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  1. I'm still learning as far as rebuildables go and what works best with each atty. Got coil making down fairly well and can turn out consistent coils that need minimal tweaking once they're on the atty. I definitely like the Tsunami better, though. Seems like the air coming from under the coils is making the most difference in performance.
  2. It's the Kanger Dripbox 160. Batteries are Sony VTC5 2600mah 30A which are in series on this mod. Wattage varies depending on the atty I'm using. I started out with a Tobeco Velocity Mini clone, and with a plain .2-.3ohm dual coil build on 26ga kanthal, I'd have to crank it up to 60watts or higher. That would have the voltage up around 4.2 if I recall correctly. If I run an identical build on my Tsunami, I can run the wattage down at 37.5, I'm only drawing 3.15v. and get the same vape as the Velocity at 60watts. Was just curious. I'm running them both for the time being to switch between flavors. I like the Velocity. But this Tsunami is really growing on me the more I use it. I plan to get a Tsunami Plus when they start selling them later this month.
  3. If I have a Mod that requires two 3.7v batteries, does that mean my available voltage is then 7.4v? I've been experimenting with different builds on my new dripbox 160 which shows the voltage I'm drawing. A few of the builds that require a higher wattage of course draws higher voltage, and I end up ripping the coils out and trying something else because I'm not sure if it's safe. Hopefully what I asked makes sense, and isn't too stupid.
  4. Charged up the batteries last night, and started using it this morning. So far so good, and I like it. It seems to like to spit and pop quite a bit, especially after giving the squonk bottle a squeeze to make sure the wick is damp. Running it with the air flow about 3/4 open and it's not bad, but still kind of warm for my liking. Wide open is just too airy though. Battery life isn't too bad so far. I've been hitting it 5-6 draws an hour since 7am and it's still giving a warm full vape. I could definitely see myself with the Dripbox 160 running at 30-40 watts with a .5 Omh build before too long. It would probably be even better with a better atomizer. Going to have to do some reading and find something squonkable. My friend told me he has an extra unused Tobeco Velocity 2 clone I could have if I want it. Still not sure if clones are a safe alternative though, I'm only a little over a month into vaping and have a lot to learn.
  5. I'm not sure. The Kanger User Manual is rather lacking. I believe if the battery drops to 3.4 volts the mod won't function and it's time to recharge, if that makes any sense, or helps at all. I'm already eyeing the Dripbox 160w kit, and assorted RDAs to use with it. I'll step up to that after a month or two of using the standard Dripbox, if I like the whole squonking thing enough. Would love to get a hold of an Authentic Velocity v2, but they seem to be rather hard to find and expensive. My friend who's more advanced than I in the world of vaping claims the Tobeco clones work just as well. But I dunno if I want to mess with a clone, cuz as I usually say in situations just like this... I don't want to blow my fool self up.
  6. If you want a decent size tank, and something very easy to carry around, check out the Innokin T18, or T22. The T22 is nice and the one I use most. It has near double the battery life, if I remember correct, and a larger tank in a device just a tad larger than the T18. TIght draws on both, so you'll be limited to MTL. But they'll work for a few weeks of on the go touristy type things. Replacement coils aren't terribly expensive either. A box of 5 runs roughly $12US here in the states.
  7. So, remember when I said I wasn't going to bother with "advanced" devices, and stick to my T18. Well guess what? LOL I tried a friend's Kanger Dripbox and really liked it. So I ordered myself one and a few boxes of the rebuild-able coils. It's supposed to do 60 watts, and of course uses 18650 batteries. So here's question #1... I already have a few LG HG2 20A 3000mAh batteries that I use for some other things. Would those be adequate to run the Dripmod, or should I get a few with higher Amperage? Question #2. My friend was using a Kanger replaceable deck/coil in his with the Kanger .2 Ohm coil build, and it seemed a bit too warm for my liking, even with the air flow wide open. Maybe it's just newbie vape sensitivity moving to an RDA. But Since the Dipbox came with a very nice rebuild-able Velocity style center deck thingy, I'm thinking of building my own coils, and shooting for somewhere between .5 and .7 Ohms for a cooler vape. Recommended resistance for the Dripbox is .2 Ohms. So stepping up to .5 or higher would still be safe, correct? That should also slightly increase battery life as well. Question #3. Is it safe to use Stainless Steel wire for coils with this device? Or should I stick to Kanthal? I've studied up and know you need the real advanced Mods to run Titanium, and Nickle type coils, but unsure if Stainless would be possible to use with the Dripbox, so it's better I ask first. I'm going down a Rabbit Hole I figured I wouldn't be interested in, but man oh man does Zeus E-Juice's Banana Cream Pie taste WAAAAAAAAAAAAY better out of my friend's Dripbox than it does in my T18!!
  8. Everything involving the Government is about control and money.
  9. I'm sticking with it. I think I just jumped the gun a little. I started watching videos on youtube and I think I managed to find all the ones with someone freaking out when the regs first came down.
  10. I was all excited to get into vaping as a means to finally stop smoking. Then I was intrigued at the idea of creating my own liquids and started making plans to buy supplies a little at a time while researching the process. That all came to a screeching halt last night when I came across an article about the FDA Regs. Started reading more, and watching videos on the whole mess. Now I'm sitting here thinking I'm a victim of EPIC bad timing, considering everything I've read or watched in the last 12 hours says Vapemageddon commences in early August and I won't be able to get any more supplies. I'm even more confused now, and wondering if I should return my devices when they come, and just buy more smokes.
  11. I've already been thinking about multiple tanks. Going to wait for the T18s I ordered to arrive and see if they will work for me, then order a couple extra tanks if it goes well. I thought I was going to have a spare tank and battery on hand, but the Wife has already called dibs on the second T18 I ordered. That's a good thing, though. If they work out, I'll probably order a T22(or two) and some extra tanks to keep at home, and use the T18 on the go and at work. While I currently have no real desire to get into SubOhming and building my own gear, which I could change my mind about in time. I am very intrigued at the idea of making my own liquids. I've already been watching vids, reading articles, checking out other people's recipes, and online calculators, and pricing bottles, beakers, and mixing stuffs. I think I would really enjoy working up my own twisted potions to try out.
  12. A shame about the caffeine in e liquid. Would have been nice, but I don't wanna kill my fool self while in the process of not trying to kill my fool self. I went back to the vape place down the road after work, and picked up a bunch of small bottles in the following flavors... peanut butter, banana, pumpkin spice, coffee, and tobacco. All at 70vg/30pg, and I lowered the Nic to 15mg this go round. I also picked up a bunch of extra coils for the EVOD. I assume I'll need a fresh coil to switch up flavors, is that correct? The tentative plan is to is to try each flavor by itself for a day or so to see if I like it. Then try mixing things up a little by combining the peanut butter and banana into a mix, and the pumpkin spice and coffee in another mix. Those are all things I like in real form, so I'm hoping I'll like them in vape form. Time will tell.
  13. Thanks for the replies. I do believe that I will start at 70vg/30pg when I get the T18. I'd much rather start low and work my way up to something I like than going full tilt nut job with something higher and have to trash it or cut it with a lower ratio juice. I'll have to find some good coffee flavored juices. That would go a long way toward helping me cut back on the coffee consumption, which the Doc has ordered as well. If only I could find a juice with caffeine and nicotine in it. Does such a thing exist? If so sign me up!! I was close to getting the SubVOD. I liked the idea of a larger tank and battery. The whole SubOhm thing scared me off of that for the time being, though. Baby steps. I'm sure in a few months I'll be ready to step up to box mods sub tanks and lung hits. But right now I'm in it for my health, not a hobby. Going to keep things simple and not overwhelm myself any more than I already am.
  14. Hey all. I have a couple questions for you, if you don't mind. I'm in the process of quitting smoking, yet again. I quit cold turkey in 2011, and for some insane reason I started again in fall of 2014. For the last few months I've given vaping serious consideration to help get me off the smokes. This past Monday I took the first step and visited the Vape Shop down the street from me. Spent a while talking to the guy there and after finding a good tobacco flavored juice, and another 15 minutes of the guy trying to sell me SubOhm tanks and different variable box Mods, I ended up going with a Kanger EVOD. I wanted something simple, and that's all they had that was simple. Been using the EVOD with no issues. However, I'm not thrilled with the amount of vapor or lack thereof, nor the harshness of the hits. It's partially my fault for going with 18mg Nic in the juice. But upon inspecting the bottle, they mixed it up as 75pg/25vg. I'm tolerating it for the time being, taking real quick hits. But I've already out grown the EVOD. So after reading numerous reviews and watching countless videos I've ordered myself a couple Innokin Endura T18s. I liked that it gives good flavor, but is still suited for beginners who mouth to lung hit, which is most definitely me. So I'm wondering if 50/50 would fill the bill, or should I go 70vg/30pg to start and go from there? I'm also planning on cutting the Nic down to 12mg. I'm only smoking one cig per day when I first wake up, and once the rest of this pack is gone I'm done with them. So it's time to start cutting down on the Nic I vape as well. I know for sure that I DO NOT want to go with a real high PG juice again. I want smooth and mild. Another question... I know I'll eventually want to try "flavored" juice. I'm thinking of trying a pumpkin spice. However, I'm not real big on sweets. So I was wondering if it would work out mixing the pumpkin juice into the tobacco juice that I like? I'm thinking for a start trying to mix one part pumpkin spice to two parts tobacco flavor. I'm hoping that would provide a subtle taste of pumpkin and a bit of sweetness, but not over power the tobacco. Is that even possible? I have so much to learn. But on the plus side, I'm almost off the cigs completely!
  15. Bax


    Hi there. New to vaping. Trying to finally kick cigs and this seems like a good way to help. Have lots of questions, so I'll go post them in the appropriate areas.
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