of the chassis is Zinc Alloy and we have the already mentioned large magnets on the base of the pod/cartridge which give a very good play free, secure fit, A really good job! Although the pod fits very securely it can be easily grabbed and pulled free which is a good job really as to see your juice level you need to remove the pod which for me is a big con. ___________________________________________________________________ The Display The colour display is very bright and impressively sharp with all the information needed on show. Top left we have a padlock and then top right we have the battery status bar. Underneath we have the wattage and below this a wavy line. Underneath the line positioned centrally we have the time of your vape which stays displayed until your next puff is taken. Next we have resistance followed by voltage and then your puff count. Bottom left we have a painting pallet icon followed by 6 different coloured squares in an horizontal row. The main information is in white but added icons and the mentioned wavy line can be customised to be one of 6 colours. ___________________________________________________________________ Navigating The Fetch Mini The Fetch Mini may have a pod/cartridge that fits to the device but the device operates just like any other variable wattage regulated device. The device is the usual 5 clicks to turn on and 5 clicks to turn off and once on the wattage can be adjusted in 1W increments from 5W to 40W, it doesn't round robin. We do have a number of combination key press features which include pressing fire and left together resets the puff counter and fire and right together moves to the next colour option if you want to change the colour of certain items on the screen, the colours to choose from are Red, Orange, Blue, Magenta, Green and White. Pressing the fire button 3 times locks the whole device so it will not fire, alternatively you can lock just the navigational buttons by pressing them both at the same time. Finally as expected the device has the usual safety protections and if one kicks in a message is displayed on the screen. ___________________________________________________________________ Protections: High-Temperature Protection 8 Seconds Cutoff Short Circuit Protection Low Voltage Protection ___________________________________________________________________ Charging The Fetch Mini charged at just over 1A and each time i charged it was completed in just over an hour. While charging we have both a status bar and the charge given as a percentage and it also allowed me to vape while charging. About an hour for a 1200mAh battery device is about par so no complaints there but i feel all devices of whatever kind should now be coming with type C USB. ___________________________________________________________________ How It Vapes and My Thoughts! Like the RPM 40 the device is cracking, it really is much better than i was expecting. I have also been testing the Voopoo Vinci which i bought and am hoping to find time to review and although the Fetch Mini has a completely different form to the Vinci like the RPM 40 it is so very similar. I have also been testing the Vinci X which i will be writing a review for but as far as just the Vinci is concerned reading all the hype i thought it would be much better than both the Smok RPM 40 and Fetch Mini but from trying all devices i have to come to the conclusion it's just anti Smok opinion. Personally leaking pods are a big issue to me with the Vinci and the Fetch Mini stayed bone dry, a big pro. There are so many coil options including an available RBA for the Fetch Mini which should appeal, so in my opinion both the RPM 40 and Fetch Mini are not inferior to the Vinci with both the Smok and Voopoo devices having certain things in their favours making them very close. The Draw using the Fetch Mini is a restricted direct lung with the bore on the coil heads determining just how restrictive, some of the coil heads might allow for MTL but considering the air the pods are getting it's going to be a loose MTL at best and the bore on the mouthpiece is quite large and not really suitable for tight draws. The device fires as quick as any modern regulated device and hit's set wattage instantly, i found it performed excellently and really have no complaints. The Nord coil performed great giving solid flavour although i have used Nord coils in the past so knew what i was going to get but the pick was the RPM Mesh coil which gave really good flavour which lasted for 6 refills before any sought of drop off but even now the flavour is far too good to toss the coil just yet. I was fine with the 20W recommendation with the Nord coil but found the 25W for the RPM coil didn't give a cool vape but just felt a bit more warmth would be ideal, i bumped the wattage up to 30W and this was much better and the coil took the extra wattage comfortably in it's stride, while testing 70VG liquid it even wicked perfectly ok with a bit of chain vaping at 35W. I used both 50/50 and 70%VG juices and both coils handled both well and as mentioned the RPM coil had no problems wicking well over it's recommended wattage. I also like the shape, size and weight of the device it's ideal for a carry about, i feel charging was about par for a 1200mAh battery and supporting pass-through is a pro. Other things i like is the display (including customisation), the amount of coil options available and also having an available RBA head but i really think the Fetch Mini would gain much more interest if this was included. When it comes to battery life it is what it is, about half the capacity of a single 18650 device so if it's your main device vaping at 20+ Watts then obviously it will need charging during the day. ___________________________________________________________________ Likes Nice build quality Glass panels using 2.5D arc edge glass Combined AG process and AF optical coating for nice visual effect Acrylic versions now available Plenty of colour options Portable, ergonomic device Supports Nord and RPM coils Both Nord and RPM pod/cartridge included Large fill port (mess free filling) RBA head available Various restricted DL draws (dependant on coil used) Good flavour (supplied Nord Coil) Very good flavour (supplied RPM coil) Longevity above average both supplied coils Adjustable wattage 5W-40W (1W increments) Puff counter (can be reset) Sharp, bright, colour display Display can be customised Large capacity both pods/cartridges (standard version) 1A charging Supports Pass-through Detected no leaking or condensation inside pod/cartridge bay waterproof and Dustproof bay design Cons Need to remove pod/cartridge to see juice level removing and replacing fill bung a bit awkward No adjustable airflow Not really suitable for MTL (loose MTL at best with available coils) Proprietary Mouthpiece Fingerprint magnet RBA head not included Micro USB NOT Type C I would once again like to thank Ella from Sourcemore for supplying the SMOK Fetch Mini Pod Kit for the purpose of this review. ___________________________________________________________________
  11. Hi Vapor Talk members, In this review i take a look at the Expromizer V4 MTL RTA from Exvape. The Exvape Expromizer V4 MTL RTA was supplied for the purpose of this review by Pearl from Cigabuy. Introduction The Expromizer V4 MTL RTA is the fourth generation of the Expromizer RTA from the German manufacturer Exvape. Compared to V3 it is an extra 1mm in diameter while being shorter and has more of a modern aesthetic look which i much prefer. While keeping the same deck and now much more straightforward juice flow, version four actually simplifies the design having less small parts while introducing top to bottom airflow. I didn't review but did buy "Fire" version 3 and at that time it gave the most satisfactory MTL vape i had experienced, hopefully V4 will at least keep the same performance while adding a leak resistant airflow system making it a sure fire winner! ___________________________________________________________________ In The Box Contents: 1 x eXrpomizer V4 1 x O-ring kit 1 x screwdriver 2 x M2 replacement screws - 1 x spare glass tank (Pyrex) 1 x Drip Tip attachment (black) 1 x instruction manual ___________________________________________________________________ Aesthetics The Expromizer came in a cardboard box with cardboard sleeve. I received the Polished version which is extremely shiny with a slippy finish and wouldn't be my personal choice as both the Matte Black and Brushed versions look much nicer and will match up with many more devices. The RTA despite only having a 2ml capacity is quite large for a MTL RTA being 23mm in diameter but much taller than the average. On the top airflow section we have a long narrow slot revealing a series of 6 airflow hole inlets and both the airflow control ring and top-cap has slight texturing but the surface is too slippy for it to help much with grip. The top surface of the top-cap is flat and then we have a protruding central section to accommodate the 2 piece 510 drip tip. The installed drip tip has a lower Stainless Steel section with Ultem tip but the tip can be switched for a Black Delrin one. The bottom section has a pronounced central textured band that even with the Polished version does help with grip, this is for turning the base to adjust the juice flow control. I went for the Ultem look which i know isn't everyone's cup of tea but through the Ultem the juice control and "EX" etched on the chimney can still be seen but are much more visible with the Pyrex section installed instead. Moving to the base we have etched branding, safety marks and serial number, we have a Gold plated protruding 510. The build quality is excellent and really can't fault the machining and threading i just wish it didn't come so tightly screwed together. ___________________________________________________________________ Expromizer V4 Specs and Features: Type: Single Coil MTL RTA Material: Stainless Steel Material (Glass): Pyrex / Acyl Material (Drip Tip): Stainless Steel + Black (POM) / Yellow (PEI) Height (without Drip Tip): 43 mm Height (with Drip Tip): 56 mm Diameter: 23 mm Capacity: 2 ml Weight: 76g MTL RTA with top to bottom airflow design Precise liquid control and airflow control Big single coil building deck for easy DIY Convenient top filling cap without leakage Thread: 510 Colours: Brushed, Polished, Black ___________________________________________________________________ Taking The Expromizer V4 Apart And It's Various Parts! When i first went to use the RTA everything was very tight and with having the slippy polished version (which gives little grip) it took two hours trying various methods to get the top cap free of the fill plate/airflow section before i gave up the risk free approach and got an adjustable spanner risking damaging the finish. Eventually i got it undone and although the rest of the tank i got apart with much less hassle there is a lot of o-rings in use throughout the design so with it all in bits including removing the airflow control ring i gave all the o-rings a good lubrication with e-liquid which is all it took to have everything moving with nice tolerances. With all it's various parts and having both top to bottom airflow and juice flow control some might see the RTA as being over engineered but compared to V3 i found it much more simplified so it will be less daunting to newer vapers. The drip tip is a 2 piece MTL 510 with an Ultem tip pre-installed but a Black delrin tip is also included. Also we have a 2ml Ultem tank section pre-installed but also a pyrex 2ml tank is also included. The RTA comprises of 2 piece drip tip, top cap, fill and airflow section, double walled chamber with attached air pipe, tank section, deck which unscrews from the base, base section and 510 pin. We get all the usual spare o-rings and screws but no coil/coils or cotton which is a pet hate of mine, all rebuildables should come with everything that is needed to do at least one build. ___________________________________________________________________ The Airflow The Expromizer V4 MTL RTA has top to bottom airflow and we have one long narrow slot on the airflow control ring and on the tank it'self we have a series of 6 small holes all the same size. The ring can be adjusted to have all six holes open, just one hole open or any amount between depending how tight you like your draw. The Chamber is doubled walled so the air feeds in through the inlets and into the cavity between the two walls of the chamber. At the bottom on the underside of the chamber we can see 3 small holes either side (so 6 in total). The underside of the chamber sits to the outside of the deck and underneath a circular channel get's created. The air comes through the six holes into the circular channel that surrounds the deck section and we have 4 small rectangular cutout sections spaced evenly that allows the air to enter underneath the deck and up through the 1.8mm air outlet situated directly underneath where your coil will be positioned. It's how the air enters the circular chamber before feeding underneath the deck that also allows the Expromizer to have juice control as nothing needs lining up allowing the base section (with screwed in deck) or main tank to be turned without effecting airflow. The last thing to point out when it comes to encouraging flavour along with the airflow although from the outside the chamber looks quite large because we have a lot going on and it's got a thick double wall the chamber it'self is quite reduced with a conical ceiling. ___________________________________________________________________ Juice Flow Control The chamber has 2 slots one either side and the outside of the deck has 3 holes either side going from the smallest to the biggest, this allows the chamber slot to be lined up with different combinations of the holes to suit the PG/VG ratio of the liquid you are using and also to close the juice flow entirely when filling to avoid the chamber being flooded. The inside of the chamber screws to the outside of the deck which as explained also creates a channel for the air but the outer wall extends down and has a shelf that sits on the base section so the Ultem or Pyrex tank section can be secured and sealed to a seated o-ring situated on this shelf. This allows the tank and deck to be turned against each other while the tank is secured together by either turning the tank or base section which is how the juice control is operated. I found it easiest to alter the juice control by turning the base when not on a device using the textured band for grip but when the RTA is secured on the device the tank it'self can be turned. ___________________________________________________________________ Filling The Expromizer V4 utilises a top-fill method for adding e-liquid to the tank. As explained earlier in manufacture the threading had been fastened so tight it took quite some drama to get it free, after saying that the polished finish on mine doesn't help to get any grip and how tight they come may vary. Once off though all that was needed was a bit of lubrication and since it's been fine. The top-cap threads to the inner protruding central piece of the fill plate section rather than the outer edge where it is sealed with an o-ring. The threading is quite long so it takes a good few turns to free but when unscrewing and screwing back it's noticeable how smooth the threading is. In the fill plate we have dual large kidney shaped fill ports and the tank holds 2ml of liquid. ___________________________________________________________________ The Deck And Build Although the diameter of the RTA is 23mm the deck itself is the sought of size more akin to a 22mm diameter RTA. It has shallow open posts opposite each other that have a central good quality philips grub screw on each and uses the screw heads as clamps making it a very easy build with no way your leads can pop out while fastening down. Just slip your leads in place and while holding your coil in position fasten the clamps (screw heads) down and then snip your leads. If needed use a coiling rod or fit for purpose tool to improve your coil placement then you just need to wick it. Because of the juice flow control allowing adjustment even for high VG liquids the wicking channels are bigger than you would expect on a MTL RTA and because i didn't want to pack cotton down and suffocate the flow but still make sure the whole wicking channel has cotton to avoid flooding i wicked it the following way. I cut the cotton ends bow tie style so the ends would just reach the bottom of the channels and then fluffed my ends trying not to remove any cotton, then i simply teased the cotton into the channels making sure they had full coverage. ___________________________________________________________________ How It Vapes And Thoughts! Once i managed to get the tank fully undone and got all the o-rings lubricated the tank comes apart and reassembles with ease. Even after lubrication when the tank is first being used both the airflow control ring and adjusting the juice flow control is a little tight but it doesn't take much time before it settles down to have really nice tolerances, not too tight but not too loose. In the past i have only really used juice flow control on tanks for closing when filling and then opening back up once filled and of course that can also be done on the Expromizer V4. But i really like how it can be adjusted to suit the e-liquids PG/VG ratio, i used some 50/50 nic salts and then used both 70Vg and 80VG and had it wicking perfectly with all (yes 80VG with an authentic MTL tank). The draw you can achieve pretty much covers the full MTL spectrum giving a loose MTL draw fully open (but not restricted DL) right down to just a little tighter than a cigarette pull with just one hole open. I wouldn't say i got a super tight draw when experimenting but it gives tight enough to satisfy the vast majority of MTL vapers. The airflow is silky smooth however the airflow is set and you could vape this in Church, it's noticeably quiet. With the top to bottom airflow preventing leaking and improved juice flow control i would of been satisfied if V4 matched V3 for flavour and the only disappointment for me is i can't remember where i put V3 to compare because V4 seems likes it's actually trumping V3, i'm getting fantastic flavour. The threading on the top-cap is as smooth as the airflow but it does have quite long threading so filling takes a little time but that's a very minor thing. Apart from how tight the tank was when i first received it the only other cons i can think of is that it doesn't come supplied with coil/coils and cotton and a bit larger capacity would be nice. After saying that i wouldn't want the tank any larger or be fitting a bubble glass so i suppose the trade off is a 2ml capacity which at least makes it TPD compliant. In This picture the Build is with a superfine MTL Fused Clapton 32ga*2+38ga Ni80 ID 2.6mm 6 wraps. Came out at 1.29ohms 3 airflow holes open and 2 largest juice holes with a 70VG juice for a medium MTL draw at 16W, for a warm but not hot smooth vape full of flavour. ___________________________________________________________________ Likes Excellent build quality Impressive machining and threading Heavy (thick metal not flimsy) 3 Colour options Once settled perfect tolerances Top-fill Very easy build Leak resistant top to bottom airflow Juice flow control works great Can use any PG/VG ratio e-liquid Suffered no leaking or flooding whatsoever Ultem or Pyrex tank option (both included) Utlem and Delrin tips included 2 piece quality MTL 510 Fit your own 510 if you prefer Draw tight MTL right through to loose MTL Silky smooth airflow Noticeably quiet Fantastic flavour TPD compliant Cons Struggled to fully undo tank on arrival Takes a little use before tolerances settle down Comes without everything needed to do a build Threading on top-cap quite long (quite petty) A bit larger capacity would be nice I would once again like to thank Pearl from Cigabuy for providing the Exvape Expromizer V4 MTL RTA for the purpose of this review. ___________________________________________________________________
  12. Hi Vapor Talk members, In this review i take a look at the DYADIC SQUONK MOD from Wotofo. The DYADIC SQUONK MOD was supplied for the purpose of this review by Antonio from Wotofo. Introduction Wotofo more known for their atty's including the Profile tend to take their time with many prototypes whenever releasing devices so they usually are very decent. The Dyadic project with Tony B is a collaboration which started back when Tony B was working on the original Pulse and Wotofo were working along with Mike Vapes on the Recurve squonk device so the Dyadic has been a long term project. The Dyadic is a simple power only dual 18650 squonk mod with a 200W top wattage and large capacity squonk bottle with side-fill. With it's symmetrical curved design and made to be has compact as possible it certainly has a unique look. The Dyadic has a large colour screen, large fire and navigational buttons and a velvety rubberised finish to it's removable panels, let's give it a look. ___________________________________________________________________ In The Box Contents: 1pc Dyadic Squonk Mod 1pc USB Charging Cable 1pc User Manual 2pcs Squonk Bottle (one pre-installed in the mod) ___________________________________________________________________ Aesthetics and Ergonomics The Dyadic comes in the usual Black and Wotofo Green cardboard packaging with clear plastic lid so the device can be clearly seen before opening. The device isn't exactly small as room is needed for a squonk bottle and dual batteries but it's space saving design makes it quite compact all things considered. I received the Black version, the colour options are Black, Silver, Gunmetal, Blue and Red, all versions have a shiny Gunmetal chassis with the side panels being the colour of choice. The side panels have a velvety rubberised coating which seems durable and feels very pleasant. The face of the device has a very large rectangular Gunmetal coloured fire button towards the top followed by a large colour screen. Further down we have the two large square Gunmetal coloured navigational buttons followed by a standard micro USB port (not type C), all buttons also have the rubberised coating and there is no button rattle whatsoever. The two removable side panels can be told apart by the cutout section in one exposing the smoked coloured squonk bottle, moving to the base we have plenty of branding and venting. Moving up top we have a strange shaped 510 plate with a spring loaded quite stiff 510. The 510 is to one side rather than central to keep the height of the device down and this choice i feel will divide opinion between those that want the device as small as possible and those that like to fit large atty's, we also have "DYADIC" printed on top of the device. The device is curved front and back and both sides giving it a rounded ergonomic form, the position of the fire button and symmetrical design means it's comfortable to hold and fire in either hand with either the thumb or finger. ___________________________________________________________________ Dyadic Features: Industry-leading inner chip, has an instant fire speed of 0.0001s Regulated mod that’s able to fire down to 0.05ohm. So it supports your pro-level dual coil setup Featuring an easy-to-loosen connector design, there’re no more stuck-on-mod tragedies With dual 18650 battery setup, it works longer and outputs steadier Side-filling 8.5ml squonk bottle, on-mod refilling becomes more convenient Whether you prefer left hand or right hand, it’s both super easy to operate Velvet rubber coating surface, plus solid and clicky buttons Dyadic Specifications: Dimensions: 82.4mm*61mm*37.3mm Display: TFT 0.96inch colour screen Body Material: zinc alloy + velvet rubber coating Battery Type: dual 18650 battery (not included) Working Voltage: 6.6-8.4V Wattage Range: 5-200W Resistance Range: 0.05-3.0ohm Max Charging Current: 1800mA±150mA Squonk Bottle Capacity: 8.5ml Connector Threading: 510 thread Working Modes: STANDARD/ POWERFUL/ POWERFUL+ Colours: Black, Silver, Gunmetal, Blue, Red ___________________________________________________________________ The Panels Both side panels come free with a tug but are very secure and are not going to come free by accident. Each panel has protruding notches with round indents both inner sides top and bottom. On the device with a panel removed we have spring loaded ball bearings top and bottom both front and back which fasten inside the indents of the panel when pressed in place. The design is very simple but seems durable and makes for a very secure movement free fit while removing and the putting the panels back in place can be done very quickly. ___________________________________________________________________ Fitting The Squonk Bottle we have the squonk bottle pre-installed but this is fitted in the standard way of having a protruding tube that feeds into the bottle fitting over the pipe in the device so it can be pulled free very easily for cleaning and maintenance purposes. We also receive a spare bottle and tubing but without a spare lid with fill bung which is a bit shabby. The next section is about the side-fill and really filling in the traditional way of removing the bottle and unscrewing the lid to fill isn't a good idea. Fitting the large capacity silicone bottle is a tight squeeze so once filled there is no way it can be fitted back into place without constantly putting pressure on the bottle which will cause e-liquid to come out the 510 making a mess, even with an atty in place there will just be too much liquid coming through the 510 for it not to end in tears. Another thing i like about the bottle being quite a standard bottle but then a side-fill system being fitted to the lid is the bottle will fit many other squonk devices allowing you to take advantage of the side-fill method. ___________________________________________________________________ Filling I do like the fill method a lot, just pull the side panel free, remove the bung that's on the side of the bottle's lid (the bung stays attached) and fill through the side fill port, i also like the 8.5ml capacity. filling the Dyadic can be both quick and mess free but certain steps need to be taken because if you overfill like i did once, what a mess i made! First you do need to tilt the device to fill more easily and quickly but the most important thing is being in good enough light you can see the juice level. These smokey or charcoal coloured silicone bottles are very common because they are aesthetically pleasing and the juice level can be seen by where we have juice it's a darker shade but in certain light it can be hard to see the darker and lighter shades. So as i mentioned if you do overfill it's going to be very messy but if you have the patience just to make sure you have a good enough light source to see the juice level then happy days as you should be able to fill both quickly and mess free. ___________________________________________________________________ The Chip and 510 I don't know what chip is being utilised in the device but it does point out in the marketing it's an industry leading chip and can fire down to 0.05ohms (not for me but it can if that appeals to you) it also claims a 0.0001s firing speed. Also in the marketing it points out it has an "Easy-to-loosen connector design ensures no more stuck-on-mod trouble". The plate is more of a rectangular design and must admit atty's screw on and off with no bother but then i find this with most mods and can't say i'm noticing anything special going on! ___________________________________________________________________ Fitting The Batteries The dual 18650 batteries rather than fitted side by side get fitted with one set back from the other, also with the space saving design both the battery and squonk bottle panels need removing for full access which is a small thing but a minor con. I've already described how the panels fit in place and a big pro for that but yet again battery orientation is Black on Black which bugs me, we do have a battery ribbon fitted for easy removal. ___________________________________________________________________ The display I love the display, it's big, clear, bright, uncluttered and has everything in large and medium sized fonts, i also like they haven't gone over the top on the use of colour maintaining a classy look. At the top we have the mode Standard, Powerful or Powerful+, underneath this in very large font we have the wattage. Underneath the wattage to the right we have "W" and then moving to a central orientation we have resistance followed by voltage. Finally we have two horizontal elongated battery status bars at the bottom of the display. ___________________________________________________________________ Navigating The Dyadic The device has been designed to be simple and user friendly which will be to many vapers liking while others will wish it had more features. The device is the usual 5 clicks of the fire button to turn on and 5 clicks to turn off and once on we have just one combination key press feature which is both navigational buttons together locks and unlocks the whole device, when locked the device can't fire. The device is power mode only but you can choose between Standard, Powerful or powerful+, pressing the fire button and up together changes the setting with Powerful giving an extra 5W of power for the first 2 seconds of your vape and Powerful+ giving an extra 10W of power for the same duration. Although the Dyadic has a colour screen, colour is used very little with just the mode and "W" for wattage being in colour, when in Standard mode these items are Green, they are orange when using Powerful and when in Powerful+ mode they are Red. The wattage scrolls in 1W increments which i like and scrolls at a nice speed, not too slow but not too fast that you overshoot the target wattage by much (it doesn't round robin), of course it also has all the usual safety protections. ___________________________________________________________________ Protections: Automatic Atomizer Recognition Low Resistance Protection Low Voltage Protection Overheating Protection Short Circuit Protection 10s Auto Cutoff Protection ___________________________________________________________________ How It Performed And Thoughts! The first thing to point out is i do not have access to data so whether this achieves the full 200W (doubtful) it certainly seemed very accurate at all the wattage's i vaped at. The large fire button is in a comfortable position and needs a firm press which i like. The device fires instantly and hit's set wattage with no delay and i really didn't have any use for the Powerful and Powerful+ modes as i was happy enough with it's impressive ramp up but for those that like a bit more wattage at the beginning of your vape you have that option. The display is very nice and even those with eyesight which is not the best should have no worries reading everything on the screen. The old school BF system works reliably and after learning the lesson to make sure the light is good enough to see the juice level i was able to fill the bottle quickly and mess free, i also like the 8.5ml capacity. The device is very ergonomic with nice rubberised feel and i didn't find it too bulky for out and about unlike most dual battery squonk devices. Needing to remove both panels to change the batteries is a small con but the panels pull off and can be put back on very quickly with no hassles. Obviously not suitable for TC users or those that prefer feature rich devices but for those looking for a simple dual battery 18650 BF device who just prefer dialing in the wattage and vaping then this is well worth considering. The specs has the charging rate of 1800mA±150mA so just over 1.5A or just under 2A depending on if you are a glass half empty or half full person but anyway although i don't recommend charging batteries in the device it's going to charge quickly but again wish it had Type C USB. I both like the compact form and short height of the device but wish it had a centred 510 allowing for large atty's, unfortunately the design doesn't allow for both and the goals of the device was to have a simple to use compact device so any atty over 25mm will overhang. Finally with the device being so simple i did expect really good battery life but am finding it about par compared to other dual 18650 devices. ___________________________________________________________________ Likes Excellent build quality No Rattles or movement whatsoever Velvety Rubberised durable coating Unique look (as far as i am aware) Aesthetically pleasing (subjective) 5 Colour options Compact Very ergonomic Fire very comfortably with either hand and with either finger or thumb Bottle can be removed easily for cleaning and maintenance Side-Fill design 8.5ml Capacity Fill quickly and mess free (as long as care is taken) Bottle can be used in other BF devices taking advantage of fill method Panels fit very securely, can also be removed and put back in place very quickly Simple power only device Standard, Powerful and Powerful+ modes Large Clear Display with large font usage BF system works reliably High Performance Fires instantly with instant ramp up Firm large fire button Quick charging Cons Need good light to see juice level Both panels need removing to install/remove batteries 510 to the side (atty's over 25mm will overhang) Not suitable for TC users or those that like feature rich devices No reason if care's taken not to fill mess free, but if you overfill it's very messy Not type C USB Spare bottle has no lid Black on Black labelled battery orientation I would once again like to thank Antonio from Wotofo for supplying the Dyadic Squonk Mod for the purpose of this review. ___________________________________________________________________
  13. Hi Vapor Talk members, In this review i take a look at the Aegis Boost 40W Pod Mod Kit 1500mAh from Geekvape. The Aegis Boost 40W Pod Mod Kit was supplied for the purpose of this review by Clay from Geekvape. Introduction Geekvape march on with their range of IP67 Aegis devices and the Aegis Squonk device is quickly followed by them entering the Pod Mod arena with the Aegis Boost. The Cartridge/Pod accommodates different replaceable Mesh coils which are supposed to be for MTL and DL vaping as well as an RBA cartridge/pod also becoming available. The Aegis boost has an in-built 1500mAh battery and allows for wattage adjustment between 5-40W, the light yet durable Boost boasts adjustable airflow and comes in both 2ml and 3.7ml editions. Coming in 5 different colour options let's give the most Mod looking Pod device a good look! ___________________________________________________________________ In The Box Contents: 1 x GeekVape Aegis Boost Pod Mod Kit 0.4ohm KA1 Mesh Coil/3.7ml (2ml TPD) 1 x 0.6ohm KA1 Mesh Coil 1 x USB Cable 1 X Drip tip 1 x Coil tool 1 x User Manual 1 x Warranty Card ___________________________________________________________________ Aesthetics and Ergonomics The Aegis Boost Kit came in Black Geekvape sample cardboard box packaging and on opening i was met by the most standard mod looking pod device yet. If it wasn't for the cartridge/Pod fitted to the top of the device it pretty much looks like one of the smaller Aegis devices like the Mini or Solo. The device has the same busy look made of Zinc Alloy, Army grade Silicone and Leather, as usual the colour version is determined by what colour the ever present bracket is. I received the Gunmetal version, the colour options are Space Black, Devil Red, Almighty Blue, Aura Glow and Gunmetal, the protruding pod is darkly tinted and the mouthpiece/drip tip has a protective cap. The light weight of the device, curved spine and light switch style fire button makes it a very ergonomic device. The Aegis Boost has the same impressive build quality as the other devices in the Aegis family and boasts the same IP67 rating. ___________________________________________________________________ Boost Specs and Features: Dimensions: 106.8 x 39.2 x 27.7mm Material: Zinc-Alloy, Leather and Silicone Battery Capacity: 1500mAh Wattage Output Range: 5-40W Voltage Input Range: 3.0-4.25V Voltage Output Range: 1.0-6.0V Resistance range: 0.2ohm/3ohm Firing Speed: 0.08s Max Power: 40W Coil: MESH Coil Resistance: 0.6ohm & 0.4ohm Charging: Micro USB port Charging Current: 5V/1.5A Refill Method: easy access top filling Airflow: easy access airflow valve Powered by a built-in 1500mAh battery for long enjoyment 2/3.7ml large e-juice capacity for a continuous vaping experience Portable size with elegant and minimalist design Perfectly compatible with Pod and RDTA With two coils designed for MTL and DTL vaping experience Stain-resistant, corrosion-resistant and tear-resistant Multiple protections Colours: Space Black, Devil Red, Almighty Blue, Aura Glow, Gunmetal ___________________________________________________________________ The Pod/Cartridge The pod is darkly tinted and although i usually don't take issue with tinted pods as long as the juice level can be easily seen this pod is just too dark and i needed to hold it up to a good light source to see the liquid inside. The pods capacity is 3.7ml (2ml TPD version) and accommodates replaceable coil heads that get press fitted into place. On the pod we have removable drip tip/mouthpiece and a fill port which is accessible without removing the pod from the device. We also have adjustable airflow in the form of a wheel which is a big pro. On the lower rear of the pod we have a textured catch and above it says "PUSH" this needs pressing to release the pod from the device. ___________________________________________________________________ Fitting The Pod Looking inside the pods bay and to the rear we can see the notch for the catch to fasten into place, we can also see the Gold plated, spring loaded central positive and outer negative contacts. We also have 3 venting pads with membrane seal underneath, just in case. You fit the pod front first and then press the rear of the pod down and it loudly clicks into place, the catch is sturdy and the pod fits very securely with no play whatsoever, cracking job! ___________________________________________________________________ The Drip Tips / Mouthpieces When you receive the device the pods drip tip has a plastic cover which is securely fitted, once removed we have quite a large drip tip that can be removed to fit the included more rounded drip tip. The drip tips are a proprietary fit and the pre-installed larger one is supposed to be for use with the 0.4ohm coil for DL and the rounded drip tip for use with the 0.6ohm coil for more of a MTL style. Really both drip tips have a bore suited for restricted direct lung or very loose MTL so you can use whichever one you find most comfortable, which coil you are using really doesn't matter. Both drip tips rotate while in use which can be annoying although with the rounded drip tip it doesn't really matter as much. They are not very loose more of a slight annoyance and hopefully they will be made to not rotate before the retail version is released. ___________________________________________________________________ Airflow Control I have heard some samples have a very loose airflow adjustment wheel making it feel flimsy but mine has quite a stiff tolerance in fact if it was any tighter it would be a con. I did today before i started writing the review hit Youtube and fast forward reviews to where they were talking about the airflow wheel and it does seem some are loose while others like mine are fine so hopefully this is just lack of QC with sample versions which quite often is the case that the retail versions are much more consistent. The Wheel is on the front of the pod/cartridge and we have texture to the edging. The airflow slot is kidney shaped like we see as fill ports on tanks and you can get access to the top of the wheel where the texturing gives good grip to adjust the airflow. The air goes through the slot and downwards before travelling through the base of the pod to the openings on the lower sides of your coil head, it seems quite a leak resistant design. ___________________________________________________________________ Filling The filling i found a bit of an issue despite the fact i decant into a bottle that even works mess free with pods with small ports usually. On the lower slanted front part of the pod/cartridge we have a large bung with flap, as long as you haven't just cut your nails getting hold of the flap and pulling the bung free isn't much of a problem but it's a bit tricky to get the bung back into place, once in place though it gives a very good seal. The port is quite large but despite this good luck with getting the pod filled without some escaping e-liquid as the e-liquid is constantly backing up however slow you take it or even if using a thin nozzle, the placement of the fill port for the shape of the pod is far from perfect, on the up side once filled i had no leaking issues during the entire time testing the device. I used a thin bottle but if you were to use chubby Gorilla bottles the drip tip would get in the way so you would need to remove to fill more easily. ___________________________________________________________________ The Coils The Boost comes with 2 different coils which you simply press fit into place, i had no problem when it came to removing a coil but if you do find it's a bit tight you receive a tool to help. The coil heads are the coils with fitted base style and on the base full specs are given which is a big pro. From the outside both coils look the same being the same size and both having Orange o-rings. To tell them apart the 0.4ohm coil has slightly bigger wicking channels and slightly wider inner bore, of course the other way is by reading the specs on the base. Pre-installed we have a KA1 Mesh 0.4ohm rated between 35-33W and the other included coil head is a KA1 Mesh 0.6ohm rated between 15-25W. Also their is going to be an RBA pod available which i haven't got but from a couple of videos i have seen looks very promising. ___________________________________________________________________ IP67 Rating Not the pod/cartridge but the Aegis Boost device has the same IP67 rating as the other Aegis devices. We do have quite a bit of venting on the device but it all has a membrane seal underneath so only in the unlikely event of there being a problem the membranes will break and the device will vent. ___________________________________________________________________ The Display Compared to some of the recent Pod Mod devices that have aesthetically pleasing colour displays i find the Boosts display very basic and a little disappointing. The screen is small and other than the wattage the other information is in a tiny font that is hard to see unless you have very good eyesight. Top left we have the puff counter and then top right the resistance of your coil. We then have a horizontal line with the rest of the information underneath. Below the line to the left we have the battery status bar in an upright position then the wattage takes up the rest of the display. ___________________________________________________________________ Navigating The Boost The Boost is the usual 5 clicks of the fire button to turn on and 5 clicks to turn off and once on the wattage can be adjusted in 0.5W increments from 5-40W using the navigational buttons. Really not a lot else going on, holding down the navigational rocker (so both up and down) will lock and unlock the device but when the device is locked it will still fire. Finally holding down and fire together will reset the puff counter, the boost also has all the usual safety protections you would expect from a regulated device. ___________________________________________________________________ Protections Over-Temperature Protection Over-Current Protection Short Circuit Protection Over-Discharge Protection Over-Charge Protection ___________________________________________________________________ Charging To charge first you need to locate the plug on the side of the device and pull out, once pulled out it stays attached to the device. First thing i noticed was it was a Standard micro USB port which surprised me as i was really expecting a Type C which really should now be the standard. The charge rate is claimed at 1.5A so with the 1500mAh battery i was expecting about an hour charge time but it can't be charging at much above 1A as the Boost took nearly 1.5 hours to fully charge, but it does support pass-through so you can vape while it's charging. ___________________________________________________________________ How It Vapes And Thoughts! The Aegis boost does have cons for me but most are minor and the majority will probably be put right on the retail version as Geekvape do tend to take note of issues brought up in reviews and try to address them before releasing the final version. One thing that will not change is the small very basic display with small font, out of all the latest "Pod Mods" i find the one on the boost the least appealing. Another issue which again isn't a deal breaker is how awkward it is to fill, i like the fact the pod can be refilled without removing it from the device but i would like it to be mess free instead of the use of a tissue always being needed. The last more major issue for me is the pod is just too dark and very difficult to see your juice level. The more minor issues is the rotating movement of the drip tips and although mine was fine they need to make sure the airflow adjustment wheel is not loose. Despite that seeming like quite a list of issues i love this device even if i'm thinking if Pod Mods get any more Mod like you might as well just get rid of the pod add a 510 connection and fit an external charging battery. I'm finding the draw on this fantastic as it's right up my street and while the 0.4ohm coil gives slightly more restriction it really is very slight and both coils vape very similar just with the 0.4ohm better at just slightly higher wattage and looser draw but both can be vaped pretty much however you want to set the airflow as this really isn't a genuine MTL option. To be a little more specific with airflow fully open the 0.4ohm gives a medium restrictive draw while the 0.6ohm coil gives a slightly more restrictive draw, you can then use the airflow adjustment to restrict the draw more and it gives a nice loose MTL with both coils, you can close the airflow right down to barely open to get a tighter MTL but the bores of the coils are not suited and vape quality starts to suffer. As for wattage depending how i had the airflow i was at 22W-27W with the 0.4ohm coil and 15W-20W with the o.6ohm coil. The Aegis Boost is one of the better pod/AIO devices when it comes to battery life but like all these devices if it's your main device it's going to need charging at least once a day, at the end of the day 1500mAh is only about half the life of a single 18650 device and at 20W+ vaping it doesn't take that many puffs before you need to charge, still it's comparable so good battery life all things being fair. 1.5 hours to charge for the device is par but when i read the claimed 1.5A i was hoping for around an hour also devices now should really be coming with type C USB, it does support vape while charging though. Finally the flavour with both coils straight off the bat is very good. The flavour from the latest pod mods the Vinci, RPM and now the Boost all are giving flavour we wouldn't think would be possible from a pod/cartridge not long ago. I received the boost towards the end of October so have been testing it for 5 weeks although that has been on and off while testing other products and both the included coils which i have used pretty much evenly are still giving plenty of flavour even if they have just gone past their best so no issues with longevity. ___________________________________________________________________ Likes Build Quality as good as other Aegis devices Aesthetically pleasing (subjective) One of the most ergonomic devices i have used Device has IP67 rating Plenty of colour options 3.7ml Capacity Adjustable airflow Replaceable coils Removable drip tips (2 different ones included) Various restrictive direct lung and loose MTL draws Both coils gave really nice flavour Both coils gave good restrictive direct lung and loose MTL draws Both coils gave good longevity Full specs on coil base Experienced no leaking Pod fits into device very securely RBA pod available (and looks promising) Simple device to use Adjusts in 0.5W increments (does round robin) Good battery life (comparible) Charging time 1.5 hours (par) Supports vape while charging Cons Darkly tinted pod (hard to see juice level) Awkward to fill (not mess free) Display very basic Drip tips rotate during use (hopefully won't be the case with retail version) Drip tip fitting proprietary Not genuine MTL option Not Type C USB Charge rate i found to be around 1A not 1.5A I would once again like to thank Clay from Geekvape for supplying the Aegis Boost 40W Pod Mod Kit for the purpose of this review. ___________________________________________________________________
  14. Hi Vapor Talk members, In this review i take a look at the Vaporesso GEN 220W TC Kit with SKRR-S. The GEN 220W TC Kit with SKRR-S was supplied for the purpose of this review by Jessica from Vaporesso. Introduction The Gen both as a mod only or in kit form including the SKRR-S Tank has been around for about 5 months now but i received mine a few weeks ago as new colours were released. The Gen introduces the new Vaporesso chipset called the Axon which delivers the same performance much loved by many vapers as their Omni Chipset while adding extra features such as Pulse Mode and Smart TC. The Gen generated a lot of hype but since it's released as been met with the sort of enthusiasm that suggests it lives up to that hype so i was really looking forward to finding out for myself! ___________________________________________________________________ In The Box Contents: 1 x Vaporesso GEN MOD 1 x SKRR-S (8ml) (TPD 2ml version available) 1 x QF Strips Coil 0.15ohm 1 x QF Meshed Coil 0.2ohm(Pre-installed) 1 x Replacement Glass Tube 1 x Silicone Case 1 x O-Ring 1 x USB Cable 1 x User Guide 1 x Warranty Card ___________________________________________________________________ Aesthetics and Ergonomics The Gen Kit came in the usual style of cardboard packaging that Vaporesso products come in with both the Gen device and SKRR-S in the top tray and other accessories below. on opening i was surprised how big the device is which for me is a con but not as much of a con as i thought it would be as it's so light, is curved front and back and has a really nice textured rubberised grippy feel actually making it very ergonomic despite it's size. I have the Black Purple version which is one of the new colours, the options are Gold, Black Green, Black Purple, Black Red, Black Blue, Black and Silver, I love how the Black starting at the bottom fuses into the main colour on the two toned devices. Despite their being 4 different SKRR-S colour options all versions come with a Black tank apart from the Silver and Gold versions which come with a Silver tank. We have matching Rose Gold fire button and 510 plate which looks aesthetically pleasing but also wish the navigational and mode buttons were also Rose Gold to match instead of being the colour of choice which looks a bit odd being in a different colour. The face of the device has the mentioned round protruding fire button towards the top and towards the bottom a vertical row of 3 smaller protruding which are the two navigational buttons with the mode button between. Right at the bottom of the face is the micro USB port which disappointingly isn't type C and between the fire and smaller buttons we have the screen. One side of the device has "Vaporeso" printed centrally while central bottom of the other removable side we have the Vaporesso logo, both again are in Rose Gold. Moving to the base we have venting and a notch to help remove the battery side panel, also again in Rose Gold we have branding and Safety stamps. Moving up top we have a central Rose Gold coloured 510 plate which is raised just enough to protect the device's surface while not giving visible gaping, the 510 is Gold plated and spring loaded with a medium throw. The device feels nice, looks nice and is very well made with what seems a very durable finish. ___________________________________________________________________ SKRR-S Specs and Features: Size: 30mm(D) (27mm TPD Version) x 56mm(H) Capacity: 8ml (2ml TPD) Coil: QF Meshed 0.2om, QF Strip 0.15ohm Drip Tip: 810 Improved secondary air flow distribution for richer flavor Easy top screw-up refill design Bullet-shaped coil preventing spit back Advanced QF coil with improved coil structure Widely compatible with GT coils 8ml large e-juice capacity Thread: 510 Colours: Black, Silver, Bronze, Rainbow ___________________________________________________________________ Assembling And Disassembling The SKRR-S The SKRR-S differs to the standard SKRR tank by having a more standard screw on Top-cap along with a standard 810 drip tip and no locking system. These changes makes it a simple subohm tank and separates into it's various parts very easily. Unscrew the base with coil then you can wiggle the glass free, the SKRR-S goes back together with the same ease. The standard version has a 8ml capacity thanks to a bubble glass and you also get a 5ml straight glass included, the TPD version comes with just a pre-installed 2ml glass and no spare. ___________________________________________________________________ The Coils The SKRR-S uses the same QF coils as it's bigger brother and you receive 2 of the new QF coils with the kit. Unfortunately you don't receive the new SK CCELL which uses SS wire which is disappointing as one of the features of the Gen device is Smart TC. The coils you receive are the pre-installed QF 0.20ohm mesh coil and also included is the QF 0.15 strip coil . Both included coils have identical recommendations of 50w to 80w with best at ratings of 65w to 75w, the coils use a Flax Fiber and Cotton mix for their wicking material. The coils have a hollow cone fitted centrally inside them which is sealed around the bottom essentially creating a juice well. Normally with a stock coil head all that stands in the way between the tank of liquid and the hollow in the centre of the coil head which leads straight into the base and then your airflow slots is the wicking material and wire, mesh, etc hence leaking has always been an issue with bottom airflow tanks, in fact even tanks referred to as "they don't have a leaking issue" just means the leaking isn't that bad. This is quite a simple idea but very clever, instead of the surplus liquid caused by over saturation and changes in temperature going down into the base and eventually out the airflow slots it just gathers in the well around the bottom of the cone, when you vape as well as re-wicking from the normal wicking ports on the coil head it also wicks from this well essentially recycling the liquid we would normally end up getting on our devices. The vast majority of manufacturers if they had come up with this idea would be claiming it's a leakproof system so you have to hand it to Vaporesso that they refer to it has leak reduction. The reason why some liquid can still potentially go into the base is because you still have the air entering the coil head through the sides of the cone and another cause of liquid getting into the base is spitting, all coils will spit occasionally it's just with stock coils we don't notice because it spits from the sides of the coil head to the centre hollow of the coil so we don't feel the spitting on our lips. Although some spits will just hit the metal on the cone and work its way down to the already mentioned juice well some spits will go through the air openings on the cone and down into the base, but that's a hell of a lot of spitting you would need before liquid would escape through the airflow slots. Happy Days! ___________________________________________________________________ The Airflow This will be a short section as the cone has already been explained. The SKRR-S like the SKRR has tri cyclops with stoppers, the air when entering the tank instead of doing so through the hollow of your coil head enters the hollow of the already explained cone which is fixed into the hollow of your coil head. Halfway up this cone we have 4 cutouts all the same size evenly spaced around the cone which allows the air to enter the coil head, this is called the Quadflow air distribution system, which is claimed reduces leaking and spitback but also eliminates cold air intake giving a warmer richer flavour (not my words). ___________________________________________________________________ Gen Specs and Features: Dimensions: 93.5 x 53 x 27mm Display: 0.91' OLED screen Battery: 2x18650 (Not Included) Power Range: 5-220W Charge current : 2.5A Resistance Range: 0.03~5Ω All-new Axon chipset 2.5A fast charging system powerful 220W Power ECO mode and DIY mode Innovative PULSE mode and SMART TC mode Thread: 510 Colours: Gold, Black Green, Black Purple, Black Red, Black Blue, Black, Silver ___________________________________________________________________ Fitting The Batteries The Gen accommodates dual 18650 batteries and we have the inclusion of a battery ribbon for easy removal. The side panel can be removed by getting your fingernail into the little notch on the base and once removed we can see it's secured by large magnets top and bottom. Once again battery orientation is marked Black on Black which i just don't like, this needs to be more visible but other than that no complaints. The panel fits in place very securely and on the device i received i have absolutely no play of any kind, good job! ___________________________________________________________________ The Display We have a real contradiction with the Gen being such a feature rich innovative device yet as a very basic Old School style screen which still appeals to many and i believe this is quite deliberate as it makes the whole device less overwhelming and quite easy to navigate. The screen is bright and sharp and the brightness can be adjusted. Top left we have a single battery bar (wish we had one for each battery) and also within the battery status bar we have the remaining charge given as a percentage. Underneath the battery bar we have the resistance and then below that the time of your vape. Central and taking up most of the display we have the wattage, temperature or voltage depending which mode you are in and then top right we have the mode. ___________________________________________________________________ Navigating The Gen The Gen is the usual 5 clicks of the fire button to turn on and 5 clicks to turn off and once on 3 clicks of the fire button locks and unlocks the navigational and mode buttons but when locked the device will still fire. Holding down both the mode and fire buttons together brings up an information screen giving serial number and firmware version. The menu is very old school giving a row of icons which when you try to carry on scrolling past the last one displayed if there are any more in that section then the others appear on the screen, the last icon is always exit and also having a mode button the whole system is easy to navigate even if sounding complicated when i try to explain it. To enter the menu you can either long press the mode button or click it 3 times and it brings up the following options, Pulse mode, Power Eco, Smart TC, DIY Mode, System Set and Exit. Choosing either Pulse mode, Power Eco or Smart TC takes you to that working screen and i will go through these features later. Choosing DIY Mode brings up the following options Variable wattage, Variable Temperature, Variable Voltage, Custom Wattage Curve, Bypass, Super Player Mode and Exit. Curves, Variable Voltage and Bypass are all straightforward and Super player mode is a feature that Vaporesso have included for a while now where it allows you to fire down to 0.05ohm and something i really don't care for. Choosing Variable Wattage gives you the choice of Normal, Soft or Hard pre-heats and Variable Temperature first allows you to choose your wire type and then allows you to alter the TCR, set wattage for temp control and lock resistance. The Final option in the main menu is System Settings which allows you to reset your puff counter, set vape time allowed, adjust brightness, turn smart wattage on or off, flip the screen, turn automatic eco on or off, set device to default and finally bring up the same information screen that can be accessed with the mode and fire button together from the working screen. The device adjust in 0.1W increments up to 100W and then switches to 1W increments up to 220W, holding the navigational button down will adjust in 1W increments from 5W to 220W and at a speed of knots but it doesn't round robin. ___________________________________________________________________ The New Modes I do find the fact the device by default is in Pulse mode and the first tier of the menu system is the three new modes and to use the standard Wattage, Temperature modes etc are further within the menu system a little strange. I do understand why it's been done this way as Vaporesso are showing faith in these new features and trying to push them but i still thing it should of been done the other way around. ___________________________________________________________________ Pulse Mode The idea of Pulse Mode is to give you more consistent power so instead of your initial fire which once it hits set wattage can dip in Pulse mode it's continuously firing every 0.02 seconds up to 500 times in one vape giving consistent power. ___________________________________________________________________ Power Eco Mode One thing i have noticed with the Gen is it's not very efficient and ploughs through battery life. I initially thought it was just pulse mode but then i spent most of my time using Smart TC and again it was not friendly on the batteries so finally tried using the more standard modes and it just appears not to be very efficient. When in Power Eco Mode it optimises your settings despite that you are still setting the settings, if you are in other modes it will also ask if you want the device to use Eco Mode when the battery life gets down to 40%. Why when it sill uses your settings does it become so much more efficient and why not efficient in the first place? I can only go by my experience using the device which say's complete gimmick as i noticed no better battery life whatsoever. ___________________________________________________________________ Smart TC When using Smart TC and you first attach your atomizer it fires the atomizer for a micro second and scans the information. It recognises wire type and ohms extra and automatically gives the best TC settings for that coil. When using Pulse mode it also fires and scans the atomiser and if it's a TC coil asks if you want to use Smart TC, likewise if you have the device in Smart TC mode and the atomizer you attach doesn't have a TC compatible coil it will jump the device out of Smart TC and into Pulse Mode. I absolutely love this mode and have been using it the vast majority of time while testing the device. ___________________________________________________________________ Charging I don't ever personally recommend charging external batteries in a device but with Vaporesso claiming 2.5A charging which will fully charge the batteries in 60 minutes this needed testing. The results i found were very disappointing as it barely at any point of charging got much above 1.5A and the batteries in the device took about 2.5 hours to charge. Good feedback is given while charging though telling you the percentage charge and charge time remaining for each battery. (REALLY????) ___________________________________________________________________ My Experience Using The Gen Kit To start with i will cover the SKRR-S tank as in the past i have used the SKRR-S, the SKRR-S Mini and the SKRR and they all use the same coils and vape pretty much the same apart from the SKRR giving a tonne more air. I much prefer RTA's and wanted to test the Smart TC so didn't on this occasion use the SKRR-S but from past experience can tell you it's leak resistance works well, both coils give really good flavour and smooth airflow and the standard version with installed bubble glass gives a whopping 8ml capacity. The threading is a touch crunchy on the top-cap but other than that it's a very good sub-ohm tank with the bonus of also being compatible with Baby beast coils which means a lot of mainstream coils will fit. The star of the show is the Gen with many quoting "best mod of the year" and it's definitely in the running. I like the Pulse Mode idea and indeed it did give a very consistent vape with no drop in power but then the Omni chipset i always found did that in normal power mode so i did also compare to the normal variable wattage mode on the device and although this is not a con for the Pulse mode but more of a plus for the chip in general i could tell absolutely no difference between pulse mode and normal wattage. The main con for the device is battery life giving below average vape time and having an Eco Mode sounds great in theory but i found it made little if any difference. Another con is the claimed charge rate and charge time, maybe it's a fault with my device but as mentioned in the review it charged at around 1.5A and took over 2.5 hours to charge which is miles away from what is claimed. All the usual modes worked great including curves and having variable voltage is another plus, i didn't use the normal TC but absolutely love the Smart TC mode which worked great for me and allows vapers to vape in TC without having to set anything. I also love the looks and feel of the device and it's lightweight allows it to be a good out and about device despite it's large size which is a con for me. It's central 510 position (most will love this) will allow up to 26mm atty's without overhang. All the buttons including the fire button are nice and clicky and it fires in an instant with great ramp up whichever mode you use. Finally the Gen is fully firmware upgradeable. ___________________________________________________________________ Likes Good build quality Grippy textured rubber finish Finish seems very durable Ergonomic despite size High powered 7 Colour options Lightweight Old school, sharp bright display Easy to navigate Battery status shown both as a bar and as a percentage Mode Button Feature rich Variable Wattage, Voltage, TC, Bypass, SP Mode and Wattage Curve. Pulse Mode Power Eco Mode (not convinced) Smart TC (Loved using this mode) Performed excellently Battery panel fits very securely Battery Ribbon Up to 26mm atty's without overhang Firmware Upgradeable SKRR-S Very good inclusion with huge capacity (standard version) and mainstream coils compatible Cons Battery life below average Power Eco Mode does little from what i experience to improve battery life Claimed Charge Rate and Charge time nowhere near what i experienced Very large dual 18650 device Black on Black battery orientation SKRR-S threading a little crunchy I would once again like to thank Jessica from Vaporesso for supplying the GEN 220W TC Kit with SKRR-S for the purpose of this review. ___________________________________________________________________
  15. Hi Vapor Talk members, In this review i take a look at the Gather RDA/RDTA from Ultroner. The Gather RDA/RDTA was supplied for the purpose of this review by Linky from Sacowin, Ultroner's Marketing Company. Introduction Ultroner are part of the Sacowin family which also includes Cool Vapor, DJV and SXK. The Utroner Brand are best known for their affordable stabwood devices and long standing partnership with Asmodus which has for now come to an end. Ultroner have been very busy recently releasing a number of products and here we have something they haven't released for a while an Atomizer. The Gather is a single coil MTL/RDTL RDA/RDTA Hybrid which can be used with standard or BF pins in either Format. With airflow from one outer side airflow slot it relies on the use of inserts for adjustability. The Gather is a busy looking Atomiser comprising of Stainless Steel, Ultem and their signature stabwood. With filling either achieved via the use of the fill valve on the deck or Squonking using the BF pin it's very versatile making this little beauty well worth a look! ___________________________________________________________________ Information The Best I Can Do I first posted pictures of the Gather on one forum a couple of weeks ago but at the time of starting writing this review i can't find it on either Ultroner's or Sacowin's websites and a Google search brought up no results. So as far as technical Specifications and available colours Blah Blah, I have simply measured and listed content etc and gave whatever information i can. If future online content shows anything i have put is incorrect i apologise in advance but everything seems in order. I am just extremely early on this one which makes a change as i'm quite often very late to the party when hangovers for most have already set in! ___________________________________________________________________ In The Box Contents: Gather Deck with Standard Pin Sleeve/Top-cap with 510 Ultem drip tip Pipe Extension Base Ultem Tube BF Pin Standard pin Extension BF Pin Extension Peek For Extension Pins 3 Airflow Inserts Spare Post Screws Spare O-rings 2 Round Wire MTL Coils (no specs) Beauty Ring With Loop 2 Hexagonal Wrenches User Manual ___________________________________________________________________ Aesthetics The Gather came in Black draw style cardboard packaging, the box was plain apart from a fancy design and "Gather" both in Gold on the front of the box. The RDA/RDTA comes disassembled with each part having it's own compartment and spares etc placed in a plastic tubular container. i will describe it once assembled as an RDTA when in RDA mode the Ultem tube and extension pipe is removed. Up top we have an Ultem 510 drip tip which fits to the flat top surface of the sleeve/top-cap. The Sleeve/top-cap is one piece for performance purposes but the Stabwood section is held in place by 2 notches and an o-ring so can be removed for cleaning purposes, made of Stainless steel with the mentioned gorgeous stabwood section towards the top gives the Gather quite a unique look. The sleeve has an airflow slot one side and some sort of writing (in signature form) the other in Silver. Really not sure what it says but a little confused as it isn't "Gather" the name of the atty, and we also have "1" ringed. The colours of the stabwood section will be unique to each atty and the sleeve and base section of the one i received is Black, whether their are other colour options i have no idea. We then have a Ultem tube tank section followed by the disc base. The base has Silver branding and serial number. The build quality is excellent and in my opinion it's one very nice looking atty but of course that's entirely subjective. ___________________________________________________________________ Gather Specs and Features: Diameter: 22mm Height: 35mm Capacity: 2ml Materials: Stainless Steel/Ultem/Stabwood Single Coil RDA/RDTA Modes Standard or BF Modes (both RDA/RDTA) Filling Valve Top-Fill on deck/BF pin One Sided Airflow Airflow: Bottom/Lower Side by use of Inserts Thread: 510 Colours: ? Stabwood Top Section Unique ___________________________________________________________________ What You Receive? You receive the Stainless Steel sleeve/top-cap which has a gorgeous stabwood section at the top, pre-installed is a removable Ultem 510 so you can also use your own if you prefer. You then receive the deck section which comes pre-installed with standard solid pin (a standard BF pin is also included). Next we have the base disc, the very thick Ultem Tube (nice) and extension tube with extended 510 threading. We also receive standard and BF extension 510 pins for when in RDTA mode and a peek insulator for when using the extension pins. Also included is the Usual spare grub screws and o-rings as well as 2 different sized hexagonal wrenches. Next we have 3 different Ultem airflow inserts and 2 Round wire MTL coils but no specs are given (as explained i actually have no specs on anything). Finally we receive a beauty ring with a loop to fit a lanyard which i can only see being of use when using with a 18350 tube mod but a nice inclusion anyway. ___________________________________________________________________ RDA/RDTA The deck comes pre-installed with a standard pin and to use the Gather as a standard RDA simply screw the base onto the 510 threading and the sleeve/top-cap get's used in the usual manner. To use as an RDA with BF pin simply unscrew the standard pin using the larger supplied hexagonal wrench and screw the BF pin in it's place. If you want to use the Gather as a standard RDTA before screwing the base disc in place you need to screw the extension pipe onto the 510 threading which gives you some length of pipe and then new 510 threading. Now place the Ultem tube in place and screw the base disc over the threading, o-rings both secures and seals the Ultem tube section. We now have to place the supplied peek piece into the extended threading and screw the standard pin extension into place. If you want to use as an RDTA in BF mode then before adding the extension pipe you need to swap for the BF pin. Once the base disc has been screwed in place as before you need to insert the peek but then screw the BF extension pin in place. ___________________________________________________________________ Filling The Gather when using as a standard RDTA can be filled using the fill valve positioned on the deck. I tried a few nozzles and they all worked fine, just push the valve in with your nozzle and fill. After filling withdraw your nozzle and the valve shuts, i found the valve worked great and filling was both quick and mess free however if you have glass dropper bottles you will need to decant to something more suitable first. When using as an RDA or RDTA with the BF pin set-up then simply press the squonk bottle. The liquid comes out the top of the pin central on the deck directly underneath your coil and flows to the hollow sections either side that form the seats of your juice wells when in RDA mode or are your wicking ports when in RDTA mode. ___________________________________________________________________ The Airflow The airflow relies on inserts for airflow options but the outer airflow inlet on the sleeve can't be adjusted for further precision. We have 3 inserts one has about a 4mm narrow slot which is slightly misleading as it's milled through the insert not just to slope downwards but also one side slopes inwards making it a smaller outlet as it's directed at the lower side and underneath the coil. On one side of the deck we have the fill valve and then the insert sits next to that and appears offset to the coil, also when the sleeve gets fitted over the deck we have a notch that locks the sleeve in position so the airflow inlet on the sleeve lines up with the insert so again appears offset, the slot on the sleeve is a much bigger slot than the one on the insert it'self and is more the size of the whole upper insert section. The slot on the insert as mentioned is milled sloping both downwards and inwards one side, because it's only the one side that is sloped inwards the smaller slot outlet is to the inner side of the insert lined up to the centre of the deck so not actually offset as it appears. We have two other inserts one with 2 separate 1mm (approx) holes and another with a single 1mm (approx) hole. Again the inserts appear offset to the coil but travel downwards at a left to right angle through the insert so the outlet lines up perfectly. The airflow from all inserts will be directed at the bottom side of the coil and kissing underneath giving lower side and bottom airflow. Finally with 2 large posts to one side of the deck and insert and valve to the other once the sleeve with the concave ceiling is in place we have quite a reduced chamber area which should encourage flavour. ___________________________________________________________________ The Build Pictured is the build i did in RDTA BF mode but also (again with BF pin installed) did a build in RDA mode and the only difference is obviously wicking which for both is straightforward simply wick as you would any other RDA or RDTA. I used both supplied round wire coils which are 3.0ID one for each build, the pictured RDTA build came out at 0.46ohm and the RDA build 0.45ohm. We have both large posts side by side so your leads need to face the same way and i would not install an airflow insert until after doing your build to give you plenty of space to work in. We have an angled slot with lip on the outer side of each post, slots angled downwards help prevent your leads popping out while fixing into place as does having a lip so having both means there is pretty much zero chance of having any issues making it a very easy single coil build. With both leads slotted into place and holding the coil centrally over the top of the pin you can secure your leads from above tightening the very good quality, Gold plated hex screws (my favourite). If needed use a coiling rod or fit for purpose tool to improve the position of your coil and then snip your leads. After pulsing to burn off any residue from manufacture and get rid of any hot spots, wick and then put whichever insert you want to use in position, job done! ___________________________________________________________________ How It Vapes And My Thoughts! I tried the Gather first in RDA mode with the BF pin and then mainly with the pictured build in RDTA mode again with BF pin. Before settling down to squonking i filled the tank on a few occasions using different nozzles to check how it fills as if i was using as a standard RDTA and i am very impressed with this valve filling method it was quick and mess free. As for using the Gather in standard RDA mode just from trying as a BF RDA i can't see any reason whatsoever why it shouldn't work well with a standard pin. The only thing worth mentioning about filling is because the liquid comes out the top of the BF pin directly on the deck because it needs to do it this way while being used as an RDA the liquid also enters the deck rather than the tank directly when using as an RDTA. This gave me no issues but i did use this RDTA a little differently than i normally use RDTA's with a BF pin taking this into account. Normally i wait until the tank is quite low before i give the squonk bottle many presses to fill the tank up. With the liquid entering the deck from the squonk pin instead i just gave the bottle a couple of presses after every few vapes going for a little but often approach and it worked brilliantly! As for airflow more adjustability to go with the inserts themselves allowing for more precision would be better but the three inserts all give very different draws, they can also be swapped on the fly. The single hole insert gives quite a tight draw so very suitable for those that like a cigarette type pull, The dual hole which is the one i used the most gives a mid to loose MTL draw but still very much a MTL vape. Finally although i didn't use it quite as much as the dual hole insert the slot insert was actually my favourite which gives you the option of either a very loose MTL or restricted direct lung hit. I did wonder with having air coming from one side if that would affect performance but while vaping i forgot this was the situation and the airflow is quite smooth. When it comes to flavour it doesn't pull up any trees but then again i can't actually complain as it's pretty decent and it's even possible messing around with different builds more potential may be unlocked I have already mentioned even more airflow adjustability would be better and also like all these atty's that use inserts they could get lost if you are not careful. The Gather can be changed from RDA to RDTA very easily and being able to use as both is a big pro but again it does add more small parts that could get lost. I do like the matchy matchy look of the Ultem drip tip with Ultem tube section and it suited the Gather when using with the slot insert both for a loose MTL draw or restricted direct lung hit but i switched to a longer drip tip with narrower bore when using with the other 2 inserts as this suited the tighter draw much better. With the airflow inlet/inlets starting quite high and sloping downwards i didn't have any leaking issues and lastly the build quality is absolutely fantastic! ___________________________________________________________________ Likes High End Build Quality Gorgeous Stabwood section (unique to each atty) Aesthetically pleasing (subjective) Matching Ultem tube and drip tip Not Jack of all trades but both a high standard RDA and RDTA Included standard and BF pins + extensions RDA and RDTA can both be used with standard or BF pins Worked great with BF pin as both RDA and RDTA Can be converted from RDA to RDTA with ease Very easy build Fantastic quality Grub Screws Great performing fill valve (quick and mess free) 3 Ultem Inserts giving very different draws Inserts can be swapped on the fly Locking sleeve/top-cap Smooth airflow Decent flavour Didn't have leaking issues Cons Airflow inserts could easily get lost (nature of atty's that use inserts) In general because it's a RDA/RDTA hybrid many parts (again could easily lose a part) Drip tip not well suited for tighter draws Even more airflow adjustability would allow more precision If using Fill valve glass dropper bottles will not be suitable No Coil Specs given I would once again like to thank both Linky from Sacowin and Ultroner for supplying the Gather RDA/RDTA for the purpose of this review. ___________________________________________________________________
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