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  1. Hi Vapor Talk members, In this review i take a look at the Tix Pod Kit from Rincoe. The Tix Pod Kit was supplied for the purpose of this review by Nicole from Rincoe. Introduction Rincoe hit the ground running with their first released device which must of been about 18 months ago and have now released quite a few devices of all kinds with very much an up and down reception but overall they are one of the more impressive of the new on the block manufacturers. The Tix is their latest pod device and certainly on first look seems to be their best of this type of product to date and has a pod/billet box look to it similar to the Pal 2. Coming in a multitude of eye catching designs the Tix ticks quite a few boxes as it uses replaceable coil heads, has adjustable airflow and different output settings, let's give it a look! ___________________________________________________________________ In The Box Contents: 1x Tix Pod Device 1x Tix Cartridge(Tix Regular 1.0 ohm coil inside) 1x Tix Mesh 0.8 ohm coil 1x Type-C Charging Cable 1x Certificate Card 1x User Manual 1x Warranty Card 1x Lanyard ___________________________________________________________________ Aesthetics and Ergonomics The Tix came in Cardboard box packaging with outer cardboard sleeve which has a picture of the chosen design so you know what design is inside the box before opening. I received the UK Flag design which i really like but there is plenty of options which are, Vast Sky, Flame, Galaxy, UK Flag, US Flag, Blazing Skull and Carbon Black. Up top we have a rectangular curved proprietary drip tip (it's attached to the pod/cartridge and not removable) which has a flattened out look to it, then to the upper corner the opposite side to the drip tip we have a rail to fit a lanyard (one is included). On one side of the device we have the design of choice which is cutoff on the diagonal at the top where we have a Black corner section. The side and top of the design has a metallic edging and "RINCOE" is printed on the side section of the metallic edge, on the upper diagonal Black section directly underneath the drip tip we have a little shield with logo which is the fire button. The opposite side is all Back but has the same sections as the designed side, in place of the design we have a textured surface, this side is removable. The spine is featureless then moving to the base we have printed safety stamps and a notch to help remove the side panel. The face of the device is very busy having a cutout for airflow about a third of the way down from the top, towards the bottom we have 2 LED indication lights with a round mode button between, finally we have a vertical positioned type C USB port for charging. As you would expect from a pod/AIO device it's a nice out and about size and although small the shield fire button is easy to find and in a nice position for thumb firing. ___________________________________________________________________ Tix Specs and Features: Parameters Size: 90.7x43x19mm Pod capacity: 2m Power: 10-20W Input: 3.2-4.2V Power output modes: High/full-battery output, Medium/3.65V, Low/3.3V Battery Capacity: 1000mAh Coil resistance: 0.3-3.0ohm Coil: Regular 0.8ohm mesh coil inside, regular 1.0ohm coil Charging specification: 5V/1A Material: Zinc alloy +PC +IML Efficiency: 95% Features: Unique gorgeous shell design Easy side filling design Three working modes Mesh coil provides purer flavor Compact size and comfortable hand feel Convenient and fast Type-C Charging way Deigns: Vast Sky, Flame, Galaxy, UK Flag, US Flag, Blazing Skull, Carbon Black ___________________________________________________________________ The Pod/Cartridge The pod has that now very familiar shape we see with the likes of the Orion and Orion look a like devices, but this one has a fixed drip tip with a flattened out form which luckily as you are stuck with it is comfortable between the lips. The pod holds 2ml of e-liquid and although i don't mind tinted pods as long as the e-juice is still clearly visible this pod is just a little too dark for my liking although you can see the juice level it needed a close look at times. The fill port is on the side and has a silicone section acting as a bung, this section has a flap which is easy to lift up to pull the bung out while still staying attached to the pod. The port is a nice size but it's position did make me think anything other than a needle nose bottle would be messy and a picture on the website seems to confirm a needle nose is needed but i couldn't be more wrong. The pod fills mess free both when out the device or filling when placed in the device, i even found if the pod is less than half full by tilting the pod a coil change was even possible without spillage. The bottom of the pod has the removable circular base section with central positive and negative surround, this also as an airflow control ring. ___________________________________________________________________ The Coils and Airflow As mentioned the circular base section of the pod as an airflow control ring and can be unscrewed from the pod. The airflow control ring as dual slots and we have a textured surface for grip, it moves with a nice tolerance. Unscrewing the base section reveals the coils screw straight into this section and swapping coils is a doddle. The pre-installed coil head is a 0.8ohm mesh coil which is more of a notch style, the other available and included coil is a regular round wire 1.0ohm coil. ___________________________________________________________________ Fitting The Pod/Cartridge As mentioned earlier this is very much a Billet box influenced style and to fit the pod the back panel needs removing (there is a little notch on the base). We can see a pod shaped bay inside the device with a top opening to allow the drip tip to protrude outside the device. We can also see where the base section of the pod will fit 3 Gold plated, spring loaded contacts and it's a simple case of press fitting the pod/cartridge into position. Once in place we have easy access to fill and adjust airflow and there is no movement whatsoever from the pod/cartridge, it's a very snug fit. Once the panel is in place it must be mentioned although it's very slight and i don't believe it will bother most people their is a bit of play but during use i didn't notice movement. ___________________________________________________________________ Navigating The Device I like the fact the device has a separate fire button for turning the device on and off and firing and mode button which is used for selecting the power output, i also like the fact we have separate LED indication lights for both mode selection and battery status. The device is the usual 5 clicks of the fire button to turn on and 5 clicks to turn off, turning on is confirmed by 3 White flashes from the bottom LED and turning off confirmed by 2 White flashes from the same indication light. The top LED flashes twice in the new setting colour each time the power setting is changed which is done by simply pressing the mode button, each press takes you to the next setting, the settings are: Green = High (actually direct output so will be the highest setting for the first half of the battery life but will decrease in power along with the voltage of the battery) Blue = 3.65V (Medium) Red = 3.3V (Low) When pressing the fire button to vape the bottom LED shows battery status by what colour it lights, the values are: Green = 50% - 100% Blue = 15% - 50% Red = Below 15% When the battery status is shown by pressing the fire button the top LED also lights up in the current power mode colour. When charging via the type C USB port (a type C Cable is included) the indications of battery life follow the same percentages and charging takes almost bang on 1 hour which is very acceptable for a 1000mAh in-built battery. The device also has all the usual safety protections which when they kick in are indicated by various flashes of the LED's. ___________________________________________________________________ Protections Low Battery Protection Short Circuit Protection 8 Seconds Cutoff Pod Detection Charging Protection ___________________________________________________________________ My Experience Using The Tix And Thoughts The Tix has a lot going for it but unfortunately the coils are a mixed bag. The 1.0ohm round wire coil i found gave the flavour i would of expected from a pod type device 18 months ago and is way below average compared to a lot of pod/AIO devices of late. The 0.8ohm mesh coil was much better and while not being up there with the very best for flavour it was certainly acceptable being average and more like the flavour to be expected from a pod device in 2019. Really the device will suit you if you are not a chain vaper, i vape a lot but don't tend to take more than a couple of vapes in a row and i found both coils wicked well even with my own DIY 65% VG e-liquid with decent coil longevity but did notice the odd time i tried a bit of chain vaping to test out the coils i got dry hit city followed by a slight burn't taste. I did receive extra coils so i tried fresh coils (both types) vaping much more as a chain vaper would tend to vape and longevity went downhill with both coils only giving about 3 pod fills with flavour at their best. The device gets much better marks from me for it's airflow as not only does it have adjustable airflow but it allowed for both a MTL and restricted direct lung style and i was able to get a MTL vape less loose than these type of devices tend to allow for, the airflow was also quite smooth which isn't usually the case with pod type devices. Although the drip tip is comfortable i would still much prefer to have a choice and the pod/cartridge is a little too darkly tinted to allow seeing the juice level easily, after saying that to check you need to remove the panel anyway so spending a bit of extra time checking the level doesn't make much difference. Other than that the device is really good so if you are not the chain vaping type this could be worth a look. I like the 3 power modes and personally i found i preferred the device with the 0.8ohm mesh coil, a loose MTL draw and on the Blue (3.65V(medium)) setting which gave decent flavour with smooth airflow even if better flavour is available from some of it's competitors. Battery life was very good and only taking 1 hour to charge was another bonus as is having a type C port. Although i prefer 4 or even 5 tiers of battery indication i did find the indications nicely spread out and fit for purpose. ___________________________________________________________________ Likes Very nice build quality Plenty of design options Aesthetically pleasing device (subjective) Portable device Billet box styled pod/AIO device Pod fits very securely 3 Power Modes Separate Mode selection button and indication LED Physical fire button (can also turn device on and off) Fire button shaped like a shield (subjective but i really like it) Battery status indication Replaceable coils Adjustable airflow Mid to loose MTL or restrictive direct lung Both available coils included I had mess free experience filling the pod Drip tip (mouthpiece) comfortable 0.8ohm coil gave decent (average) flavour Coil longevity average (as long as you don't chain vape) Type C USB Just 1 hour to charge 1000mAh battery (gave good life) Cons 1.0ohm Coil gave below par flavour Both coils do not like any form of chain vaping which reduced longevity Panel needs removing to check juice level and pod is darkly tinted Proprietary fixed drip tip Very slight movement with panel I would once again like to thank Nicole from Rincoe for supplying the Tix Pod Kit for the purpose of this review. ___________________________________________________________________
  2. Hi Vapor Talk members, In this review i take a look at the Zeus Subohm Tank from Geekvape. The Zeus Subohm Tank was supplied for the purpose of this review by Carrie from Geekvape. Introduction The original single coil Zeus RTA was released almost 2 years ago and as someone who prefers single coil RTA's and has a real hate for leaking tanks it's still the atty i use by choice more than any other. After 3 Zeus RTA's bringing bags of flavour to top to bottom airflow designs the Zeus X even as far as Geekvape were concerned should of been the final member of the Zeus family. But here we have the Zeus Subohm tank with a very familiar Zeus look (almost identical to the Zeus X) using the same top to bottom airflow concept and accommodating plug in style mesh coils. I don't usually get over excited by subohm tanks but this is a Zeus! so very eager to give it a good look! ___________________________________________________________________ In The Box Contents: 1x Zeus Sub-Ohm Tank (Pre-installed: Mesh Z2 Coil 0.2ohm, 70-80W, capacity 5ml) 1x Coil tool 1x Spare glass tube (3.5ml) 1x Promotion card & warranty card 1x Spare parts pack 1x Mesh Z1 coil (0.4ohm, 60-70W) 1x User manual ___________________________________________________________________ Aesthetics The Zeus Subohm Tank came in the usual plain Black sturdy cardboard box that Geekvape samples tend to come in, with listed contents and specs on the back of the box. I received the Stainless Steel version, it's also available in Gunmetal, Black, Red, Blue, Gold and Rainbow, up top we have a Black Delrin wide bore drip tip on all versions. The tank is 25mm at the base but tapers outwards so the top section is 26mm and the bulge glass (standard edition) increases it's overall diameter, pretty much the same dimensions as the Zeus X RTA and very similar looking. It very much has that Zeus look to it with the Zeus logo visible on both sides of the chamber (also 2 large wicking holes on the chamber are visible) and "ZEUS" carved onto the top-cap front and back. The airflow control ring has large dual cyclops and both base section and top-cap has matching grooved texturing for grip, the top-cap then tapers smoothly inwards to meet the 810 Black delrin drip tip. The base has all the usual etched branding and safety marks and the Gold plated 510 protrudes quite a way. Nothing at all to complain about with the build quality it's the same standard as the other Zeus family members. ___________________________________________________________________ Zeus Subohm Tank Specs and Features: Size: 26 x 42.5mm (Not including Drip tip) Materials: Stainless Steel, Silicone Glass Capacity: 5ml(Spare glass tube 3.5ml) /2ml TPD version Drip tip type: 810 Drip Tip Filling Method: Top Fill Airflow: Top to Bottom Mesh Z1 coil 0.4ohm (60-70W) Mesh Z2 coil 0.2ohm (70-80W)(pre-installed) Innovative quick change prebuilt coil system Z mesh coil, purer flavor & great clouds Direct Top Airflow & Top-to-Bottom Airflow with leak-proof function Quick slide coil design for easy operation Updated fill port design for liquid spillage resistance Thread: 510 Colours: Black, Gunmetal, Stainless Steel, Red, Blue, Gold, Rainbow ___________________________________________________________________ It's Various Parts Starting at the top we have a wide bore goon fit delrin 810 drip tip which can be swapped for one of your own if you prefer, no second option or 510 adaptor is provided unless it's included with the retail version but the pre-installed 810 i have no issues with. The top-cap screws off (the usual bayonet design so just a slight turn needed) as does the base section. The glass can be wiggled free as it's secured top and bottom with o-rings and can be replaced with the straight 3.5ml glass (the TPD version comes with 2ml glass only but you do get a spare). The airflow control ring can also be easily removed which leaves the juice port and airflow intake section with attached double walled chamber. The coils get press fitted into the chamber and the base section has a positive plate for the bottom of the coil to make contact with. We get all the usual spare o-rings and also a coil removal tool which is a nice touch but personally i didn't find any need for it. ___________________________________________________________________ The Airflow The Zeus Subohm Tank has a top to bottom airflow system with large dual airflow slots that are fully adjustable. You also have an double walled chamber so the air comes in through the slots, down the cavity between the two chamber walls and into the base section. Now we have the air in the base section just as you would if the tank had bottom airflow slots and this air enters the coil head from underneath in the usual manner giving bottom airflow, it's just taking the top to bottom airflow concept of the Zeus RTA's and implementing it in the least complicated way. I don't like to say leakproof but the system gives the Zeus Subohm tank the same leak resistance that we have seen with the Zeus RTA's. ___________________________________________________________________ The Coils and Fitting Them The Zeus Subohm tank has 2 available coils which are both kanthal mesh and included. Pre-installed we have the Z2 0.2ohm mesh coil head which is rated between 70-80W. The other included coil is the Z1 0.4ohm coil head which has a rating between 60-70W, the specs are etched onto the coil head shell. The mesh is more of a Notch style giving plenty of surface area with large gaps between so wicking will be no issue as was once the case with the first generation notch style designs, the coils also have 4 very large wicking holes. The coil head simply gets press fitted into the chamber and pulled out to remove, if you have any problems pulling the coil head out you do receive a tool to help but i have had no issues. Looking on the chamber we can see 2 large wicking ports to allow e-liquid to surround the coil head as the chambers main purpose was to deliver airflow from the top to the bottom and having plug in coils is cleverly taking advantage of having the chamber present. ___________________________________________________________________ Filling The Tank I need to be picky with the Zeus Subohm tank to find cons so here'e one, and that's the airflow control ring is loose. It actually turns nicely with stoppers and i have no issues with it's operation but when removing the top-cap sometimes the control ring also jumps off the tank, it's nothing major and mine is a sample version. The top-cap is less than half a turn and it's off, it's the same bayonet design Geekvape have used on previously Zeus atty's. Once off the 2 kidney shaped fill ports are revealed which are quite narrow so large nozzles and glass droppers won't fit but most standard nozzles will be fine. Luckily there is quite a deep channel between the edge of the tank and air pipe section so it won't be messy if using larger nozzles, as any juice will gather in the channel and find it's way into the ports. Once filled just position the bayonet tabs in place push down and give it a slight turn. ___________________________________________________________________ My Experience Using The Zeus Subohm Tank The Zeus Subohm Tank hasn't tarnished the Zeus name at all as this is right up there with the best subohm tanks available. Like the Zeus X the Subohm tank version gives bags of air and i have to agree with the the coils ratings with airflow fully open which gave decent flavour and copious vapor with both coils. Much preferring a more restrictive vape i needed the airflow only a third open for the restriction i like and found with more restriction came even more flavour (again with both coils) very similar to what i get from the Freemax Fireluke 2, with no experimental wicking material on show i can only put it down to the large surface area with the design of the Geekvape Z coils. Apart from finding the 0.4ohm Z1 better at lower wattage than the 0.2ohm Z2 i really found very little difference between the 2 coils. With the restriction i like the 0.2ohm Z2 coil i found best at 60W and the 0.4ohm Z1 coil at 45W both below the coils ratings but that suited me fine and much more efficient on battery life, i must say the airflow is noticeably smooth throughout. The 5ml capacity (standard version) is decent but just like the Zeus RTA's this tank ploughs through the juice but all that vapor is giving bags of flavour, the gap in flavour between subohm tanks (the best ones) and both RTA's and RDA's you can get a thin piece of paper between they have improved that much over the last 18 months. I got sent the Zeus Subohm Tank the same time as the Bident which i reviewed a couple of weeks ago and it has been in use ever since it's arrival, it's long gone past with both coils what i would consider acceptable (average longevity), both coils are still banging out flavour and have plenty of life left, Cracking Subohm Tank! ___________________________________________________________________ Likes Very good build quality Aesthetics in keeping with the other members of the Zeus family 7 colour options Top to bottom airflow Top fill, less than half a turn and top-cap is off leak resistance design Suffered no leaking whatsoever Double walled chamber Press fitted coils Coil removal tool included (found i never needed it but nice touch) 5ml Capacity (standard version) Spare glass Drip tip very comfortable Can fit your own Goon fit 810 Top of tank doesn't get hot Both available coils included Press fitted coils Excellent flavour (both coils) Above average longevity (both coils) Smooth airflow (both coils) Wicked Excellently (both coils) Cons Airflow control ring sometimes popped off when removing the top-cap Glass dropper nozzles will fill via channel rather than juice port directly just takes a bit longer (most nozzles are fine) Ploughs through juice (as flavour tanks tend to) I would once again like to thank Carrie from Geekvape for supplying the Zeus Subohm tank for the purpose of this review. ___________________________________________________________________
  3. Hi Vapor Talk members, In this review i take a look at the RAM BF Squonk Mod from Stentorian and distributed by Wotofo. The Stentorian RAM BF Squonk Mod was supplied for the purpose of this review by Ella from Sourcemore. Introduction Wotofo distributed 3 products brought to us by Stentorian, the first being the AT-7 over 2 years ago which i bought and it must be in the top 5 worse devices i have (it really is a piece of crap and i tend to be positive and optimistic about products), the most recent the Basilisk which has a Geekvape Nova look about it and between the two this device, the Ram BF Squonk Mod. The Ram is a mechanical single 18650 BF device which means there is very little to go over as there is no chip so i won't be boring you for too long. The Ram was released at a time when many manufacturers were producing devices in very large quantities (seems lessons have been learned as theirs more of a lean manufacturing approach of late), so still the Ram is very available but considered old stock so you can now pick it up around 50% of it's original price making it worth a fresh look! ___________________________________________________________________ In The Box Contents: 1 x Stentorian RAM BF Squonker MOD 3 x Empty bottles 1 x Manual ___________________________________________________________________ Aesthetics and Ergonomics The Ram came in simple fold open thin cardboard packaging and on opening i found i had received the Green Resin version. The Ram comes in quite a few different Resin colour options with each one being unique due to Resins nature, there is also a Padauk Wood version which has a waterproof coating. The Resin versions have a matte coating to stop fingerprints and this coating combined with the Resin gives the device a slight rubberised texture. One side we have the removable panel with a rectangular (with curved corners) cutout to allow the pressing of the bottle, the opposite side is featureless. The spine again is featureless so moving to the front we have the 24K Gold plated fire button/switch assembly towards the top and "RAM" carved into the Resin at the bottom, but it's quite understated. The base has a Gold plated Stentorian logo badge which is actually the underside of the battery negative plate but overall very little in the way of branding on the device which will please most. Moving up top and to one side we have the Gold plated 510 plate with thick insulator surround to help limit any heat transfer to the device, the Gold plated BF 510 is spring loaded. The device is very box like but is quite small and lightweight, with it's large protruding fire button i found it comfortable to use either as a finger or thumb firer as well as being nice and portable. ___________________________________________________________________ Ram Specs: Size: 77 x 47 x 24mm Material: Resin (Padauk version available) Cell Type: 1x 18650 cell (not included) Bottle: 7ml PET Food Grade Thread: 510 spring thread Features: 1. 3pcs 7ml capacity food grade juice bottle 2. No need to refilling frequently 3. Bottom feeding design 4. 24K gold 510 connector 5. Security lock on fire button 6. PEEK insulation ring prevents the top from being overheated 7. Fit for all 22mm and 24mm diameter atomizers Colours: Padauk Wood, Various Resin Colour Finishes including Black, Purple, Green ___________________________________________________________________ Disclaimer This is a mechanical device, you use at your own risk and i am not responsible. Please do not use this device unless you have full understanding of both ohms law and battery safety, stay safe! ___________________________________________________________________ The Internals The Ram has very tidy internals and it's a nice simple design helped by rather than having a chunky piece of metal feeding down from the negative up top to the negative battery contact we have an insulated wire which is tucked away in a channel. Of course their will be those that might be tempted to point out this isn't a mechanical device as it has a wire but really do you want everyone else to know you haven't got a life! All the metal parts are 24K Gold plated and that also goes for the metal on show on the outside of the device. We have a wide band of insulator above where the switch mechanism makes contact and above a nice strong nut securing the 510, 510 plate and positive Gold plated metal sheet that extends to the battery positive contact, a really neat, nice job all round! ___________________________________________________________________ Fitting The Battery It is to me and i imagine most people obvious by looking at the internals that the 18650 goes positive up but just because it's obvious to most their should still be clear visible labelled orientation and sadly the Ram has no labelled orientation whatsoever. The battery slides in place snugly without feeling theirs any danger of damaging the wrap which isn't always the case with mechanical squonk devices, we also have an installed battery ribbon for easy removal. The battery panel sits in place with an inner lip inside the device and is secured with a very large magnet which protrudes between the bottle and battery compartments, the panel fits very nicely and there is no movement whatsoever. ___________________________________________________________________ The Squonk Bottles You get 3 squonk bottles included (1 pre-installed) and while i would be the first to moan if their was no spare do we really need 3? I would understand the three bottles if they shared the same top with tube feed and the 2 spare came with solid lids to they could be loaded with juice for a quick bottle switch but sadly not, after saying that it still has to be a pro that 3 are included. I find a lot of squonk bottles can be too soft and much prefer the stiffer silicone bottles which i find just right, the ones included with the Ram are too much in the other direction for my liking being quite a stiff plastic although i have known worse. I do know a few people who squonk and they all prefer different tensions to the bottles so it is a preference and if like me you don't like the bottles they are a standard type fit so you would have no problem getting a bottle to suit you. Fitting the bottle is pretty standard, the bottle has a screw on lid which has tubing that feeds down into the bottle and protrudes out the top. The device has a pipe that extends down from the 510 and you simply fit the protruding tube over the pipe and the bottle then sits in it's compartment. It's slightly fiddly but the saving grace of the stiff bottle means while fitting juice isn't being squirted through the 510 but if you go for a slightly softer bottle i would suggest having your atty installed before installing a full bottle. To fill you simple pull the bottle out towards you to clear the floor of it's compartment and pull down so the tube comes off the pipe. Then simply unscrew the lid and fill making sure you leave enough empty volume for the feed tube. ___________________________________________________________________ Locking Mechanism The fire button/switch has a locking mechanism which is good to see although despite the thin band of knurling on the outside of the fire button it's quite difficult to get a grip and i needed to use a piece of kitchen roll that has a grippy surface. Turning the button clockwise locks the switch and no longer can it depress enough to make contact and fire, turning it anti-clockwise unlocks it! ___________________________________________________________________ My Experience Using The Device I must point out i do not have equipment to test voltage drop and even more importantly i must stress once more this is a mechanical device without a chip giving safety protections so only consider if you have full knowledge of ohms law and battery safety. It's not that easy to get a good grip to turn the firing button to lock/unlock the switch mechanism without the aid of something with grip like kitchen roll, whether this over months of use loosens and gets easier to lock/unlock or it's isolated to my device i would be grateful for any comments by those that have used the Ram for a good while. I'm not really concerned about the locking mechanism as the switch has both a very sturdy spring and long throw so i just can't see this firing in my pocket which leads to my main con. The fire button is very stiff due to a very sturdy spring and there is a lot of travel to make contact so quite some force is needed to fire the device. I did get use to it and it's by no means a deal breaker but definitely worth mentioning and again if anyone has had the Ram and used it a lot has their spring become less stiff? Also i find the supplied bottles slightly too stiff for my liking but that is easily remedied so a con but not really a big deal. That being said i love the looks of the device and the Resin is very nice quality, it hits instantly and using it i can see the appeal mechanical devices have. You must make sure you use a quality 18650 with no damage to the wrap that can take the stress and do modest builds, their will always be those that like to test boundaries but personally i used the device with 3 different DL RDA's and kept my builds to between 0.3 and 0.5ohms and then tried the Berserker V2 MTL RTA with a 0.68ohm build as i prefer to stay on the side of caution. It gave just a great vape with all the RDA's i used and of course as the battery weakened so did the vape but that's the nature of mechanical devices, once the power got to the point the vape was too weak to satisfy me i simply installed a fresh battery! Finally the Ram will accommodate up to 24mm atty's without overhang so all your 22mm and 24mm BF RDA's will fit nicely. ___________________________________________________________________ Likes Nice build quality Quality Resin Plenty of colour Resin options (also Padauk Wood version) Aesthetically pleasing Very tidy internals All metal parts 24K Gold plated No movement with removable panel when fitted Battery fits nicely Installed Battery ribbon Battery safety section inside manual 3 Bottles included 7ml capacity Device stays cool Lock mechanism Hits instantly 22mm & 24mm atty's fit nicely Cons Stiff firing button with long throw Hard to grip to lock/unlock switch mechanism No labelled battery orientation Bottles slightly too stiff (for my preference) Once again i would like to thank Ella from Sourcemore for supplying the Wotofo Stentorian RAM BF Squonk Mod for the purpose of this review. ___________________________________________________________________
  4. Hi Vapor Talk members, In this review i take a look at the Defender 80W TC Kit from Starss. The Defender 80W TC Kit was supplied for the purpose of this review by Rebort from Starss. Introduction Starss mainly come to the attention for their recent pod devices most noticeably the Bravo, but in the past have also designed a few mods. The Defender Kit comprises of the very familiar looking Defender Mod which was available in the past on it's own as simply the Starss 80W TC Mod and the Defender Tank which uses mesh coils and has a propeller top-fill design. The Defender is described as having a Hybrid Stone construction with Gold accents in the way of face plate, 510 plate, battery plate, visible battery tube through the spine cutouts and fire button. The defender has power, bypass and TC modes and the colour screen can be customised by altering the RGB values. It's a gorgeous looking device and for those that cry out but it's not an original design please read the next section then i'll crack on with the review! ___________________________________________________________________ It's The CKS VR Stride! Or Is It? Apart from the cut-outs extending completely around the spine (giving it superior ergonomics) and a less busy working screen the Defender is identical both aesthetically and functionality wise including the menu system to whatever VR Stride you might of seen in the past. This nearly left me with egg on the face as i originally was going to criticise the copying of the Stride which Asmodus couldn't seem to make their mind up who they were in collaboration with as it was released in various reincarnations the most recent to my knowledge being the CKS VR Stride. I did some research to find out just how identical the devices are and noticed on all the other Stride devices including the CKS Stride when the battery plate is removed it clearly say's "Designed by Starss" and also any videos for the Starss 80W TC Mod (the original name of the Defender) are previous to the stride so actually the Defender isn't a copy but is the original and still available! ___________________________________________________________________ In The Box Contents: 1 x STARSS Defender Mod 1 x STARSS Defender Tank 1 x STARSS V8 Mesh Coil 0.5ohm(pre-installed) 1 x Spare 5ml glass 1 x User Manual 1 x Micro USB Cable 1 x Battery Warning Card ___________________________________________________________________ Aesthetics and Ergonomics The Defender Mod and Tank are packed in separate cardboard boxes and an outer cardboard sleeve binds the 2 together to complete the kit. In my opinion the device looks stunning in all colour versions with what is said to be an Hybrid Stone (not sure of the actual material) finish with plenty of shiny metallic Gold sections, the stone type material is polished and looks great when the light catches it! I received the Green version but it's also available in Black, Blue, Red, and Dark Green, all versions come with a Gold Defender Tank. The top has a cut corner where it meets the face of the device and on this slant is where we find the large, domed, Gold fire button with Gold rim. The face of the device has an indented Gold coloured metallic plate which has the Starss logo etched top followed by a decent sized colour screen, this is followed by round, Gold navigational buttons and finally at the bottom a micro USB port. The rest of the body of the device is the Hybrid Stone finish apart from the spine having 3 large cutout sections which extend partially around the sides, the cutouts reveal the Gold outside of the battery tube. The base has a Gold coloured sliding plate with grooves for finger grip and venting, moving up top we have a Gold coloured 510 plate with inner and outer rim, the 510 is Gold plated and spring loaded. The Defender is a thumb firer all the way with the fire button being in the perfect position and cutouts are perfect for resting your 3 main fingers while also giving grip. ___________________________________________________________________ Defender Tank Specs and Features: Size: 26 x 53.5ml Capacity: 5ml Coil: V8 Mesh Coil 0.5ohm Also 0.2ohm Mesh Coil available Propeller top-fill design Bottom airflow Thread: 510 Colour: Gold ___________________________________________________________________ Defender Tank Overview The Defender Tank comes in Gold only which matches the metallic parts of the device, it's 25mm at it's base and 26mm at it's widest. This slight bulge to the glass is barely noticeable and unless looking closely you would think it's a straight glass however the bulge is still enough to give the Defender Tank a 5ml capacity, a spare glass is also included. The included coil is a pre-installed 0.5ohm kanthal (i beleive) mesh coil but although there is also a 0.2ohm Mesh coil option for the tank it's not included in fact the pre-installed coil is the only one provided which is just not good enough. The coil screws into the base section and the top of the coil has threads which screw on to the chimney when screwing the tank secure, the glass is secured and sealed top and bottom by o-rings. The tank has dual airflow slots with stoppers and when i first received the tank the control ring squeaked like a Mouse every time i turned it which went right through me, i also couldn't seem to remove it to try lubrication to solve the problem. In the end just out of desperation i aggressively adjusted the airflow stopper to stopper as quick as i could for a good minute which seemed to of adjusted the squeak out as afterwards adjusting is now silent and the Mouse hasn't returned. Up top we have got what looks to be a very nice Resin 510 drip tip but is quite short, their is no tapering from the top section of the tank to the drip tip so lips will constantly be touching the tank which i really don't like especially once a tank gets hot! Not a problem, i thought as i can just fit my own drip tip but then found it's fitted like a sleeve over a protruding tubular section with o-rings so a proprietary fit which is a big con for me personally. I do like the idea of the top-fill method, it's like a 3 blade propeller design and when turning (we have an arrow on the top section to show the direction to open) 2 of the 3 blades reveal they were covering silicone lined fill holes (it's less than a quarter turn), just press your nozzle into one hole to fill while air escapes from the other. From shut empty tank to shut full tank this must be as quick and easy to fill as any tank available but we have a problem! When turning the top to open or shut it's loose and i mean very loose, if this was much tighter or better still locked this would be one of the best tanks for filling instead i will not use the tank out and about when it will spend time in my pocket because it isn't a case of if but rather how often this tank is going to open in someone's pocket! ___________________________________________________________________ Defender 80W TC Mod Specs and Features: Size: 90 x 45 x 26mm Hybrid Stone and metallic plate Wattage Range: 5.0W - 80W Battery: 1 x 18650 Cell (Not included) Temperature Range: 200°F - 600°F / 100°C - 315°C Continuous output current: 15 - 20 amps Atomizer resistance range: 0.1 - 3.0 ohms Battery input voltage range: 3.3 - 4.2 volts Conversion efficiency: 93% Shutdown current: 0.3mA Output Modes: Power (Wattage), Bypass, Temp Ni/Ti/SS, Soft Mode Display: 0.99-inch LCD Screen Charge: Via Micro USB Port Ergonomic shape for easy carrying Customizable Colour Display Thread: Spring-loaded 510 Pin Colours: Black, Blue, Red, Green, Dark Green ___________________________________________________________________ Fitting The Battery The Defender accommodates an 18650 battery and has a sliding plate with a ridge that slides on and off the base of the device like on a rail system, the plate also has generous venting. With the plate removed we can see "NEG" clearly printed to show the 18650 needs to be installed negative contacting the plate, when sliding the plate into position the battery needs pressing down on the spring loaded contact with a finger until the plate has slid over the battery. The plate then has 2 notches that lock into place to the front of the device making it very secure. We have no movement from the door or battery rattle whatsoever, excellent job! ___________________________________________________________________ The Display Being a device that was originally released about 3 years ago i'm impressed by how sharp the display is allowing all the information to be clearly read despite parts of it being in small font. The Display is colour with a single colour for fonts and accents and another colour for the background, both are fully customizable in the menu system. Top left we have the mode which is followed underneath by the voltage, when in temp control or Bypass watts is displayed instead of voltage and while taking a vape the time of the vape is displayed before changing back to voltage or watts. Next we have the wattage when in power mode, temperature when in TC or Voltage when in Bypass. Further down to the left we have the resistance and underneath the word "PUFF", to the right we have amps and the puff count underneath. Finally central at the bottom of the display we have a segmented circle outline for battery status indication, in the centre of the circle we have battery status as a percentage. ___________________________________________________________________ Navigating The Defender The Defender is the usual 5 clicks of the fire button to turn on and 5 clicks to turn off. Once on i was met by the already described bright, sharp display, the only combination key press feature i can find is both navigational buttons pressed together locks the resistance. To enter the menu system is 3 clicks of the fire button which brings up the following options: Work Mode Temp Power Working Time Auto Off Puff Info Colour Palette Exit When choosing Work mode the options are Temp Ni, Temp Ti, Temp SS, Soft Mode, Power Mode, Bypass Mode and Exit, simply choose the mode and the device goes to that working screen. Choosing Temp Power allows wattage to be set for temp control and Working time is where you set how long you want the vape time cutoff between 5 and 10 seconds. Auto Off is how long the device is allowed to be idle before automatically powering down and Puff info is where you can reset the puff counter. Colour Palette is a feature i really like as rather than just choosing which colour you want the display you have an RGB palette for both font colour and background allowing you to be really creative, the colours and shades possible are countless. All screens in the menu system have an exit option and navigation is done using the navigational buttons while fire is select. Temperature adjusts in 10 degree increments and wattage in 1W increments, when holding the button down it scrolls at a nice speed and everything Round Robins! ___________________________________________________________________ My Experience Using The Defender Kit I will start with the tank which is so close to being very good but has a couple of issues which means now i have tested it and wrote the review i just wouldn't bother using it again. The initial squeaky airflow control ring did disappear after a while never to return so really is not an issue as far as i am concerned, my issues with the tank are up top. I like the look of the drip tip i just personally do not like my lips constantly resting on top of the tank even though the Defender Tank doesn't get too hot, i don't find it comfortable and really wish it was a standard fit giving me the choice of drip tips. The top-fill is the real issue for me and while i found it quick and easy and liked it when using the tank in the house i just wouldn't take the Defender tank out and about as it's just a case of how often e-liquid will end up everywhere, there is a good chance mine is looser than most but i can only review what i received. I have had this kit a few weeks using it a couple of days here and a couple of days their etc while also testing other products and tested the device with the supplied tank indoors but while out and about used it in temp control with an RTA. While the device doesn't have the firing specs of more modern devices it does make me wonder just how quick do we really need the device to fire as long as ramp up is decent. When firing there was no noticeable delay and in both power and SS modes it performed admirably. When using in SS TC Mode it gave a smooth vape (maybe some computer graph will say it has a wavy line so not a smooth vape but thankfully humans vape, computers don't) and i let the tank run dry a couple of times and the anti burn kicked in just fine. I don't really know how much if at all not having TCR is a con as i have never entered a TCR value into a device ever (as you can tell i'm a novice at best with temp control). I am happy the device is just 80W and when bumping the power up it's giving 80W or very close to it. As i said before it's a pity about the loose top-fill because the supplied coil gave cracking flavour from the off and put off doing the review until the flavour just started to drop off and longevity is what i would expect (pretty much bang on average) so no worries their. Not receiving the 0.2ohm coil or even another 0.5ohm is very disappointing as all kits/tanks should come with at least 2 coils. The quite narrow bore for a sub-ohm tank helped with smoothness and flavour and i found the coil at it's best with airflow 2 thirds open at just 30W for a really flavoursome restrictive lung vape. I love the large domed fire button which is in the ideal position for thumb firing and gives a luxurious sounding click, the device just looks first class and feels great in the hand. Having RGB palettes for both the font and the background is a feature i love and the colour variants you can create are endless but does the device have any cons? well, yes a few which really how petty or major they are will be entirely subjective. Although a big pro for having the battery status as both a segmented circle and percentage it became very noticeable how unevenly it gave this information. It stays on 100% for longer than it should then reduces very slowly, when it got to 50% i was thinking this device is mega efficient as i'm already happy with the life the 18650 battery has given but then it reduces at a rate of knots and goes from 50% to 10% in less than an hour of moderate vaping, then for some reason it stops firing displaying low voltage while the percentage still say's 10% (every time whatever wattage i vaped at), the next con is the device is not firmware upgradeable so no way of addressing this problem. The Auto Off option sets how long the device can be idle before the device shuts down with the maximum being 90 minutes which personally i'm happy with but really a feature like this should have an option to disable it. The only other thing i noticed i personally couldn't care less about but as i noticed it will mention it in case it's less petty to some. On most devices that have a puff counter it only registers a puff when the fire button is pressed for a full second, 0.8 seconds or in a few cases 0.5 seconds as they assume that a proper puff is at least going to take this time. The Defender registers any press even if just 0.1 second so going into the menu system is 3 puffs, powering down is 5 puffs and if messing around in the menu system doing something like altering the font and background colours the puff counter goes up considerably even though you haven't even took a vape. Apart from that it's pros all the way, despite the inaccurate battery status indicator it felt i got better than average life from an 18650 battery, the device will accommodate a 25.5mm atty flush so the vast majority of atty's that would suit a single battery device will sit nice and although i never recommend it the device does support on-board charging if it's your only option. ___________________________________________________________________ Likes Excellent build quality Stunning looking device Hybrid Stone luxurious finish Gold coloured metallic accents 5 colour options Large domed fire button on slant Ideal ergonomically for thumb firing Fired without noticeable delay and decent ramp up (even if not at the lightning speed of more recent devices which means every time you use the fire button for anything like entering the menu system it fires when not wanted) Scrolls in 1W increments at nice speed User friendly menu system Back option on every screen and everything round Robins Bright, sharp display that can be customised RGB Palette for font and background Performed well for me in both power mode and SS Bypass Mode TC Mode's Atty's up to 25.5mm will fit without overhang Gave above average battery life for single 18650 device Supports on-board charging (if that's your only option) 5ml Capacity Spare glass Above average flavour Smooth airflow Very quick fill method (but does have problems) Cons Top-fill loose Proprietary drip tip Inaccurate battery status indication Not firmware upgradeable Auto off can't be disabled Any slight press of fire button registers a puff (worth mentioning but personally couldn't care less) Only one coil included No coil specs given other than resistance (pretty certain it's kanthal mesh) I would once again like to thank Rebort from Starss for supplying the Defender 80W TC Kit for the purpose of this review. ___________________________________________________________________
  5. Hi Vapor Talk members, In this review i take a look at the Cold Steel 100 120W TC Box Mod from Ehpro. The Ehpro Cold Steel 100 120W TC Box Mod was supplied for the purpose of this review by Violette from Vapeciga. Introduction Ehpro were known for manufacturing quality affordable clones but that seems in the distant past as more recently they have been manufacturing some well received products of their own, including many collaborations with reviewers. The Cold Steel 100 is one of two devices Ehpro have designed in collaboration with Youtube reviewers, the Cold steel 200 was in collaboration with Nebelfee (a German Youtube reviewer) and this the Cold Steel 100 with AmbitionZ Vaper (makes me wonder what really is the collaborators contribution to the project). The Cold Steel 100 has the full works of wattage, Voltage, Bypass, Curves and full TC suite. The main marketing of both Cold Steels is their high quality Stainless Steel build quality so let's give the Cold Steel 100 a look! ___________________________________________________________________ In The Box Contents: 1x Ehpro Cold Steel 100 MOD 1x Belt Loop Holster 1x USB Cable 1x 18650 Battery Adaptor 1x User Manual 1x Warranty Card 1x Certification Card 1x Battery Safety Card ___________________________________________________________________ Aesthetics and Ergonomics The Cold Steel 100 comes in cardboard box packaging with the device placed inside the included belt loop case. I received the Obsidian Black version, the other available versions are Grey Champagne and Old Gold. The form factor is odd looking and i do like it although not original has it looks very similar to a Zen mod from about 4 years ago or more recently the YiHi SL Class. The form factor is a tubular rear with a rectangular vertical protruding face section which houses the PCB, functional buttons, screen etc. The device looks front heavy as if it will topple over at any minute but the rear tubular section is Stainless Steel while the front section is the lighter Zinc Alloy metal so actually is very stable and even more so once the weight of a battery and atty is added. Brass is also listed in the materials so i am assuming the 510 and contacts are brass and maybe the inner threading for the battery cap. The protruding face section has "AMBITIONZ VAPER" printed on the tapered roof (i just don't want a reviewers name printed on the device, thanks!). On the face's surface we have a squared light switch style fire button top followed by a narrow elongated screen, we then have a switch style rocker for navigation followed at the bottom by a micro USB port. The tubular rear section is featureless which i like apart from "COLD STEEL" being carved into the metal low down. Moving to the base which is the battery cap we have venting holes and printed safety stamps. Up top we have the 510 plate with inner and outer rim, the 510 i believe is Brass and is spring loaded. Like with the Cold Steel 200 the Cold Steel 100 boasts very good build quality but also for a single battery device is on the heavy side, ergonomically it is sound using to either finger or thumb fire the device. ___________________________________________________________________ Cold Steel 100 Specs and Features: Dimensions: 39 x 27.5 x 91.5mm Material: Stainless Steel + Brass + Zinc Alloy Coil Resistance Range: 0.05-3.0ohm Voltage Range: 0.5-8V Wattage Range: 5-120W Output Current: 35A Temperature Range: 100-315℃ / 200-600℉ Micro-USB Charging: Yes Online Software Update: Yes Work Mode: PWR/ TEMP / CURVE / VOLT / BYPASS Battery Type: 1x 18650/20700/21700(not included) TC MOD Co-designed with AmbitionZ VapeR 120W Max Output Powered by Single 21700/20700/18650 Battery Fully metal construction and ultra ergonomic design Multiple working modes for different style vapers 0.0018S firing speed Micro-USB port for charging and upgrade Exquisite design & easy operated buttons Thread: 510 Colours: Grey Champagne, Black Obsidian, Old Gold ___________________________________________________________________ Fitting The Batteries The Cold Steel will accommodate a single 21700 or 20700 and also a single 18650 when using the supplied adaptor. We have a screw off battery cap on the base of the device which undoes very smoothly but when screwing back in place is slightly crunchy. The inside of the tube has a reflective surface allowing for the marked orientation at the bottom of the tube to be very visible, also orientation on the underneath of the battery cap is Black on White making it stand out, cracking job! ___________________________________________________________________ The Display The Screen is very narrow but elongated and old school in nature which many still prefer. The Display and fonts might be quite small but i had no problems reading all the information as it's sharp and bright. Top left we have the preheat in Power mode or wire type in TC mode, bottom left we have the battery status indication bar. To the right of what has already been described we have resistance top and the voltage when in Power mode underneath, when in TC, Voltage or Bypass modes instead of voltage this is where we will find the wattage. The right of the screen displays wattage in Power mode, temperature in TC mode or voltage when in Voltage or Bypass modes. ___________________________________________________________________ Navigating The Cold Steel 100 The device is the usual 5 clicks of the fire button to turn on and 5 clicks to turn off and once on we are met by the already described sharp, bright, old school style screen. We do have some combination key press functions which are - and fire together flips the screen, + and fire locks the navigational buttons but the device will still fire, + and - together locks the entire device so it also will not fire and finally pressing +, - and fire together is stealth mode. The device has many modes but a very simple menu system which is 3 clicks of the fire button to enter. The menu gives us the options of Power, Temp, Curve, Bypass, Voltage and Back, when selecting Power it then gives us the options of preheat which are Normal, Soft or Strong. The Curves, Voltage and Bypass are all straightforward but selecting Temp gives us the options of Nickel, Stainless Steel, Titanium, TC and Back. Once we have selected wire material in TC it then allows wattage to be set in 1W increments right up to the maximum 120W. Once wattage is set it then moves to where we set the temperature which adjusts in 5 degree increments and round robins between Celsius and Fahrenheit. That's it!, Very simple and i do like that all screens have a back option and throughout including setting wattage and temperature everything round robins. When adjusting the wattage it adjusts in .1W increments up to 30W and then .5W increments all the way up to 120W, it also scrolls at a really nice speed! ___________________________________________________________________ Protections Short Circuit Protection Over Heat Protection Over Current Protection Weak Battery Protection Reverse Polarity Protection 10S Cut-off Protection Low Voltage Protection Battery Over-charge Protection ___________________________________________________________________ My Experience Using The Cold Steel 100 First i have to state i did not use the device in temp control and don't have access to data so simply reviewed the device as i personally experienced it. Like the Cold Steel 200 this device fires incredibly quickly and has very impressive ramp up which is great but it makes me think it would of benefited having a select button because every time the fire button is pressed to enter the menu system etc it fire's without fail. I used the device at various wattage's up to 80W and as far as i can tell it's pretty accurate and if anything slightly overpowered reminding me very much of the Minikin for the instant hit i got, all modes i tested which was all of them apart from TC worked great. I also did try the device with both a 18650 and 21700 at wattage's between 80 and 120w and while it fared much better with a 21700 it really didn't feel it was doing much above 100W, maybe with a fresh 21700 but not during normal use and as for with a 18650 80W is all this feels like it's giving out. I really feel single battery device's that are 100W or 100W+ that will accommodate a 21700, 20700 or a 18650 battery should ask you which battery you are using and if you pick the 18650/20700 option it should switch to a 80W device. Instead the Cold Steel 100 at lower and mid wattage's as i said seems slightly overpowered while when going to higher wattage's we have a situation where especially with an 18650 battery it's severely underpowered! I love the squared light switch style fire button and switch style navigational rocker, also a big pro for the build quality and even if not an original design both aesthetically (in my opinion) and ergonomically the device is spot on. The menu is very simple, every screen has a back option and everything round robins which makes it a very user friendly device, also the .5 increment adjustment and scroll speed gets pro's all round. Like the Cold Steel 200 every time the battery is swapped or the battery cap is just unscrewed then screwed back the device resets to 35W and has no memory of what you were vaping at but unlike the Cold Steel 200 it doesn't smartly (always in my case wrongly) set wattage it believes you should be vaping at with the resistance of the coil which i am pleased about. As ever i would never recommend charging batteries in the device unless it's your only option but the device supports 2A charging (1.8A to be precise) and is fully firmware upgradeable, but unlike the Cold Steel 200 it doesn't have a type C USB port which is disappointing. The Cold Steel 100 will accommodate up to a 25mm atty without overhang which is the vast majority of atty's that would suit a single battery device. Finally the belt loop case you receive is rather nice but unfortunately they forgot to take into consideration the extra height when an atty is attached so isn't fit for purpose! ___________________________________________________________________ Likes Excellent build quality Stainless Steel & Zinc Alloy construction Aesthetically classy looking device (even if not original design) Very Ergonomic device Portable even if slightly heavy Accommodates 21700, 20700 or 18650 (with supplied adaptor) Squared Light switch style fire button Switch style navigational rocker Sharp, bright old school style screen Lock just navigational rocker or entire device Very user friendly menu system Adjustment increments spot on also back options and everything round robins Curves, Voltage and Bypass work as they should TC (not tested) Performed great in power mode Fires instantly with impressive ramp up Very clearly marked battery orientation Supports 1.8A charging Firmware upgradeable Multiple protections Belt loop case included Cons Heavy for single battery device (subjective to individual) Auto sets to 35W after removing battery (no memory of previous wattage) Severely underpowered unless using 21700 (Fine up to 80W) Does not reduce max wattage when using 18650 or 20700 battery Does not have type C USB Belt loop case not fit for purpose when atty attached I would once again like to thank Violette from Vapeciga for supplying the Ehpro Cold Steel 100 120W TC Box MOD for the purpose of this review. ___________________________________________________________________
  6. Hi Vapor Talk members, In this review i take a look at the M VV II Box MOD from Dovpo. The DOVPO M VV II Box MOD was supplied for the purpose of this review by Cortana from the Healthcabin. Introduction The M VV II is a potentiometer style variable voltage device and updated version of Dovpo's best selling M VV. The device comes with a choice of 3 different colourful textured panels and has a lovely weight in the hand in my opinion. Firing down as low as 0.08 and cranked write up to max potentially this powerful device will put out 280W, whether 18650's will allow for this i wouldn't know and have no intentions of trying and would advise doing modest builds and dialling the voltage to suit (just because you can doesn't mean you should!). ___________________________________________________________________ In The Box Contents: 1× M VV II DEVICE 1× USB Type-c Cable 1x QA Card 1x Battery Safety Card 1x Social Media Card 1× Instruction Manual ___________________________________________________________________ Aesthetics and Ergonomics The M VV II came in cardboard packaging with viewing window so you can see the colourful device before opening. I received the Skull & Roses version, although no doubt more versions will become available at the time of writing the options are Hannya, Skull & Roses and Dragon Samurai. The device has a Black Zinc Alloy chassis with also Zinc Alloy panels, one removable to allow battery instalment and one fixed. The panels have a plastic raised textured colourful design that feels impressively durable although the themes will not be to everyone's taste. The face has a cut corner where it meets the top of the device and just below this we have a large Black domed fire button, at the bottom on the face we have the dial with an LED indication light just above. The spine of the device is featureless but has an indented central section to narrow the device making it more ergonomic, the base is also featureless. Up top as mentioned we have a cut corner to one side then we have a 510 plate positioned centrally to the flat top section rather than the whole device, the 510 is Gold plated and spring loaded with decent travel. I have the original M VV (Blue lightning version) that i bought and i am finding the M VV II to have the ergonomic edge, i also find it almost the perfect weight, not too light but not too heavy but that's entirely subjective. ___________________________________________________________________ M VV II Specs and Features: Size: 91mm X 53mm X 27mm Material: PC+Zinc Alloy Resistance: 0.08ohm - 3.5ohm Operating Voltage: 6.4V - 8.4V Output Voltage: 1.0V - 8.0V Battery: 2 x 18650 Battery (NOT included) Display: 3-LED Indicator Maximum Output: 280W New aesthetic colorful look and stylish designs Adjustable voltage range from 1V to 8V Multiple protections for safe vape Magnetic battery cover for easy installation Convenient built-in USB Type-C port Thread: 510 Colour/Design: Hannya, Skull & Roses, Dragon Samurai ___________________________________________________________________ Fitting The Batteries The side panel that needs removing to fit your dual 18650 batteries has a very visible notch on the side, it also has "OPEN" and a little arrowhead stamped into the metal spine. Once off we see it has a very large magnet both top and bottom and the section that fits directly over the batteries has a non metallic coating for extra safety. A battery ribbon is attached to help with the removal of your batteries which is needed as they sit deep inside the compartment and orientation is yet again disappointingly Black on Black. Also on the front side of the battery compartment so hidden when the panel is in place is the type C USB port. When testing for movement on the panel with or without the batteries fitted it had no movement whatsoever, cracking job! ___________________________________________________________________ Operating The M VV II The M VV II is a potentiometer style variable voltage device which is so simple to use but needs to be given respect as these type's of devices give out quite some power. The device is the usual 5 clicks to turn on and 5 clicks to turn off, both actions are confirmed by the LED cycling through the colours Red, Yellow, Green. The device has battery status indication which is shown by what colour the LED lights while vaping, the status indications are: Green = 7.6V or above Yellow = Between 7.0V and 7.6V Red = 6.9V or below If charging your batteries in the device (i would only do this if it was your only option) the LED gives charging indication which follows the same colours and percentages as when vaping, when the batteries are fully charged the LED goes off. To use the device you turn the dial to adjust voltage and vape. Their are 5 main settings on the dial with further settings between each, you can also go between markings and micro manage the exact power you are after. You can't see what the exact voltage is or know what wattage output is being given, the trick is to start very low and slowly increase the voltage until you get the power you want, these devices are vape by feel rather than settings which add to their charm. The device comes with all the usual safety protections you would get with any other regulated device which if they kick in are indicated by various flashes of the LED. Protections Low Voltage protection Overheat Protection Reverse Battery Protection Short Circuit Protection Overtime Protection ___________________________________________________________________ My Experience Using The M VV II I really like potentiometer style variable voltage devices and the MVV II has slight ergonomic improvement and also Type C USB making it in my opinion a better device than the original and on a par with the Tesla Invader 4X as the best i have used yet. You really do need to start on the lowest setting and slowly crank it up until you get the power you want, you will be surprised how low you will need the dial set. You need to get your nail into the arrow of the dial to adjust and i do prefer the Invader 4X as it's much easier to move the dial but the dial on the M VV II still moves very smoothly and is still less fiddly than most potentiometer style devices i have used. I love the domed fire button, you just can't miss it and it has a very satisfying click when pressing, the device fires with absolutely no delay and instant ramp up, i have no complaints at all. At the risk of repeating myself you really do need to start very low and then gradually increase the power until you get the vape you want, the device gives plenty of power and personally i have never needed to use a potentiometer style device with the dial more than halfway and usually much lower. In the manual their is a settings guide for various builds giving wattage output for different dial settings but it's just a rough guide as the output including the maximum wattage which is claimed to be 280W is all dependant on the 18650 batteries you are using and at higher voltage settings how fresh they are. I like the weight in the hand of the device as well as the colourful textured designs which feel to be very durable and although battery status indication could have more tiers it's nicely spaced out and fit for purpose. The device can accommodate up to 25mm atty's without overhang which means the vast majority will fit fine but if you are looking for a device that accommodates large atty's this isn't for you. Via the included type C USB cable the device supports on-board charging and the final pro is it's very affordable. ___________________________________________________________________ Likes Well made device Aesthetically pleasing Nice weight textured colourful finish (panels) Dial moves smoothly Micro manage voltage output for the power you want Powerful device Fires instantly with instant ramp up large domed fire button Very simple to use Battery door fits very securely Battery Ribbon Battery status indication Battery life seemed slightly better than expected Multiple safety protections On-board charging supported Type C USB Low price Cons VV only (obvious) Black on Black marked battery orientation I would once again like to thank Cortana from the Healthcabin for supplying the DOVPO M VV II Box MOD for the purpose of this review. ___________________________________________________________________
  7. I know some that add Distilled water to the VG and then obviously use that VG in their DIY e-liquid rather than adding the water to the finished liquid!
  8. As the title states, i receive vaping product to test and write a review on and it changes forum to forum, some i am made very welcome on, others less so while some simply for posting a review i return to find my account has been banned, i don't want to offend and only post my reviews where they are welcome! All the best, Tim
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    Hi, i'm from Bolton, England and have been vaping for 6 years, i have also been reviewing vaping product for nearly 3 years!
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