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  1. I learned to not keep my IPV D2 or 3 in an outside pocket skiing. And especially don't keep the spare batteries in an outside pocket. Lucky I had another backup in an inside pocket. Amazed that the 60pg/40vg juice got so thick. Sent from my XT1650 using Tapatalk
  2. That's fine Chris, Thanks for checking, I've only found one vendor having it in stock. I'm going to window shop some more - that Lost Vape Therion you have looks sweet. I need to look at it.
  3. Chris, I'm interested in an hcigar VT133. Something for my two year vapersary. Any chance you could get one of those? Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  4. He is hilarious. He sold me on never buying that mod. It's too SPECIAL for me. And no I couldn't watch it all.
  5. My best vaping place was riding the ski lift with my son this past winter. He was blowing clouds with his latest mech mod & RDA. Me with an IPV mini and Atlantis. Fresh powder with more coming down. And I was able to get oxygen at 11,000 feet without huffing & puffing. And no more trying to light a cig in the wind or taking off gloves to get my nicotine.
  6. Thanks, that makes it easier to navigate.
  7. Am perusing the Forum on a windows 7 confuser using Chrome and finally realized what I was missing was the "Go To First Unread Post" button. Any ideas?
  8. IPV Mini 2, Aspire Atlantis V2 - hits awesome but goes through double the juice of my V1.
  9. Congrats Tam. Thanks for your wise words over the last year of me mostly lurking.
  10. 1) driving car ..... IPV 30 watt mini with Atlantis, sigelei 100 watt with Atlantis - have Kanger sub-tank and need to really give it a fair try 2) at work ..... iIPV mini with Atlantis, sigelei 100 watt with Atlantis 3) watching tv ... iIPV mini with Atlantis, sigelei 100 watt with Atlantis - experimenting with stillaire & kanger sub-tank 4) at bar-resturant .... spinner II with nautilaus
  11. I read somewhere that adjusting the voltage may change symptoms when charging. Suggestion was to spin it to max volts when charging. Might be worth a try.
  12. Shiny and 30 watts. Or will the MVP V3 get bought first? I know I'll buy both have them sent to my son then he can give them to me for Christmas.
  13. Tobacco assortment, think it was Hangsen in my joyetech 510 cigalike.
  14. http://sweet-vapes.com/clearomizers-cartomizers-tanks/aspire/aspire-nautilus.html has 3 styles of replacements for the full size Nauti. and use GETRIDOFCOLUMBUSDAY for a discount code.
  15. I got replacements for the mini at sweet vapes and they have a 10% off hardware sale this weekend.

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