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  1. not sure if it matters anymore after vaping for almost 11 years, but id still be smoking if it wasn't for vaping
  2. ...and he gave me some gauze pads to take home with me. I began thinking; "would this make for good wicking material for my rda?? its cotton, its sterile, hmmmm". so for those of you who know, is it ok to use gauze pads as wicking material??
  3. for those of you who follow what may or may not be coming in the future. something like this would be great for future mods... http://petapixel.com/2016/11/23/future-camera-batteries-might-charge-seconds-last-days/
  4. Using fresh/new batteries, the device is telling me that the voltage is to low and It won't fire. Same thing happens using a different pair of batteries. Any advice for ways to fix this?
  5. the term "bottom feeder" im referring to is something like a Rio Grand, a device with an internal bottle of juice that one can squeeze to feed the attached atomizer. the new vaper generation refers to them as a "Squonker Box".
  6. The only bottom feeder I've seen is that kanger 160. Which other ones are you talking about?
  7. how does the 160 dripbox (or the 60 watt) compare to something like a Rio Grand (my only other bottom feeder that ive tried)??? im not really a fan of kanger products (their tanks suck) but want to get a decent bottom feeder for under a $100. are there any other brand names that are doing bottom feeders?
  8. how does the 160 dripbox (or the 60 watt) compare to something like a Rio Grand (my only other bottom feeder that ive tried)???
  9. thanx for the help guys, VaporTek has the mod i was looking for that meets all the requirements i was looking for. might be a little on the pricey ($100). http://www.vaporteku...bon-fiber-only/ here to hoping the i never need to buy another mod again....at least until year 7 rolls around
  10. any of y'all remember a modder that went by the handle of Jolly? this guy could mod anything. im still waiting on my Teddy Ruxspin Mod but this was a few years ago, back in the day when modding was all the rage. today, its kinda a dying art; people just arent modding at the level they were 'back in the day'.
  11. I presently dont have enough ECF mojo to do anything on that forum, which is why i like this forum. by any chance, do you think you could get this guy's contact info for me? his mod look pretty cool and i have some ideas i would like to run past him.
  12. anyone seen this? https://www.fasttech.com/products/0/10013196/2222402-luxyoun-smaug-dragon-v2-50w-vw-variable-wattage-g
  13. isnt the sigelei 100w dual 18650 in series? looking for parallel
  14. 26650...box/tube mod, variable wattage edges dont matter
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