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  1. Hey guys. Today let's look at the Famovape Chillax 1200 which is the newest disposable vape from the creator of the fantastic Magma series of mods. There are loads of flavors to choose from, each one blend different fruit flavors, mixing subtle menthol flavor that make you a litter cool and refreshing. Here we go! The surface treatment of Chillax 1200 is synthetic paper, rubber film, wave pattern and convexed text, presenting a brief and fashionable appearance. Powered by a 700mAh built-in battery and pre-filled with 4.2ml of salt nicotine e-liquid, each Chillax 1200 allows about 1200 puffs and requires no maintenance once so ever. The 2%-5% nicotine strength brings you a better vaping sensation. The bottom ventilation makes it easier and unobstructed for you to take puffs. Simultaneously, the 1.6ohm coil resistance is adopted to effectively save power. For best disposable vapes, you can check vapesourcing online store. Check for more details here: https://vapesourcing.com/famovape-chillax-disposable.html You may also like: bantam citrus strawberry menthol salts smok rpm coil
  2. Hey guys. This time let's look at the Aspire Cloudflask S Kit. It is an update to the original Cloudflask Kit. So what have Aspire changed for the new version? Read on to find out! The first big change is the material the mod is actually made of. The original was made of Stainless Steel whereas the "S" version is now Aluminium. Also, the size has changed with the height of the S being greater but the rest of the dimensions are smaller. As with the original, there is a 2000mAh internal battery and this is charged via the USB Type-C port at up to 2A charge rate. Output wise this still uses a By-pass output – basically, the output depends on the battery charge and will be higher with a fully charged battery and will drop as the battery charge decreases. An LED indicator surrounds the fire button and this changes color to display the battery charge remaining. The ASP chipset provides plenty of user protections. There is a new coil added to the kit, this still has the original 0.25ohm Mesh coil but a 0.6ohm Mesh coil has also been added. Although the airflow of Cloudflask S is not adjustable the 0.25ohm coil offers a DTL vaping experience and the 0.6ohm coil is more of a restricted DTL. The pod is refillable by removing it from the mod and opening the fill port cover located on the pod base. For great vape Hot Summer Sale, you can check vapesourcing online shop. Check for more details here: https://vapesourcing.com/aspire-cloudflask-s-kit.html You may also like: bantam butterscotch buy vaporesso xros
  3. Hey guys. Today let's look at the Yuoto Mini Bar which is a new disposable vape of around 1200 puffs. It is available in a load of flavors, so there's always one for you. Here we go! Yuoto Mini Bar is such a mini-unit that you will underestimate it. Slammed with incredible appeal, it boasts a 650mAh built-in battery and houses a 4mL vape juice capacity, enough for you to take 1200 puffs per unit, and equipped with a 1.0ohm coil, which saves power and is sufficient to support its pumping. Requiring no maintenance, charging, or refilling of any kind, without any burden, you can throw it away after use. Each one uses 5% synthetic salt nicotine which gives you greater experience satisfaction that ordinary e-juice can't bring. Yuoto Mini Bar adopts a fashionable appearance design and metal luster shell, it has enough metal feel in the palm of your hand. Packed with its 15 brilliantly crafted flavors, each mini bar can stimulate your taste buds and make you drooling, which is worth trying in such a hot summer. Check for more details here: https://vapesourcing.com/yuoto-mini-bar-disposable.html You may also like: drag x plus pro review bantam kiwi berry salts
  4. Hey guys. Have you used the Aeglos line of devices by Uwell? Today let's look at their Aeglos H2 Kit which is the latest member of the Aeglos family. Here we go! Design-wise, the Aeglos H2 is compact and ergonomic, so you can be sure it will safely and conveniently stay in the hand when you carry it around. The whole device is powered by a 1500mAh built-in battery combined with a Type-C fast charging port for long vape times and to make sure recharges are a breeze. The wattage tops out at 60W and you may adjust it from 5W in increments of 1W. A 0.96" display screen shows vape data in an organized and easy-to-read manner. However, the screen is not full-color and that is sort of disappointing. On the user interface, you will still easily see all the indicators you could possibly want to access such as current mode, current voltage, coil resistance, puff time, and a 4-digit puff counter. The pod that comes with the Aeglos H2 Kit installs effortlessly and stays in place with powerful magnets. It can store up to 4.5mL of naked 100 e-juice and is easily refilled via a bottom fill juice port. You may also rotate the pod to change the air intake to your favorite setting. Included with purchase, you'll get 2 compatible coils to bring you a full range of flavors. The first is a 0.18ohm DTL coil that results in flavorful vapor production from freebase e-liquids that have a nic strength below 6mg. Or, if you enjoy a restricted DTL or MTL style of vaping, use the included 1.2ohm coil which is said to produce a drier, yet comfortable flavor experience from nicotine salt or high nicotine juices. Buy it here: https://vapesourcing.com/uwell-aeglos-h2-pod-mod.html You may also like: bantam citrus strawberry menthod smok nord coils
  5. Hi, friends, have you gone on vacation in the hot summer? Stay away from the heat at home and take a look at vapesourcing's hot summer vape sale promotions! The event time is from 27.07 end to 10.08 US time, and there will be a 12% off discount on the whole site. You can use the discount code Summer. Event link is https://vapesourcing.com/hot-summer.html Summertime, and the living’s easy! Especially when you are having a good time and vaping. This summer, we hope you enjoy it all to the max with your Vapesourcing online vape store! Other kits you may prefer: geekvape l200 kit for sale geekvape l200 mod near me
  6. Hey guys. Today let's look at the Vandy Vape Nox Pod Kit. If you enjoy mid-wattage pod mod devices, then you may wanna check out this. It looks great and offers two different vaping experiences. Here we go! The Nox Pod Kit features a unique and ergonomic design, which will certainly make it comfortable to hold and vape with. Even though it's pretty compact, it fits a larger 1600mAh internal battery. And, the Type-C USB port can make the device be fully charged in no time. Another great feature is the actual output. You've got up to 60w of power, so that's more than enough for either MTL or RDL vaping. On the front is where you'll find the wattage adjustment buttons, firing button, and display screen. There are two refillable pod cartridges included in the kit. One is for DTL vaping which has a maximum e-juice capacity of 4.5ml and the other is for MTL vaping with an e-juice capacity of 3ml. You can quickly fill these pods from the bottom. Furthermore, these pod cartridges are compatible with the Vandy Vape VVC coils. Lastly, you can adjust the airflow hole by rotating the pod left or right, super easy to do! Check for more details here: https://vapesourcing.com/vandy-vape-nox-pod-kit.html You may also like: bantam menthol salts smok tfv18 coil
  7. Hey guys. Today let's check out the Auguse Draw RTA. It is designed for better flavor and throat hit, very suitable for the Drag S and Drag X Kit by VOOPOO. Here we go! Auguse Draw RTA is made of high-quality stainless steel, its body has a refined and simple aesthetic without any extra parts. Single coil deck design can prevent e-liquid from leaking effectively. So you do not have to worry about the leaked e-juice staining your things. When you use this RTA for vaping, you can adjust the bottom airflow precisely with 3 changeable pins(1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm). As for the capacity, the Draw RTA can store up to 4ml of your favorite bantam e-liquid, enough for you to use for a whole day! The last and most important point is that this RTA is very easy to build and very suitable for beginners. There are so many exquisite designs, bringing you the perfect vaping experience definitely! Buy it here: https://vapesourcing.com/auguse-draw-rta.html You may also like: bantam banana muffin salts cheap smok nord coil
  8. Hey guys. Today let's look at the Art X Vape – a new disposable vape that is rechargeable and allows up to 5000 puffs on a charge. Here we go! Art X is completely different from traditional disposable vapes on the market and brings a huge change. The unique shape makes you unforgettable, and the square box shape is more stable and atmospheric. For a disposable vape, it is important to be easy to carry, and the square box shape better fits the shape of your pocket, so you can carry it with no burden! The 9.3ml pod capacity can support 5000 puffs, although the battery is only 700mAh, it adopts the design of rechargeable, this is a very cost-effective disposable vape china kit. Currently, there are 6 flavors for you to choose from, namely Blueberry, Cool Mint, Fusion Lush Ice, Guava Ice, Banana Ice LaLa Land, and Strawberry Banana, whether from fruity or powerful flavors, you can have it all! Buy it here: https://vapesourcing.com/air-x-disposable-kit.html You may also like: flum float flavors air bar max near me
  9. Hey guys. Today let's look at the Obelisk C Tank by Geekvape. It is 25mm in diameter and adopts the innovative triple-boosting technology. Do you wanna know more details? Here we go! Geekvape Obelisk C Tank can hold a generous 5.5ml of your favorite e-liquid with a bubble glass tube and 4ml with a regular glass tube. It hosts an innovative top fill system, accessible by rotating the knurled and threaded top cap, avoiding leakage effectively, and making top filling more convenient via two oversized filling ports. The tank is able to access Geekvape Super Mesh coils. In the kit, you will get a pre-installed 0.25Ω dual mesh coil (45-55W) and a spare 0.15Ω single mesh coil (80-90W). Moreover, the Obelisk C Tank has an adjustable tri-slotted bottom airflow ring to control the inflow of air to create conditions conducive to thicker vapor or richer flavor production. Buy it here: https://vapesourcing.com/geekvape-obelisk-c-sub-ohm-tank.html You may also like: bantam sour strawberry buy drag 3
  10. Hey guys. Today let's look at the Xros Mini Kit by Vaporesso. It continues the stable and superior performance of the Xros series, will provide you the best MTL vaping experience. Here we go! The luxury diamond pattern surface gives the Xros Mini a prestigious look and makes it non-slip. A built-in 1000mAh battery provides a significant improvement for the device and can offer nearly 2 days without recharging and supports 5V/1A Type-C fast charging. As for the 2ml pod, the clamshell top filling design is extremely easy to refill your bantam e-liquid, just only one hand required and no leaking. The SSS leak-resistant technology has proven to work effectively in previous Vaporesso pods. Built-in a 1.2ohm coil, Xros Mini Kit offers an uncommon MTL vaping experience. Sure, it is faster and even heating provides even better flavor through a 0.8Ω mesh pod (sold separately). What's more, the pod can be compatible with the Xros coil family, which enhances both flavor and nicotine delivery for your vaping experience. Buy it here: https://vapesourcing.com/vaporesso-xros-mini-kit.html You may also like: cheap geekvape zeus mesh coils smok tfv18 coil price
  11. Hey guys. Today I'm gonna introduce the Lost Vape Ursa Mini Kit. It looks very like the Ursa Quest Multi, so what's the difference between them? Let's dive in for more details. The Ursa Mini Pod Kit's maximum output power can be up to 30w, and it has a 0.69-inch adjustable display screen, allowing you to adjust your favorite power and perfect flavor. Simultaneously, it has four holes to adjust the airflow. In addition, even if it is a mini kit, it has a built-in battery of 1200mAh, which is convenient to carry and can also meet the power demand of the whole day. When you replace a new atomizer, the Ursa Mini can automatically identify the resistance of the new atomizer and display it on the display screen in time. What's more, it uses a strong zinc alloy shell, shining with the metallic luster of the shell, and eight colors for you to choose, making the whole Ursa Mini Kit by Lost Vape more high-end and tasteful. As a mini kit, its extreme lightness is reflected in that it can be stuffed into the pocket at will, and you can't feel its weight. Check for more details here: https://vapesourcing.com/lost-vape-ursa-mini-pod-kit.html You may also like: geekvape g18 review cheap obelisk 200 mod
  12. Hey guys. Have you used the Era MTL RTA by Auguse before? Today let's look at their Era Pro RTA which is said to be better than the previous Era MTL. Here we go! Auguse Era Pro is a single-coil RTA made of durable stainless steel and Pyrex glass tubes, the knurled engraving on the top makes it look very textured. Measuring 22mm in diameter, it can store up to 4ml of e-juice and adopts a top filling system. Featuring a bottom airflow and side airflow system, the Era Pro comes with 4 customizable airflow sizes for the side airflow: 0.8mm / 1.0mm (pre-installed) / 1.2mm / holeless airflow control pin (included) and comes with 3pcs x 1.0mm airflow pin for the bottom airflow. The side airflow can be closed by a holeless AFC pin. Also, the AFC ring with 7 level airflows: 1.6mm x 3.6mm, 1.8mm, 1.6mm, 1.4mm, 1.2mm, 1.0mm, 0.8mm, meeting your personal vaping demands. The Era Pro RTA tank adopts a dual coil deck design for convenience to the building and can open/close the e-juice channel by turning the tank. Moreover, the drip tip with 3 layers of the heat sink. All in all, this RTA is well worth a shot. Buy it here: https://vapesourcing.com/auguse-era-pro-rta.html You may also like: smok stick r22 kit price vaporesso xros kit review
  13. Hey guys. Today let's look at the IJOY LIO Boom. If you are a fan of IJOY devices or like using disposable vapes in daily vaping, this can exactly make you satisfied. Here we go! The LIO Boom is a brand new disposable vape developed by IJOY, which has a series of updates and optimizations in terms of materials, performance, and flavors. It has a wide range of options allowing you to find the one that matches you best from twenty-two delicious and popular flavors and two different nicotine levels. Its fashion body combines with PCTG and aluminum alloy together, making it stronger and lighter. The IJOY LIO Boom can vape over 3500 puffs thanks to the powerful and efficient components it comes with. Hidden under its compact stature is a large built-in battery that contains a full 1400mAh of power, which works with the pre-soaked vertical coil to output a stable 12W of power for excellent flavor and perfect vapor. It also has a 10ml pre-filled pod which is used to contain the best vape juice and can bring your vaping experience to a new height. If you have the IJOY LIO Boom, it is equivalent to having the smoothest and most consistent vaping enjoyment and will be your most indispensable vaping partner. Check for more details here: https://vapesourcing.com/ijoy-lio-boom-disposable.html You may also like: flum float vape swft 3k flavors
  14. Hey guys. Today let's look at the SMOK Nord 50W Kit. It is the latest addition to the Nord series and has good pod and coil compatibility. Here we go! Based on the classic appearance, the Nord 50W advances into two collections featuring a variety of colors and premium textures to match your mood of the day. Thanks to continuous optimization and stable iterations, the new Nord 50W sets new standards for the Nord series with an internal 1800mAh battery bringing you up to 50W of power to your satisfaction. The flashing frequency of the white LED light can show various function protections and tell you the status of the device. The air intakes on both sides can be adjusted by moving the air switch on the back of the device to achieve the ideal vaping style with the most mellow flavor. This vape kit includes two versatile pods that work perfectly with the upgraded airflow system to deliver scrumptious flavor and massive vapor: one is the 4.5ml Nord 50W Nord Pod compatible with the Nord coil series, and the other is the 4ml Nord 50W LP2 Pod compatible with LP2 coil series with enhanced leak-proof technology. Besides, there is a 4ml Nord 50W RPM Pod available separately. When the coil is inserted into the pod, the specially designed base part of the pod can lock the e-liquid and the condensate generated during vaping, helping to further prevent leakage. Check for more details here: https://vapesourcing.com/smok-nord-50w-kit.html You may also like: novo 4 price drag 3 buy
  15. Hey guys. Today let's check out the Oxva Xlim Kit which is the latest release from the quite young vape brand who have hit the market with a Bang! Some say it's better than the Uwell Caliburn Kit, is it really so? Let's find out together. As you can see Oxva Xlim is a pod kit but does appear to have a few more features than the most basic kits provide. For a start, there is an 0.42" OLED screen to display your vaping data and you can adjust the wattage output from 5-25W. Another great feature is the airflow control located on the side of the device to allow you to adjust the airflow to your preference. Inside the mod is a 900mAh battery which is charged via the USB Type-C port at up to a 1A charge rate. This uses refillable but disposable pods. Basically, when the coil performance has deteriorated over time you do not need to get your hands mucky changing a coil. You simply discard the whole pod section. As mentioned this is refillable – there are 2 capacity options which seem to tie in with the filling style. The 2ml pod has a top fill port whereas the 1.6ml version has a "PTF" (Push To Fill) port. This is like a one-way valve which you open by inserting the e-liquid bottle nozzle when filling. It then closes to help prevent leaking and access to the chamber by children. There are 2 different pod types – both included in this vape kit – the 0.8ohm pod has an 0.8ohm Kanthal Coil and is best at 12-16W. There is also the 1.2ohm pod – again with a Kanthal coil and is rated 10-12W. Check for more details here: https://vapesourcing.com/oxva-xlim-kit.html You may also like: vaporesso xros price aegis x mod review
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