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Found 14 results

  1. I purchased this stealthy BLACK Petri Lite mechanical mod at www.dotmod.com for $120US. I'm in no way affiliated with the company. This product was purchased by me 100% and not sent to me for review from any vendor. The matte GOLD Petri RDA (pictured) is not included, it was purchased by me separately. Yes, it's yet another Dotmod product review from me, this time a mechanical mod. Before I begin, I just want to stress that the use of this product is for those seasoned & experienced vapers who are already well educated in battery safety, have good knowledge in ohm's law, and have had experience with these types of products in the past. This review isn't education in any of those fields. If this product interests you or you feel like you would like to know more about the use of mechanical mods, I highly encourage you to watch beginner videos on YouTube, search right here in this forum for help, or maybe even ask a member for guidance. Mechanical mods are nothing to be afraid of and you definitely shouldn't be the slightest bit discouraged. A few of my favorite reasons for using these types of devices is not being "limited" by a chipset and having the easiest, most reliable vaping experience there is, period. This device will work no matter what; no check atomizer warning, no glitches due to system failures/settings, and no error codes. Just push a button and it fires, simple as that. When used maturely and properly, mechanical mods are a wonderful way to vape. To find out what I think about Dotmod's Petri Lite, let's begin now.. .: PACKAGING :. One (1) limited-edition 24K gold-plated brass drip tip Two (2) springs: 1 original Petri spring (light throw), 1 super heavy silver-plated beryllium copper spring One (1) mini Allen key for button assembly One (1) certificate of authenticity .: FEATURES :. Hard-hitting, innovative naval brass/anodized aluminum composite button design Precision anodized aluminum tube and body 24K gold-plated threading and accents 24K gold-plated copper contacts Hybrid connection Fully masked internals (no cleaning, ever) Precision micro-engravings Beautiful color finishes Individually serialized (inside of the contact, apologize for the focus) .: THOUGHTS :. Using this mod for some time now and knowing the ins-and-outs, it feels just as great in the hands as both my Dotbox's and gives me a satisfying vape every time I hit that 24K Gold button. The soft texture of the tube feels sweet in my hands, it's hard to describe. Hard, agile, sturdy but soft and lovely to touch, Dotmod bearing that "high end" effect once again, on the eyes and to the hands. The overall maintenance is very good. It's very little to maintain compared to my other silver, copper, and brass mechanicals due to the oxidation of those metals and constantly having to clean the contacts for superior conductivity to achieve the best vape experience possible. Having the 24K Gold on the contacts ensures great conductivity, great hits, less time maintaining; more time enjoying your delicious juices and blowing milky clouds. .: VERDICT - woo-hoo or boo-hoo? :. Pleased with the consistent solid performance, how the fit and finish has held up till now, it's a definite WOO-HOO from me. I highly recommend this mod to anyone just getting into mechanicals, it's beginner friendly and also great for the seasoned veteran vaper **Again, as long as you're using it safely and you don't push your batteries too hard. Always use atomizers with PROTRUDING 510 pins, definitely NO SUB OHM TANKS with this product**. I have no doubt vapers will be pleased using this device and adding it to their own collection.
  2. I am intending to purchase joyetech eGo AIO Box Starter Kit. Can someone please tell me which site sells it at the lowest price, please also share the discount details like coupon code if any.
  3. Hi everyone do you have any good vape experience with Sigelei mods please share with us here : )
  4. Im very serious about cloud chasin but i cant seem to find good intel from anyone explaining how to build the right way and what to use in order to achieve what i'm trying to accomplish... I currently use a Ipv4s with a troll rda. I usually build with a 20 gage kanthal ramping at .12 ohms but still cant get my O's thick and stable enough. Therefore i am currently doing some digging on what mech mod to use. Seems like a lot of people who are really into chasing uses them. but i still need more info regarding the right builds. Can anyone help me out please
  5. Hi! Which mod do you like this best?? I recently got the Kangertech drip mod and love it!! because I get tired of dripping all the time. I have an ez dripper but carrying the around is like carrying extra stuff which is ok unless you have pouch to hold everything in it. So which mod are ya'll most efficient or favorite??
  6. Hi I'm looking for a smaller box mod. I've been looking at the Sigeli 75w tc box mod or the snow wolf 75w box mod? Any other suggestions or comments on which one to buy?
  7. After 2 weeks of hinting, I finally got the new Kanger Mini Starter Kit! All I can say is THANK YOU Rolling Papers Express for your half price Fridays thingy! Without you the wife would not have approved this one... Now I just got to wait for the delivery man
  8. Hello everyone, I just won a Varibox on VapeTeam Live! I have the 18350's sitting in a cart waiting to add some more goodies. Any recommendations that would go really well with this mod that any of you know about would be greatly appreciated! Also I read this: "NOTE: The top view presents a recessed 510 connector. If you are wanting to use the VariBox with a carto tank, you would need an extender. DO NOT mistake this recessed area as a drip cup or drip well -juice does not go here." When he says extender does he mean a 510 to 510 adaptor, or do they make actual 'extenders' for situations like these? I really plan on sticking some cartos on here, but if an atty will work in this, why would a carto with a drip tip not? Any other tips, tricks or advice that can be passed on is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!
  9. I've had my Infiniti Pro Variable Voltage Mod for about 4 months now, and I havent experienced any major problems with it. For starters, the Infiniti Pro uses 2 LC14430 batteries, the battery life of this PV is absolutely phenomenal (even on 5V). It takes only a few hours to charge, and even faster if you have a Trust Fire quick charger. I would recommend using a normal resistance 510 atomizer coupled with a drip tip. The 2 stacked batteries add for extra amperage that you wont find in any other single battery mod, its voltage range is from 3.2V - 5.6V. Conveniently, when you want to turn off the device, you just turn the cap on the bottom a quater turn and your device is completely off. It displays when the device is on by a red light next to the voltage wheel with three different colors. Green: 3.2V Yellow: 4.2V Red: 5.2V This device is priced around the 150$ range for everything you need to vape, but its a really good deal if you want a reliable variable voltage mod with a throat-hit that outmatches any other mod on the market.
  10. Please subscribe! I know everyone did a review on the volt, but this is my take on it....a GREAT device!
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