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  1. All good points, guys. I would probably not use and announce comp's business model post 8/8, for privacy/security reasons. Not being a nanny or telling y'all hat to do. Just looking out for fellow vapors' well-being and their means of earning a living. Cheers guys.
  2. Sheeesh with all these regs. Come to think of it, I do not think there is single industry in the U.S., and perhaps all of N. America that is not regulated. Sure they may be emerging industries that is not monitored but eventually will be regulated, just like vaping. I am neither pro or against regs... just an observation. Industries will screw consumer when they can - VW and Mistubishi diesel EPA data manipulation, Tata airbags, Starkist tuna settling $50M for consistently underfilling their cans according to US weights and measurements standards, etc. This is just the past year or so. More often than not, it is way cost effective settling suits/fines than spending $$$ correcting their mistakes, or simply a calculated risk factored in their profit margins. By and large, regs protect both consumers and businesses. They can be over zealous, and way too bureaucratic sometimes. Regs do change with the industry given time. With that out of the way, it really is all $$$. I think that was obvious as FDA regs, as it is right now, favors closed-end systems. Everything else outside of that you have to jump through hoops to mfr it, sell it, and using it... all the associated costs gets passed on to the consumer.
  3. http://www.fda.gov/TobaccoProducts/GuidanceComplianceRegulatoryInformation/Retail/ucm228914.htm Surprised to see CA gets the lion share (monetarily speaking) by a lot compared to all other states.
  4. Whaat? I did not know that. But glad you took the reins back. Of course now that I have mellowed out on my shopping binges, now I can actually request stuff through you . Better late than never.
  5. Wish you started this thread a year or two ago.
  6. I know, right? Nowadays you need a license or permit for everything. If one wants to cut hair, do mani/pedi, be a massage therapist, or even erect a lemonade stand to raise funds for girl/boy scouts. lol
  7. It's funny seeing ABC officers for the very first time. I am hanging out at a cousin's bar, actually pitching in so he can pick-up his kids from school and drop m off at home, and ABC walks in. You could not tell them apart from local LE unless you look closely at the patch and badge. We were shooting the breeze while waiting for my cousin, and I asked how come ATF or simply local LE are not handling it. They just laughed. Local LE has no time, and ATF only deals with high profile cases. As friendly as they were, my cousin was cited because I was bartendting without a license. Not sure opening 2 bottles of beer is considered as bartending. lol
  8. I usually rotate 2 set-ups, 3 at the most... and always at home as I no longer vape when out (personal preference)... don't need to anymore.
  9. I would have gladly bought most of my vape gear here, but had to source mine elsewhere due to selection. Looking forward to new stuff at VT.
  10. Not sure how they will enforce that other than creating a new agency - probably similar to ABC (alcoholic beverage control}. ABC does random inspections of bars, or any establishment that serves alcohol. They check permits, supplier invoice, and inventory among other things. They want to make sure the supply chain is legit (no moonshine, fakes, or using sources that did not pay excise tax). Who knows, maybe we will see a new agency to monitor and enforce laws on the vaping industry?
  11. Thanks for the heads-up, comp. If what I am reading is correct, it starts earlier than that. REGULATION COMPLIANCE CALENDAR May 13, 2016, Page1of 5DeadlineRule Implemented / RequirementsCitation August 8, 2016 Effective Date of FDA Authority over Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems–Newly deemed “tobacco products,” including Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS), become subject to FDA authority.21 CFR part 1100 Sale to Minors Banned –Sale prohibited to anyone under 18 years of age (or older if state law requires). Retailers must see photo ID of anyone who appears 26 or under.21 CFR part 1140 Product Adulteration –All manufacturers must operate their facilities in a sanitary manner such that no products are manufactured or shipped that are contaminated in a manner that might injure the public health beyond the risks that may be inherent in the product. Food Drug & Cosmetic Act (FDCA)§902(1) Modified Risk Claims –Companies may not make any advertising claims or other public statements directed to consumers that their product may have less risk, be less harmful, havefewer or no additives as compared to other tobacco products prohibited. Prohibition on use of “light,” “low”, “mild” or similar descriptors.For packaging and labeling deadlines, see August 8, 2017 below.FDCA §902(8) New Products –No new products can be introduced until FDA has issued a marketing order authorizing sale based on an SE or PMTA.FDCA §910(2)(A)Misbranding –FDA will begin enforcement on false or misleading labeling and advertising.FDCA §903(a)(1) Vending Machines –Vending machines are prohibited except in facility where retailer ensures that no one under 18 (or higher legal age) is present or permitted to enter at any time. 21 CFR 1140.14(b) Got this from ECF (where credit is due...) No new products is interesting
  12. Majority of vapers' concern is running out of juice, or vaping gear malfunctioning inopportunely, and not having back-ups on hand as it could drive one back to analogs, if it were to happen. If you already have reliable back ups, you can pick up supplies on your own terms, or when disposable funds are more readily available. Within 2 years, you will be surprised how much "back-ups" you can have. I am a prepper. Not just in vaping but as a lifestyle. So I have a lot more than an average vaper have. I have not purchased any vape supplies and gear in 4 mos, and really do not need anything else (35+ mods, and lost count on how many atomizers I currently own lol) unless something shiny catches my eye, or it is on sale. Building my own coils and making my own juice helps a lot too, and makes hoarding supplies more manageable. I still buy premium juice just to try something new, and lots of great deals come 4th of July (if you are in the US).
  13. TSA is very inconsistent following their own protocols. Just my observation in flying an average of 6-8 times/year. Twice I was waved through without even taking my belt and shoes off., and once I was taken off the security check queue for a cursory pat down ( I did not set off any alarm since I was still in line).
  14. That, and my guess would be to favor close-end systems like cigalikes. Question, if for some reason the grandfather date gets moved to 2016 or some arbitrary date later than 2007, that still only pertains to atomizers holding no more than 2 ml, and mods with non-replaceable cells, right?
  15. I have not kept up with any new flight rules. Just got back from Taiwan 2 mos. ago, and did not encounter any problems. I just packed my 2 mods and RTAs in their original packaging, 8 cells in protective cases, and a 30ml juice in my hand carry. Bulk juice, spare wicks and coils in my regular luggage. On my return flight, I forgot to pack my mod, RTA (full of juice), and cells in their respective packaging, but I wasn't even asked about them. But I may have been just lucky...
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