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  1. Hi all, thought I'd share this as it's the cheapest I have found the Caliburn G Kit. As I'm new to vaping, I've enjoyed the standard Caliburn & was looking to move up to something else so coming across this at £19 when it's like £30 elsewhere is a STEAL! Anyway, I found it on e-liquids.com, I'll pop the link below if anyone fancies it. I got x2 10ml six licks juices as well but i think there was naughty juice, IVG & some others. <removed spammy link>
  2. Some awesome info here, thanks guys!
  3. I'm switching from smoking too because of health reason, i'm hoping to see a change!
  4. Just started out & i've bought a Vaporesso Barr, cant wait to begin!
  5. What's the best advice that someone has got from this thread?
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