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  1. Foofightervapegirl1

    Foo Punch

    A work in progress ,tweeks are encouraged, toying with the idea of a smidge of TFA coconut but pretty good as is : 70/30 30 mil bottle: 3 mil Fuji Apple TFA 2 mil Green Apple loranne 1 mil loranne cherry 2 mil Capella juicy orange .5 mil blackberry TFA .5 kiwi double Cappella 1 mil watermelon Candy TFA 1 mil strawberry ripe TFA 1 mil cranberry TFA 1 mil liquid organic stevia..... maybe some lime + coconut. We shall see.Love it so far though.I really like TFA flavorings. Vape on ,if anybody has improvement ideas,please speak up.
  2. Foofightervapegirl1

    Bump when you get something in vape mail.

    Thats shiny! I have yet to try sqounker, but then at work or don't have time lol.I keep my stuff that runs with no issue, griffin 25 + merlin.
  3. Foofightervapegirl1

    Apple, Pineapple, and Dragonfruit

    Thanks..I have been working on it,we don't buy juice at all anymore , makes for some creativity.
  4. Foofightervapegirl1

    Grampa Walt's Apple Pie

    Just found this ...and will try it soon!
  5. Foofightervapegirl1

    Apple, Pineapple, and Dragonfruit

    I'm getting some pinapple to try soon. We got some dragonfuit and this recipe,that I'm posting is a favorite: 4 mils dragonfruit 1 mil cranberry 1mil strawberry ripe 1 mil raspberry .5 mils watermelon 1 mil sweetener 70/30 60 mil bottle ,for 120 I take the dragonfruit up two,and the other flavors up to 1.5 or 2 mils,same amount if sweetener. All TFA, except raspberry is loranne,we use organic liquid stevia for sweetener.
  6. Foofightervapegirl1

    Reuleaux RX 2/3 Kit

    Watch wismec....the center pins on both my old rx200,and predator gave me fits. If you need a reliable back up the Aspire Archon is a two battery mod with really good battery life, I run it all the time and just swap my batteries usually am,it runs all day and all night until the next morning, with LGH2 batts.
  7. Foofightervapegirl1

    Gimme fruits!!!

    Pretty simple and good for summer: 3 mils Srawberry ripe TFA 1 mil dragonfruit TFA 1mil raspberry loranne 1 mil cranberry capella 1 mil sweetener I like it at 70/30. It could be good 60/40. My husband is a picky vaper and loves it, also good if you swap the percentages on strawberry ripe and cranberry. It is something you can tinker alot or a little with. That is for a 30 mil bottle.
  8. Foofightervapegirl1

    Mother's day fruit explosion

    I have been vaping it a week,and I don't get bored with it. Hubby us super picky when it comes to juice and is vaping it now too.
  9. So I got bored today and ended up with this: 1 mil juicy orange capella 1 mil raspberry loranne 1 mil dragonfruit TFA 3 mil cranberry TFA 1 mil sweetener That's in a 60 mil bottle. At 70/30 yum! Happy Mother's day Mama's I hope you like it like I did. As I am really awful at Math I didn't do the percentages. Happy Mother's day!
  10. Foofightervapegirl1

    Wismec predator 228?

    I had the back up cuboid. And the plato AIO. I don't do no back ups. Aspire Archon arrived. I love it! Predator is now collecting some dust.
  11. Foofightervapegirl1

    Does anyone have a tiger's blood recipe?

    Love wizard labs, thanks.I got the recipe wrong lol. @vapemama I used yours thinking it was walt's I got too much coconut! I used 5% on everything too. I went from thinking it qas stellar to,well it's not too bad. I switched out the watermelon for watermelon candy TFA. I'm going to have to doctor it, but a good start.
  12. Foofightervapegirl1

    What have you mixed today?

    Tiger's blood. Thanks @Walt for the recipe. I ended up 5% strawberry ripe (TFA) ,5% coconut extra (TFA) , 5% watemelon candy (TFA) , .1% organic stevia ( liquid) on the sweetener. It is stellar.
  13. Foofightervapegirl1

    Does anyone have a tiger's blood recipe?

    Thanks! You totally answered my next question on where to buy flavors!
  14. Foofightervapegirl1

    Does anyone have a tiger's blood recipe?

    What is TPA? I'm not familiar with that abbreviation/ brand name. I'm going to get this going soon!
  15. Foofightervapegirl1

    Does anyone have a tiger's blood recipe?

    Thank you!!!!

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