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  1. Hello everyone, I started smoking cigarettes again at the beginning of the year and for a number of reasons. But now I want to switch to vaping exclusively. I was smoking about 4-5 Camel a day for the past few months and just got a My Blu disposable one with the juice pod from a gas station. The taste is awful and its harsher than a normal cigarette for me, I'm also afraid this thing is gonna explode, it gets way too hot during charging. Anyway, my question is what parts do I need to buy to have a fully functioning vaporizer? I know almost nothing about vaporizers and vaping. I'm aware most of these run on batteries and that I'll have to buy e juice online (removed spammy link), and a tank/mouthpiece part that I think is called an atomizer as well. I'd like to use the kind that has the tank that you refill instead of the kind that has the cotton you soak, if that's correct. Am I missing anything?

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