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  1. So recently the one and only brand of E-Juice I would vape (POP! Vapors) has gone out of business. I vape 70% VG 30% PG, and I have tried other bands with the same VG/PG mix, but I have not found any that have the same smoothness as POP. Any help with a new brand I can try?
  2. Hello community, hope you are well. I realized that the forum is still a little empty, so I would like to use this poll as a way to encourage interaction between users. What is your favorite daily use vape juice and why? Cheers!
  3. My everyday Vape flavor has been the eliquid Congress 2.4 nicotine from V2 since 2010. I’m in desperate need of a recommendation to a flavor as close as possible. Thank you
  4. Peach Pear by Juice Head is a fresh juicy peach and crisp ripe pear that makes this perfectly balanced e-liquid extremely refreshing. The newest flavor introduced to the collection, the combination of southern ripe peaches with refreshing pears is the flavor that will keep you going throughout the day. Juice Head Peach Pear e-liquid provides tangy peaches on the inhale with sweet crisp pears on the exhale.
  5. We have a YouTube channel that focuses on mostly E juices with a little bit hardware reviews. Come on and check out our channel any new subscribers would be greatly appreciated I will leave the link below Happy Thanksgiving! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUYlzoB3TfVbmy4LhDeywIQ
  6. Hey guys, Would be really appreciated if you could take time and join our new vape group on facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/906447339453874/ It's only a small group, very friendly people there. Just something to have on your facebook if you ever want to talk about vaping and also we have several giveaways. Very laid back casual group:) Thank you in advance Carol.
  7. Can I make one eliquid at 0mg nicotine and one at 72mg nicotine and make any nicotine strength I want using the 0 and the 72?
  8. So, I know its probably not broken but I didn't know where to put this (I am new). Okay, so I have a Eleaf iPower 80w 5000mAh battery with a kangertech protank 4 ceramic coil (registering 0.64ohms on mod). Vaping at 50Watts with 6mg liquid from Rejuiced (European company). I've had this mod a little over a week now & I fell in love with it completely. I have been vaping for a year or so, but, only recently started to take it seriously I've had other mods such as MPV 3.0, Nebox, Smok R80. Anyway, going off topic there. I have been vaping this juice called Bunch of Coconuts. When I first started to vape it, it was lovely and smooth and when I refilled my tank with it, it seems to be burning my mouth/throat/tongue. I just can't enjoy the vape because it gives me a horrible sensation and I keep coughing. Does anyone have any ideas how to fix this? I've tried turning the watts down but I cant taste the liquid that much and I don't get much vapour off it. Thank you in advance!
  9. I'm using a 50w eleaf battery, Atlantis rebuild able tank, and a 30w coil. I have been vaping for two years, started at 30 mg nicotine, but got all the way to 1 mg. Then it's too harsh. I can't puff it without coughing. Right before the harshness I changed the coil and refilled the tank with a new bottle (always from same shop, they know what I like). Took juice back to store and they re-did it, still too harsh. Changed coil (about 9 times now), still too harsh. Redid juice again, changed tank, changed battery, changed tank (again), messed with wattage (before was always 3.8w) found that if I purchase a 30w coil rather than my usual 50w it is not as harsh (can puff twice before I'm coughing up a lung versus the first puff on 50w coil). Messed with air flow over and over. I'm feeling like the vapor shop bought some new PG that's too harsh. The smoke has been less than what it was too. I have asked them for help each time I changed liquid. They told me to let more air in, which does create more smoke, but still just too too harsh. Then they said to turn my battery up...I have been doing my method for two years-two years..I don't think it's suddenly where I put my battery at!! But now I'm just smoking and I really want to let them go again. Any thoughts, ideas on what the problem is??
  10. My step brother has the kangertech evod and I have a thicker eliquid. Will his evod work with my eliquid.
  11. Hey guys I've been vaping for probably around 3 months now and I've tried out a lot of different juices but none of them really stood out to me. I kind of like sweet flavors and some creamy flavors so just wondering what some good juices to try are?
  12. Hi all, glad to meet here. I am a news from usa and a ecig lover. come here to learn more and talk more about acigs. best wished!
  13. Hey everybody! I just started vaping about 3 days ago and I have a question... I have the IStick TC40W by ELeaf, and the tank that I'm using is the IJust 2 Atomizer. I have two juice flavors, one that I choose myself, and the other was just given to me. The one that I choose was the Strawberry Juice Roll Upz, and the one that was given to me is Sin City by GQ. I am currently using the Roll Upz juice and the tank is half way empty. So now I'm starting to get curious about the Sin City juice. And my question for you is how do I switch over to the Sin City juice to try it out? Do I just fill the tank with the Sin City juice when the juice that I'm currently using is gone, or do I need to buy a second atomizer? What are the options that I have? Thank you very much for taking the time to read my question.
  14. Has anyone been vaping on Gizmos eliquid?
  15. Motley Brew, gotta love this name. In fact, most over their names are a playful spin off of one of our favorite bands or songs from our childhood. Whether it's Grateful Red or Pearise City, their clever names can only be taught by the deliciousness of their liquid. the two hours sent to review with Grateful Red and Almost Famous. Both extremely delicious and perfect in their own rights. With liquids like this, I had to actually pick it apart and look for things wrong not the things right. I finally had to decide just kick back enjoy the vape. It was much more fun that way. I was sent 6 mg nicotine and they came in 30% PG 70% VG. They do seem kind of pricey at $21.95 for 30ml, liquor dang well worth every penny. Motley Brew Premium E Liquids Grateful Red this one seems to be the cross between a caramel covered green apple and Washington Apple custard. This one truly reminds me of a day at the State Fair when I was a kid. It will definitely make you reminiscent of a time when you were young, careless I'm free. I love this and cannot recommend it highly enough. 10 Of 10 Rating Motley Brew Premium E Liquids Almost Famous this one to me was a perfect blueberry muffin. While not necessary praline I do get a hint of nuttiness. Very smooth and lightly sweet, perfect for desert fans. I truly believe this may be the best dessert vape I've had to date. Every single aspect to it is stellar. as a Matter of fact, the only thing I found wrong with it with the glass dropper stem was inserted too far into the dropper. the guys at Motley Brew really know what they're doing. Other than the missing powdered sugar this is exactly as you described it. 10 Of 10 Rating There you have it folks two swings and two Grand Slams by Motley Brew. I can truly see why this company has won several awards for their premium liquid. I did everything in my power to find something wrong with this and these guys have made no mistakes. Their mixologists must have some kind of doctrine degree from MIT in mixing liquids. These two are the top 5 of the best liquid have ever had since I began vaping. Cruise on over to motleybrew.com and check them out for yourself you'll be glad you did. as always god bless and happy vaping y'all!
  16. Hello fellow vapers. Just promoting this newly launched a new channel on the most creative platform! Check me out, maybe subscribe if you like it. I'm looking for honest opinions here. Do I have what you like so far?! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLOENFtVSO9EMxkHwiURCyQ Also, you ca check out my review age as well and give an opinion? http://prhymalreviews.wordpress.com I know this community is supportive of itself, and I'm not afraid to ask for some help, either. Ha SO! What do you guys think between the Sigelei 150w TC and the Smok X Cube II?
  17. Ok so this is a weird question, I've been vaping for about a month and would like to think I generally know stuff about it. I stopped smoking a long time before I started vaping as more of a hobby and tried lot's of different vapors from the same company which all taste different and I grew to love. I've also got different vapors with higher vg to pg ratio so I know this can't be it. Let me start with the basics, there are 4 of us in the family that have the same model (Eleaf iStick 20w, except here in the UK it is called the TECC curve 2). I tried a new flavour and thought it was disgusting, then I realised my atomizer was probably time for a change, so I changed it and the fluid to a different flavour just to see the difference, cleaned out the tank and let it absorb. I'm still getting the same flavour and I've changed it to two different and stronger flavours with different PG/VG. I've also tried the same flavour through other family members tanks and tasted it totally fine. There is just this weird disgusting flavour. At first I thought it was possibly something to do with the fact I got a scope down my nostril to my voicebox last week with local anesthetic so maybe affecting my taste, but when I realised I can taste the same flavour differently from theirs (and even when I put their tanks on my battery) I'm really confused as to what the problem could be. They say that mine tastes fine to them as well, on both mine and their box, So I can't put it down to vaper's tongue. They were heavy smokers just getting their taste back, I never was and didn't smoke for long, is it possible that they are still experiencing the sudden experience of heightened taste compared to me, or can you just kind of go off vaping that fast? I usually exhale through my nose to get full flavour. (sorry for the repeated use of the UK spelling of "Flavour" but it's just habit) For example Raspberry Sorbet and Ice menthol both have the same disgusting flavour but I love both of them. Is it possibly temporary? The other weird thing is that I used to go up to 11.2w which would be 4.0v with an ohm reading of 1.5, right now the highest I can go for similar is 9.7w for a 4.0v reading with a 1.7ohm reading, could that be affecting the flavour? I do know some things but I'm still quite new to the whole thing so any feedback is really appreciated. PS I'm not dehydrated, no allergies are affecting me and I'm not ill at the moment, so any pros keep that in mind.
  18. I'm looking for a nice cucumber or cucumber mint ejuice. preferably value priced juice. I tried fuzion vapors zombie killer and it was ok, but I realized this is a flavor I need to look into. Also I am looking for affordable juice vendors in general. Right now I have been into good life vapor (great juices). I have tried and am done with Mt. Baker and EC Blends. I have a bottle of White label e-juice, but it's max vg and I'm not sure how it will work in my tanks (I'll give a review when I get it ) Anyway I really just want to find some new cucumber vapes. As always thanks in advance.
  19. Hi all I have heard that caffeine based e-liquids are a new thing! Caffeine vapers release 2 milligrams of caffeine per inhalation, which is less than your average cup of Americano, but all those inhalations add up to a considerable caffeine hit. What does everything think? Will you try it to replace your morning coffee?
  20. Me and a coworker are going to split a 180 ml ($60) of muffin man by one hit wonder ...It's supposed to be Apple cinnamon muffin flavor...sounds good. Was wondering if anyone else has tried this juice? I've been slipping up lately, bought a pack of cigarettes . Things have be super stressful lately, although that's not an excuse, it's the truth.
  21. Has anyone else tried the custom FOG MODZ boxes?
  22. Hi all, anyone ever had burns on their tongue like this? i have been vaping for around 2.5 years and never had this before. i recently bought a 20 Eleaf Istick and changed my eliquid to hangsen 12mg berry flavour. That was around about 2 weeks ago. The battery is more powerful than any I have ever used before even on its lowest setting. the liquids ingredients seem to be the same as my previous liquid. Since changing I've had a constant bad throat and my cig seems to be burning my tongue. I woke up this morning and my tongue was like the pictures... anyone had or seen this before? Any recommendations?
  23. Hi! Im gathering most of you are ex smokers, has anyone found that they are vaping way more than they ever did with cigerettes? I can't put it down!!! Sarah
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