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  1. That's odd because I checked the Kanger website and their price was more or less the same. I also found some cheaper ones, but they get sent off from the States so that would mean, I pay customs and taxes. Also worried about counterfeits and I been dealing with Rolling Papers Express and actually discovered Vaping thru them thus I began my Journey to stop smoking, but it is easier to buy from the UK for us here in Portugal.
  2. After 2 weeks of hinting, I finally got the new Kanger Mini Starter Kit! All I can say is THANK YOU Rolling Papers Express for your half price Fridays thingy! Without you the wife would not have approved this one... Now I just got to wait for the delivery man
  3. Came across this article on new regulations on ecigs and restrictions on how they are manufactured. Does anyone have insight on this? http://blog.rollingpapersexpress.com/rolling-paper-blog/tobacco-products-directive-and-what-it-means-for-you/
  4. I have been wanting to try a custard flavour and came across thisCaptain's Custard E Juice by Captain's Reserve. Has anyone tried this?
  5. ASnyone tried this mod? I have the Kanger Gravity 20 Watts and I have been really happy with it but I want to try out higher Watts and thinking on this one.
  6. OK Tried it and did not like it at all! I do not recomend this!
  7. Hey guys, I want to tru a sweet juice and came accross this one Vampire Vape E-Liquid - Funky Monkey Banana, Chocolate and Aniseed , anyone tried this and what did they think in comparison?
  8. I want to tryout Vintage E-Liquids - The Sinner but wondering if anyone has bought this before and was it good?
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