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  1. ^^^^Exactly! If ya don't wanna know why it burns like **** then why ask..
  2. American Snyper & A discovery of Witches .
  3. Wash and use them for personal diy juice mixes I make.
  4. Specs on the 25r are for continuous drain such as a flashlight. Remember these are "SAFE CHEMISTRY" batteries which means they don't "blow up" as people seem to believe or can't get it out of their head anyway. I personally have used these batteries quite frequently at super sub ohm being responsible and checking the charge on the batteries not letting them get below 3.6 before recharging. Just because I don't want the batteries too drained, not for fear of anything getting hot. Safety is always best and depending on the RDA and Mod your using its all a factor you can get nice clouds at a .2-.3 vape all day, I'm not saying chain vaping as that will strain your 25r or any battery, but regular vaping at .15 a 25r will last me all day. Specs are Not considered on a battery for pulse vaping. Its the lack of practical application actual use of these batteries and such that feeds big tobaccos agenda imo. That being said if we are going express a opinion perhaps it should be a bit more researched. Safety is always first ohm meters well charged batteries, maintain your equipment. In light of the new testing going on ATM to be on the safe side I would suggest staying at .2 or above perhaps until we figured out the formaldehyde reality. That would certainly be more realistic a concern then the improbability of a battery having problems but you want to be aware as I said of your charge of your battery to maintain its life. Congrats on no smoking.
  5. I was done before, now if there was any doubt, its gone.
  6. So here I was wrapping these dinky coils ... back to the drawing board. I just filled my tank, drat.
  7. Your welcome.. its primarily because more vapor more absorption I believe. VG is cheap at Walmart in the pharmacy. It sounds like cutting it a bit would help.
  8. Yes but as you cut nic you'll also cut flavor so if you have a seperate bottle to try to mix some cut juice in then you Dont oops an ruin your juice. At 1.4 ohm you'll maybe find you Dont need to add VG. Play w it a bit. I went to a creamier base when I went to a RDA.. but everyone's different.
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