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  1. OMG you are SO right. My other 3 are subox Nanos but I had ordered this one later and it is a Topbox not a Subox. I want to thank everyone who pitched in your knowledge and advice. Because of your help I went and pulled the Topbox out of the dead drawer I put everything I don't know what to do with and followed your advice and successfully pushed the fire button 3 times and WALA! my Topbox now looks familiar like my Suboxs. I like this type of setting much more then the other. So that this does not happen again, if I understand correctly, I need to press and hold the up and down buttons at the same time until I see a picture of a lock on the display? Once again thank you all so much. I just don't know what I would do without yall : )
  2. For over a year now I have changed from the eGo type batteries to boxes and currently Kangertech Subox nano. I have never had this problem before and hope I never do again. I have always used my batteries/mods just as they come in. The only readings I know are somewhere from 10 to 45. Somehow on my black one I pushed the wrong button too many times or for too long because the only readings I can get on it now is 200 to 300 and I cant use it because it is too hot. I see some of yall talking about there being different modes they can be set in and I think that is what I have done. Would someone kindly tell me how to get my device back to original settings. I sure would appreciate it.
  3. Hi Chris. I received the 2 bottles of juice I purchased on the going out of business sell because once its gone its gone and its my FAVORITE. But the Born date of both bottles are 2014. Has no expiration date. I guess I don't have to worry about letting it steep. LOL
  4. Thanks a lot for the great information. One thing the article talked about was taking out your coils and cleaning them. I have in the past cleaned coils that are working perfectly and I have been using but if I was going to change liquids and wanted to get the old juice flavor out, I will put a clean one in at the moment but put the one im going to clean one up until I need another coil. I have always been told to rinse with hot water, soak in alcohol overnight, rinse thoroughly with hot water again and let dry completely before reusing. Other then that if I can make a coil last until I am changing juice and it has already served me a month I just change it out to a new coil and trash the old one. If problems like leaking juice, tasting bad or burnt taste, etc. I figure cleaning wont fix that so I put a new coil in and toss the old. These coils are getting so expensive these days. I use to buy a box of 5 for less then $5.00. Now there 12.00 to $15.00 for a box of 5. If you see anything that looks like I could be doing better please advise. I love advice. : )
  5. Maybe it has something to do with the type of juice I buy. I only buy sweet bakery or cappuccino type juices. I have had a bottle or two that does not get THAT dark. Since it burned up my coils like they did I just through them out. So Chris would you still vape juice that is 4 years old as long as it stays clear and does not turn very dark? Most bottles will tell you when the liquid "was born" but no expiration date. Also, with the fact that the places I buy my favorite juices are going out of business would it be safe to buy as much as I can while I can without any worry of it expiring?
  6. And I would gather up all I could while it is still available but Juice DOES expire. I have kept some I was not crazy about for over a year and it had turned almost black and the darker it gets it stops up the coils quickly. So once its gone, its gone because I have never learned how to make it. Any suggestions? I don't want to have to go back to the alternative.
  7. Hey Spydre. I'm behind in times I guess because I don't have a clue what you mean by what PMTA requirements are.
  8. Hey Earthling, I have not been on the site as much as I use too and I am happy to see you are a Moderator. You were always on the forum giving great education about everything anyway. The color of the o-ring at the bottom of the new ones are red. What is the best color to buy? I've never seen a choice of all you listed above when I bought the coils. I'm sure you know my preference already but I like a tight, not airy drawl. Hot is good but not hot enough to burn my lips. Even the drip tips that came with the Subox Nanos, that I was told was to decrease lip burning still burns my lips and I have to cut it down. Tender lips I guess. Do you have any suggestions on what drip tips are the best for this problem? Thanks again for all your help. Your the BEST!
  9. Here lately my email is full of online vapor stores that sell e-liquid are offering their liquid at large discounts. One of my favorite stores has everything liquid in their store for 80%. Does anyone know what's up with that?
  10. When I purchased 4 Subox Nano kits I also ordered 2 boxes of the coils they recommended and I have not had any problems, My supply got low so I purchased 4 boxes more boxes from the same site. The first order came in boxes labeled Kangertech OCC and were square. The second order came in boxes labeled Kangertech SSOCC and are round. Are these both coils for my Tanks and is one type better then the other? Thanks for your advice.
  11. Thanks yall. All that makes perfect sense. Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS! 🇨🇽
  12. Back when I first started vaping about 5 years ago I was using tanks like Provari and I remember we had a lot of discussion about how the elder vapors suggested to just throw the coils away that came with the tanks as replacements because they were no good. Does anyone still feel the same is true now? I bought 4 new top fill tanks for my Subox Nanos and I used the replacement coils that came with the tanks and already after just 2 tanks of juice the coils are tasting burnt no matter what I try. Anybody else still having that problem?
  13. These since I'm using the Kanger Subox Nano I can charge my batteries in the mod or take them out and charge them in my battery charger. Cool, Hugh?
  14. LOL, That's so funny. When I was changing the 3 tanks I have over to top fill I actually started putting the juice in the bottom before it hit me that I was putting it in the wrong in.
  15. WOW, great question. I started smoking when I was 12 years old and smoked until I was 50 years old. I had tried gum, patches and medicine and nothing worked. On my 50th birthday my girlfriend pulled into a convenient store and brought out one of those single vapor sticks (cant remember the name) and said "just try it". I right away knew that I could replace smoking with this vapor stick and I threw away the pack I had and never smoked again and that was over 5 years ago. WHORAY!!
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