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  1. Wismec predator 228?

    My fire bar made a recovery! How often does that happen?? The pin is still a pain in the rear end, but it will hold out until payday, and new mod! What a relief that was. I don't know how I feel about the whole fire bar deal. I think I liked the button better. Well I tried the fad, I guess that makes me old, lol!
  2. Merlin mini rta

    I got it figured out. I was making sure I wasn't going to hurt the tank...silly I guess when that is what it is built for πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Everything is running just fine. Thank you ! This thing is a bit of a bugger to wick!
  3. Wismec predator 228?

    Well, I suppose they have not improved, we are both having to push our 510 pins down! And my switch does the opposite,fires too long if I'm not very careful. We will be going back to the aspire archon that had way better battery life and no issues! He had one, I didn't but I tried his and liked it alot. His survived a year of dropping and construction work!
  4. Merlin mini rta

    I meant lower resistance,my coil is directly over the airflow. I've got a .70 ohm build running at 40 watts. No plug. Pretty good. Does the coil over the airflow make a difference? My question I guess was would it hurt anything? I didn't know about just having two feeding slots for the juice. I am running a 60/40 artemis clone I made and I like it. It is the single coil deck. Not the two post.Ot has interchangeable decks that screw in.
  5. Merlin mini rta

    Can I run a lower build in single coil mode without the airflow plug in? I like single coil mode , I have a .98 coil at 26 watts and it tastes like vaping air! It only has two juice flow ports, if that helps. Love the way it hits, just a flavor issue. It isn't the juice, it's one of my faves! Thanks in advance.
  6. Bump when you get something in vape mail.

    Bump! Blue raspberry by TFA, hawiian limeade by flavor west, green apple by Loranne, Lemonade by Loranne, 250 mil 100mg PG nic, Merlin mini rta on the way! I'm ready for summer, winter has been here tooooo long!
  7. What flavor you vaping on?

    Peach lime (mtl) Skittle -aide in the rta!
  8. What have you mixed today?

    Orange limeade, strawberry lime,and skittles. If anyone wants recipes just drop a note, recently mixed raspberry lemonade, watermelon lemonade too....and a can't king sour batch clone I found and tweaked...it's pretty good!
  9. Wismec predator 228?

    Aww man!! I read hubby you guy's reviews! We decided at the price we got them for we will be happy with six months. His mod has just about died and I'm on a cuboid 150 that has horrible battery life! Here's hoping!
  10. Wismec predator 228?

    Does anyone have one? How are they performance wise? Me and the hubs snagged some on sale for our Valentine's day . All the reviews I looked at looked good. Also does anyone know how long vapor world takes on free shipping? Thanks in advance y'all. Married life is bliss!!
  11. Help

    Thanks @Walt for the reviewer suggestions....the ones I've watched are so on my nerves hawking stuff!
  12. I'm hunkered down with an extra set of batteries,some raspberry homebrew,waiting for state of the union to come on,anybody else watching? Also the super blood moon is tonight. And I'm getting married Saturday! Big poofy white dress,veil,super awesome pink suede shoes,and a reception too...( my sister is springing for that one, she has been a huge help!) I'm so excited! It all started vaping on a back deck.....
  13. Wonder what they will smoke instead? New Jersey has a nasty problem with illegal substances...stupidity if you ask me.
  14. Bump when you get something in vape mail.

    It makes the wick look like a sponge!
  15. Bump when you get something in vape mail.

    250 mil 100mg nic of, 1oz blueberry by loranne,1 oz raspberry by Loranne,1 dram strawberry by loranne,1 oz tart and sour boost by loranne.

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