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  1. Foofightervapegirl1

    Bump when you get something in vape mail.

    Just got the Zeus dual RTA from geekvape. I really like it so far. And it does not leak! Seemed like no matter how good a wicking job I did on the griffin it was always leaking. If you are an airflow hog,you will love it.
  2. Foofightervapegirl1

    Anyone else notice this?

    I vape CBD and notice I have to rewick my RTA alot more,my coil gunks up faster than usual.was wondering if it was happening to anyone else?
  3. Foofightervapegirl1

    Picky vaper approved recipes

    I keep meaning to post but I have been busy. Working all the time here Black cranberry: 5 mils Blackberry ( capella) 4 mils Cranberry ( TFA) 2 mils sweetener That is for a 120 mil. I call this one Thanksgiving. Hey why not be festive, right? 3 mils Cranberry ( TFA) 2 mils Juicy Orange ( capella) 4 mils Dragonfruit ( TFA) 3 mils strawberry ripe ( TFA) 2 mils sweetener Again 120 mils. These were both just mixed for myself ,my husband tried both and requested his own batches, loves them both and is very picky on juice. How is everyone? Good to see ya'll are still here.
  4. Foofightervapegirl1

    Three new recipes

    I spent morning and evening mixing...I will post them here soon! I think I came up with around six new recipes. Hubby is a picky vaper, and I'm almost a kin to what works for him now. I'm working on A chocolate covered cherry. I've got the bulk of it right but need to add the chocolate part.
  5. Foofightervapegirl1

    Almost 7 years vaping but behind the times

    Chiming in on the aegis legend by geekvape.... I love mine! And yes * very sturdy!*
  6. Foofightervapegirl1

    Three new recipes

    I really liked it! I need to mix more. I just go in the flavor drawer in our kitchen and throw stuff that sounds good together. Next up is a skittles ice cream .....when I get time!
  7. Foofightervapegirl1

    Three new recipes

    Cranberry lemonade was a 30 mil. The last one is for 60 mils
  8. Foofightervapegirl1

    Three new recipes

    This is a nice flavored cotton candy: 2 mils Circus cotton candy (TFA) 3 mils Vanilla bean ice cream (TFA) 7% raspberry (Loranne) 7% blueberry (Loranne) 5% dragonfruit (TFA) 2 mils sweetener For give me for switching between mils and percentages, It's in a 60 mil I mixed it 70/30. Cranberry Lemonade ( my current favorite) it is very tart and is good if you have vape tongue 3 mils Lemonade ( flavor west) 2.5 mils cranberry (TFA ) 2 mils sweetener Apple lemonade: 3 mils lemonade Flavor west 4 mils pink lemonade( TFA) 1.5 Apple candy (TFA)
  9. Foofightervapegirl1

    Bump when you get something in vape mail.

    Bump! Got my geekvape aegis legend the other day. I might pick up the 100 watt version as a back up.
  10. Foofightervapegirl1

    Geekvape Aegis Legend

    Mine came last week . I love it. Yes,good busy, I am working for the first time in over ten years. I've got some recipes I need to post too.
  11. Foofightervapegirl1

    Geekvape Aegis Legend

    @Walt nice review man! I'm looking forward to it getting here!! Good to see ya'll I stop by when I can life is pretty busy.
  12. Foofightervapegirl1

    Geekvape Aegis Legend

    Does anyone have one? I'm mod shopping again, it looks tough with good seals, I was wondering about battery life, or if there is anything about this mod I should be in the know about. Thanks ya'll!
  13. Foofightervapegirl1

    Mint chocolate ice cream

    In a 30 mil: 4 mils loranne mint chocolate 2 mils TFA vanilla bean ice cream 2.5 mils chocolate ( clear) TFA 1 mil sweetener After I added nic the pg was at 9, so 9 mils pg, 42 mils vg for 70/30. It's really good!tastes almost like breyers mint chocolate chip .
  14. Foofightervapegirl1

    Foo Punch

    A work in progress ,tweeks are encouraged, toying with the idea of a smidge of TFA coconut but pretty good as is : 70/30 30 mil bottle: 3 mil Fuji Apple TFA 2 mil Green Apple loranne 1 mil loranne cherry 2 mil Capella juicy orange .5 mil blackberry TFA .5 kiwi double Cappella 1 mil watermelon Candy TFA 1 mil strawberry ripe TFA 1 mil cranberry TFA 1 mil liquid organic stevia..... maybe some lime + coconut. We shall see.Love it so far though.I really like TFA flavorings. Vape on ,if anybody has improvement ideas,please speak up.
  15. Foofightervapegirl1

    Bump when you get something in vape mail.

    Thats shiny! I have yet to try sqounker, but then at work or don't have time lol.I keep my stuff that runs with no issue, griffin 25 + merlin.

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