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    Patricia got a reaction from HawaiiVapestah in Bump when you get something in vape mail.   
    Tell me more about Nicoticket and cream Brulee. Is it sweet?
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    Patricia got a reaction from HawaiiVapestah in Bump when you get something in vape mail.   
    Please give a review on those flavors. so I know which ones I should try. Thanks Bunches!
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    Patricia got a reaction from HawaiiVapestah in Bump when you get something in vape mail.   
    Received speedy delivery from Sweet Vapes again:

    Blue KPT 2
    Red KPT 2
    Purple KPT 2
    Clear KPT 2

    1300 Rainbow Vision Spinner.

    They have the fastest delivery I have ever seen.
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    Patricia got a reaction from HawaiiVapestah in Bump when you get something in vape mail.   
    WOW, fastest delivery ever. I already received my 3 packs of EVOD 1.8 coils and Vision 1300 Rainbow Spinner from SweetVapes. Guess whats going to work with me today.
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    Patricia got a reaction from Bebop in Can someone help me get out of this mess?   
    OMG you are SO right. My other 3 are subox Nanos but I had ordered this one later and it is a Topbox not a Subox. I want to thank everyone who pitched in your knowledge and advice. Because of your help I went and pulled the Topbox out of the dead drawer I put everything I don't know what to do with and followed your advice and successfully pushed the fire button 3 times and WALA! my Topbox now looks familiar like my Suboxs. I like this type of setting much more then the other. So that this does not happen again, if I understand correctly, I need to press and hold the up and down buttons at the same time until I see a picture of a lock on the display? Once again thank you all so much. I just don't know what I would do without yall : )
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    Patricia reacted to Christopher in Whats going on with purchasing e-liquid online?   
    It really is ridiculous. I think most vape shop owners are ok with some type of regulation that makes sense. Something that benefits the consumer, keeps things safe and ensures everyone stays above board. (Especially with some of the basement mixing that was going on). But we are mixing in an ISO certified clean room, in a multi-million dollar facility. Vapor Talk has always gone above and beyond the call of duty to ensure our customers are informed about our products. Each Black Label product page in the VT store has analysis sheets uploaded. (Certifying they are free of nasties) We are open and honest about what's in our products so that adult consumers can make an educated decision to purchase our products. (Which is more than can be said about a lot of these fly by night liquid "manufactures")
    The EU released TPD. It's strict regulation, with stringent rules in place to protect children (drip rate limits, child safety caps etc) and a clear set of guidelines for companies. Most owners agree, the rules are a headache, but they make sense. They have government studies showing e-cigarettes are safer than traditional tobacco (they don't shy away from that) and at a cost that would set us back by about 25,000 grand for our entire line of liquids, I can't help but shake my head. That legislation makes sense. Most current vape companies could handle that kind of regulation. If they're new, a decent business loan would cover the costs and they'd recover quickly. There's also no cutoff and it's ok to introduce new flavors/devices so long as they follow the TPD guidelines. (Which while difficult, is doable by any business) It's just frustrating. 
    We've got investors willing to back TPD no problem. They were ok with PMTA until informed that there is no guarantee of passing, even if everything is done by the book. That is what makes absolutely no sense to me. I was talking to a major manufacturing company in the US (They product a good chunk of liquids that are then relabeled for sale) and asked how bad PMTA is going to affect the US market. He said, in his opinion, 95% or greater will likely close their doors if things remain the same. Many online retailers would be limited to selling a few brands that managed to make it through PMTA. But even that makes little sense as most of those PMTA approved companies are going to sell directly on their own websites. Kanger, JoyeTech, Aspire etc are not going to PMTA their entire lines of hardware due to the asinine costs involved. Anyway, I'm ranting. 
    Over the coming weeks, most of my meetings/phone calls will revolve around PMTA. I'll keep everyone in the forum in the loop. We will do everything in our power to stay operational in the US.
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    Patricia reacted to Christopher in Whats going on with purchasing e-liquid online?   
    We've completed the first steps of PMTA. But it counts for about less than 1% of all that is required. In order to carry only Vapor Talk Black Label (drop all of our classic liquids) and carry only one or two pieces of hardware we own, we're looking at around 5-10 million dollars. The issue is, there is no guarantee the FDA will approve our application and we could be forced to run through the procedure again... (That's the real issue here) That's a lot of responsibility over my head. After going through this one or two times, you can see how the costs could quickly ruin a person. At some point you have to decede if it's worth investing in the US market. (We could do a full blown marketing campaign with some of the best marketing companies in Europe, open a corporate office, take a vacation with Richard Branson and invite all the VIP members on the forum and still have more money left over when you compare the cost to PMTA) 
    My heart is here, I want funds in the US economy. But when a government agency requires 5-10 million for your product to be on the market with a "then maybe we'll let you sell but maybe not" as a result... it's a difficult decision to make. We're not by any means big tobacco. Not even close. The margins on products these days are not nearly enough to cover those costs. 
    But at least at the moment, we are continuing forward with PMTA. One step at a time. We're working with a couple of consulting firms and once we've settled on one and a group of experts really help us understand the complete direction, I'll have a better idea of where we'll be in two years. That's about all I can say on the matter at the moment
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    Patricia reacted to Christopher in Whats going on with purchasing e-liquid online?   
    lol no I think it's well beyond the steep date. (Though I'm not a huge believer in steeping) I guess it's like anything else, use your judgement, smell it and see what you think. 
    On the plus side, as long as I can help it, the forum will continue in well beyond PMTA. We will at least always have Vapor Talk as a source of information in the future. Even if we can't operate in the USA, remember, we have Vapor Talk China too
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    Patricia got a reaction from KarynRH in Tips for Maintaining your Vape Stuff   
    Thanks a lot for the great information. One thing the article talked about was taking out your coils and cleaning them. I have in the past cleaned  coils that are working perfectly and I have been using but if I was going to change liquids and wanted to get the old juice flavor out, I will put a clean one in at the moment but put the one im going to clean one up until I need another coil. I have always been told to rinse with hot water, soak in alcohol overnight, rinse thoroughly with hot water again and let dry completely before reusing. Other then that if I can make a coil last until I am changing juice and it has already served me a month I just change it out to a new coil and trash the old one. If problems like leaking juice, tasting bad or burnt taste, etc. I figure cleaning wont fix that so I put a new coil in and toss the old. These coils are getting so expensive these days. I use to buy a box of 5 for less then $5.00. Now there 12.00 to $15.00 for a box of 5. If you see anything that looks like I could be doing better please advise. I love advice. : )
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    Patricia got a reaction from Christopher in Whats going on with purchasing e-liquid online?   
    Hi Chris. I received the 2 bottles of juice I purchased on the going out of business sell because once its gone its gone and its my FAVORITE. But the  Born date of both bottles are 2014. Has no expiration date. I guess I don't have to worry about letting it steep. LOL
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    Patricia reacted to Christopher in Whats going on with purchasing e-liquid online?   
    That's exactly what it is. And holy moly, let me get you up to speed with PMTA. (You know what, I need to make some bullins about this on the forum. I get so wrapped up on things I forget to push the information down sometimes) 
    PMTA is regulation that was passed by the FDA on August of last year. The enforcement period starts to happen this year. It goes into full force the end of next year. The gist of it is this, no new products can be sold on the market as of August 28th, 2016. Unless it was sold or available before that date. The real issue though is the e liquid. There is a list of tasks vendor most complete if they want to remain on the market. 
    1. Submit manufacture information to the FDA (Vapor Talk just passed this phase) as required. Failure to do so could result in fines and/or worse. 
    2. Ingredient submission ( the deadline was this month but, it's been pushed back another 6 months). e Liquid manufacturers must test and submit ingredients to the FDA by the next deadline. (Vapor Talk Black Label has certification right no the product page. We share the info publicly) 
    3. The big one... PMTA is extremly complicated but the gist of it is this: We must go through human trials among a full blown list of other requirements in order to continue selling eliquid and other hardware products beyond the end of 2018. As it stands, if using a consulting firm or similar the cost is roughly 800,000 - 1 million dollars PER SKU. (One flavor, 3 strengths would cost between  600,000 and 3 million dollars depending on a number of different factors) If you don't adhere to PMTA or cannot afford it, you must pull your products before the deadline. Additionally there are labeling requirements (for example no cartoon characters, no candy type images etc) This is were most of the dumping of products can been seen. In fact I've seen a ton of vendors selling pretty close to cost. 
    Right now a number of companies do not plan to go through PMTA. They are selling off their bulk and will close down. (They don't want to advertise this for fear you'll stop buying their brand and opt to use another because customers want consistency) Totally Wicked for example, have been around forever. Since we started. They are pulling out of the US market and will only operate in Europe. As it stands, if things don't change, 95+% of the vendors you shop with now will no longer be in business. Most of your favorite products will no longer be available if they aren't PMTA registered. (That's almost all of them) It's not.. looking good. 
    The attitude many of is "I mix my own stuff I'm not worried." That's true, but that doesn't mean it won't still have a huge effect on device and supplies. Most won't or don't mix their own products. I hate to think of how many people will continue using traditional tobacco after the vaping industry goes under in the US. 
    You can read more about PMTA here: https://www.vaportalk.com/everything-you-need-to-know-about-pmta/
    So to answer, Yes vendors are selling of eliquids cheap and it's because of PMTA. (The VT store even has a sale on a number of eliquids under the deals page. Most at close to cost. No profit margins) 
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    Patricia reacted to Earthling789 in Whats going on with purchasing e-liquid online?   
    Nicotine will still be available, but it may be only from a few, well-controlled sources, which will cause the prices to rise, due to less competition for sales
    Competition is the biggest part of the free-market... more and more vapor shops and manufacturers will close in 2018, which will shrink the market and drive prices higher... which is exactly what the FDA regulations were designed to do... shrink (or eliminate) the market so that traditional tobacco (cigarettes/cigars) become more readily available and cheaper than vaping.
    It pains me to see stores closing too (B&M's and online)... regulation and legislation should protect consumers, not big-business interests (by eliminating competition)!
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    Patricia reacted to FXRich in Confused about the coils that was sent to me   
    For a long time I used the drip tips off a KPT2 on the nanos I have, actually pretty much any 510 drip tip will work.
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    Patricia reacted to Earthling789 in Confused about the coils that was sent to me   
    @Patricia  Glad to see you've found a tank/coil you like   If I'm not mistaken, you decided to go with the 1.2 Ohm  coils, which are (yes) red o-rings, and Nichrome wire.  Those are perfect, IMO, for your vaping style.... if you like them, then they are perfect   The ones with different color o-rings are just to designate different wire (Nickel, Kanthal, Stainless Steel), and the Nickel and SS versions are used with Temp Control mods.
    As for drip-tips... I've picked up some from Fasttech or Gearbest... they're roughly twice as tall (18-20mm high) as the ones that come with them, and slightly smaller in diameter... they work well to prevent heat on the lips, and I prefer SS tips over those short delrin tips.  I will use a delrin tip (longer one) if I'm using it outside in sub-zero weather, lol.  But as for reducing heat, I think any drip-tip over 20mm will help.
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    Patricia reacted to Earthling789 in Confused about the coils that was sent to me   
    They are identical in function... the square OCC are the older version, and the round SSOCC are the newer version with an all Stainless Steel case construction.  The wire inside them are the same regardless of the shape of the coil-head casing, which is probably Nichrome.  If the o-ring seal at the bottom is red, then it is Nictrome.  Blue = Ni200, Black = Clapton (Kanthal), and Pink = SS 316L (for TC)
    I personally prefer the square ones with horizontal coils, but they quit making those, and moved to all vertical coils.  But rest-assured, both coils you received are identical in function, and the round ones let you get in a few extra drops of juice in the tank... because they take up less volume.
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    Patricia got a reaction from Edna in Replacement coils that come with the tank kits   
    Thanks yall. All that makes perfect sense. Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!  🎅🇨‍🇽🎄
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    Patricia reacted to Bebop in Replacement coils that come with the tank kits   
    Yeah. It's funny this phenomena continues today. It was true 4 years ago and I think it's still true today. 
    I like your theory, earthling.  A lot. 
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    Patricia reacted to cany in Bump Everytime You Buy Something New   
    Is that a clock in the mod??
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    Patricia got a reaction from Christopher in Subox Nano Tanks   
    LOL, That's so funny. When I was changing the 3 tanks I have over to top fill I actually started putting the juice in the bottom before it hit me that I was putting it in the wrong in.
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    Patricia got a reaction from Christopher in Subox Nano Tanks   
    LOL, That's so funny. When I was changing the 3 tanks I have over to top fill I actually started putting the juice in the bottom before it hit me that I was putting it in the wrong in.
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    Patricia reacted to Earthling789 in Subox Nano Tanks   
    O-rings are easy to change, and plenty of videos out there to show you how...  Don't be afraid to pull the tanks apart... they will go back together   Just remember to get the o-rings wet to make them assemble easier without rolling or pinching.  I use a little pure VG to lubricate, but distilled water, PG, or juice works too.
    As for anything you need to "change" when using the top-fill tanks... NOPE... they work the exact same, they just open from the bottom for coil-changes and the top for filling... or you can also fill from the bottom!  I have filled from the bottom many times on my first top-fill Nano... before I was reminded by my fiance' that it was a top-fill version 😲  
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    Patricia reacted to Earthling789 in Subox Nano Tanks   
    I agree! 
    Last night my fiance complained that her purple nano was leaking at work... and when I looked at it this morning, the problem was a bad base o-ring... she tends to WAY over-tighten the bases, especially on her Nautilus tanks (yes, I've replaced those seals too) ... Anyway, the o-ring on the base was damaged and was causing the vacuum pressure to fail, which caused the coil to leak.  I replaced the o-rings (all of them, just be sure) with a set of black to match the mod she was using... and her leaking problem was immediately solved
    I would definitely check with @Christopher and get an o-ring kit (usually come in a box with 5 sets of different colors for $3-5) and revive those old tanks!  Even if they are clones, it can't hurt to replace the o-rings and get another year or two of use out of them, rather than toss them in a drawer...
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    Patricia got a reaction from Edna in Subox Nano Tanks   
    Good morning Christopher. I found, what I hope, are the correct tanks in the Vapor Store yesterday and they were top filled, which is great and I ordered 3 of the only colors you have available so if you do find some white or pink in the warehouse would you swap out the colors out for me? Top fill only. If not don't worry about it the ones I ordered will do. The only problem is that I needed pink, white and purple but all that was available was black, stainless and purple. I really like these subox Nano mods and tanks. I think I just bought from a place that sold me clones and that's why all my tanks are falling apart. And from listening to the response I received from fellow vapor talkers a lot of people like them so would it be possible to add the pink and white tanks? I think that covers all the colors. Thanks for listening.
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    Patricia reacted to Edna in Subox Nano Tanks   
    They should work fine I have a toptank nano as well as a couple of toptank minis and I love them. I use them on all of my different mods with no problems. Right now I have 2 minis in my rotation for when I'm out and about because they're easy to fill and are reliable.
    Hope that helps some.
    Oh. one thing  that's nice is, I can use the same coils in either one. I'm using the rba in mine right now because it's cheaper than buying but I have coils on order
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    Patricia reacted to Bebop in Does unopened juice stay good longer?   
    In theory it should last longer but as to how much longer? I suppose it depends on the seal. I don't think most wraps are vacuum sealed. It's just a protection seal to show the bottle is unopened. I would think that as long as the cap is tight, you'd get the best longevity out of the juice. Vacuum sealing removes the air, which is the main cause of degradation. But I don't think juices are vacuum sealed. 

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