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Found 23 results

  1. Sent from Eleaf for review. This was a hoot to do.
  2. C. Pie by Food Fighter80/20. 60ml & 120ml bottles. Comes in 0mg, 3mg, & 6mg nic.Product description: Graham cracker pie crust with salty caramel and powdered sugar on top.★ Blows ★★ Decent ★★★ Pleased ★★★★ Good ★★★★★ Loved itSmoothness: ★★★★★Flavor: ★★★★★Sweetness: ★★★★★Clouds: ★★★★Overall: ★★★★★Thoughts: I found the description to be accurate as described. Inhale, I get salty caramel and a very tasty graham cracker crust. It's not the ordinary bakery pie crust flavor or bakery base that everyone's using in their recipe. It's unique and different, wonderfully layered. On the exhale, more of that delicious graham cracker, a light cinammon which is a sweet one and not spicy, and a creme or that "powdered sugar note" at the finish. It's layered wonderfully, Food Fighter's did an amazing job on this juice. It handles very well in high wattages, none of the flavors were lost or muted at high heat. To be completely honest, the only downside to this juice is that it's a coil gunker. You'll need to change your wicks a few times a day if vaping all day. I personally do that anyways, usually once a day but you'll find that you'll be doing it more with this juice. It's also very addictive so you might run out fast, lol. I can never seem to keep a bottle more than a week, the 120ml bottles. Other than that, it's one of my favorite bakery juices atm (top 3) for the past 2 years, I've never been tired of this flavor. A delicious juice any time of the year, this is one that I highly recommend to get if you ever get the chance.I purchased this product. This was not sent to me for free to review. All opinions & thoughts are 100% honest. I review all e juices with several RDAs; a single coil flavor build at around 0.2Ω and a dual parallel super sub ohm build at around .09Ω to see if these juices can handle cloud and flavor builds. I vape 3mg nic strength and use Kendo as a wicking material. If you would like your product reviewed and shown to the masses on various forums & social media, contact me. Thanks for reading, vape on!
  3. Aftermath by Flawless 80/20. 60ml and 120ml bottles. Comes in 0mg, 2mg, 4mg, 6mg nic. Product description: Blueberry vanilla bean glazed donut. A creamy glazed donut filled with juicy blueberry bits with a side of vanilla bean ice cream and a touch of crunch berries. ★ Blows ★★ Decent ★★★ Pleased ★★★★ Good ★★★★★ Loved it Smoothness: ★★★★ Flavor: ★★★ Sweetness: ★★★ Clouds: ★★★★ Overall: ★★★ Thoughts: The flavor in the description was accurate and not misleading. Inhale, I notice the blueberry donut aspect, a light crunch berry note, and cream. On the exhale, the donut is more noticeable, cream comes out, finished with that light crunch berry note again. I only wished for a little more blueberry action. The juice isn't overly or underly sweet. I can see it as someone's ADV as it won't get you as tired as with other really sweet juices. It's not ideal at really high wattages, it's turns everything into a sweet vape with blueberry in the background. It's best at low to average wattages for flavor chasing. Compared to other donut vapes I've had in the past, it's not as complex (breadiness and other layers) as I would like. I also enjoy brighter, more robust fruit notes with my donut flavors when using super sub ohm builds. A pleasing flavor from Flawless's line nonetheless, I wouldn't expect anything less. *I purchased this product. It was not sent to me for free to review. I tested this e juice on a NarDA RDA single SS macro build at .24Ω and a Kennedy 24 2 Post RDA dual SS parallel macro build at .08Ω for a thorough review for both flavor and cloud chasers. If you would like your product reviewed, feel free to contact me. Vape on!
  4. Kiberry Yogurt by Kilo70/30. 30ml, 60ml, or 120ml. Comes in 2mg, 4mg, 6mg nicProduct description: A delicious yogurt cream that is infused with a blend of fresh strawberries and a dash of kiwis★ Blows ★★ Decent ★★★ Pleased ★★★★ Good ★★★★★ Loved itSmoothness: ★★★★★Flavor: ★★★★★Sweetness: ★★★★★Clouds: ★★★★Overall: ★★★★★Thoughts: The flavor in the description was accurate and not misleading. Inhale, I immediately taste fresh ripe strawberries and kiwis along with a creamy yogurty sweetness. On the exhale, a lot of the yogurt cream, ripe strawberry still, and that kiwi pops out. The kiwi compliments it perfectly, all the flavors are mixed well and balanced perfectly. This juice is sweet, creamy, ripe, tart, fresh every hit after hit. This e juice handles well in both high and low wattages. There were times in the past where I'd vape a yogurt flavor e juice and sometimes get a cheesy off tasting cream or maybe like a cup of day old warm milk taste but not this one. This is one of my favorite yogurts so far, next to Nick's Blissful Brews - Froyo! Delicious in the morning and at night. Highly recommended!*I purchased this product. It was not sent to me for free to review. If you would like your product reviewed, feel free to contact me. Vape on!
  5. Hot Mess by Flawless80/20. 60ml bottle only. Comes in 2mg, 4mg, 6mg nicProduct description: Warm churro topped with vanilla bean ice cream★ Blows ★★ Decent ★★★ Pleased ★★★★ Good ★★★★★ Loved itSmoothness: ★★★★Flavor: ★★★★Sweetness: ★★★★Clouds: ★★★★Overall: ★★★★Thoughts: I found the manufacturer's description to be accurate as described. Inhale, I get a delicious churro flavor done well, compared to others I've tried in the past. On the exhale, you get ice cream followed by a pastry/breadiness component, maybe even slight cinnamon also, I love layered juices. This e juice handles well in high wattages, no flavors were lost or muted at high heat. In lower wattages, the taste was the same as the higher wattages except for less clouds. I don't vape churro flavors much so I use this juice as my standard. It's exactly how a warm churro with ice cream would taste like, the cream isn't too much, not overly or underly sweet, it's just right for a bakery style vape. If you're into deserts or churro flavors, tired of donuts or cakes, I recommend this. Lots of vendors have this on sale, grab a bottle! Thanks for reading!*I purchased this product. This was not sent to me for free to review. All opinions & thoughts are 100% honest. I test all e juices with several RDAs; a single coil flavor build and a dual parallel super sub ohm build to appeal to the variety of different vapers and their styles. I vape 3mg nic strength and use Kendo as a wicking material. Taste is subjective. If you would like your product reviewed and shown to the masses to forums & social media, contact me.
  6. 50 Spot by The Hundies70/30. 100ml bottle. Comes in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg nicProduct description: A delicious soft candy, coated with tons of sweet and sour crystals.★ Blows ★★ Decent ★★★ Pleased ★★★★ Good ★★★★★ Loved itSmoothness: ★★★Flavor: ★★★★Sweetness: ★★★★Clouds: ★★★★Overall: ★★★★Thoughts: I found the manufacturer's description to be 100% accurate as they described. It handles well in high wattages. Inhale, you get the taste of the sweet part, reminds me of Sour Patch kids. On the exhale, I get that sourness off the lips, a tad puckery, it's delicious. In lower wattages, the candy stays the same, a bit more vivid and the sour is a tad more puckery. A good juice for those super sub ohm builds, it doesn't lose flavor. A good one for the standard flavor builds also. This reminds me a lot of Naked's Sweet Sour flavor but with a lower price tag. I didn't know what to expect initially as this was the first Hundies e juice I've tried. I'm impressed, I thought it would be watered down but the flavor is good, surprisingly. This juice doesn't gunk up coils. It'd def buy this again, highly recommended for a flavorful budget juice or if you're looking for a bulk candy vape you want to chuck clouds with.*I purchased this product, it wasn't sent me for free for review and all comments are 100% honest. It was tested with 2 devices: Broadside, Recoil RDA (clouds bro clouds cap) SS dual parallel macros at 0.1Ω for clouds & a Dotbox 75w, Hadaly RDA SS micro at .22Ω for flavor, Kendo cotton.
  7. Manufacturer's description: Amazing mix of bubblegum and ice cream ★ Blows ★★ Decent ★★★ Pleased ★★★★ Good ★★★★★ Loved it Smoothness: ★★ Flavor: ★★ Sweetness: ★★★ Clouds: ★★★ Overall: ★★☆ Thoughts: I didn't feel the manufacturer's description was 100% accurate as they described, I feel it could have been better. In high wattages, I get a sweet vape with a hint of bubblegum, no ice cream flavor in both tanks and RDAs. In lower wattages, slight cream flavor comes out instead of just sweetness, which is my preferred way for vaping this juice, super sub ohm builds killed the flavor on this one. Not my favorite ice cream or bubblegum vape by any means, but it's good, just nothing to write home about. I've enjoyed some of the others from Flawless's line more, I wasn't really feeling this one. This juice didn't gunk up the coils too bad. *This product was reviewed with 2 different devices: Purge B2B v2, CSMNT RDA SS dual parallel macros at .08Ω for clouds & a Dotbox 300w, NarDA RDA SS micro at .25Ω for flavor. Kendo cotton.
  8. I purchased this lovely RED Dotbox 75w at www.dotmod.com for $120US. This product was purchased by me 100% and not send to me for review from any vendor. I'm in no way affiliated with the company. The Petri RDA and 24K Gold drip tip (pictured above) is not included, those were purchased by me separately. I would have loved to have started my first review here with my 300w version. But now thinking about it 75 is before 300 and it'd be silly to start with the higher wattage one first, I'll just move up accordingly and get to that one next, lol. Many of you may have already heard the name Dotmod before, either from YT video reviews, seen their products in vape shops in your area, maybe online, or may have been lucky as me to have seen their booth at a convention. They have branded themselves and earned the reputation for manufacturing high end products in the vaping industry and often times "hyped" when you hear they are at work in creating something new. Well, I'm here to tell you what I think about this Dotbox, if the "hype is real", so let's get started. .: Packaging :. 1 Dotmod Dotbox 75W with bypass/TC box mod 1 Micro USB with lightning adapter cable 1 User manual 1 Certificate of authenticity .: Features :. 1w to 75w output in wattage mode 0.08Ω to 3.0Ω resistance Dotchip chipset technology Temperature control Ni200 Titanium SS316 Resistance lock Adjustable 3 memory TCR Fine tune temperature output 200 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit 0.05Ω to 1.5Ω resistance Power curve mode 0.96 inch side mounted OLED screen Vertical Displays temperature Displays wattage Displays voltage Displays material and mode selection Displays atomizer resistance Displays output current Displays battery life Accurate analysis of battery's state Stealth mode compatible Option to rotate screen Adjustment lock 3 button control; up, down, fire button all in 24K Gold Magnetized battery bay (1) 18650 Batter - sold separately 24K Gold plated 510 threading and firing pin Spring loaded Gold plated contact Auto timeout button lock and power locking capabilities .: Thoughts :. Great mod for any male, female, beginner, enthusiast, hobbyist, collector, anyone wanting a top notch, creme of the crop type of device with smooth and comfortable beveled edges, soft delicate matte feel, but super strong, tough and durable in all day to day conditions and activities. I own my fair share of box mods as those are the type of devices I use on a daily basis and this is probably one of the nicest feeling mods I own, belongs in the hands to be vaped, always in rotation. I get compliments more on this than most of my others boxes also so other's obviously think it's sexy too. As I've mentioned previously, I also own a 300w version and it shares the same size and build quality as this. Premium quality, very well made, this unit does not lag fire, it fires immediately, as soon as you hit that Gold button. It's the type of mod I'll never get rid of. I'm hear to tell you that you don't have to chase the box mod game when you could've had this to begin with. Definitely get this if you can, if you're on the fence between this and another mod. Gushing is finally over. .: Verdict :. The hype is real. It's a wonderful mod that's not only beautiful to me but it also vapes great, has everything that I need, plus some. Highly recommended!
  9. Craft Vapery sent me 3 new liquids from their brand new line. Those being Cornbread, It's Toast and Sticky Rice. All of which are 40% PG 60% VG & 6 mg nicotine. From the packaging alone, I knew I was in for a treat. These guys really care about every detail. From the Ornate boxing to the "bulletproof" packing to the cool labels. They even put a cool card in there for me saying they hope I enjoy. I can only think of one other company that has taken this much care to show they care, that being Pegasus Vape. Craft Vapery Certifiably Vapable Liquids Cornbread I thought I would start with this one, seeing as it was about supper time when I got around to opening the package. Oh my God, this is a dead on southern style sweet corn bread. Only thing missing was the black eye peas or red beans. DEFINITELY not something I would vape every day, but I can see me sneaking a drip or two of this on occasions. Vapor production is superb. Flavor is bold and not overpowering. A truly exact replication of some good ol sweet cornbread. 7.7 Of 10 Rating Craft Vapery Certifiably Vapable Liquids Sticky Rice This has a toasty scent, kind of like rice crispys in a sense. Flavor is that of sugar rice with a hint of mango on exhale. Vapor production is awesome and the flavor strength is very good. 5 good puffs on my cloud setup and wicks are still saturated. Careful with this one, that nicotine will sneak up on you. 9 Of 10 Rating Craft Vapery Certifiably Vapable Liquids It's Toast I actually only pick up a extremely slight hint of anything berry like at beginning of inhale then it turns boldly toasty all the way to the end of the exhale. Kind of a disappointment. I was REALLY looking foward to some toast and jam this morning without any calories. Vapor production is crazy though and flavor is really bold. As much as I would like to endorse this one, I just cannot recommend it since half the flavor cannot be found. 6 Of 10 Rating So there ya go, hope this helps you decide if you are looking for something like these. Two are awesome, one needs work. You can find them at www.craftvapery.com. As always, God bless and happy vaping y'all!
  10. I recieved my sample box from HiLIQ today. In it was 10 70% VG 6 mg nicotine liquids they say are there best seller samples. HiLIQ is a Chinese liquid company but claim to use USA sourced ingredients, and USA sourced recipes. They offer 2 VG/PG ratios, 50/50 and the 70% VG I got. I will advise you, vape lightly on these, it will sneak up on ya. HiLIQ Premium E Liquids Raspberry It is a very sweet and slightly tangy raspberry flavor. Vapor production is amazing. Unlike most Japan or China liquids, it has no aftertaste. It doesn't last very long at all. It also has a somewhat harsh throat hit. Great for those coming off cigarettes. Matter of fact, it lasts about like a 90% VG, PG free liquid. Other than that it is a okay liquid. I rather liked the flavor, just wasn't exactly for me. 7 Of 10 Rating HiLIQ Premium E Liquids Ice Apple I am not a mint fan by any means, but this is TOTALLY AMAZING! It smells like a nice tart green apple. Inhale is crisp and clean Granny Smith and exhale is same with just right mix of coolness. Vapor production is competition level and it lasts about average. No aftertaste and leaves you feeling refreshed. 7.8 Of 10 Rating HiLIQ Premium E Liquids Blueberry This one here is the amazing blueberry. Whether on inhale or exhale all you get is a ripe freshly picked blueberries taste. Vapor production is amazing. Flavor is bold yet smooth with virtually no throat hit. My only complaint is like the others from this company they do not last very long. haha Libra commands for blueberry and fruit fans I just do not recommend for a daily vape, it is just too simple and I fear you would burn out on it. 8 Of 10 Rating HiLIQ Premium E Liquids Ice Melon This is a perfect mix of mixed melons and ice cold mint. On inhale you get a sweet and fresh melon flavor on exhale the mint really kicks in. This one is totally refreshing and satisfying. paper production is stellar considering it is a 70% VG. I recommend to all melon, fruit and menthol fans. 8.2 Of 10 Rating HiLIQ Premium E Liquids Menthol Marlboro this to me is just an extreme menthol and no tobacco flavor at all. This one truly misses the mark. As a former Marlboro Menthol and Marlboro Smooth smoker, it is a true disappointment. I can't blame him too much it seems to be a flavor nobody can reproduce. 1 Of 10 Rating HiLIQ Premium E Liquids Strawberry just listen to this one will make your mouth water. Smells like freshly picked right off the vine strawberries. Inhale and exhale both is a nice bold fresh strawberry flavor. As many of my loyal followers know I am a huge strawberry fan. This one right here is an excellent strawberry. just one Vapor this and you can tell they really do used American sourced flavor ingredients. This one may be simple but I just don't see anyone burning out on it. 10 Of 10 Rating HiLIQ Premium E Liquids Camel This one has a true tobacco flavor. It's not quite as bold as an actual camera but it's pretty darn close. I would put this in a round of a Marlboro southern cut. for any tobacco fans and those first quitting cigarettes I highly recommend this. 8 Of 10 Rating HiLIQ Premium E Liquids Fruit Punch This one was reminiscent of the punch served at my middle school dances. nice complex well blended mixed fruit flavor on inhale and exhale is a nice juicy sweetness. Vapor production is stellar and last slightly longer than others made by this company. I recommend as an occasional or weekend vapor. 7 Of 10 Rating HiLIQ Premium E Liquids Ice Lemon I tell you what this is one heck of a combination! strong lemon darkness on inhale, icy cold on exhale. this is not my favorite by far but definitely is a very good vape. I can definitely see using this for vaper tongue ( AKA Vaper Fatigue). Not sure why they made this one but I'm positive many, many will love it. 6 Of 10 Rating HiLIQ Premium E Liquids Tropical Rainforest On paper this one seems awful. Because of this many mixed flavors seem like it would be an attack on the taste buds. however, the perfectly complement each other. from a mix of the tropical fruits to the ice cold cooling agent, it just works. I hate mint flavors but this one may see its way into my daily rotation. It's complex yet simple bold yet smooth, not to mention the perfect balance between sweet and cold. This one truly is a marvel that I recommend to anyone! 7.8 Of 10 Rating There they are for ya. Like I said, even at a 6 mg nicotine, you feel it REALLY QUICKLY. Please keep that in mind Also, best part about it is, without extra charge, HiLIQ ships Fed Ex, so you receive your liquids rather fast. I got my samples in 4 days. With the awesomeness most of these are that is killer in my book. Head over to hiliq.com and check em out.
  11. Please subscribe! I know everyone did a review on the volt, but this is my take on it....a GREAT device!
  12. Hi guys, Posted this review (video + writeup) a few days ago. Got sent this LEA kit free to do a review on. As you'll see from the review, this unit is yet another reason why I don't like tanks. Click here to watch my Overview: Stay away from this e-cig, ain't worth the hassle. Any questions welcome. Mech
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