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  1. Hey guys, Would be really appreciated if you could take time and join our new vape group on facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/906447339453874/ It's only a small group, very friendly people there. Just something to have on your facebook if you ever want to talk about vaping and also we have several giveaways. Very laid back casual group:) Thank you in advance Carol.
  2. I've never had any problem mixing the two techniques before, it's just been since using this coil. Maybe ceramic coils aren't for me. Going to change it today when I finish work.
  3. Ahh, okay. See, I have never used ceramic coils before so I don't know too much about them. Thanks
  4. Cheers dude, will have a little play around with it, but I may change my coil to SSOCC tomorrow.
  5. Now it is registering at 0.6...what the hell?! my coil must be burnt out.
  6. Well it was burnt out from the day I got it then :/ It has never registered at .5ohms Im at 34 watts at the moment and it doesn't seem as bad. as for the technique, I flick between then both but mainly DTL. I have close my airflow on my drip tip and have my airflow at the bottom about 3/4 the way closed.
  7. on the coil itself it says .5 but my device says .64ohms.. Other coils compatible are 1.5Ω SSOCC, 0.3Ω RBA pre-installed with two 0.6Ω Claptons in parallel. Only problem is they are at home and I am at work! (booo!) I will change my coil tomorrow and see if that is any help to be honest. So 0.64Ω I should probably vape below 35watts??
  8. Hey Bebop, thank you for your reply. I usually vape 3mg 70/30VGPG and never usually have a problem but still craved nicotine. That's why I have moved up to 6mg to stop this craving. I mean, when the first time i vaped this juice is was just devine, smooth and bursting with flavour. I came back to it 3 days later and its stinging my mouth. I could try 4mg though, a lot of places I buy from don't really sell it in 4mg which is annoying. What would you suggested I vape at with 6mg liquid and a 5000mah battery ??
  9. So, I know its probably not broken but I didn't know where to put this (I am new). Okay, so I have a Eleaf iPower 80w 5000mAh battery with a kangertech protank 4 ceramic coil (registering 0.64ohms on mod). Vaping at 50Watts with 6mg liquid from Rejuiced (European company). I've had this mod a little over a week now & I fell in love with it completely. I have been vaping for a year or so, but, only recently started to take it seriously I've had other mods such as MPV 3.0, Nebox, Smok R80. Anyway, going off topic there. I have been vaping this juice called Bunch of Coconuts. When I first started to vape it, it was lovely and smooth and when I refilled my tank with it, it seems to be burning my mouth/throat/tongue. I just can't enjoy the vape because it gives me a horrible sensation and I keep coughing. Does anyone have any ideas how to fix this? I've tried turning the watts down but I cant taste the liquid that much and I don't get much vapour off it. Thank you in advance!
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