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Found 11 results

  1. Hi, I've had this current mod for about 5 months and just started having an issue with the mod being stuck on Bypass mode. I try to click the button 3x to change but nothing happens, same when I click 4x to change the orientation on the display. I can still lock the wattage with 2x clicks and power the mod off with 5x clicks. was wondering if anybody else has had this issue and knew of a way to fix it without getting a new mod. This is also my 2nd TAC 21 mod in the past 3 years, my old one finally died while I was in the desert and I really like the design and durability. Thanks in advance for any help. ~Will
  2. Does anyone have one? How are they performance wise? Me and the hubs snagged some on sale for our Valentine's day . All the reviews I looked at looked good. Also does anyone know how long vapor world takes on free shipping? Thanks in advance y'all. Married life is bliss!!
  3. Hi. I'm new to the forum but quit cigs with the help of vaping Dec 2, 2016 so I absolutely love vaping. I am currently in search of some new accessories and was just curious if anyone has an suggestions on where I should do so from online? I hate to take the business from The B & M but when I see items @ 1/3rd of the cost I just can't help myself. So I'm just open for suggestions/oppinons and thanks in advance. Keep'on Vapin Y'all!! Peace~ VapinPeacechic
  4. I was wondering if anyone has one? At this point I just need a dual battery workhorse that I can run up to eighty watts max on. The only tanks I will be running are my atlantis mega, and the mutation x v2 with a .29 ohm build on it...yep honey lend me dripper became honey gave me dripper. ..LOL. Any kinks I should know about before I pull the trigger? Thanks ya'll! !
  5. Hi everyoneThere are a variety of ecig mods on the marketbut they are all what you want?if not, what kind of mod you would prefer to use in the following years?can you share your ideas about ecigs with us here?
  6. i am now thinking of buying a INNOKIN COOLFIRE IV PLUS 70W ISUB g full kit or Innokin Coolfire IV Plus 70W iSub Apex Kit i dont know which one to buy. the only difference is the tanks. i am so confused which one to buy because some sites have one, some have the other. i know the apex has a top fill and the isub g has 4.5ml of e juice room but i dont know which one to get. please please help i am very interested in this vape product. thank you so much for any kind of answers and help.
  7. Hello fellow vapers. Just promoting this newly launched a new channel on the most creative platform! Check me out, maybe subscribe if you like it. I'm looking for honest opinions here. Do I have what you like so far?! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLOENFtVSO9EMxkHwiURCyQ Also, you ca check out my review age as well and give an opinion? http://prhymalreviews.wordpress.com I know this community is supportive of itself, and I'm not afraid to ask for some help, either. Ha SO! What do you guys think between the Sigelei 150w TC and the Smok X Cube II?
  8. I been debating for a while about my next upgrade, after 6 months of vaping I feel like I need one... my problem is, do I get a better battery and tank..or.. I get a mod and start dripping ?. What is the most sensible thing to do ?
  9. I know there is another fairly recent topic related to cloned items, but I had a brief conversation via Instagram with some folks about clones and I ultimately brought up what I think is a very valid point, so I wanted to have folks look at the topic of clones from a slightly different angle. First, I wholly understand why a person would choose a clone mod or atomizer over an authentic - money. I don't begrudge folks who are trying to do what they can to save money and stay within their budget. The most important thing is that the people who do buy clones are taking steps to quit smoking and in the end, that's really what matters. I do, however, have a huge problem with companies that clone items then try to pass them off as authentic. We've all seen them. Sure, there are companies that freely admit their products are clones, but how many stories have we heard of people buying what they thought was an authentic only to discover later it was a "clone". That isn't cloning, that is counterfeiting. That is theft of someone else's intellectual property. To me, a clone is something copied with the express permission of the creator. For example, my very first PC was a Computerland BC88. This was an IBM compatible "clone" PC. It wasn't the first "clone" PC, nor was it the last, but it was manufactured with permission. Most "clones" on the market are not manufactured with permission...the designs are essentially stolen and the product produced is often passed off as authentic. Personally, I stay away from clones. That is a personal choice by me. There is nothing on the market that I feel I need to have so badly that I feel I need to go out and buy a clone just so I can have one. If I see something I want, I save up for it. Having a brother who is not only a machinist and not only designs a lot of the parts his company manufactures, but he designs the parts that make those parts, I have seen firsthand the frustration companies must go through when they have their designs stolen. Designing a new product takes time, effort and frequently, a lot of trial and error. This is something I understand, which is a large part of the reason I choose to purchase authentics. The way I look at it is I'm supporting the innovators who will be able to create even more innovative products. The cloners will just wait for the innovators to innovate, then steal the designs. Again, just a personal choice, but I'm interested in other points of view.
  10. So I Started Vaping last year at this time with the "Volcano Magma" at the time I thought it was too big. Then next thing you know I buy an Ego even though in my opinion when I bought it I thought It was huge. But after buying it I thought the Magma was Tiny and not enough. Now there is a break in my story as I went back to analogs for a while (it was a dark part in my life). I got laid off hated myself blah blah blah. Then things got back on track for me last month. I brought out my ego, bought a tank, and started making my own e-juice. Now I want something bigger. I have been looking into the silver bullet, an e-pipemod, a carto pipe or a Volcano Lava Tube. Even though I am not asking for advice on what to get. I was wondering if anyone has ever been satisfied on here with just that original starter set and never felt the need to upgrade? I feel like if I keep heading in this direction eventually I am going to be vaping on something the size of a kitchen sink. Oh and by the way when I did go back to analogs for awhile it was because I literally had no time for the e-cig. Or at least that's what I thought then.
  11. So my big Q; is I want a mod adjustable amp setting and clean (no leaks) what ya read is one thing you kids that have used them means much more, so what do you like??? big vap, big throut hit
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