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Found 20 results

  1. Hi. I'm new to the forum but quit cigs with the help of vaping Dec 2, 2016 so I absolutely love vaping. I am currently in search of some new accessories and was just curious if anyone has an suggestions on where I should do so from online? I hate to take the business from The B & M but when I see items @ 1/3rd of the cost I just can't help myself. So I'm just open for suggestions/oppinons and thanks in advance. Keep'on Vapin Y'all!! Peace~ VapinPeacechic
  2. I know this is most likely the wrong topic but I need help with my rda. Ive been vaping for about 2 years now and havent had any problems with an rda. But this is my first bottom post airflow and it leaks. Alot. I cant figure out what the reason behind it is. I checked the seal around the post and its fine, for safe measures i took thread sealing tape and wrapped the post a few times and reinstalled it. Itf fine if im using it. But if i leave it sit for more than 20 minutes its pouring my juice out. Its not over dripping, I only put about 5 drops on each side with the rda tilted at an angle. Is it a wicking problem maybe? Thank you for the help! (If i can figure out how to upload a picture i will)
  3. I was wondering if it would be safe to drip an RDA with the squonk pin isntalled?
  4. Hey guys new to the forum My name is Earth. I have been a vapor for a while but only I do sub ohm tanks. Just bought the doode RDA by squidoode Because I want to try to build coils myself This is the list of things I use normally -vaporflask lite -uwell 1 sub ohm tank I do 38watts and getting 0.55 ohms, 4.58V "good flavorful cloudy vape." ------------------------ after building my coils with the DOODE RDA I got from vaperoyalty. I do 38watts, It reads 0.37 ohms and pulls 3.76V but I feel that -the flavor and cloud is not as good as when i vape on sub ohm tanks -It pulls battery faster than the sub ohm. -occasional "short atomizor" warning -does not heat up as quick and need to press button for a few seconds to actually get it to burn the wick. -mod and RDA tank becomes hot What did I do wrong here guys and girls?
  5. Hey all, I have been vaping for about two months and I am tired of constantly having to buy new coils for my sub ohm tank and sometimes the coils being either a hit or a miss wether they will be defective or not. I am considering switching to RDTA's but I have a few questions. I am wondering how long I would be able to go with the rebuildable coil before having to replace them? Number two I am wondering how if any of you guys know of any places or sites that I can just buy the already wounded coils and or already set decks similar to how the iJoy RDTA has an already set deck included. Thank you for any advice as I am a noob with all of this but looking to learn as much as I can.
  6. Not impressed. It's a dual post build deck with single screws using a clamp style wire connection. 22mm RDA that has a good sized build deck. It uses velocity style airflow from the bottom. Fairly deep juice well. It's the little things. First, I'm not a fan of clamp style wire connections. Holding the two coils in place while tightening down the screws is tedious. Second, they used philips head screws. Sloppy philips head screws. I could not find a bit that really fit the screws well. Third the posts are spaced quite far apart. Coupled with the clamp style posts, it was a real pain to get a seven wrap non-spaced coil in there without really long unmanageable leads. This might be much better with a flat would coil. The round wound claptons I used were a pain. Forth, the air slots in the outer shell were not milled smooth. They sheered off the O-Rings in a heart beat. I don't see this thing lasting long. Between the screw heads slipping and rounding and the O-rings sheering off, I think this is a soon to be thrown away RDA. Flavor and fog are fine. On par with something like the Tsunami. Kind of a shame. A little more attention to milling on the outer shell and some decent post screws and this would be a fine unit. The clamps I could live with.
  7. I see it above all a novelty. It is however a very functional Atomizer. This is an RBA only. No manufactured coil assemblies for this one. The build deck is generous at 20mm. It is a pretty standard Kennedy style two post deep juice well deck. It comes with extra glass tank, clapton coils, grub screws, O-rings, and cotton. Assembling a simple two coil horizontal build is a snap. Wicking the thing was a surprise to me. There are six tiny holes for each of the cotton ends for transferring e-juice from the tank. My initial impression was that it would be best to make the cotton very fluffy and have the ends of the cotton just sweep the bottom of the juice well. Wrong! Niagara Falls! Bring a mop! Watched a few more YouTube videos. Cut the cotton long. Fluff it of course. Pack that cotton against the six little holes. Build quality is good to very good. Machined nicely. Opening up the air flow control only, the thing is a great little dripper, especially for those of us who over drip. The instructions say to remove the drip tip while dripping. I don't bother. It's a straight shot to the bottom of the juice well. The thing is wide open with a short distance from the drip tip to the coils. No chimney per se. The drip tip is also pretty loose with one O ring and proprietary. I like leaving it on. Open the juice control and you have a tank fed dripper. Even with the cotton pretty much packed against the juice control holes, I can't get it to dry hit. Filling the tank is a hoot. The filling slots are long and narrow. Juice tends to flow along the fill slots and vapor lock the tank stopping it from taking liquid. With ample lighting and patients I can fill it to the top. There is a juice control opening that you align with the holes by spinning the tank. I recommend closing the juice control completely while filling. I also recommend closing down the air flow control. The build I have in there are the provided clapton coils @ 0.2Ω. It is producing decent vapor and very nice flavor. The draw is slightly restricted in comparison to many cloud chasing tanks even with the air flow wide open. Definitely a mouth to lung regardless. There is a fair amount of "after vapor" that comes out the air control slots after vaping. Might want to have a cloth for the top of your mod. This is not something I will shove in a pocket and run out the door with. Vaping at home, or in a sit down environment and it's fine. It produces a very pleasant vape and is novel to look at. There is some versatility per it's ability as either a tank fed or dripping atomizer.
  8. Congratulations! You have been using your vape stuff for a few weeks now and hopefully you are finding out just how effective alternative to smoking it really is!Although you might of noticed that its been tasting a little strange recently, that’s because its time to do some maintenance! So here we go, this article is all about Maintaining Vape Stuff! Learn here Why do I have do I maintain my mod/battery and tank? or How do I do this? <link removed>
  9. I have 2 coils adding up to 0.08 ohms. Is it safe to vape? Or is it too low? Thanks!? Also. Recommended temp?
  10. So this is my first post on this sight and I'm new to rebuildables and I was with a buddy and we had spare twisted wire and used ribbon wire to clapton it just wondering if anyone know the name of this because I doubt this hasn't been made before. I've tried to upload a photo but it won't work Thanks
  11. Im very serious about cloud chasin but i cant seem to find good intel from anyone explaining how to build the right way and what to use in order to achieve what i'm trying to accomplish... I currently use a Ipv4s with a troll rda. I usually build with a 20 gage kanthal ramping at .12 ohms but still cant get my O's thick and stable enough. Therefore i am currently doing some digging on what mech mod to use. Seems like a lot of people who are really into chasing uses them. but i still need more info regarding the right builds. Can anyone help me out please
  12. I typically use a tobeco velocity mini or a Steam Angel dark horse and they work great on this mod. Reading around I saw a lot of people talking about using 0.5ohm subtank atomizers. I put my playboy vixen on with a. 0.1 ni200 and then a 0.5 kanthol and it instantly fried the coils. The battery in the mod was about a gazillion degrees. I then put my aspire mega on the mod. Worked like a charm. It has a 0.3 coil. Can someone tell me why it killed 2 playboy coils? I'm using a 3000mah 3.7 efest battery. Doesn't make sense. I've only been vaping about 3 months. Help?
  13. Ok so I been vaping for year and a half now. But one thing I never see and am curious about is, I see people using acrylic drip tips. I wanted to know if you can make an RDA body. Like say the hellboy rda, out of acrylic pen blanks? I see they use an acrylic clear glass on some tank systems but wanted to know about the stone looking acrylic. You know with all the swirls in it like the drip tips have? Is it safe to use those as the rda body? I would make one and mount it on a hellboy well. I'm wanting to make acrylic pieces of the body not the prongs and well.
  14. So i recently bought my Snow wolf 200w mod and was not happy with it at the beginning. My friend has one and it was hitting a lot nicer than mine was. It came to my attention that the vendor that sold me my tugboat rad and snow wolf 200w actually screwed in to my middle post too tight and it broke. So I went back to the store and got a new tugboat rda. Later that night my friend was building my mod and when he was done the coils he tried to fire it. It kept saying "check automizer". So we twisted it in tighter and it wasn't working. We put my friends rda's on it and it still doesn't working. I have no clue what is wrong with it because it isn't my atomizer that is the issue its the mod. If anyone knows any possible reason for why this could be happening I would appreciate it. And again it is the box that is screwed up not the rda because we tried abunch of rda's on my box and they all had the same issue.
  15. Hello, I just found out about coil winders and while I really like when I make a beautiful coil by hand, it hurts to do so. I have a lot of pain in my knuckles so I have to be really picky about when I can build a coil. If I just make one when my hands are bad, I end up with crap coils. So, what coil winder should I get that is both good and a good value? Thanks a bunch ^^
  16. What do yall think about the alliance rda?
  17. Has anyone else tried the custom FOG MODZ boxes?
  18. I'm kinda new to vaping, maybe two months in. I want to make big clouds, and from what I've seen I need a rba/ rda for that. I'm lean towards an rda. I have a itaste mvp 20w so my question is what rda should I get and for max cloud where should my power level be?
  19. I recently lost a screw for my ology and have had no luck in search of a replacement direct from the manufacturer or even the dimensions, help would be greatly appreciated!
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