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  1. Not tried yet. Any ideas on this particular e juice? Should I try this one?
  2. Try buying e liquids from Vapors, an online store offering the best quality of vape e juice, e liquid Flavors in USA.
  3. Apart from RY4, I suggest you to try Beard Vape No. 51 E Juice, a combined mix featuring vanilla custard blended between layers of vanilla custard.
  4. Blueberry E Liquid, if I am not wrong. Yeah this one was the first vape juice, I started vaping.
  5. Check out some vape stores which sells vapor products on the wholesale basis. They may take your order for the e juice on the wholesale basis.
  6. The dreamer - a sweet blend of strawberry, peach and pineapple flavors to give you an awesome vaping experience.
  7. Thanks! I didn't check the bottom section of the website.
  8. Is it of $200? Unable to view its pricing on the website.
  9. Seems portable, easy to carry and use. How much does it cost? Unable to check its price.
  10. Based on the reviews, the copper vanilla mech mod is compared better as it hits well vape and is even less expensive as compared to the apollo authentic mech mod. So I suggest to go with the copper vanilla mod.
  11. Awesome..!! Must to get to keep a row for the e cigarette products. Thanks for the thread!
  12. Could you name the local store from which you are getting the vape products?
  13. This discussion would definitely clear your doubt:- https://www.reddit.com/r/vaporents/comments/29irw5/whats_the_possibilities_of_getting_positive_on_a/
  14. Could you please share the features and specifications of both of the mods?
  15. Try Innokin ITaste MVP 2.0 - IClear 16 Energy Kit which is one good regulated box mod comes with variable voltage and wattage feature to have amazing vape experience.
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