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  1. As you know, flavors and brand are subjective. I like flavor west for most of my flavors and for my coffee, i go with flavour art. What flavors are you looking at?
  2. Any liquids added to box must be sealed well. The last round of mystery box had a few liquid mishaps
  3. No matter how you want to define it, the sweet spot is just that, the perfect combination of device, heat, flavor and vapor. Takes awhile to find it, but you know when you have found it
  4. A fair number of people have this problem PG, Try a higher VG liquid. VG liquids seem to help coughing. The PG is way to drying on the throat for some people
  5. kitsune

    Aspire BDC

    Aspire vivi nova bdc tank
  6. I do have a couple of variable wattage, i just always seem to get bored and go back to the basics. I don't really know why i keep thinking i need new toys(except for the part that i love new toys), i found my sweet spot about 4 years ago, but just can't seem to stop buying new stuff.....shiney
  7. Good to know about the subtank, let me know on the triton, I've been looking at that. I trust your judgment, dripping is tough to beat. In the last 6 years, I always go back to it. For me, flavor is key !!
  8. I still love my 306's, dripping isn't popular enough for them to come up with better or less expensive products. I have the same problem with the darker liquids too. Mine last a couple weeks and then time to change for a fresh one. I keep trying new tanks, they are amazing for the first day, then it's all down hill. The flavors diminish fast. the aspires have been the closest for me, the flavor seems to last longer than with kanger and such. I keep a couple tanks filled and on hand just in case, but don't use them often anymore. haven't tried the subtank yet.....but I will check it out
  9. You really will notice a difference!!! The initial cost of a rechargeable system is only a bit more but save much more in a short time. The air flow is much better too. The scratchy throat can be part of the problem, but the PG used in the cartridges and liquids can cause a dry throat. Lots of water !! I have been away for a bit and have just a couple places that I use: Veteran vaper, vapor talk store, ecig express all have good starter kits. keep in mind, there are cheaper, but cheaper is not always a good thing. its a matter of, do you want a thin cigarette type or a slightly larger battery (charge time last longer)?
  10. 2. Kitsune.......i'm in The last one was fun
  11. I'm sorry i wont be much help, but somebody will be along soon. Hang in there
  12. My sweet spot is currenly any variable voltage battery(evod, ego, aspire etc).....keep in mind i'm mostly old school. Only with dripping do i find my sweet spot. VT summer melon, DIY-butterscotch espresso, tiramisu/espresso or banana split. I have yet to find any tank system that beats dripping
  13. I can't believe its been 3 years! Congrats VT wouldn't be the same without you , the economy thanks you too
  14. looks like it fell asleep for a bit!!
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