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  1. I've got an iStick 30w, and plan on getting a 50w for the longer battery life.
  2. I want a tank, not into the dripping. I was thinking about the sub tank, it seems to be popular and there is usually a reason for popularity. I am definitely getting an ohm meter and maybe a small tool kit with wire cutter and stuff. I've had 3 bad pre built coils from 2 different makers and suppliers in the past week. Plus a vaper friend telling me how awesome and economical it is. I'm willing to give it a shot, just trying to get some more opinions on what to invest in.
  3. I've decided I want to try a rebuildable. Any suggestions on a reasonably priced set up to try for a newbie? Any must have tools or kits? Any resources you can send me to so I do it right? Thanks in advance for any help:)
  4. I usually vape around 10 watts, I bump it down to 5 for him and he may go up a tiny bit but not much. He actually was a bit better last night with some coaching about mouth to lung hits and slow soft inhales. Waiting on my next juice order to get here with 70vg/30pg mix and see if that helps as well. He has definitely cut down on smoking. I am 16 days smoke free. Glad I joined here and so many friendly folks are willing to offer advice.
  5. My liquids are all 12 or 6, he just doesn't like my fruity and sweet flavors. He coughs when he tries mine as well. All of our tanks are in the 1.5-2.1ohm range. I'm not sure *I* want the subohm thing yet. I turn the wattage or voltage down on the devices that have the ability to adjust. I think it may be getting better, but it's hard to tell. Thank you all for your advice. I will try to get some different liquids for him and see if we can get him vaping like a pro. I'm just glad he's willing to keep trying. No matter what the news is trying to say, I know this is better than smoking, and I'm actually enjoying it. I keep looking at new stuff I want and trying not to go on a crazy gear ordering spree. I've got a bunch of juices in the mail to try and am anxiously awaiting the slow mailman.
  6. It's happened with every device from Evod, an ijust, to my iStick, he mostly tries with juice from new leaf with 2.4 nicotine, but he does the same with my lower strength juices, I think most of the juices are 50/50. I really want him to succeed so he stops smelling like an ashtray now that I'm off the stinkies. I will shop for some higher vg juices in flavors he likes (coffees and tobaccos) and see if that helps at all. He keeps trying for me, but I hate seeing him gag and cough. My best friend complains of the same problem. If I can find the solution I will be their hero!
  7. Any suggestions to help get the hubby on board? He seems to have this problem no matter what we do. Is it pg/vg? Is it heat? I get the occasional heavy throat hit but he seems to always have this problem. Just trying to make this work for him, too.
  8. I've been playing with e-cigarettes off an on for a couple of years. I've been smoking for 20 years. I've managed to quit a couple of times only to go right back to it. Started with the cig-a-likes, which only marginally worked for a couple of weeks, then back to smoking. Then I had an evod I would puff on a bit here and there. Took the plunge due to a sale at my vape shop and just got an istick. I think this was the trick, I haven't even wanted to smoke in 2 days and my juice keeps tasting better. Fingers crossed! Trying to convince the hubby to make the switch too! Well, that's my story, brief though it is. Nice to meet you! :)
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