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  1. Bump when you get something in vape mail.

    250 mil 100mg nic of, 1oz blueberry by loranne,1 oz raspberry by Loranne,1 dram strawberry by loranne,1 oz tart and sour boost by loranne.
  2. Tank nostalgia!

    Okay now I have to dig out my fave rda...mutation x v5s.i see a cloudy forecast !!
  3. Tank nostalgia!

    I like my mtl in the morning,or when wedding planning stress takes over, the slow draw is awesome! but yes on the 50/50 for sure, I like the flavor that comes with it too. Have you tried the Merlin mtl RTA yet? Thinking eventually my huge stockpile of coils will run out.
  4. Tank nostalgia!

    So for christmas,I got coils for my crown 2,and atlantis mega and v2, and I've pulled out my mtl stash! Aerotank, nautilus mini,and I'm thinking of breaking out the aerotank giant. The Griffin 25 I swipped from the soon to be husband is in rotation too! Maybe it is the new year,and maybe I just like multiple tanks LOL...hmmm should break out the dripper here soon!
  5. Thank you all! I made it One Year!

    Of course! And thanks:)
  6. Thank you all! I made it One Year!

    Woohoo walt, so happy for you, awesome job!!
  7. Update time!!!

    Marriage set for February 3rd!!
  8. Gonna Be a Papaw REAL soon!

    Aww! She's gorgeous!! Congragulations!!
  9. The Christmas Thread

    Merry christmas,I was AWOL for a long while too good to see you @Bebop ! I had a hysterectomy right before Christmas,week of, planning my wedding ( february) learning how to be a step mom, we got the wonderful little guy for two weeks! But wow! Staying home all day will make you sleep good! I'm so Happy! I've had a lot of family stuff go sour, bye Felicia! To 2017.It was the best of times,it was the worst of times. Happy New Year everybody!!
  10. Adulting....

    February now! We moved it up. We are not having a big to do, I just had a hysterectomy, day before yesterday, and we are just having a few family members. But still over the moon!!
  11. Bump when you get something in vape mail.

    Oh I have been loving my tootle puffers at 50/50 lately Too! Namely my nautilus mini with a triton mini coil in it!
  12. Favorite ejuice currently??

    My homebrew watermelon menthol right now on my rta,higher nic homebrew Apple pie on my naut mini,and Carmel cappuccino in my rda! I don't do vendor brands anymore at all.too expensive,especially with Christmas and a wedding coming up!
  13. What flavor you vaping on?

    About to be watermelon menthol homebrew. I have come down with what I believe may be the death plague! Good thing my order from myfreedomsmokes came in! I'm needing that menthol for darn sure! On my griffin,55 watts on the rx200. Luckily got my vape stash from storage a while back!
  14. Those holiday ciggie cravings

    It's crazy every year around Christmas I start craving the nasties. Since I had a bout with them in July I was like, ugh! I dreamed about cigalikes all night last night! I am so glad for my hubby.I talked to him about it. I got home and since I have a ton of mtl tanks he tells me go in the kitchen, grab that bottle of nicotine and fire up! He has been super supportive! I mixed up some Swedish fish at about 12.5 nice, popped a 1.8 ohm coils in the aerotank,and when the craving hits it is great! I'm so glad I had him now and always the cigalike or stinkies would have been a waste of time and money !! So nice to have someone like that in your corner with this stuff!
  15. Bump Everytime You Buy Something New

    Bump! 5 milo coils for my atlantis 2, 2 .8 ohm coils for my crown 2, that's part of my christmas. Apple pie 30ml by TFA, menthol 30 ml TFA, watermelon 30 mil Lorann, Peach 30 mil Lorann. The first two came from here at vaportalk😉😉

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