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  1. That looks really amazing.. I have no idea how to do my own coils. Yikes! But would love to learn. Thank you so much for all of the information!
  2. I am looking those up. Any idea on what is the best tank out there? Really would like a 5ml. And any idea on the best batteries out there? Which is your favorite? How long have you had these? They look super sharp!
  3. I am a very heavy vaper— still. I still do not know how to build my own coils though. A Provari was a pretty big mod with a ten year warranty. I don’t like to hit over 70 watts and I do like low ohm 0.5 to 1.7. For me it’s all about longevity, long lasting, low maintenance. I wouldn’t have thought I was picky until this moment. I just need something reliable that doesn’t leak
  4. Hi Everyone! On December 3, 2011, I quit smoking my pack and a half a day analogs and I never looked back. I eventually settled with my beloved Provari and sow 5ml tanks and went happily on my way. Well, I need a new vape and provape closed its doors. Help!!! I love durability and long lasting NON LEAKING technology. Can someone please tell me what’s the latest and the greatest, and not too too pricy? My backup is an old flimsy thing and I’m terrified it will die on me. much, Much, Much Appreciated! Breal
  5. Hi everyone. I haven’t been here in a while, But I started beeping six years ago, December 3rd. A few months into my Vape being experience I found the provari. I got the general one and then a year or so later got a mini. Half a decade later my vapes began to have some issues and felt it was fine for a new one. I have to add that I have never had a cigarette in all that time but I know that I would without a vape. Sad, I know, but just being honest. Come to find out that Provari went out of business. I found a vape store and bought a tarot nano as a back up and a Revenger kit as a primary. But, wow, do I miss my provari, which the guy behind the register scoffed at. Has that much changed? My question is, what is the latest and the greatest. The guy behind the counter said that everyone replaces their vapes every six months. Every six months? What else has changed? Thank you all in advance. And wonderful to see everyone again! Breal
  6. Well, I've been vaping exclusively for 3 years now--not one cheat. This site is solely responsible for aiding me through the transition, which took many months. It is obviously much safer than cigarettes. The only thing that troubles me is that if I didn't have my vape I would go back to regular cigarettes. It's not so much the nicotine as it is the oral fixation. But, I guess that is not the e-cigarette's fault.
  7. Oh Wow!!! Awesome!! I had no idea. Today I went to try to change the atomizer insert (I think that's what you call it) and I was surprised that it came right out! Oiy!
  8. I love my Aspire Nautilus,.. really amazing tank. I have the big one and I only have to fill it about once a day or just over. But, the replaceable atomizer got stuck in the tube (the non-threaded part). I tried and tried to remove it, then my husband tried to take it out with some pliers, but the glass cracked! I went ahead and ordered another one from hoosier (great deal at $27). I know someone sells replaceable parts (for now just duct taping the crack and still can't get the atomizer out). Does anyone know where to get these replacements or if it is even worth it? Very sad.
  9. I'm sorry.. I know I'm late to this, but I just watched something on YouTube about these new regulations. But, I'm not sure how it's going to affect us, exactly.. Can someone dumb this down for me?
  10. Wow... It's getting real. E-cigarettes have helped millions. This is just criminal, and all for the sake of money, make no mistake. I'm saddened.
  11. For a while, after switching to vaping, I really couldn't stand the smell of cigarettes. After a year of vaping, the same thing happened to me.. It's been nearly three years of vaping only. Not one analog, and I just love the smell of cigarettes, not on clothing or ashtrays, but someone smoking nearby or smoking as I vape,.. yes. I'm not tempted in the least to try a cigarette if I have my e-cigarette, but I do know that if I had technical difficulties and was not able to even get a vape replacement at some 7-11, of course I would have an analog. I'm addicted to either the nicotine or the action of smoking, or both. That's my reality.
  12. Ok, OK! I admit it. I'm addicted. And the vapor is not just water.. there is 'some' nicotine. I get it. There may also be a chemical or two that I will just term "a bad idea". But, flavors? Seriously? Get a life! And kids wanting to vape? How is that an argument??? I just don't get that one. It's definitely going to get more strict, sadly. But, it's been beautiful while it lasted. In December in will be 3 years since I've begun vaping and stopped analogs--completely. I just don't plan on quitting. It's been a wonderful near 3 years.
  13. Yes, VG definitely gives more vapor. I don't have a problem with too little vapor. It's all about flavor to me. I would be just fine with zero vapor if the flavor were smooth and strong. But, it's been a long time since I have tried VG... maybe about a year and a half. I might pick up a Gorilla Juice, if that is still available, to see if I feel the same way about the flavor. I'm open! I've been vaping Dunhill from myfreedomsmokes (which was just discontinued!!!!) but have just received their alternative. It's comparable. What I like about what I saw from the Aspire video is that one can adjust the draw. Not That's interesting. As for the HH.357, I will definitely order the custom, but I'm unsure as to what that means. Do you custom order based on resistance?
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