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Found 5 results

  1. I have the wismec rx200 and I have a Herakles sense plus tank on it, but I think I screwed it in too tightly and now I can't get it out. Help please
  2. Hi. I'm new to the forum but quit cigs with the help of vaping Dec 2, 2016 so I absolutely love vaping. I am currently in search of some new accessories and was just curious if anyone has an suggestions on where I should do so from online? I hate to take the business from The B & M but when I see items @ 1/3rd of the cost I just can't help myself. So I'm just open for suggestions/oppinons and thanks in advance. Keep'on Vapin Y'all!! Peace~ VapinPeacechic
  3. I just acquired a Vaping Kiko Dimitri.. its gooooorgeous and i wanna slap a tank on instead of a drip... ive been told a couple posibilities, but i wanted some other suggestions and feedback on the previously given suggestions.. I was told itll run an arctic with a .2... also the smok tfv4? and the new smok tfv8? any thoughts or other directions i should go in?
  4. i am looking for a new tank. i started vaping a few months ago and not happy with my current tank. i am looking for one with the best cloud production. i am an ex smoker for about a month now and would like to keep it that way, please help keep me interested in vaping! thanks alot!
  5. Here are just a few lines of opinion from my experience with the Kanger Subtank mini and the Aspire Triton. I've been trying new tanks in hopes that I can find something that will replace my beloved but too damned expensive HH.357s. Both tanks were used on an Eleaf iStick 50W. The juice was my ADV EC Blends Feels Like a Nut, 3 mg nic, 40 PG/60 VG, extra sweetener. From day one, I've only had about five minutes of joy from the Kanger subtank mini with a 1.5 ohm factory coil. No matter what I tried I couldn't get the airflow right, the vapor was still too hot for my preferences. The draw didn't agree with me when the flavor tasted right and I'd cough out a lung when the draw was right but the flavor wasn't there. There was also juice leaking from the air holes in the bottom no matter what I did. Went through several coils trying to see if I got a bad one or three... Tried all kinds of different configurations on the airflow and... I just didn't like it and couldn't get it to perform even after over a week of trying. Constantly. Got the Aspire Triton in today. Washed it out well, let it air dry through dinner. Put in the 1.8 ohm coil, set the airflow about half way, put juice in it -- I really like the top fill option (it's so handy!), let sit for a couple of minutes, set my iStick at 12.4 watts and... even with the stock humongous drip tip, the flavor I've been looking for that matched the HH.357 is there. The vapor is huge, and... it's what I've been searching for. I'm amazed it worked so well right out of the box with minimum fiddling. After the Subtank, I was expecting to have to dial it in and play with it before finding a setting I could live with but no, it's amazing! I have the upper airflow control wide open, the lower at half way. Even with my slim stainless steel 3" drip tip (I prefer cooler vapor), it still works great and doesn't make me cough. The vapor is smoooooth, not harsh. I think I've found a keeper. Granted, I've only been vaping on this for the past 15 minutes or so but color me impressed! Oh, and I've been chain vaping and haven't gotten a dry hit yet. This thing is a juice hog but I'm okay with that. For vapers like me who do mouth to lung, this is the perfect tank so far.
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